Tuesday 5 March 2013

Tuesday argh so busy busy

So another busy Tuesday  but the best thing today has been the sunshine! i  even went out and then came home to get changed as was overheating! i love in a lovely area so walks along the coast are allways a must! cant wait for summer i love spending all our time at the beach!  i think the weather affects my mood big time so even pants got some sweets today!

Then its school run time! oh dear were running lot (oh dear we've forgot swimming stuff again back we go)! its lovely day so Pants just had to go to the park! but today Ami had her first ever time on the swings and loved it! she also helped Pants at penalty shoot out!
oh crap is that the time and of we head to swimming lessons! which are always fun watch a child who doesnt listen but is totally capable get him changed then home! time to relax...... oh will have to wait for bedtime! if that comes Ami has been teething so hopefully they will pop through and we will have our happy girl back!
yet another busy busy day in our household!

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