Monday 12 August 2019

Schleich Horse Club Review

 In our house the kids love to try new toys, we have had Schleich toys before and we have always been of the best quality so when we were asked to review The Horse Club Riders Cafe I knew it would be something that the kids would enjoy playing with.
myself and the kids couldn’t wait to get inside the box and open the Riders Café. It is a complete playset with moveable figures and over 60 parts. The reason we like Schleich is that they are a such a trusted toy brand and all the figurines are hand-painted with amazing detail.  
Schleich Cafe
As I was putting the Riders Cafe together it looked like some toy that I would dream of. The detail of the parts and the fact that is is inside and the outside too. The breakfast bar has such details right down to the breakfast bar which has mini glasses and coffee cups. The cafe is named 'Cup and saddles" which is cute.
The box comes with two figures, Tom and Emily. Tom has striaght legs so cant ride the horses but Emily is posed in a seated postion to be able to ride the horses. It is a shame they both cant ride the horse and have Emily stand up too. The set up was rather simple with an instruction manual to guide you. IT was good fun building actually I did it when the kids were in bed in order to surprise them. When together the building is rather sturdy. The counter has a little oven that opens and a coffe achine and a till and even plates and miniature cups. For outdoor cafe play there is an A-board advertising the food with tables, chairs and even a parasol for the customers to relax under.
Thr Riders Café would not be complete without a place to tether the horses and it includes a small fence with added brackets to add other Schleich fences as well. I love all the horse accessories that come with the play set like the bridle, reins, trough and apples.
The connectivity between this Schleich Horse Club Rider Café and other Horse Club buildings can be seen from the website and we like the colours used. MY children have used other figures in the cafe in order to make it busy. It has been out for a good few weeks and has been played with daily. 
The Schleich Horse Club Rider Café is suitable for little ones aged 5+ and has an RRP of £39.99. It can be purchased from good toy shops and online.
The entire Schleich Horse Club range can be found on the Schleich website and the kids loved playing with this cafe, I’m sure it’s going to bring a lot of joy over the summer holidays!