Sunday 28 September 2014

Moving with small children

We are about to move and as exciting as that is its also very scary. Sadly lately my 2 year old has not been able to settle at night at all, which makes me a bit cautious about moving and how will we get her to settle in the new house. See my eldest was 2 when we first moved but he took it in his stride he could sleep anywhere and that has been helpful as one year we moved 3 times in a year but hard work but he was not too affected. Sadly Ami is so different to Pants we fear of many unsettled days so how can we prevent all this.

We are a family of 5 and our stuff has multiplied and the sad thing the biggest things are clothes oh dear! So how can we make moving alot less stressful on the little babies. Here are some tips to try and relieve some stress on poor toddlers.

-Try to visit the new house before hand getting them used to seeing the new house. Tell them were there new bedroom is and show them exciting things like the new garden and maybe for my toddler she was excited to see a big bath.

-When you start packing ask your toddler to help you, make a special box for them to put all there favorite bits in so they know they are all coming too. Then make sure it is one of the first things moved and save it for your toddler to unpack.

- Say goodbye to the old house, take a walk round the old home saying goodbye and sharing old memories. This is going to be a hard one, I personally hate this bit and always shed a tear. Big loser I know! Saying goodbye will bring closure to your toddler (and you too).

- Alot of reassurance is needed keep them informed whats going on and unpack there toys and bed first. Keep some favorite books and teddys in a handy bag ready for bedtime, and be prepared for some unsettled nights and lots of tears. This may not be the case but preparing for it wont throw you off course too much.

- Remember moving is hardwork and we do not always get everything right or how we want it. Cut your self some slack if it does not go right. Enjoy setting up your toddlers room and rejoice in a good nights sleep.

So if you have any tips for not completely tramatising my toddler and baby let me know? 

My Sunday photo - 28/09/2014

Thursday 25 September 2014

Busy Busy Busy

Just to let you faithful readers know that I will try and schedule a few posts but I am going offline as we are moving over the next few days so all that excitement I dont think I will be wanting to sit and write in the evenings. Also I am working inbetween moving so literally will have no time to fling a cat around (not that I want to do that!)  Bear with me I shall be back In October with some exciting stuff coming up.

Much love 

Sara x

Wednesday 24 September 2014

T is for Thunderstruck

If you have ever been to a community event in Sidcup called Lark in the Park you may know this lady as one of the popular duo PJ and Lizzie. What little Ami didn't know was in fact PJ was her auntie. She did not have a clue and even when my hubby hinted she did not get it. It was really funny to see and really nice in a good childish way. I wonder how many years it will continue for. 

Tuesday 23 September 2014

Me and You - September

Sorry I am a bit late to join up this month. 
Becoming a working mumma I am a  a bit all over the place, but I got here in the end. 

This was me and my hubby in holiday in France. 
A rare moment no children and sunshine.
 These were not the best few but I spend my time taking pictures of the kids 
I leave ours till the last min. Or if I do at all. I must make an effort because I do love this man. 
He does make me laugh alot and often makes me feel like I have 4 children but he has a heart of gold. Which often I do not see and moan at him when he is just trying to help. 
This month I have had a bit of a shake, I realised how selfish I have become in what I expect and trying to change that. So far its worked out great but we move next week so time will tell how that goes. 

dear beautiful

Monday 22 September 2014

Getting ready to move

If you are a regular reader of my blog you may have noticed I am not always on time for things, that I am scatty and a bit all over the place (ok a bit OTT but you get my drift) so on my radar I have the big thing of moving house in 10 days!!!


Ok I don't need help I just need to be organised.

How does one start to do that though? No My usual moving involved a few black sacks and not alot of furniture, I was a single mum then most of the stuff was toys and clothes (ok not alot has changed).  We have a bit more techy bits and another three bodies since we moved last. So I have wrote a list, then I got lost then I am back at square one. Write a list of what to do first. Oh dear!

A huge part doesn't want to move, I love where we live. We are 2 mins from a beautiful beach, we have a cinema in local walking distance that shows for £2,50 all the latest films. My sons school is a few mins walk along with the nursery, but sadly we need the space. This two bed flat was idea for just two of us 5 years back but add everyone else it can be chaotic at times.

So here I am getting ready (or pretending too) to move. If you have any help or advice leave me a comment PLEASE.

brought a note pad and everything

Thursday 18 September 2014

Little Bear you are 10 months

10 months how has that happened. 
My little baby not so small anymore but still very much a baby.

An exciting month for you Little bear.
You have learnt to stand for long periods 
even taking a few step and slowly learning to take some more.
Cruising around the furniture at record speed. 

You have learned to love water at long last. 
It took a couple of times swimming on holiday to get you used to the water 
but all of a sudden you loved it. 
You loved our holiday especially playing in sand. 
You would play in sand all day if you could. 

You eat really well and often polish off a massive dinner.
Your sister also gives you the food she doesnt want.
You eat it all and cry when you see someone with food.
If anyone is in the kitchen you think it is dinner time and crawl and record speed towards the kitchen.

You sleep well but wake early, which is ok sometimes 
but waking at 5:30am is not cool.
You also started nursery this month, 
you have enjoyed your days there and have slept for 2 hours whilst there.

You love to join in with your sister and follow her everywhere.
You try to laugh and join in jokes but cry is everyone is laughing.
You say mumma, dadda and dough dough (dummy) 
and can be a really cuddly still.

You love to climb up stairs and you are very quick.
nothing is out of your reach you want everything you can,
 you make a beeline for cups and anything with food.
We are starting to see your little character and you are very funny already.
You get cross and growl at things and laugh at little things. 
You crawl after every parent and take joy in being picked up.

We love you lots little sun bear. 

Wednesday 17 September 2014

Back to school hairstyles with H&A

Well the interesting part with having a boy at school is the different hairstyles, theres a plait, a braid, ponytail you name it he wants it. I jest my eldest who has just turned 8 has one hairstyle. Well two there is another look where he puts half a tub of gel in his hair and combs it over leaving the back like a birds nest very interesting look. 

So here is Pants school look, he says its the windy look that only can be achieved whilst running. He does have crazy hair that is sometimes very hard to contain the the morning. Thankfully we were sent a little hamper from H&A for back to school hair treats. Ami was over the moon and loved her princess towel and all the other goodies. Especially the detangler spray in which she has used alot. She has very curly hair which often is very matted in the mornings, the spray has helped tame the mane,

Our morning tip is to make sure most thing is sorted the night before and do not leave the lid of the gel  undone as it may get abused as we have had by both the 8 year old and the 2 year old. This is not what you need when you are about to leave for work and you are cleaning a toddlers hair that is coated in hair gel and spray.

Ami with her spray

Also you lovely people just letting you know H&A are hosting a twitter party on the 18th of September at 1pm. Use the hashtag #kidshaircare to find out more and see other peoples advice. 

S is for Sausage (silly sausage) - Albhabet photo challenge

Ok come here thinking you were going to see some sausage, you obviously got the wrong type of sausage. In our house its an affectionate nickname for each other, I say affectionate its often used in the phrase "stop being a sausage" or "you are such a sausage" or even "Ami is being a right sausage". It gets used far too much. Oye still not in that way you sausage, See the jokes go on. Really I should have taken a photo if a sausage so rather than that I will add a photo of us all being right sausages.

Tuesday 16 September 2014


Its hard thing to say I now have a 8 year old!
When? where? how?
8 years of being a mum
8 years of feeling that love for someone so much so its like your heart leaving your body.
8 years of joy, love, frustration (at times), patience, kindness and a lot of laughs.

See my Asti Pants is very special, he really is. 
This year he lost a tooth then carried on loosing 4 more, 
he was cross as he was one of the last in his class. 
He has finished high above average in school and made us really proud.
He loves to be center of attention and had often we are told tales of him asking the teacher the most random questions. 

He plays on the football team and when he pays attention he plays well.
Often we are found shouting from the sidelines concentrate.
I often wonder where he gets all his spark and confidence from, 
he will do well when he is older with such fearlessness from.

He has become the best big brother, having to endure two little ones at the park is rather embarrassing for any boy, but they both adore him. Ami climbs up into his bunk bed and tries to wake him every morning. Little bear likes a cuddle from pants too and Asti has been a great help when daddy is away.

So happy birthday Pants
may you have yet another awesome year.
We may not tell you enough but we think you are rather awesome. 

Monday 15 September 2014

After school at the beach

Now the evenings are pulling in and the weather is starting to cool down evenings at the beach are few are far between. So when the sun is shining and the wind not too chilly we are down the beach after school making the most of the warm evenings. It is something I really miss in the winter, when we are stuck indoors. 

We played in the sand, climbed up the slopes and ended the trip with an ice cream. I love going to the beach when it is quiet too, the visitors of the summer have died down and the main people at the beach are us locals. 

My children and their cousins had a lovely time down the beach, as we all grasp on the the last clutches of warmer evenings. The last few times of littering the carpet with sand and enjoying wasting the evening wondering on the sand.

Wednesday 10 September 2014

Siblings - September

The last few days we have had lovely sunshine.
We have been able to enjoy the delights of the beach whilst we still can.
There is something special about an empty beach.
It calls to me and now this threesome.

Life is forever changing with Little Bear able to do more everything is a new challenge.
Going to the beach all three are everywhere. 
Pants is in the water, Ami crushing sandcastles and Little bear eating every bit of shell and sand he can get his hands on. 
But its fun and I love it, its like reliving my childhood days. 
I love it when they play together though it makes my heart melt. 
Pants looks out for Little bear and little bear feeding Little bear ice cream. 

Although they do not always get on, Ami and Pants may argue, Little bear may steal Ami's food they are sure a delight. 
I go back to work this month and will miss them more. 
So here is one of the last warm Siblings photo. 

So why not join in your self by clicking the badge below.

dear beautiful

R is for Relishing the time

Going back to work makes me really relish every second I have at home at the moment, I am not working all week but will not be around 30 hours a week. I love the stage my children are at Ami with her funny sentances, Little Bear being super cute and Pants being pants telling me random stories. So here is one of my pictures from being at the beach after school. I really do relish my children and the stage they are at, if I could hit pause I would. 

Tuesday 9 September 2014

One week left

The days are rolling down and my uniform is crisp waiting to be worn. I see the paperwork for nursery and I know its coming, my first day back to work. I am a little excited now its getting close, be nice to be in an working environment where I may or may not get a break, but I will be known as me and not Ami's Mummy. Then a huge part will miss the kids like mad, I hand my baby and toddler to the nursery and the care of my husband, I am no longer there full time mummy, I am no longer telling my husband every funny thing Ami says, every sweet thing Little bear has done. Thats what I am going to miss the most.

This last year has flown by, I never realised how quick life can be. Having three children has meant that the little time I did have is considerable less, 3 children all with different needs. It has been lovely at times. The first 4 months were hard. A baby that didn't sleep I really struggled, he would not take a bottle, it was hard at times. It got alot easier and at the moment the days are easier and I do enjoy being at home with the little ones.

7 years ago I started my training to become a nurse a single mum to a 1 year old never did I think I would end up where I am today. Married 3 children a nurse, from what I saw as a way to gain a career to show the world I am not a waster, that having a baby young would not ruin my life. I did it! It took alot longer than it should have but I am very pleased with where I have got too. Studying was hard, going to bed late after a night at the laptop followed by an early morning with a toddler was challenging at times but I got there.

The new challenge is about to start becoming a working mum again. Learning to juggle and trust other people with my children. Can I do it? Only time will tell

Monday 8 September 2014

Mumkind Ginger Me Baby lozenges and Water Our Way Giveaway

To celebrate my 500th post on my blog I have a little giveaway for all you lovely readers. Its a special treat for anyone who is expecting or even if your not there is some Ginger lozenges and some lovely water flavorings that contain vitamins to help you not feel so tired.

A bit more about mumkind they are a new pregnancy nutrition brand designed specifically for mums-to-be and busy new super mums. There products consist off flavored water enhancers, nutrition bars (gorgeous chocolate!) and Ginger Me Baby lozenges, which be available in over 300 Sainsbury’s and Amazon online from 17th September.

As you may well know, during pregnancy the focus is usually on the baby, and not the mother and her needs. This is where we make a difference. We want to make sure that pregnant women get their nutrition from food rather than tablets.

We have secured backing from a number of nutritionists and doctors including Dr Emma Derbyshire PhD RNutr, who is an established nutritionist and active researcher in maternal nutrition.

So why not find enter to win these great prizes open to people in the UK only.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Our Holiday to France 2014

This year we went on our first family holiday we have been away together but not where we arnt busy doing volunteer or mission work. So the idea of 7 days where my husband has not got to spend hours on the laptop and we can all be together making family memories. We went away to a lovely resort with some of my husbands family, this consisted of his mum and dad, 2 of his brothers and there families and his sister and her family, a whole 22 of us in total.

I was a little apprehensive a day of traveling with a toddler who usually hates being in the car for a few minutes let alone any longer time, so thankfully some friends lent us a dvd player so we were prepared with peppa pig, frozen and something special. Also lots of food, colouring and stickers. Thankfully I was prepared and packed everything the night before as we woke 10 minutes after we were supposed to leave! Why do babies sleep in longer when you have to be up? So my husband made a mad dash filled up the car and I got me and the babies dressed and we scrambled to the car. We woke at 8:10 left at 8:25 and managed to just make it in time for our ferry at 8:55 last check in time, thankfully we do not live to far from Dover. Sadly When we arrived in France we realised that we left the double pushchair at home. Doh. So My hubby went out and brought a cheap stroller from a supermarket. The journey was not bad either all kids behaved and watched alot of peppa pig. They sat in a car for 6 hours and for a 7 year old, 2 year old and 9 month old it was good going.

We had a wonderful week, our caravan was a little cold in the mornings and Ami not sleeping in her bed but those were little things that did not stop us enjoying our holiday. Pants enjoyed exploring with his cousins on their bikes experiencing the freedom of no nagging parents. As soon as he woke he got dressed and went of to find his friends and off they would go all day, it was frustrating at times when telling him to come home then having to go look for him as he got lost playing. He also enjoyed boating on the lake and improving his swimming by letting go of a float and having to chase after it on the lake. We played alot of volleyball, table tennis and other little games. It was nice to have that chance to relax and be a bit silly. Pants favorite part was playing family tag at 11pm in the pitch dark at the play park. There was about 15 of us was such fun hiding in the tunnels and on the roundabouts.

Ami Enjoyed swimming and playing in the park, Every morning she would ask for her swimsuit and arm bands and off she would go to the water land (swimming pool) which she called it. One time I looked round and she had gone she had only gone and made her way through the gates and into the swimming pool. thankfully someone stopped her but another time she did get in and jumped in the pool. She just wanders off with no concept of safety a bit scary, apparently her dad used to as a child too. One time he was at the beach and his mum lost him to find him a mile round the coast in a beach hut drinking tea. She loved it though lots of cousins to play with, aunties and uncles who found her very cute and charming. She loved to show of and do dancing. One night we let Pants go off with his older cousins to the disco and Ami was still awake so we said we would take her so she said "Ami go to Addys disco" where she danced alot and generally was the only one to enjoy the europop they were blasting. Was very funny to watch and she loved it all the same. She has been a massive daddy's girl wanting him to do everything (a rest for me)

Little Bear was his usual self loved being outdoors and eating lots of bread. He did not like swimming to start of with but warmed to it later down the week. He loved being cuddled by lots of families and was generally very good. Even when we had to take him out the travel cot to house his noisy sister who refused to sleep at 11pm. The highlights of 3 siblings sharing a room! Thankfully the weather was not too warm throughout the week so was perfect weather all round for babies.

The holiday was great if not a little busy, the location was beautiful and the weather was ok, not what I packed for. Days spent by the lake and evening having BBQ's I did say I did not want another sausage for a long time when going home we had so many.

The way home took along time, we went a scenic route which had lots of road works. It took so much longer and I was rather disappointed that we did not drive through Paris. Then when we got to Calais it was gridlocked. There was illegal immigrants all over the place had never seen anything like it. There was at least 200 we could see. It was rather scary but kind of like a documentary. We got home 13 hours after leaving and the kids were such superstars too.