Monday 7 November 2016

Shimmer and Shine Pony Tail & Wish Come True Gift Set Review

I dont know if your child is like mine and absolutely loves Shimmer and Shine. My little Girl Ami loves it actually me and my husband too were always singing the catchy songs to be honest. So I can tell you she was so thrilled to review some of the new Shimmer and Shine toys. 

I dont know if you have seen shimmer and shine but it is based on two twins Shimer and lShine and there friend Leah. They are Genies in training and they often make some mistakes or as they call them Booms. The program does show children its ok to make mistakes and trying your hardest the next time.

Wish Come True Gift Set 

The wish come true set is the perfect item to any Genie in training. It comes with lots of little accessories that make role play more imaginative. We were a tad disapointed with the wish bottle that is supplied as the chain wouldn't fit together so we had to tie it at the back to make it stay. The little monkey purse opens up and you can fit the accessories in. Ami liked the wristbands like Shimmer and Shine in the show. Although I do wonder if they would fit an older girl as they were tight on Ami and she is 4.

The Shimmer Pony Tail

I think for Ami this was the most exciting part putting on the wig. We tried a few times and finnaly got it to stay on ( We do need more practice). The Shimmer wig attaches to a bun and is quite heavy but come with a grip inside. Ami was pleased to have pink straight hair and to look like shimmer too. Ami loves to dress up so this was most defiantly up her street.

All in all Ami was thrilled with her new toys and whats better they don't break the bank the pony tail retails at £9.99 and the wish come true set at £14.99. A perfect gift for any shimmer and shine fan. The only down side was Son Son wanted to try the wig but with short hair it wasn't a option thankfully he was just as pleased to play with the purse as Ami was.