Tuesday 2 July 2019

Bedtime Routines with Baby Annabell

When my children were all babies we always had a strong bedtime routine, not only did it help my own peace of mind but also helped the babies settle to sleep. Now working as a neonatal nurse I work in an environment where we have routines with our babies in order to make them feel safe. We were recently sent some products from the Baby Annabell sweet dreams collection in order to show my little ones bedtime routines and play there most favourite game of babies. 

We were sent a Baby Annabell Little baby fun Doll which was one in the collection that they didn't already have. The baby measures 36cm and is a lot smaller than the other baby Annabell doll. The doll includes a little romper, hat, bottle nappy and cloth, The nappy is reusable which I think is a great addition as won't lose the stickiness and good for the environment.

We were also sent the baby Annabell Sweet dreams rocker perfect accessory for any baby Annabell doll. Its stylish and light (it's even come camping with us for the little babies). It rocks side to side very smoothly and the little ones were over the moon to have somewhere to put a sleeping baby. Along with all those goodies we were also sent a little outfit to help them transition from day to night.

When my children were babies I followed the same routine with all three of them, some slept betters than others but it always helped us unwind and help them to feel safe. They knew what was coming and always settled. It was a simple few steps that we could go anywhere.

The first step would be a bath, a lovely warm bath after dinner. After this would be a clean nappy and fresh PJs. This was always my favourite time when they are all fresh and clean and snuggly. It would then be milk time and a cuddle and story before settling them in their bed ready for the night.

 So I explained this to them and they wanted to play mums and dads. Ami decided to change the baby into her nighttime clothes and feed the baby before putting it in the rocker. They play this game all the time, feed and put to sleep. Its almost like they remember what happened to them as babies.

I love watching them role-playing being parents it always makes me feel a bit emotional how careful they can be. They take lots of care and always put there all into their little games. I hope that its learnt behaviour and they love babies so much they must get that from me because I do love babies (Hence why I work with babies).

We have had these toys for a few weeks and no word of a lie they have been playing with them most days. They Rocker is holding out even with sometimes having 4 babies in at a time. It's lightweight so they take it around with them easily. We have had lots of little ones be attached to the little Annabel too. She's not as big as the others we have so sat nicely when you hold her. I think I like her as she is more the premmie size I am used to at work.

So here's a summary of our simple routine.

  • Warm Bath
  •  Fresh Pyjamas and nappy
  • cuddles and milk
  • Story 
  • Place in the cot for bedtime. 
Simple yet effective. It's been a pleasure to have the opportunity to play with these toys. We were sent these products in purpose of a review all content is my own.