Tuesday 12 March 2013

March new wedding season?

We have two weddings coming up, one this weekend one the next! both all day! my husband is upset two weeks of missing playing football (im happy because usually dont spend saturdays together) although he did get a phone call (which usually happens before we go to a wedding) can you film our wedding! which i dont think he minds he is not the person who would say no but i dont think people understand the work involved! its not just the filming its the editing and putting it on to DVD for them! but thats no big really just cuts into his freelance time (or eveings)

luckly both the weddings let you take children so dont have to sort childcare out for the day! Both the kids are sorted with outfits! Pants has a lovely plum suit i got in the next sale last year! And Ami has a pretty pink dress with white tights and pink shoes all from next ! very sweet! if i was rich i think the kids would be fitted out in next clothes i love them! there sorted but not me

 i went through a mad phase when pregnant and threw out all my dresses? Why? stupid pregnancy hormones! so do i buy one dress where it to both? there only a handful of people who will be at both? im not sure! my husband was saying about getting a new suit as he has had the same for years more expense! he is very fussy and likes to save money so weather he buys it is a different question!

oh well it will be fun to see friends and celebrate there special days! these are both christian weddings to the church service is exciting and joyfull there allways good fun! one wedding we went to last year a bench was made during the service (the husband was a carpenter so as a joke the peoples making it were wearing his work clothes it was very funny) another the new man and wife were playing monopoly all to illistraste the love and joining of there special day! on my wedding day all i can remember about the address was the pastor saying how hairy Matt was and what i should expect (this is true my husband is extremly hairy!) but its all good! exciting times going to weddings remind me of my special day!

Also have a womens collective event on Saturday! its community action so going out and cleaning/ redecorting our local area! i will only be able to atend just a little bit as we have to leave for wedding number 1! good times!

if you have seen any lovely dresses around in the shops/online let me know?

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