Monday 31 March 2014

Me and Mine - March

Another month has just flown by this year is going too fast. 
I can not believe we are about to go into April!
This month has been full of illness migranes, colds, tonsilitus, ear infections and teething is just some of the fun times we have had in this house hold. 

Daddy has been enjoying late night running.
Mummy had been  loving getting a bit more sleep.
Pants has lost a tooth and had a fab school report.
Ami is learning more words every day really is a little parrot.
Little bear has learned to sit, had some food, taken a bottle, hated a bottle then liked it again. 

So here we all are on the beach again. 
It is very hard to get a photo of all five of us looking at the camera. I didnt realise Little bear kept on hitting Pants on the head he obviously enjoyed his Aslan hair! 
So here we all are 

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dear beautiful

Sunday 30 March 2014

Good Friends - Good days and bad days

As a mum of 2 small little people some days are tough. A bad night can make days seem so much  more worse than they are, mixed in with that a teething toddler and a crying baby and some days its hard to see the good in it all. Some days darkness takes over and you forget all the blessings in your life, you forget what a amazing family you have and friends, you forget all the small things and life is tough. Changing nappies is tough, feeding a toddler is tough and all you want to do is lie in bed and cry because that is your life every day. Everyday is the same, everyday is a challenge but thank God those days are few and far between. 

I am so grateful on those days for a good husband and friends, Friends that just pop over to take you out and cheer you up. We are blessed to have the beach on our doorstep always relaxing for me to be there really clears my head. Sometimes its so easy to believe the lies that we think are true, No I am not a bad mum and Yes I can do this its JUST a season. So for now I muddle along really enjoying those good days and kicking the bad days in the teeth. I love being a mum to three children how ever hard it can be! 

My Sunday Photo 30/03.2014

Friday 28 March 2014

Getting Crafty for Mothers Day with Cuticura

Recently I got sent a lovely package from Cuticura with a card and mug for my children to decorate for Mothers day. My daughter absolutely loves drawing, sticking and generally anything that involves getting messy. My son it has taken 7 years to get him to want to do any sort of craft. For him sitting down is a waste of energy but he was so pleased to decorate a mug for his mum. Research shows that making things can help with all areas of learning. Then princes foundation state that Engaging with art from a young age can really contribute to gaining nurturing skills, improving self esteem, confidence and communication. 

So with all that we got stuck in, neither wanted any help and got on with it my daughter desperately wanting to paint but managed to keep her satisfied with crayons and stickers for a bit. My son which is a huge break through sat for ages perfecting a little heart that he painted on the mug. That kind of thing speaks more than words, he didn't want me to see and wanted to hide it for Mothers day (I found it in his bedroom to take a photo of it). 

Homemade gifts from your children really are the best gifts, they mean so much more than any brought item. I love that my children have thought and shown how much I mean to them through making somthing. My mum used to keep all the stuff we made and I loved to see that.

Lovely gifts ready for Mothering Sunday, I'm glad as a couple of years ago my husband forgot to get a card for my son to give me I wasn't impressed! below is some other lovely bits I got from Cuticura which is great, I didn't even know they made soaps so why not check them out your self at their facebook page

Thursday 27 March 2014

Time apart - bit of a softy

Ok if you know me in person you may think that I am not a slushy romantic type, but actually I am. I love nothing better than spending time with my husband just hanging and love little surprises. To us all I think that means different things, my husband loves gifts where I love spending time together. One thing I don't like is time apart. I miss his so much, every day I call him at 4:45 asking what time he is coming home hoping he will say he is leaving work early. He never does but I live in hope, hope that he leaves work early, has sorted baby sitters and takes me out (I actually suggested this and he said it only happens in movies). One day he will especially if he comes across this post.

Next week he leaves us to take up home in minehead for a Christian event called spring harvest for a few weeks, there he will be busy where I am not, I think and want to call him far to much. He has been such a bit support lately getting up with Little bear, taking the kids and letting me have a bit of peace. I know it will be fine with out him but I would rather him here. He has the ability to make me laugh like nobody else.

There is a nice thing about him being away is seeing him after a length of time, my heart thumps as the time dwindles down to seeing him. Its like when we were first dating and he lived away every Friday I couldn't wait all week. I watch videos of him and look at photos, I now feel such a creep but this is me! Its actually only for couple of nights before we join him but still its the longest we've been apart for a while. Especially with two small children. So we shall see how well that goes.

So here we are, you may feel like you know me a bit better or even think I am a bit more stranger than you thought but thats me. Below is a video I watch when he is away (although I just rewatched it and he sure looks so much younger in it, this was before he was married to me and had lots of children)

PROJECTED - SHORT FILM from Matt Carvosso on Vimeo.

Wednesday 26 March 2014

Poo-pourii Review - Girls do not Poo

I recently got asked to review a new product to the uk called poo-pourii, what is that you ask? I was like that too I was intrigued and thought isn’t that just an air freshener. So I decided to give it a try especially with smelly boys in the house anything that can help make the toilet not so smelly would be great (and obviously not for me because girls do not poo right).

As a nurse you kind of get used to bad smells you learn to mask the smell and often know where the nearest air freshener is. As a mum suddenly you are so alert to smells every little smell, you can smell bad smells a mile away so a product that can help get rid of those smells it great. We have had poo-pourii in our toilet for the last two weeks and I cannot believe how good it is. I can spray the toilet in the morning and it still smells as strong in the afternoon as it did in the morning. As when you flush it further releases the smell. 

Here is  what the website says about poo-pourri:
“Poo~Pourri bathroom spray deodorizer does more than eliminate bathroom odours - it is forever changing the bathroom experience. Just picture this...Last night's buffet was the best you ever had, but today at the office, all that eating is catching up to you. As you walk out from your second visit to the bathroom, you nearly collide with the handsome lad from two offices down. You both pause, staring at each other. Just then, the door shuts behind you. A rush of bathroom air fans past. "Mmmm, citrusy," he says and walks away. You pat your purse and smile -- Poo~Pourri bathroom spray deodorizer, it keeps your dirty little secret.”

We have been trying the scent Party pooper (how funny is that) my son has had much delight every time when he goes in the bathroom, the word poo is hilarious to a 7 year old! It smells so nice even a bit like mens aftershave (lets hope I don’t catch my husband using it as such)  If you don’t believe me why not buy a bottle and try it yourself you will be surprised.  It retails at £7.99 but it sure is worth it find out more here

Tuesday 25 March 2014

How to Make a Superhero Cape

The other day it was my friends little boys birthday and I was stuck on what to get him. I know that he loves dressing up and thought he would love a little superhero cape. It turned out to be really easy to make and didn't take too long at all. 

What you will need to make the cape:
  • two pieces of fabric ( i used felt) measuring 50cm by 80cm
  • sewing machine or a needle and thread
  • Pins or tape to keep fabric together whilst sewing
  • scissors 
  • pritt stick 

I firstly drew with a crayon the outline of the cape then cut out the shape, It came up a bit shorter than I liked but as this was for a toddler I left it as it is. Then cut out the other pieces of fabric using the first as a template.

Then I sewed the two pieces of fabric together I ended up sewing by hand in the end but I think it would be stronger by sewing machine.

I then cut out the design on the back with the left over fabric and glued them on with prit stick. You could sew them on to make it more durable. 

 This is the finished product I was impressed at how easy it was to make and will make again for my own children. I ended up cutting the loop at the top to make it so it could be tied together. Lovely little inexpensive gift for a toddler, you could even make it our of left over fabrics around the home.

Monday 24 March 2014

Mumbucks - Review and Giveaway

 When you are a parent sometimes you find that all of a sudden your child has learnt to out smart you, suddenly your old methods of discipline are not working and you are stuck in a rut. This may not be the case for you but for me I tend to be so laid back nothing ever sticks, I am a softy and a big pushover. We recently got asked to review a Reward system for children called Mumbucks. The idea being that children earn Mumbucks by good behavior and good deeds.

My son is like any boy his age learning to push the boundaries a bit more and generally growing up far to fast, A big issue we have in our house is screen time. He would if we let him spend all time in front of a screen watching/ playing minecraft, and when you tell him to turn it off he gets cross and all off a sudden my child has turned into a stroppy teenager. So I was stuck in a rut but for the last month we have been using Mumbucks as a reward/ Saving scheme for him to earn time playing on screens or watching tv. Not only has it been good way on monitoring how much he plays it as also been fun. The idea behind it is that mumbuchs are given for good behavior or Pants being polite and helpful, and depending on how much he has done he earns a certain amount of mumbucks. He then has the choice to save them up to have more screen time or even trade for money. 

We made a list together of what he wold earn them for and before I knew it, he was hoovering and tidying away. It has stayed like that and rather than have him moaning he is happy to do so as he has earnt sometime to play minecraft. Although our mumbucks do not last its great to teach Pants about the importance of saving he already saves his money and its a good habit that will hopefully see him until he is older. Here is some example of what mumbucks can be traded in for: 
  • 15 minutes of watching television
  • 15 minutes on the gaming console
  • Our choice of outing
  • Staying up half an hour later at the weekend
  • Millions of families use reward systems as a way of encouraging good behaviour.

Mum bucks have worked really well in our house, I think because we are very laid back it fits in well with us, we can tend not to be consistent so it is great. Mumbucks reatils for £14.99 and we think they are great. Check out more on the mumbucks website

Also Check out your chance to win your own set of Mumbucks so why not enter below.
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Disclaimer: We were sent Mumbucks in return for a review, all thoughts and opinions are my own. 

Living Arrows 12/52

This is actually my friends photo but it does make me laugh, Little Bear being a right champ. poor boy didnt know what was going on, he must get used to it as that's what Daddy does all the time!  

Sunday 23 March 2014

Me and You March

Every now and again I realise how blessed I am. As much as I moan and ramble on about my husband I know how grateful I am that he is in my life. The other night we had a bad night with Little Bear and after going to bed at 2am after finishing some work he then got up multiple times and ended up with only 3 hours sleep. Sadly we still haven't gone on our date night but hopefully next week. He leaves us for a few weeks in April to work at an event called Spring Harvest I am going to miss him so so much, but as my mum always says when he is away absence makes the heart grow fonder!

So here is March, we used to do this alot when we first started dating, taking silly photos was good laugh. Got us talking about how much we have changed and what 3 kids does to you.  So here we are March already! 

dear beautiful

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My Sunday Photo 23/03/2014

Friday 21 March 2014

Funny Toddler Chat - March

I making a note to write down these little conversations before they all change. Ami is at the age where she is making us laugh so so much. She is such a delight at times and I really want to remember these little chats before they are forgotten. 

After me telling Pants of at dinner
Ami: Oh Naughty Adon, Naughty Adon
I then pass her some bread 
Ami: Good girl mumma

After taking Ipod of Pants she brings it to me
Ami: Here you are Mumma
Mummy: No thats Pants give it back
Ami: No Happy day
We then have to play happy day and dance

Telling Ami of for hitting Little Bear
Ami: No Bye bye Mumma
Mummy: Ami be kind to Little Bear
Ami: Friends (and signs it too) 

After finding Ami covered in make up
Mummy: What are you doing 
Ami: Good girl Mumma
Mummy: Ami that is Mummy's make up not for little girls
Ami: More brush 
She then attempted to put bronzer on me and little Bear

Ami hears Daddy making dog noises, she runs and hides as she is scared
Daddy: Whats up its just a Dog Dog
Ami: Naughty Daddy, Bad Daddy 
Daddy: Wheres the Dog gone
Ami: Naughty Dog Dog gone bye bye

After finding her with tea all down her front
Mummy: Ami what is that down your front
Ami: Mummy tea juice all gone
Mummy: Yes Ami its down your front
Ami: yes hot tea

She sure does make me laugh this is just some of what I can remember. 

Thursday 20 March 2014

Reasons to be Cheerful: March

I havent taken part in this for along time, I do miss it will try and make more of an effort to look at what I am thankful for and what makes me feel so blessed. Life is sometimes busy and sometimes not so must not forget the small things, for it is these that build into the big things, 

1) Just got back from Parents evening and my son is doing so well and is above average. Always a relief when you hear that and although he can be disruptive and loose concentration easily he is a delight to teach. He was so pleased it went well he gave me a kiss on the cheek. Last parents evening at his infant school that sounds scary. 

2) Ami has turned into even more of a comedy legend lately, she comes out with some hilarious antidotes and is forever making us laugh. She has the most crazy big smile that is just so so funny to see. She is very head strong but also alot of fun, she knows what she wants and when she wants it. 

3) Little bear has started to sleep a little longer at night, after a few nights of hourly waking we now have had a few longer stretches. This is so nice makes me realise how different all my three have been the other two were sleeping alot longer by now. He is a lovely little chap so happy and cheerful then the next min very sad and crying. He is a lovely baby and I am trying to make the most of a baby that isnt on the move. 

4) Starting to feel a bit more normal not so baby brained. Nice to feel a little bit more like me and not just mum, me and my Husband shall hopefully go on a date night next week. Long awaited havent been out somewhere together since October. I do miss spending time together. 

The Science of Shaving - Short film

I love how creative my husband is, one time I came back from being out and found my husband with a camera in the bathroom so it turns out he was making a little short film ( I hope). He just was bored so got up and made it. It makes me chuckle so much every time I see this little film anyone who knows my husband he is a very hairy man and a regular joke is that he shaves in the morning and it grows back in the evening.

So here is the film The science of Shaving staring my husband.

Want to see more check out his website Matt Carvosso productions to find out more

Tuesday 18 March 2014

Me and Little Bear

Little bear is now four months and is at that lovely stage of realising there is more to life than milk. Well sometimes that is all he wants but that's become more rare. He pulls the most funny faces that make me laugh so much. The other day I was trying out the camera and thought how well would it come out using the timer function. I sorted something out not sure how I did it and attempted to take some photos. I was to hold my hand out to see if we were in focus was very hilarious the camera was held up on a screwdriver (shows my skills). My friend laughed when she saw where I take most my photos usually in the bedroom my mini studio! So here is some shots of my and my baby boy, I do not like my photo being taken and would much rather take photos of the kids! Notice the first has sick all down the front very typical. 

Some days are so busy and some days so slow. Even if he is very clingy at the moment and wants to be held all the time its still great. I do not blame him he must feel safe from the pressure of being attacked by his sister with a toy. So here we are just me and him. 

Monday 17 March 2014

Living Arrows 11/52

Some weeks are just so so busy and some weeks so so slow!
 Having two under two is a delight but other times so difficult.
Little Bear is getting alot bigger so now not such a tiny baby.
He tries to grab what ever Ami has and she tries to share what she has. 
They will have a close bond and in a few years and its lovely to see. 
Such a blessing they both are!

living arrows
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Sunday 16 March 2014

Little Bear you are 4 months

 Little Bear you are 4 months

You are 4 months already
no longer a tiny baby 
you are growing more and more each day 
you are filling out and turning into a little chubby baby like your sister

you have the best smile and even more cuter laugh
you either smile or cry generally getting more happy
you have learnt to grab and love to hold thing
 before there are pinched by your sister

your sleep has been varied sometimes 1 hour or sometimes up to 7 hours
you dont nap much in the day and sleep for no longer for 30 mins if at home
you love to be in the sling and close to mumma
you love to be held alot

You have learnt to sit unaided for short periods
mummy let your hand go and you stayed there
you are so so strong 
you can lift your head up even though you dont like being on your tummy

You are hungry alot and now take two small bottles a day 
along side feeding every 30 mins or sometimes longer stretches
Mummy loves having cuddles with you 
and enjoying you fall asleep on her
Daddy is loving you laughing at him
Pants and Ami enjoy you becoming more vocal 

So another month older
time is flying by
We love you so so much Little Bear

My Sunday photo

Friday 14 March 2014

A Daddys Review of Pipsy Koala Bag

What man loves floral? I know I don't, my wife loves Cath kidston but secretly I cant stand it. One bag and a plain one at that is enough. Let me tell you my wife has had 4 Cath changing bags in a year, I couldn't believe it everytime she came home from that silly shop laden with a new one! Apparently they "kept" on breaking but I found it all rather suspicious. So here is the unisex Pipsy Koala Bag a bag suitable for us dads too!

Us Boys Little bear not fond on Cath
My wife said if I wanted to review a bag my first thoughts oh not another floral bag (how many bags can one woman want) but one that was made for both parents. I said does this mean I have to take the kids out on my own now, didn't go down to well I can tell you. The bag came with some bits inside for putting bottles and dirty clothes and a changing Mat. The bag was spacious and could hold a lot of stuff, we have two babies so after two lots of nappies and spare clothes there usually isn't room for much more.

Here is the bits inside the bag
Its great that the bag is black, my wife and daughter are forever spilling things so I don't know why she got a white bag in the first place. This one will hide all the spillages and wont need to be replaced as often. The bag is light and not to uncomfortable on the shoulders, it has plenty of pockets which is great for storing those extra chocolates and bits for the babies.

Little Lad loves the bag!
This bag retails at the fantastic price of £25 which I think is a very reasonable price for a bag. So if your a cool dad like me and now have a changing bag . Head across to the Pipsy Koala to buy the bag and even see what other products they sell too.

Disclaimer: This Changing bag was reviewed from the view of my Husband, all thoughts (even if it took a while other than its OK) are his own. We were given the bag for exchange for the review. 

Thursday 13 March 2014

Making the most of the Sunshine - pictures on the beach

Oh not more pictures of the beach. Sorry I love it, I love being outside in the sunshine and being on the beach. Me Ami and Sonny (who was sleeping in the sling) went for a little walk and ended up on the beach. I took my camera in case and thought I would take some pics of Ami on the beach, maybe go for an arty look but Ami had other ideas. She didnt want to look at the camera and kept on saying NO NO then stormed of towards the direction of home! One day we will get a picture of her smiling on the proper camera! She will happily smile for a phone but that big camera comes out and she stops smiling! 

She did enjoy it even if she did eat odd bits of the beach and get soaked by jumping in the sea. I love going on little adventures my Ami. She is such a laugh at times she cracks me up, she likes to chase the dogs and gets cross if I do not let her on the beach to see them. I wonder why she is so head strong where does she get it from? Heres is the photo's that I managed to take, but sadly not smiles. We will spend alot of time down here as the weather gets warmer its free and alot of fun! 

She wasnt pleased about having her photo taken. 

She is so beautiful