Sunday 31 March 2013

Ami your 8 months

Time is flying by and your growing more each day.
you have your own personality and sense of humour
you love to be around people and especially your family
Daddy loves it when you call him daa daa and would do anything just to please you

you eat and drink loads and love chocolate daddy is proud that you love chocolate
you sleep through the night although the odd night you don't
you like to stand and you love to dance
Your hair is getting thicker and even enough to wear a hair clip

your brother adores you especially when you try and follow him around
your a tough cookie who puts up with being carried round by you brother
you light up a room with your gorgegous smile
you have nearly started crawling your going backwards now

you make me laugh 
you make me smile
i love you Ami
my gorgeous girl!

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