Monday 30 July 2018

Summer 2018 - Sorry its been to long

I have just spent the last hours reading through my first few blog posts and I am so glad I started this blog. For my self if not anything else. They capture the first few months of me becoming a mum to a larger family. When I look back now I struggle to remember the kids as babies? what were they like and even what they looked like. I sometimes really miss logging everything but really have used Instgram more so for that. I will give you a little update (not that your bothered reading this but I might click on it in the future and think what was i doing in the summer of 69 urm... i mean 2018).

Life is still rather busy as what it is with three children. We have had some rather large milestones in growing up across the board so I will mention each individually. The last few months have been a hard few months with behaviour and stress but we are ALL so glad its the summer holidays.


Asti has just finished year 6. We are all a bit relieved, to be honest. Ast was diagnosed with ADHD in April something we were all aware of and knew he needed more support. Sadly his school were completely the opposite and rather than putting coping strategies in place decided to put him in isolation. After a few incidents,s the school wouldn't even let him go to his leaver's party which was the final straw. I was in that office the next day to be told how the school hadn't failed my son, no he got fantastic SATS results. After a little while, Asti. They could not cope and rather than seek help just swept it under the carpet. Thankfully he moves on to a new school in September. I will be involved with the SENCO. So hopefully he can start to really enjoy school again and not feel so suppressed as he did in the other school.


Ami has had a good year at school. She has really tried and there was a stage where she was miles behind everyone else but has really attempted to catch up. I'm very proud of her. It's her 6th birthday at the weekend and shes almost feral. She's getting more and more excited each day. Tonight she was almost unbearable with endless questions. She wants to know everything and we even sometimes have to slyly turn the radio off if the news comes on otherwise we will get a million questions about what happened. She never misses a trick and is always on the go and on the ball. She always needs to know what we're doing next. Shes forever asking whats next, I am really hoping by the end of the holidays she can learn to chill out a little bit.

Son Son

Son Son is due to start school in September, seriously though how is my baby old enough for school. He is still in the nursery so that will be sad when he has his last day in September. He has been at the same nursery since he was 9months and has really loved going there. I have no issues with him going to school, lots of his friends are going and he is rather laid back. Son Son is really into football at the moment and has recently joined a football club that he loves. He is forever putting in a slide tackle which he gets told off about but he loves it.

Me and the Other Half

We are both in our jobs and have been there for a year. I am loving my job as a neonatal nurse it took a while but now I struggle on the adult wards and miss the babies. Its such an rewarding job I start a course at University in September not sure I am looking forward to all that studying again though. My husband is still enjoying his job and although struggles to get out of the self employed way and bring all your work home he is doing well. He now knows much more about digital media and is much more confidant in his role. Although life is busy we are often passing ships. He often comes through the door as I am leaving for work.

Friday 13 July 2018

Shrek The Musical at the Marlowe Theatre - Review

As a teenager, I absolutely loved going to the theatre. I went on a coach trip to see We Will Rock You and I was gripped, I loved Drama at school and even played the Deamon Headmistress in one of our school plays. Fast forward a few years many children later I haven't been for years. We were asked to come along to see the award-winning show Shrek the Musical. I decided to take Asti as an end of Primary School treat and also a first time at the theatre.

The show is based on the hit DreamWorks film that believe it or not came out 17 years ago (seriously where has the time gone). Shrek the Musical is such a feel-good show for all the family. It's full of laughs and the underlying message that is that it is alright to be different.

So off we went Me and Asti to the Marlowe Theatre in Canterbury. I didn't know whether to take Ami and Sonny (aged 4 and 5) but thought with it being late they may not cope with the late night and also thought it would be a great chance for some one on one time with Asti. There were lots of families watching the show with small children and upon reflection they would have enjoyed it but we would have gone to a manatee performance.

Heres a little back story on Shrek if you have been living under a rock in the last few decades. Shrek the Musical is set in a magical land where lots of fairytale animals live. Sadly ruling the land is the evil Lord Farquaad who takes a dislike to any fairytale creatures. Some of the people banished include Pinocchio, the three little pigs, red riding hood and other popular fairytale stars. Lord Farquuard banishes the poor creatures to Shrek's swamp. Shrek being an Ogre is not happy because he likes to live alone in the swamp. He then goes to visit Lord Farquuard to get the creatures out of his swamp where he then strikes a deal to rescue Princess Fiona from the swamp in return of getting rid of the creatures from his swamp. Little do Lord Farquarrd or Shrek know that Princess Fiona is hiding her very own secret too.

The whole show is full of such wonder and magic and myself and Asti were so amazed at the set changes too. Apparently, it took two days for the set to be set up which when you see it in real life you can see why. Right from the very start, we are drawn into a fairytale book and straight into music and dancing. The show is similar to the film with some of the same dialogue but has a lot of fresh current parts to it too. Like references to Brexit and love Island much to Asti's delight (the Brexit not so much the Love Island). We see more into the characters than the film and learn more about there backstories. The music is upbeat and catchy along with some awesome choreography too.

Playing Shrek was Welshman Actor Steffan Harri he did a great job of being Shrek and looking very much like Shrek and even sounding like him too. Me and Asti were impressed with the Shrek costume and how heavy it looked. Sheffan did a fantastic job at belting out the songs and even dancing. Princess Fiona was played by Amelia Lily whos fame came from X-factor some years back. She was hilarious. In other areas, Princess Fiona is played by Call the Midwife star Laura Main. Donkey-like in the film was fabulous and gave us some really good laughs. The Donkey was performed by Marcus Ayton who gave the Donkey an almost Camp side to his character.

Saving the best till last was mine and Asti's Favourite character Lord Farquarrd, he was absolutely hilarious what with cheeky looks and audience participation. Also, some cheeky jokes that the adults would get all in all made the show so good. He is also if you have seen the film rather small and the actor Samuel Holmes plays the park on his knees providing the audience with funny moments with his little legs. One thing that really impressed us was the dragon. A beautiful set piece that is carried around by four people who all work different parts of the dragon. She fills the stage and moves around with such elegance.

The stage is colourful and so creative. The show provides some great dance numbers and like all fairy tales boasts a happy ending. It was the perfect introduction to musical theatre and one to rekindle my love of the theatre. Asti was over the moon it provided us with an evening of entertainment for something we wouldn't usually do. We would definitely recommend to anyone wanting a taste of the musical thertre.

Shrek is avalible at the Marlowe Theatre in Canterbury until the 22nd of June. Book here on the Marlowes website or look for more dates all around the country. The age guidance is 5 plus with no admittance to under 2's. Shrek the Musical is well worth the watch and a perfect family night out.