Tuesday 26 March 2013

Last breastfeed for Ami!

Well the time came to give Ami her last feed from me! not sure how I'm feeling weather its happy or sad, Id planned to on feed Ami till she was 16 weeks but the time passed and was still enjoying feeding her! also our summer last year consisted of me and Pants playing ps3 whilst Ami was happily feeding!  Also it was so easy just to feed her and she was gaining weight! with my first i didn't breastfeed as he was always hungry and wanted to be fed! Ami got like this about 5 months and the health visitor suggested feeding her with formula! Ami at one point just to fed every half hour in the day which was exhausting! so finally dropped the feeding!

Recently feeding Ami has started to hurt, and shes not fussed! id only been feeding if she got up at night and in the morning! This morning was the first morning i hadn't fed her! my husband had got up with her and gave her a bottle! was nice not having to feed her but wondering if i will miss this time! i doubt it she used to pull at my hair and grab my face! Good times! So here we are new chapter kids growing fast and life speeding by!

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