Sunday 10 March 2013

mothers Day

I do love Mothers Day!  i don't see it as another excuse to say thank you but a day to honor our mothers and other mothers who need to be reminded that they are awesome! ive been blessed with two Children and iam so so thankful for both! each in there own way make me smile! each in there own way make me frustrated! but i love them both the same!

This morning i got woken by my husband (i was awake before hand but was doing the usual battle of who is up first to get the baby). he had made me a cup of tea! way hay! and then some flowers and a card made by Aston! i think he was trying hard because he forgot (he said he was getting the card later)  so he was trying harder! he had got me some flowers which was lovely!

We then went to church where they had laid on a cream tea for all the mothers which was nice! And they also dis something called a fire tunnel kind of like at then end of a wedding when the couple leave a wedding but praying for all the mums that where there! it was good! my mother also came so it was nice to hang with her and she enjoyed playing with Ami! we had got her some shoes from m and s!
Pants also let me have control of the tv for a few hours in which we watched Matilda! he really enjoyed it now wants to see the live show! maybe one day!

Although alday Ami has been teeth and has had about 20 mins sleep! even as i write this she is crying away in her cot! darn teeth! hopefully they will just pop through!

Happy mothers day everyone!

Pants Card he made at school!

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  1. Cute card! Hope you had a lovely day! I did too so I'm pleased x

  2. yes had a lovely day! thank you xx