Thursday 7 March 2013

The lost book day battle!

since i found out it was book day today i got my planning head in gear! i was so excited to make a costume for pants to wear to school (the best ones get put in the local paper) so i was thinking about Pants favorite books can he go as a tiger (tiger who came to tea... ok this is actually my favorite as a child!)and owl (owl babies, but then he did this last year) ok how about willy wonka we read that book for a month and i had the purple suit and i was looking forward to making a top hat when i ask Pants... he didnt want any of that and just wanted to dress as batman! oh dear no help needed from me! boo!

 i must read things better before buying the other day i orded a Lego lunchbox from ebay! i thought pants would love it well it came today... its tiny you could fit a few raisins in thats it oh dear lol it cost £6! trust me to not read the description!

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