Monday 25 March 2013

Thread worms - blighters!!!

Great thing when your child goes to school/ nursery is that the children share! but this sharing is not allways of the good type...! we have discovered Pants has thread worm! hence why hes been itching so much! oh joy! not sure what to do or how to treat it! ive cut his nails short and now going to do the hygiene method! argh and more house work!  oh well at least my husband will be pleased (with extra housework)

I hope nobody else gets it but i highly doubt it! good times!

has anyone elses kids had threat worm, if so how have you treated it? cheers

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  1. Hi Love we've been there - kids brought it home from nursery and/or school. I totally freaked out, but you can get rid of the blighters. Go to the chemist & they can give you some medicine to take. Wash everything - and we washed bottoms every morning for 3 weeks. (eggs are laid round the bum).

    Take the medicine - wash bedding - morning wash of bums - and strict strict hand washing for a fortnight (and when they get back from school/nursery). It will pass. It is easier to treat than head lice! Take care xx

  2. ha ha i bet, oh well least there not too harmful more annoying! thanks for your advice! :)