Tuesday 31 March 2015

Me and Mine - March

Time Flies when your having fun.
Life is speeding Spring is coming. 
Lighter evenings and sandy toes.
We wait each day wondering if we can leave the coats and blankets behind. 

Anther month another busy one for us all.
I planned to take this photo somewhere else but every time we went to go out
it either rained or one of the five was busy.
So here we are in our little garden with a photo bombing tennis ball.
Husband has had alot of work this month which is good 
as he is self employed. 
Me plodding along at work and the kids school and nursery. 
Were all looking for some time off at the Easter Holidays. 
Were off to Event call Spring Harvest On Monday.

Daddy is loving: 
Looking forward to Easter.
Finally finishing and showing his latest short film.
Going swimming at the Gym.

Mummy is Loving:
Lighter Evenings.
The odd Lie in when Daddy gets up with the babies.
Craft and Garden play with the kids.
Leaving the house with out a coat.

Asti is loving:
Behaving and getting to watch minecraft.
Playing football outside.
Planning on making Easter Eggs filled with Ice Cream.
Playing Uno and games with parents on his own..

Ami is loving: 
Playing in the garden.
Going to the bakery before school.
Being Princess Ami.
Asking about everything and how everthing works.

Son Son Is loving:
Playing outside especially with Ami.
Tipping out toy boxes.
A random sleepover in Ami's Bedroom.
Cuddles with Daddy as soon as he gets in from work.

So this is us for this month.

This bottom shot we did not realise until we looked at the photos that we had cut poor Matts Head of in some of the shots, we then had to go back out again in the cold to get another photo. 

Monday 30 March 2015

The School Mum Playground Gang

If you ever had to endure a school pick up it can be a ghastly place, some mums thrive on this and get to the school a good hour before hand. I am not of this calibre in fact those mums do not talk to me or ever have, I am not missing much there conversations are thrilling by thrilling I mean the joy of which club, what their child is top at and all that blah. Looking round the playground different mums and dads have their own little gangs. So here is a few I have noticed in my four years of school pickups. (Obviously some off these I have exaggerated the school run isn’t all that exciting sometimes!)

The Over Eager Gossipers
These mums know every low down; including every school coffee morning and these are the highlights. Getting to the school at 2:30pm is late and they will have missed out on what’s going on with the latest gossip. They are first to sign up for parents evenings and are loud. Talking to new parents is a No No stick to familiarity.

The lonesome Parent
Usually rocking up to the school in trendy clothes and headphones, other parents giving them the eye as they are secretly jealous. They stand on their own usually on their phones and rush off before getting collared for play dates. They stand apart and sometimes will fake a phone call to get away from clingy mum.

Clingy Bragger Mum
“My child is reading at this level, they are top at this top of that” Yes thank you for the update. You know fair well my child is not doing as well but you tell me every time you see me how well they are doing. You compare after school clubs and wonder why my child is not in 15 clubs a week. These mums do not listen they just vent be wary DO NOT ENGAGE CONVERSATIONS.

Forever Late Mums and Dads (that’s my husband)
The school time never changes yet there child is the last in the class and the last to be picked up. Time management is not an issue and it beats all the playground drama. The only problem is parking they have to park so far away it means they are even later. It’s a no win situation, they are on time for the first week of every term and it’s a good term if they haven’t had a phone call from the school wondering where they are or worse signed in late!

Forgetful Mum
Always living in unorganised chaos this mum would forget her head if it was not screwed on. Forever asking Facebook what’s happening as have lost the original letter. Often there child is the only one in school uniform on trips and dressing up days. They are forever getting laughed at in the playground for the antics of previous terms. They get great delight if they get the right dress up day and a packed lunch in the right bag too.

Tired Nan
Poor old Nan after dealing with a small child all day they have to endure the playground to get more children. They look haggard and like they need a good hug. Often employed 5 days a week full time to keep their family happy. They are tired but friendly (well some there are a few too tired ones who bite easily be careful).

The Young Mother
Often alone as not included in the over eagers. Usually friendly and happy for a bit of conversation.  Scared to talk for the fear of judgement from other parents. Sometimes get the Evil eye as classed as not old enough to have a school age child. Will talk to other young parents if have the confidence. Or you can get the opposite young mother where they are very in your face.

The Child Chaser
This Mum or Dad have their hands full, found every pick up to be chasing a child or even two. The double pushchair is heavy and laden with bits to keep small children contained whilst waiting for older siblings to come out of school, none of which works and they either have the embarrassment of a screaming child (The ultimate school ground shame) or looking like the caring free parent.

Glamour Mums
They roll up to the school hair done face full of makeup, make you want to cry as you look at your stained leggings. They may even sport high heels and have a little dog. Other parents do not stand too close for fear of looking frumpy. Never seen in the rain and the first to wear summer dresses at the smallest glimpse of sun.

The Dads
Often wondering why they are doing the school run, scanning the playground for other Dads to talk too. Often found wearing sports gear and looking all masculine. Are the first to get out of the playground and will always cave into the ice cream man after school.

The PJ Mum
Wearing an onesie morning and afternoon, they never get changed and do not care. They are free of day to day clothes and live in the comfort of PJS. Usually part of the over eagers and seeing onesie and high heels is a new fashion trend in the playground.

The Outsiders
Usually in pairs or on own will never be in a pack. Observe other parents and wonder where they fit in. They then have a laugh and post it online on blogs (what loser would do that).

School Playgrounds are funny places, maybe it’s the inner school child that comes out again. It’s a funny place to be but somewhere you have to otherwise you will get into trouble. I look forward to secondary school and my child making their own way home. Or being like the secondary school car mums. 

Friday 27 March 2015

Messy play for beginners - part 1 shaving foam

Ok so after years of parenting I have to admit that I find messy play scary, it stresses me out the mess afterwards then I do not do it for a while as I feel so stressed. So I thought it was time to get over those silly little fears and enjoy some playing with my toddlers and Asti when he wants to get involved.

This week I have started small, we had to wait for son son to have a sleep as he does not like foam and shakes at the sight of it. I had brought a can of cheap shaving foam in the shopping and got together a few little toys that I knew Ami would enjoy playing with. 

The fun bit was spraying it onto the little tray I actually felt like a big kid. Then getting our hands in the foam and making it into little mountains. Ami said it looked like snow and that she liked to whoosh it around. She enjoyed putting the snow into little cups then clearing it away with the trains and cars. She made a robot and put lots of foam on its bottom, She was cracking up. 

The end result most had gone in the playing and the rest of the foam on the table and floor was easily cleaned. A perfect start for easing my way back into messy play.

Look out for more messy plays in the coming weeks (if I feel brave again)

Wednesday 25 March 2015

Giveaway - Chance to win two Easter/ Spring Funky Giraffe Bibs

With Easter round the corner why not have a go to win these two Spring bibs from the lovely people at Funky Giraffe Bibs. They are just far too cute, I for one love a dribble bib. They have come a long way since my eldest was small the bibs were always so boring but now you can get them in so many different styles a perfect addition to any outfit. 

These Bibs retail at £3.99 each and if you do not want to enter the competition why not head over to  the Funky Giraffe Bib website and buy your own one instead. 

So why not have a go at entering this fab Competition its only going to run for a week so you have to be in it to win it.  

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Wicked Wednesday - toddler Pants with Pants

This week I have gone with a old photo, with was Asti aged 2 (now 8)  with a nappy on his head! This was hilarious at the time he looks so cute.

Monday 23 March 2015

Funny Toddler Chat 31 months

Ami does not stop talking nowadays and she is rather funny. Here is a few of her little chats I can remember. 

Mummy: We have got to talk Asti to school and then we will get a cake
Ami: Why?
Mummy: Because Daddy is working away
Ami: I am going to get a cone ice cream cake.
Daddy: Ami doesnt like cakes 
Ami: I do Daddy, 
A little while later
Ami: Daddy don't be mean to me any more about cakes

Talking to a random lady on a bench
Ami: Its my birthday tomorrow
Lady: Oh really
Ami: Im having a party, Noahs coming and Ruby but no grown ups
Lady: How old are you going to be
Ami: Im going to be 2 
Lady: Ok dear
Somehow some people do not enjoy being bombarded by a toddler.

Mummy: We have to leave to get Asti from School soon.
Ami: I can't wait to see my little brother Asti
Mummy: No he is your big brother 
Ami: Ok my sister then 
Mummy: ok then Ami.
Ami: Why is Asti my big brother?

Mummy; Ami why did you get Astis Monopoly of the table?
Ami: It wasn't me is was Son Son
Mummy: Son Son can not reach it did you take it of the table?
Ami: Yes 
Mummy Thats naughty this is Astis game 
Ami: (crying) I do not have any board games

Daddy: Love you Ami
Ami: Love you Daddy
Daddy: How much?
Ami: I love you to the whole world.

Mummy: Ami what are you doing in your bedroom
Ami: I am not Ami I am a princess 
Mummy: Princess what are you doing?
Ami: Playing nursery with Son Son, he is in the baby room I am going to take him home. 

So this is a few of the little conversations I can remember, I must make more of an effort they soon grow up and its not as funny. 

Saturday 21 March 2015

My Sunday photo - 22/03/2015

Bugaboo's and Adventures

If you are a regular reader of this blog you may know that we love days out, we love nothing more than grabbing a few bits and having adventures. With the days out it is important to have a sturdy pushchair that can with stand any obstacle. This is something you may have experienced if you tried to push a stroller across the sand it sure is hard work. So with that I have come up with a list of Pushchairs that I would love to own.

I have always been a fan of bugaboo pushchairs and have tried to hide my jealously a little as I have seen friends with theirs.  It is by far the coolest brand around of pushchairs.  I have always loved the bright colours and funky designs they always look so sharp. The Bugaboo Chameleon has sure come on long way and now in its third Generation. It’s light and has big wheels that make sure that it is a comfortable ride for the baby. The Chameleon is the perfect pushchair for new-borns the carry cot looks super comfortable. I can imagine pushing a little baby whilst me and the family go for ice creams on the beach (Do not tell the husband I am not thinking about baby number 4!!). It’s the Perfect pushchair for pushing through different terrains and weather conditions.

 Another Pushchair I had my eye on especially when the two toddlers were smaller was the Bugaboo Donkey. It’s the envy of every mother who didn't have one.  It really is the King of the double pushchair gang. I had such problems with doubles finding one which did in it make me look like I was pushing a trolley full of beers (two toddlers is so very heavy). The Donkey is another pushchair made for family days out. IT can be converted to have a little side cart so perfect to put that beach bag with all the buckets and spades in. Another beautiful design looking so sharp and modern, with many different colour options you won’t be ignored with the colour. I like that is can be used as both a double and a single, we are in that stage at the moment. Some day’s Ami loves to walk other days she wants to sit in the pushchair. It’s that versatile.

See although I have never owned one I have always secretly wanted a bugaboo, especially a yellow one. You never know I may get one someday, Son Son is still so small. I just always loved the design of them and the way the brake is on the side. My friend Na had a lovely cream version and she sure did look stylish I always felt a bit pants walking along with her with my stroller we brought in France after we forgot ours on our holiday last year.  Why not check out this little piece on Bugaboos on the lovely Babydino website you won’t believe the amount of accessories you can get. 

Us on a day out

Thursday 19 March 2015

Reasons To be Cheerful #2

So I need a bit of joy today, need to remember whats going good in our little lives because lots is and I do not take much note of it. I love to look at lives positives focusing on the rubbish gets you nowhere so here is this weeks reasons to be happy.

1 - My husband has had lots of work, this has been good that he is busy. He is very talented at what he does so its great seeing some of the jobs he is working on. He recently has been making a short film that will be showed at our church I can not wait to see it finished, being his wife I often have to watch it alot to see the changes. Me and the kids are all in it as Extras so will share it when its done.

2 - Although today I had a shocking parents evening they said he was very bright, also that he was top in Maths and Reading. I feel like I finally got somewhere with the school and hope they continue to communicate with me to help Asti at school.

3- I have a week of Annual leave coming up soon where we are of to spring Harvest. Will be nice to get away with the husband and kids. We are both volunteering but it should be fun all the same. We can go swimming, go to the fun fare and all the fun things you can do at mine head.

4 - Life is not feeling as crazy at the moment, I have felt like I was in the fast lane lately. This week especially has been a bit slower in pace, and with the warmer weather we have had for like two days it has made me happy. I also worked my first nightshift in a long time and managed to stay awake.

5 - I am slowly trying to do more in the days with the toddlers, they both love crafts and I am slowly getting more daring. I may never be a proper craft/ sensory play mum but I am trying. I find it a bit stressful but they love it.

So this is my few reasons to be cheerful, there is so many more but this is enough for now.

Wednesday 18 March 2015

Son Son is 16 Months

Son Son you are 16 Months and how fast is that going!
I say that every month but is sure does come round quick.
Each month you becoming more independent. 
Each month your turning more into a little boy.

You love your food still.
Most morning you will polish two bowls of cereal,
there was even a morning you managed 4!
Ami gives you everything she doesnt want and you will happily eat it. 
You still wont eat much Fruit but we keep on trying. 

You love to play outside as soon as the door is open you run outside. 
Your favourite game is kicking a ball. 
This month you have been doing a lot of digging weather you can.
You can nearly go forward on the ride on cars,
you still get cross that you can go where you want to.

You sleep well and have been havign many 2 hour naps,
some mornings you wake when Ami wakes 
but decide its to early and go back to sleep.
You can't fall asleep without your muzzy. 

You have started to stand up for your self when Ami takes something off you.
You shout back then cry but its a start. 
You never get to play with anything good it always gets taken off you. 
You love it when Ami plays with you, its very rare but lovely to see. 
You two play with Happyland and as long as you listen to Ami its good fun.
Sadly Son Son having a older sister you are used to being bossed around. 
Good practice for when you older I expect!

You love running and Run everywhere. 
You hate baths and getting dressed. 
You love playing with Cars and pushchairs.
You are the most cuddly toddler and love to sit on Mummy and Daddys lap a lot. 

You really are a joy and growing you to be such Awesome dude, 
we love you lots. 

Wicked Wednesdays - Poor Daddy

The kids getting up way before the Sun means poor Daddy has to find the time to catch up on sleep, even with two toddlers crawling all over him!

Sunday 15 March 2015

Chill Factor Slushy Maker Tutti Fruity Review

We recently have been sent the Chill Factor Slushy Maker Tutti Fruity to review which my son has been after ever since he has seen the adverts. It has gone down a storm and Asti did not even mind it was pink he could not wait to try it out. I had to put it straight into the freezer so he could make one the next day. I did not believe the concept thinking it was just anther thing to buy that doesn't work but I was very impressed. Also I love that the slushy's that you make arnt filled with sugar hype like the ones you buy from the shop, you know exactly whats in it so can be healthy too.

All you do is put the cup into the freezer for 4+ hours and when its ready you pour your slushy drink into the cup. This is where the magic happens and you have to squeeze the outside of the cup to start making the slush. I was surprised the first time thinking it wouldn't work but it did. We choose a fruit juice and it was ready in less than a minute. Asti enjoyed the squeezing the most and said it tasted better than the ones you can buy in the shops. It comes in 7 parts and the solid plastic parts can go in the dishwasher meaning easy cleaning. The spoon straw was a big hit too he loved scooping and slurping. 

It was mess free and fun Asti was in his element. He wanted to make one again but had to wait till the next day. We look forward to using this in the summer months when the days are warmer. I may even pinch it for the evenings, look forward to testing what drinking would taste like as a slush. The  Chill Factor Slushy Maker Tutti Fruity which comes in 4 different colours is available at the reasonable price of £12.99. So why not get your hands on one before the summer is here, you wont be disappointed. 

Siblings - March

Another month flown by and I'm so glad that the weather is getting warmer, well it was now it's cold again. My three have been loving digging outside and just getting messy. It's nice to see the three of them play as often they just argue. They have really enjoyed playing outside and something other than the boring old toys. 

The chain still goes on with Ami wanting to play with Asti and Asti wanting to play with son son the little circle goes round and round. Funny things they are, this month though Ami and son son have played a lot more and when son son isn't breaking her toys they laugh a lot. It is sweet to see and if only A,I didn't get so frustrated with him it would be a lot quieter too. We find the age gap sometimes hard it's difficult to accommodate all three with Asti being that bit older and not generally wanting to do what they want to. Also he is very head strong so makes it clear he won't do it. 

In the garden it was sweet to watch Asti was getting Ami to fill water buckets up whilst they digged for treasure (I ignored all the beheading of the daffodils). Son son even tried to help and hey got along, I got to sit in the conservatory and enjoy the sun with a cup of tea. Very lovely indeed. 

So here is this month, I've written this post on the iPad as the laptop was so slow it was doing my head in. So hope it comes out ok, blogger on the iPad is so pants. With that final thought Happy Mothering Sunday all you mothers. 

My Sunday photo 15/03/2015

Friday 13 March 2015

Dear Cbeebies Whats going on with Bing?

Dear Cbeebies

We are regular watchers of your shows (maybe too much sometimes, like the time we watched the same programs twice round during the newborn Son Son days). I have to question this one show as every time I watch it I am full of questions. I can not help it I have even discussed it with friends and we are puzzled. My toddlers love Bing, maybe a little too much, it has become a little routine of ours to watch it in the morning before setting of to do anything.

So here is my questions

What is going on with flop?

Who are Bings parents?

 why are the carers animals smaller?

and why oh why do they have such small legs?

You see as a parent who lets there children watch too much tv and watch it them selves its good to question these things. My little mind needs to know why and how can they climb stairs with those legs and why is Bings head 4 times the size of flop?

I am a bit sad I know but I have gone a little crazy with all this kids tv, you may understand if you ever had to endure Peppa Pig for hours on end you start to get the Peppa shakes and you hear that little annoying Pig everywhere. Thank God they stopped that Peppa Pig Channel. Anyway I digress If you wouldn't mind I am after some answers. I need to know the facts before I get interrogated by the toddler, its only a matter of time too she is very nosy.

Thanks for all your Programs how ever strange they may be.

PS: Can you tell the Panda to put on some trousers, playing in the park in your pants is so last year.
Also don't tell my toddler about this post she will go mad at me for it.

Thursday 12 March 2015

Cornish Daisy Dribble Bib and Blanket Review

I am a little obsessed with stars, always have been. Most the baby items I buy generally have stars on so I was glad to review this beautiful blanket and dribble bib to review from the wonderful Cornish Daisy. The best thing is that all the items are handmade and done to a excellent standard. Katy heads up Cornish Daisy who came up with the idea when her daughter was born premature and she wanted something super soft and also absorbent. They are made to a fantastic standard and you can see more of the products available on the Cornish Daisy Website here.

Son Son is 15 months and is in the throws of teething and being a dribble monster. We have found it hard to find a absorbent bib that looks good as well as doing a good job. There is a whole range of different designs to choose from and there is bound to be one that tickles your fancy. The bib has two fastenings so that it can grow with your baby/ toddler. I love the fleecy backing to the bib its so soft it is suitable for a newborn. It has also managed to keep Son Son dry as she is trying to drink out of a cup which usually ends up all down his front.

The blanket has caused lots of arguments between the toddlers as they fight who can lie on it or have it on their laps. The blanket is the perfect size to fit under the pushchair and pull out when it gets a little chilly. Its light weight and washes well, because its make out of fleece it dries in next to no time. The blanket is super soft and they have been enjoying snuggling on the sofa under it. It will be perfect for the summer when we are out and about as a mini picnic blanket. It looks lovely and we have had nothing but complements about the blanket when people have seen it. 

The great thing is that they are all homemade and made in Britain are by buying into Cornish Daisy you are helping our own businesses too.  The Blankets and bibs make a perfect gift for any new baby or birthday as they are reasonable in price and also fantastic quality.  The Dribble bibs range from £5.99 and the Blankets from £12.99 ( yes that's right what a fab price) for it to be homemade and wonderfully designed such a bargain. You can buy the set about (bib and blanket) for only £16.99 and with free delivery over £15 what are you waiting for.

Sunday 8 March 2015

Mummy's little Secrets

I try to be the best parent I really do, but there is times when I am not so good. The list is getting longer and longer with the more children I have. We can not all be perfect mothers and if you are I feel very good for you but I will never be that level. I am far to chilled out to be a parent.

I started this list as when I said a few of these to some Mum Friends they did look a little shocked/ obviously some of these are tongue in check and if you think they are bad they are a joke! (maybe). If my children ever read this then I am sorry I did try my best!

  • I never watch Disney Channel and enjoy it, especially watching when the kids are in bed! 
  • I never Hide the PlayStation controllers/ Ipad because I have had enough of you tube videos
  • I do not let you sit and watch the TV for long periods so I can enjoy a Cup or two of tea
  • I do not spend hours on Pinterest looking at sensory play to failing complete and getting some old playdoh out that is most probs too dry to play with
  • I do not devour any left overs even if they are half eaten
  • I do not eat all the kids snacks and biscuits
  • I never play the game of who can pretend to be asleep the longest
  • I do not often change nappy's when they are sometimes falling of (real bad one that is)
  • I do not pretend I have tidied up all day for the toddlers to mess it up just before the hubby gets home!

  • We do not pretend to have naughty policeman and Father Christmas on Speed dial and Naughty policeman has never knocked on the door during dinner time!
  • I never go into the toilet and do not answer when you call to get a bit of quiet
  • I do not let you play in the garden so I can watch Call the midwife in the conservatory
  •  I Defiantly do not find baking with kids very stressful and let you do it all by your selves making real nice cakes! 
  • We defiantly do not skip pages at bedtime to get the kids to go to bed that bit quicker

  • I do not leave the toddlers unsupervised with felt tips 
  • I do not get the babies dressed just before the afternoon school run
  • I do not sit in the front of the car eating sweets without rustling the bag, I am dead good at this one managed a whole pack of millions with out 3 kids noticing
  • I never clear the table of breakfast just as I am about to start tea
  • I never I mean NEVER eat all the chocolate my mum buys for the kids! 
  • We do always listen to the reading of the school books, oh whats Biff up to this time!
  • We never Throw away most art work from  nursery/ school!
So here is my list of naughty habits obviously not too bad (she says eating the kids treats).

Do you have any of your own I would love to hear them. 

My Sunday Photo - 08/03/2015

Saturday 7 March 2015

Everything is good in Daddys arms

Being a single parent for many years I often was the Dad, I learnt how to make a excellent paper airplane and how to kick a ball round in the garden for years. So when I met my husband and he stepped up and filled that gap I never felt so grateful. The day I introduced him to my son properly for the first time he had so much love for him and could not wait till we saw him again. I never knew what I was missing and we have been so blessed ever since.

Now we have more little ones to add to the mix they all love Daddy, when Ami was a baby when he left for work in the morning she would sit by the front door and cry for a good 5 minutes. Then when she could hear his car she would crawl to the front door and wait for her day to pick her up and place her in his arms. It has always been the same, she does not cry now but she is a little sad that he has gone. Son Son is the same too when my husband gets home he cries until he is picked up. Poor Daddy is split by 3 as they all want a piece, its lovely to see and a bit of freedom for me! 

I was talking with a friend about the roles of Mum's and Dad's and how the Mum is the nurturer and the Dad is the one the children go to for affirmation. It was interesting and got me thinking that actually my hubby is a bit of both. He does a much better job than me when he has the kids and I think the kids actually prefer him and his cooking (he is not good it is just the novelty of it all). See he is something special. 

You see everything is better in Daddy's arms, they tell him whats wrong and he holds them tight in his massive arms. Stroking their little backs and telling them its all ok. Its beautiful to see and you can see how much he loves them. He places them down and they are full of so much joy. It does leave me thinking though do they care that much when I am at work? I wonder if they do, I know they love it with Daddy he lets them do what they want and feeds them lots of biscuits so it was always going to be fun, When I get home they are happy but its not Daddy happy. We all love  Daddy he is one Special man. 

Thursday 5 March 2015

Family Photo Outakes

We love to get a family photo each month, we may leave it to the last min and the photo always comes out ok. What I do not show is the millions of photos that get left on the cutting room floor? They end up clogging up my laptop with the rest of the photos that get unseen. So here is a glimpse into the hard work that goes into the photos we take each month. 

1) The Lets get in the photo shot!

Daddy tries to round the children up and calm a baby. Little does he know that Ami has found a interesting pebble. The ball is in the shot we have not realised I am round the back checking were in frame and focus.

2) Second check on the Shot.

Daddy is not to sure on the framing so goes to check. Pants has lost focus and Ami is playing with that pebble still. Little Son Son is so cold he is furious. I am now feeling frustrated and wishing we would all sit down before my toes fall off.

3) One last look.

That blooming ball who brought it! Everyone is sitting together that is good. Little Son Son is very cross now and Daddy is hoping the view of the sea will cheer him up. Asti is bored and waiting for it to be over. Behind the camera I am smiling trying to look happy! 

4) Get ready folks

Lets take the dummy out for a nice natural shot, oh wait he is screaming loudly put it back in. Ami is checking my pockets for sweets and Asti is well and truely lost.

So here we are behind the scenes of our little photos, its hard work and we take alot of photos to get a few good ones but its so worth it.

Wednesday 4 March 2015

Competition to Win a Set of Mushroom LED Lights

To Celebrate Mummy's Little Blog's first week I am hosting a little competition for you all to win some cool little lights. They change to 7 different colours and will look very funky in the dark, my daughter has a set of bunnies in which she loves. Here is some more info. 

  • High quality and brand new nigh lamp
  • Energy saving, low heat and long lifespan.
  • Romantic, cute fot atmosphere
  • Suitable for bedroom, home display, gift and other romantic places
  • Material: plastic

So Why not join me in celebrating my new blog and entering this competition. 

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Wicked Wednesday - Please take a photo of me rather than my brother

Tuesday 3 March 2015

Mummy's Little Blog

Welcome to the new blog name Mummy's Little Blog. Sadly due to a issue with the domain host who sold my old website and now it belongs to somebody in America, I have decided to start a fresh new blog new design. I was getting a little Bored of The Mummy Madness so the change will be good. I am really sad to see the website I have built up gone but I look forward to starting a new one.

Bear with me as I make the little changes to move everything over. I have been blogging for 2 years so maybe now is the time to look in how to do things properly and not rely on my husband to do it for me.

If you have any help for me as I transition or any reminders than please help me! Im so lost.

So welcome Mummy's Little Blog and Good bye to The Mummy Madness