Friday 31 October 2014

Me and mine - October

After it raining on my days off and my husband working alot I did not think we would get a photo for this month. Every month it gets to the 25th and I panic and wonder when I will get our family photo. Thankfully this month I finished my training course early so therefore was a window of opportunity to get a photo of us outside. The sun had gone down and the light was fading but I think these are some of my personal favourites already. I like the moody look of them and some of the shared looks between us.

Our month has been busy trying to sort out work/ home life balance and a new house but it was so nice to go on this little walk. It has been forever since the five of us have done something together its hard work when you are all so busy but hopefully next month we can work harder at spending time together.

dear beautiful

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Thursday 30 October 2014

Am I turning into my mum?

Looking back over photos I have taken today I came across this photo and it screamed my mum!!! The way I am holding on the the bench is something my mum would do and it scares me!! Even the vacant face day dreaming I look like my mum alot. 

When did it happen!

How did it creep in!

I jest obviously I love my mum but I do not want to be her if you know what I mean. I have even noticed somethings I say are just what she would say oh dear. As a child she would say "Well" but it was more like wella I have not said that yet but when I do I shall turely no that I am my mum! 

I will try not to be like my mum although I think alot is ingrained I find it hard not to love washing like she does, collect little pots, be attached to random junk and speak in funny accents, I am failing but its ok it could be worse I suppose. 

Wednesday 29 October 2014

Y is for yuckiest

Living by the sea is rather cool but when you grow up by the sea you do become rather fussy ( well thats my case). We have moved a ten min walk from my childhood beach, which no other beach will ever compare to really too many happy memories to not love it so, even my husband knew this that's why he asked me to marry him there. This is our new beach it was rather yucky, we had to fight through swarms of flies to get to the yucky seaweed. Me and Little bear stayed on the slope (with the flies) whilst Ami explored the new beach. She then told me that Seaweed smelt like poo in which she did have a vaild point. 

Can not believe next week is week Z what will  I do every Wednesday soon! 

Tuesday 28 October 2014

Funny toddler chat - October (and a quick 26 month update)

26 months is a lovely age (at times) when she isnt making us laugh she is making us want to pull our hair out, but I would not change her for the world. In fact I often look at her and wonder where she has got it all from, how is she so self sure and confidant. She thinks she is about 8 and is very head strong and wont take no for an answer. Her talking has really come on so here follows some of her latest chats.

Mummy: "Ami, It is bedtime"

Ami "No, not bedtime, dont like it bedtime."

Mummy: "Its night time now look it is dark outside"

Ami "No not dark outside, not bed time, I feel poorly need medicine,"

We get this every night she is always poorly at bedtime, 

Ami: "Wheres Daddy gone"

Mummy "Daddy is at work today"

Ami "No not working he is playing football, me not going to nurfrey"

Mummy " No its not nursery today thats tommorow"

Ami "No not nurfery only if Daddy pick my up"

Ami's Joke:
Knock knock 
Whos there 
Daddy who 
Daddy Carvosso

This is about as good as a 2 year olds jokes gets!

Mummy: "Ami are you being a big girl"

Ami;"I am not a big girl I am a princess."

Mummy ;"You really are funny"

Ami: Wheres Daddy? 

Mummy: Daddys at football

Ami: No Daddy is at work, Daddy put me to bed. 

We were waiting at a till and Ami started talking to a random lady she just talks to anyone at the moment. 

Ami: "Wheres your little girl?"

Lady "Oh I do not have little girl I have a boy"

Ami " Is he with his Daddy?"

Lady "Yes he is, what have you got there"

Ami" I got barbie do you like barbies?  Whats your name?"

This is just a snipet of some of Ami's chit chat she really is very funny at the moment will make more of an effort to take note and write more down. 

Monday 27 October 2014

Our time at the paralympics

My moment to remember sadly was our trip back in 2012 to watch the paralympics. The build up had been going for years and me for one was rather excited, I used to have a work out dvd and there on it was the bid for the event. The music, the sport it made me cry every time i saw it (big saddo I know) I recently tried to watch the Olympic opening ceremony again but was balling my eyes out, had to turn it off! I am not really a sports fan but maybe it was the unity or that it wasn't that far away, that was a good summer in 2012 (Also Ami was born too).

I was a bit gutted not to get along to any Olympic events but my husband didn't think it would be a good idea being 40 weeks pregnant! I suppose Ami was an Olympic baby born right in the middle of the event, so I thought if I couldn't go along to the the Olympics I must get along to the paralympics. I really wanted Pants to see the Olympic stadium and experience the Olympic park in all its glory. I was fortunate to get the tickets before the Olympics as suddenly everyone wanted all the tickets, so the time came Ami was five weeks so we stay at a friends the night before who lives nearer London.

So we get up early ready with everything for the day, fortunately I was still breast feeding so Ami was still in that time where she was easily maintained with just milk. There was tons of people and everyone was excited for the event they were going to see. we walk towards the park I was holding back the tears (another loser moment) it was such fun. The weather was sunny it was one of the hottest days of the year. We queued up to get in pour all our water and fluid as was only aloud to take 100mls in! Then drop the pushchair in the buggy park and make our way up to row 143.

Finally the event starts its all exciting stuff happening everywhere and it was so much fun. Alot of applause and Mexican waves Pants was very excited. We were sitting in the shade so we were not too hot, although the whole time we were there there was only two athletes from the united kingdom but it was still good. The stairs were a killer carrying a 5 week old baby was a challenge, this was before I had a wrap that would have been ideal for the event. We got our souvenirs but did not venture in the shop, I wish we had I would have got some special bits but the hot weather and lack of shade was important with a little bubba.

It was such a special day and one I will never forget. I am so glad I plucked up the courage to take a little baby and it was so worth it. It was a once in a life time opportunity and one I am unlikely to repeat. 

Sunday 26 October 2014

Indoor activities for toddlers

 I often feel guilty staying indoors and not going out with the babies. I myself actually like going out bit all off a sudden find it really hard to find motivation to go out. Maybe since working alot more and moving to a new place its harder to get anywhere than before. I am beginning to not feel bad and embrace it. We at home have been doing some little things indoors and now the weather is getting colder its time to start to stay warm indoors. Here is some things we have been up to lately.

Making a tent and reading
Ok may sound like a simple thing but we made a tent in the week and me and Ami spent ages reading, she put all her blankets in there and her little stuffed animals. She very much enjoyed making a little house and then she read to her animals which was super cute.

Mess Free Painting
Yes you heard me mess free!!! There was no approns needed, no washing of hand and no paint on the floor. We filled up some plastic wallets with paint and stuck them to the windows to and Ami and Little bear enjoyed moving the paints around. It worked better with our gel like paint. Was good sensory activity too feeling the textures and mixing the colours. 

Actual painting
We collected some leaves and pine cones on the way home from the school run which we painted later that day. Ami enjoyed getting paint everywhere including her hair and my hair. A little autumn craft for the little ones and big ones too, my eight year old enjoyed going o his bike to collect more leaves as Ami painted hers rather quickly. 

With half term now upon us we shall try to get out but not beat ourselves up if were not dressed by teatime! Blame the cold weather or something like that just try to keep the tv of and let the kids just play. 

My sunday photo - 26/10/2014

The Sunday Round up #3

Can not believe it is Sunday it has come round so quick. Our week has flown by and before we know it will be Christmas. Not complaining its one of my favorite times of the year.

Its time to roll up the winner of Blog Post of the week... Adventures of Adam who went Pumpkin picking.  take a look and be inspired.

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Wednesday 22 October 2014

x is for x - Alphabet photo challenge

Ok sorry was not overly creative for the letter x, I looked on dictionary websites looking for words but most I did not understand, or they meant the most random thing like xylan which means a yellow, gummy pentosan that is found in woody tissues and yields xylose upon hydrolysis. Yeah I knew that already, so I thought I would share one of my favourite photos pf this year. It was taken back in June and it shows my daughter giving her little brother a kiss or a x in text form.

Check out last weeks W word

Monday 20 October 2014

What they didnt tell you about breastfeeding

I breastfed all my children but beforehand I had not a clue what it would entail, the books made it look all peaceful and tranquil, but sometimes it wasn't, here at last is the truth. P.S do not let this put you off breast feeding at all (just putting that out there before someone gets me with a stick).

Breast Pads
Being a young mum with my first baby I did not realise that you would leak milk, and I was soon to learn these would be the bane of my life! If you have not seen a breast pad before they are a absorbent pad that goes in your bra and you need about a million of them! You begun to fear that wet t shirt feeling forever checking or even waking in the night to find that you had not put in place after the 5/6th night feed and you now need to change your top.

Oh look at that lady latching on well, WHY isnt it happening to me!!! Those first few feeds from your newborn can be like someone is stabbing your boobs. After a few feeds it does get better till your so tired your baby latches on to your skin and that does hurt. I used to sleep on my front which meant I got alot of blocked ducts, alot of warm flannels cor it was painful at times!

Getting your baps out
So you get told those first few feeds in public are fine you will get used to feeding your baby out in public, no your baby wont stop feeding and turn there head leaving you exposed in public whilst some old man gapes at your tatties (ok that never happened but it might have done), nothing like a nip slip in costa! Thankfully for me the more babies I had the more confidant I became but I never got to the point of having a conversation baby stopping feeding and me not noticing!

What Ive been pumping for a hour and nada!!
So your going out for a hour or two and you want to be able to give the person looking after your baby some expressed milk to feed your baby when your out so the night before you get the pump out. After spending a good amount of time wondering what goes where, is it a beer like funnel thing for babies? you start pumping. Feeling proud till you see the minimal amount you have pumped. You feel sore (and a bit like a cow) and hope the little amount will be ok till you get back with full sore breasts.

Break time
Oh wait there is none because you are always feeding a baby (or was this just me)

So here is a few things I learnt that the books never shared. I did love feeding my babies and do not regret all the horrors of breast feeding, do not let this post put you off at all we are all different...

Me and you - October

Well this month was our wedding anniversary both of us forgot as we were busy moving house. 
I was on the phone to my mum and she said isn't it your wedding anniversary tomorrow. doh!
So with that my hubby went out and got me Percy pigs whilst I endured a 13 hour shift and got him a card during my break. We were just pleased to be in our new home with alot more space I got home from work and that was that. 

Sometimes thats life, we do not go on nearly as much dates nights as we would like, 
kids , work, life all gets in the way.We try to sit and watch films laugh like we used to but its all change.We really appreciate time together, its so precious and hard to come by with 3 kids. 

I love this man and was blessed the day my eldest met him before me. 

This photo was taken by our friend Rich at a weekend away. I think my husband looks so handsome (yes I still fancy him ALOT) I look tired, post swim with the kids. why do the men look better as they get older? 

Sunday 19 October 2014

How to be a working mum!

Here is me getting ready for work, the sky is dark, the babies are in bed and all I am thinking is let me get back into bed and have a pj day with my kids. In case you are here for tips I have none, I get up go to work for 13 hours and come home completely missing my babies, hoping they are still awake when I get home. Sometimes I am a little bit loud in the morning in the hope of waking one of them so I can give them a massive hug before I set of my day. The three set of clothes set out for my husband to dress the kids all ready for them, all in a row some days its relief its not me sorting them but most days its sadness that I am not there.

I get to work and suddenly lost in a wave of business but every now and again will sneak of to text my husband, find out how the babies are, were they happy going into nursery. I text my husband to make sure he isnt late getting them from nursery, I text him making sure he has 3 different school/ nursery bags along with lunch bags, drinks, PE kits and all the extras. I text him to find out what they eat, what they do, my heart aches to be there too.

Its bedtime and most often I am still busy at work I do not call, I should but often I miss bedtime as I am so rushed to try and finish on time. The reason why I work 13 hour shifts to get more time at home.but it pains me to be away so long, my control is gone handed to my able husband. I spent 2 years at home and now suddenly I have a different type of freedom. The freedom working can give you, the chance to have a hot tea and eat some lunch on your own. Uniform does not have hand prints on or a line of felt tip, although I wish it did.

Do not get me wrong I do enjoy working, but a huge part wants to be at home with my babies. I am learning to hand over control and not to text my husband all day, not to cry at work, not to hide in the stock cupboard looking at pictures and videos. As I get busy at work I often do forget about them for a while, forget I am a mum  with a massive pile of washing waiting for me. It is never for long and I am back in the world of all the fun.

This was a random post but I felt I had to type and get it our of my system somehow so excuse me if my dyslexic brain is all over the place. Its kind of where my head is at. If your a working mum/ dad does it get better? I was never like this with just 1 child but now 3 its  alot to manage sometimes!

My Sunday photo

Saturday 18 October 2014

The Sunday Round up #2

Thanks to all that linked up last week I was so pleased. That and wifi issues I finally got round to reading them all. On to week 2 and what a week I feel like I have not stopped and glad for a few days of from work and being at home catching up on a years washing!!

The winner of star poster goes too ... Mama Ramblings and her first ever blog post about being a new mum go and take a look and show some love, offer some advice etc.

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Exploring new beaches

We have recently moved so naturally we wanted to go and explore our new area. We have a set of stairs that lead down to our now local beach so off we went to explore. It was hard work getting down the stairs they were very steep and after being attacked by flies and other insects we reached the beach (safe to say we wont be using the stairs again). 

So after risking our lives down the stairs we then went down a slippery slope to finally get on to the beach. I was not a fan having grew up just round the corner I have become a bit of a beach snob. Ami enjoyed it and that is what counts. She enjoyed jumping in the water and pushing her pig on the beach. It may take a bit of time for our new beach to grow on me, I blame my parents my dad would scare me around this area saying someone had died in a closed down cafe, safe to say the area creeped me out as a child. Its a beach and I do love the beach.

Here are some photos of Ami on the beach, some silly mum decided to wear Toms and therefore had soaked through feet, although I had the zoom lens with me meaning I could take some photos from afar. 

Friday 17 October 2014

Little Bear is 11 momths

We have headed into Little Bears last month of being under 1
Argh that is so scary it only seems like yesterday I wrote Ami's 11 month update.
Time sure does fly but it is also fun as we are at a lovely stage with sun bear.

An exciting month for Little bear he is coming on so much it is crazy. 
He now attends nursery 1 and a half days at nursery in which he has started to love. 
Although when he is picked up he cries (in relief).
It is nice for him to have some time on his own no older siblings bossing him about. although he does love being bossed around by his big sister. 

The biggest thing to happen this month is that Little bear can finally walk. 
At 10 months and one week he finally took more than one steps, 
and now doesnt stop and walks lots.
I know this as at football practice for my eldest he kept on trying to walk to his big brother who was playing football it was so funny.
We are all loving the toddling stage, where he is unsteady and walking like he is drunk.
He is my quickest walker and is alot happier for it. 

LB loves food or anything that looks like food, he cries at anyone around him who is eating. He evens shouts till he gets some. He eats alot and often polishes of his dinner. 
Ami has even taken to giving him his left overs! 
The only thing he wont eat is fruit maybe because his lack of teeth (he only has 3) but we are getting there slowly, it really surprises me as it was the only thing he would eat when he started weaning. 

Little Bear has chilled out alot since moving, he no longer follows us into every room. 
He is happy playing and likes to join in with a good bundle. 
If anyone is on the floor he walks over and jumps on them. 
It is very funny, he has the sweetest wave and does it at everyone he sees. 
He tries to get everyone's attention and really is a lovely little boy. 

Sun bear we love you loads.
Keep on shining.

Wednesday 15 October 2014

W is for Wonderful walks - Alphabet photo challenge

Sorry if you can here looking for wonderful pictures on my little monkeys but I decided against that and to share these beautiful pictures from a crisp cold day in southwold. They were taken with the 35mm lens as it was that or wide angle lens. These are the only two we have my husband uses it for film so the lenses are what are best for filming. I love being outside when the sun is shinning and even though it was chilly we had a lovely time on the pier. 

Monday 13 October 2014

Pampers and UNICEF - First time for everything

Baby's First are so so special they really are and they do not change how ever many babies you have. Whether its the first tooth or the first poo on the potty its all rather special. My first I am going to talk about was the first time I became a mum. A young mum I was no idea of what was in store, little did I know I was about to be given the best gift I have ever received.

After a 24 hour labour with lots of different drugs and not much recollection of what had just happened I laid eyes on the most beautiful boy I have ever seen. Things came into my mind such as is this really happening and what am I going to do now. I looked at this little baby unsure on what I was to do but what I knew I had to look after him if my life depended on it. I was to go with out for him to flourish. It was a odd moment one I will never forget, that first time in my life I ever felt so responsible, it was if I aged instantly by about 20 years. I will never forget that feeling that I will never be alone again, how would I go out again. Its funny looking back now but that first time I became a mum it really helped shape who I have become today. You can read more here if you want.

The first time I became a mum
So with my little story comes some more interesting things, did you know that Pampers are now in their 9th year of the 1 pack = 1 vaccine campaign, Wow! In all those years they have provided 300 million vaccines eliminating tetanus in 15 countries how great is that! Not just great nappies but a great cause to buy them too. It doesn't end there many more countries are still at risk at something we in this country do not batter a eyelid at. So take a look at these videos "spoiler alert may make you cry they did me!" 

Pampers  have just launched there Pampers/UNICEF “1 pack = 1 vaccine" campaign and they are working with the fabulous Emma Bunton yet again. Emma has recently visited Madagascar (which announced its elimination of maternal and newborn tetanus in June this year) to see how the partnership is making a very real difference to women and their newborns. For every pack of Pampers sold, Pampers donates the cost of one maternal and newborn tetanus vaccine to UNICEF, and as a result, the disease has been eliminated in 15 countries since the partnership began (it’s also another 5 countries since our 2013 campaign!). The video below shoes Emma in Madagascar take a look and see how you can help eliminate newborn tetanus. 

Disclosure: I have not been compensated for this piece just writing about a awesome campaign. 

how to get rid of a cold

Coughs and colds are to be expected in the first year of a babies life, sadly we can not keep them contained in a germ free box free from harm, it just doesn't work. I for one know that, last year we had just had our baby, after being at home a few days he developed a cold. It was funny to see such a small baby produce so much snot and his poor nose was so blocked he couldn't fed. I knew something was wrong his breathing was quick and shallow and he was asleep ALOT. He is my third baby so I knew it wasn't quite right, I questioned my doubts with the health visitor who said it was just a cold. The next day he was not any better and we had an appointment with the midwife, who I then raised my concerns with. She straight away got on the phone to the hospital and before we knew it little Bear was on oxygen as his oxygen SATS where very low. We stayed in hospital for a further 5 days as poor little bear had bronchiolitis and he had to have a nasal gastric tube and all that. It was hard and very isolating being confined but products like these would really helped. 

 I hope you were not too bored by my little tale of poorly newborns, sadly it was not his last cold and he always seems to have a cough and cold. So here is some products that I think you may agree may help babies (and help you not feel so useless). This clever little kit is a dummy by snufflebabe where you can put the snufflebabe vapour oil in the little chamber and it can clear the little noses whilst they chomp on the dummy.

 It looked massive in comparison to other dummies but it really worked. Especially at night when he was most congested. I also put the vapour oil around the cot as he has a habit of chucking the dummy out of the cot. It really is a excellent idea they inhale the vapour whilst they are comforted by the dummy.

The Dentinox medicine dispenser is a great idea for those babies who will not be fooled by the medicine syringes. As you can see by the pictures above Little bear is rather fuddled by this dummy it tasted rather sweeter than the others! I could not fit too much into the chamber and spilt it all over the counter. It was then rather tough to administer not something I would use it was more than a faff than a normal syringe. Although this would have been great for a smaller baby. When Little bear was smaller he hated medicine the sight of a syringe he would shriek. Also as a nurse I think I am more persuaded to a syringe!

Lastly the Aspirator or "Snot sucker uper" as my eldest called it. I had been advised by other parents to get this but was always rather cautious. I thought it was a weird idea to suck the snot out of a babies nose but after using I am persuaded. One night my little bear had the worst cough and was so so chesty so in the night after him waking up the 4th/ 5th time I thought why not try it. So I dug it out and actually it cleared his nose with out me having to tug at his nose and wake him. I found it better to use with him asleep than awake, when he was awake he would not let me do it. Understandable really I would not let some one jab something in my nose. 

Thankfully I have these for all the coughs and colds we are getting already (oh the joys of nursery and school). I shall no longer dread the nights where they are heavily congested and full to the brim of snot. If you do not believe me go try them yourself!

I’m working with BritMums on a project with Dentinox and Snufflebabe to test their products during cold season. All opinions are my own. To find out more about the products visit and

Sunday 12 October 2014

The Sunday Round up #1

After months of thinking and planning I have decided to start a round up Linky, A place to show some love to fellow blog posts and comment on great pieces. A place for a community of bloggers to share and comment on other blogs as well as gaining love for their own.

Each Sunday I will post my linky it will be live for all the day for you to join in.Each week I will pick a favorite post and they will win STAR baker... Oh wait isn't that something else? Star post of the week sound any better?

So what are you waiting for Link up, grab a cuppa and read some others too.

ITs as simple as that I will try to share via Twitter so make your self known use hash tag #sundayroundup so I can find you/

Much love

Thanks for Linking up 

The Sunday Photo

Saturday 11 October 2014

Cushions on a budget = The Home Collective - Autumn 2014 -

One thing I love is interior design, from cushion covers to kitchen tops I love it all. So I am starting an interior series on the blog to add some of my favorites I have seen online and in stores.

This week I am starting with some Cushions, I personally love cushions and being super savvy you can transform a room with a few little touches. Here are some cushions I have found and love. 

I really like this cushion from some of the great range at H&M, I love H&M home ware always good value and really last well, This cushion comes in four different colours and is only £3.99 such a bargain.  

Another love of mine is Ikea not only are they really not expensive but they are modern and right on trend. I love these colours and it retails at £10 (which is one of the more expensive items). So here is your excuse to get those meatballs and random bits for your house. 

Another fabulous cushion from H&M  bang on trend with animal print this season. This one is mad of linen and retails at £12.99. 

Looking for that autumnal piece to perk up those darker evenings, then look no further than one of Ikea's beautiful cushions and the best thing they are only £4 what a bargain!

This rather jazz cushion is my most expensive in the feature this week coming in at £25 and it shows one of the wonderful John Lewis cushions. It is great for young people going of to university, teenage bedroom or even a study.

Another one of H&M's £3.99 cushion collection, comes in a variety of colours and great quality (I know that as I have a few on my sofa!)

For some reason I do love this cushion, and its from good old Wilkos for just £8. I love the look and the texture and such a bargain too. 

So here is this weeks cushion collection watch out for next weeks Autumn Lamp Collection.