Wednesday 27 November 2013

Guest Post: 5 Ways to Make a Child’s Bedroom More Exciting

5 Ways to Make a Child’s Bedroom More Exciting 

Keeping children entertained can be a constant concern for parents, especially if they’re below school age or off for the holidays. One good way to occupy them is to invest in an appealing and exciting bedroom for them to play in. With this, you can relax yourself or get on with the daily chores knowing your child is safe and content in their room.

There are many style tips you can implement for the bedroom but you should bear in mind the appeal for your child in contrast to their age and interests. If you’re thinking of a revamp in this area, here are five tips to help you get going.

Focus on the Bed
The bed is the most important furniture aspect to consider; after all, it will be used every day by your child and is crucial for a good night’s sleep. There are many types of model to choose from, from traditional country and divan beds through to more adventurous cabin or loft beds. These latter types can be more appealing to youngsters due to their elevated frame and possible features incorporated underneath, such as a wardrobe or desk.

You can find lots of different styles of beds for children here at KidsBedsOnline

Consider the Layout
Children of course have a lot of spare energy and will appreciate a larger floor space in their bedrooms to play in. Think about where furniture items are positioned to create as much room as possible, this will allow children to play with their toys in the bedroom and reduce the chance of accidents happening also. Beds with storage space fitted into them can help with this.

There are great free tools to plan room layouts online; there is a great list of the best ones at Freshome.

Create a Games Area
Modern day kids are treated with a whole host of electronic items to absorb themselves in, from computer consoles and TV’s to laptops and tablets. If they’re of suitable age, you should create a safe area for them to play with their electronic items. Make the seating area comfortable and also ensure their necks don’t have to strain to view the TV. Wiring needs to be protected, untangled and covered if possible so any accidents don’t happen.

Check out the two new consoles doing battle this Christmas (if your children are old enough!) here:

·         Sony Playstation 4
·         Microsoft X-Box One

Decorate Smartly
Of course, a dull and lifeless room will not appeal to children at all so think how decorating can create a more welcoming atmosphere. Use bright and simple colours on walls and floors, adding matching pictures or mats if desired. If your child has a certain interest or hobby – i.e. a favourite football team for a young boy – then use posters of their star players or football-themed wallpaper, lampshades, etc to make the room enjoyable to be in.

Take Advantage of their Creative Side
Children develop a lot of different interests when they’re young. You should provide the tools for them to harness these interests in their bedroom. Fitting in a desk for them to complete homework and use their computer are advisable for example, whilst a corkboard also allows them to stick important notes to the wall. Musical instruments are another good idea, both as a way to keep kids engaged and enhance their creative intuitions.

You can find a whole host of creative ideas for children by searching Pinterest’s DIY & Craft section.

When coming to decorate your child’s bedroom, think of the ways they will benefit from the positioning of furniture and the design of the room. Create space for them to play in whilst also reserving an area for them to complete homework tasks. Don’t forget to ask your child’s input as ultimately their opinion should be the most important. 

Monday 25 November 2013

Adjusting to being a mum of 3

Wow what a crazy few days! from being fed up of  being pregnant to Little bear arriving into the world. Although at the moment life seems normal, it seems as if Little bear has always been here. Maybe because my husband is around it has been huge help with both babies. Although he popped out to drop some bits at work and pick up some shopping I was left with the two of them on my own. I spent the whole time (or what felt like) feeding and changing nappies.

Were fortunate that Pants is at school so at least he is doing something a bit more stimulating that being at home. When Ami was born me and Pants completed Lego batman 2 as I could hold the controller whilst feeding a baby! She would fall asleep and before we knew it hours had passed. I felt guilty as it was the summer holidays and we hadnt really done much. As I became more confidant with the two I managed to go to the park and to the beach and park up the pushchair and play with Pants.

So now we go from 2 to 3 and Ami only being 15months and not content playing the play station with me and Pants we have to do more things to  keep her entertained. She has been poorly so has wanted more cuddles and not as active as usual, although it is nice because Little bear is sleeping alot in the day so have time to play with Ami and Pants.

Pants is loving being a big Brother again, he is loving that little bear isnt on the move trying to take his toys or switching of the Play station during an important fifa game! It was really nice to see the difference a year makes. He wasn't to fussed when Ami was born but seems alot more loving and gentile to Little Bear.

Ami has found it very interesting, she actually hasn't been phased by it. Poor little bear has received a few hits when he as been crying. She also gets really upset when he cries and comes to me saying mumma mumma. He has also received a lot of kisses and she is constantly bringing him toys and blankets. She hasn't attempted to pick him up yet and is happy when he is in his swing so she can rock him (rather violently). It has been a little sad she is suddenly a giant, she is still my baby but so so grown up.

And finally us both me and my husband are very much in love. We spend ages watching him wondering who he looks like, pondering over what he will be like when older. Its been a joy to have my husband at home we still have another week with him around which is great. I find my days are going so quick, my days are full and busy. Little bear has been sleeping well at night well as well as newborns do so I dont feel to tired. During my pregnancy I would most nights be up for hours so I think my body has got used to lack of sleep!

We look forward to the next few months of Little bear being a newborn, I just love to sit and him fall asleep on me, my very own hot water bottle :)

Saturday 23 November 2013

Reasons to be Cheerful Week 39

Sorry I am a little late taking part, been thinking about writing but have not got round to it! Thats fine do have a new baby and all that! Anyway this week has been a good week, well more than that an amazing week, children are such a blessing and I am more than blessed to have three :).

1) If you had not seen already that little bear finally made an appearance early hours Sunday morning. After a short (but what seemed long) Little Bear was born with a big pair of lungs and a huge protest that he was born! We are enjoying lots of cuddles and how small newborns are. He has just fit into our family as if he has always been here. We are all very much in love.

2) We have been blown away by the generosity of our friends bringing us food round so we dont have to do it our selves. Its such a big help and Pants has enjoyed guessing what dinner it will be. We have had a quiet week of hardly any visitors so I expect an influx of visitors sometime soon.

3) Pants and Ami have adapted well to a new baby in the family. Pants has loved it far more than he did when Ami was born, he keeps on picking little bear up and kissing him very cute. Ami also has liked it although when he cries he does receive a hit on the head from her. She does also give him lots of kisses to very sweet.

Tuesday 19 November 2013

Pampers New Baby Sensitive Nappy Review

Life with a newborn baby is hectic and sometimes all you feel like your doing is feeding and changing nappies. Although it is all good you spend alot of time staring at this beautiful baby that you have created it really is a lovely time. We have recently been asked to try out Pampers latest nappies which is great as newborns go through them so quick. I was interested to try out the latest range which are pampers sensitive as when  my first son was born we use them and my son had terrible nappy rash, his health visitor suggested it could be the nappies and an allergic reaction  to them so we didn't use them after a few uses. We use pampers with Ami who is 15 months and have done since birth with no problems. 

With this I was happy to try out nappies that are a little more sensitive to delicate skin. So when my little bear came into the world we were using them straight away. The thing I love about the nappies is that they have a yellow line that changes to blue when the nappy is wet. This is so helpful especially when they are first born and hate there nappy being changed. The new nappies fell very soft compared to other newborn nappies we have used in the past. They also contain 50% more skin care ingredients and also have aloe vera which is known to maintain moisture levels in the skin therefore can help with nappy rashes. 

 We are currently using size 1 which seem so small compared to Ami's huge size 5 nappies. They have fitted comfortably and we have no problems with leaking especially those first few poo's.  I definitely recommend these to any new mum as they are reasonably priced and super soft. Although Little Bear is not enjoying his nappy being changed he will soon get used to it. 

Find out more about Pampers Sensitive Nappies via there website and also find them on facebook. Also check out your Bounty packs as we received some money of vouchers and some free samples. 

Disclosure: This post and review are part of a sponsored project with Britmums, but all opinions are my own.

Monday 18 November 2013

Meet the newest member of Our Family

Meet Little Bear

Born: 17/11/2013

Weighing: 7lb 14Oz 

Everyone is so in love with our latest Addition

My Three children

Friday 15 November 2013

Hope Flies - Short Film

One thing I love about my husband is how creative, I love that he has big dreams and its amazing to be supporting these dreams and being along on the amazing adventures with him. So one day he saw a competition on making a film about hope, he sat there and wrote a script and then got into making the film. I love seeing it from start to finish, seeing the hours spent checking things to sitting on the beach for hours as an extra.

He has made many more short films as he tries to live out his dream as a film director. We know its coming we are just waiting for that break through, his dream is to big for his father to ignore the door is going to open sometime. We live in faith. He didnt win this comeptiom but still the little film is good, I think he missed the deadline to submit it.

Here is the Blurb: A young lady down on her luck and out of hope has a chance encounter with a mysterious homeless man. Shot during one sunny evening down at St Mildreds Bay Westgate, Kent. Staring Rhiannon Lane and 4 times Bafta winner Peter Corey.

So take a look you may spot me in the back ground :)

Hope Flies from Matt Carvosso on Vimeo.

Find out more videos made by my husband over on his website Matt Carvosso Productions. Or maybe you need a film then contact him, he is always happy to help make videos :)

Thursday 14 November 2013

Pregnancy - 40 weeks and 5 days overdue

I have started to go mad! I cant focus! I cant do anything my brain is all over the place! I am now 40 weeks plus 5 days Pregnant! Those 5 days make so much difference, its like waiting for the postman to come with a package you are expecting you know its coming but you just want it NOW!! My mother calls alot, maybe she thinks I will forget to call her when I go into labour and her favorite words usually are "Enjoy it whilst it is quiet!!". Thanks mum.....

I had the midwife yesterday, which was very interesting I thought I had an appointment at the doctors surgery and called to rearrange as it clashed with parents evening, they turned round and said that I didn't have an appointment and in fact I had missed one last week. I hadn't heard from anyone and decided to call my community midwife. I actually didn't know who it was after seeing so many different ones throughout my care but took my chances on the first number in my pregnancy notes! She said I had missed my appointment last week and she didn't call as she thought I had had my baby!

40 week bump! 

That does sum up the care I have received this pregnancy which is a shame, just glad this isn't my first pregnancy otherwise I may have been a bit lost. I had some bloods taken and still measuring at 34cm but she said the baby felt a good size. She booked me in for a sweep for next Tuesday I am hoping I wont need it. Both Ami and Pants were a week late so hopefully this little monkey will follow suit.

This pregnancy had been so different to my others. With Ami I got a lot of braxton hicks in the evenings but with this little chappy nothing! no twinges no nothing I am not uncomfortable makes me think is he going to come or am I going to end up being induced. I don't want that have had my heart set on a water birth at our local Midwife led unit. The only thing that's been similar is my love for Soap bubbles!! Soap bubbles you say .. yes its my crazy craving apparently means I have low iron but I cant get enough, I love the smell the taste a bit yuck but thinking about it now lovely! (sorry for my pregnancy weirdness there!!)
Will miss My  cup holder bump though!

Its funny when overdue suddenly you cant think of anything else other than the baby. Although him being late is good as we haven't decided on a name for him yet, I think we will wait to see what he looks like first before making our minds up. So now to eat lots of curry and do other things to try and bring labour on.

The Parents Evening Joy

My Pants is a very special boy (of course I think so, I am his mum). He hasn't always been the easiest of children but always makes me smile some how! I am not sure where my children get this strong will from but its not me. Pants has always been the child that stands out if a group of children, and always the one that gets caught first being naughty. He knows what he wants and will try his hardest to get it.

Pants first day!
With this starting school was very hard for him, suddenly this boy so full of energy has to sit down and hold a pencil. He hated it and often would ask to stay at home. Before he started school sitting down for long periods was hardly done unless it involved food. Getting Pants to do craft or anything like that was a hard task. He had no time when he could be running round or playing. So after the first few weeks I had his parents evening, there was me thinking nothing of it just chatting to the teacher to find out how he was doing.

Sadly it didn't turn out how I thought it might, his teacher at the time had nothing positive to say about him, saying he was disruptive, naughty and most defiantly had a behavioral problem such as ADHD. I was shocked I knew he was not a child who liked to sit down but ADHD surely not. I left and walked down the road and cried my eyes out, not because I was ashamed but because who wants to hear bad things about there children. I told my husband about it he was supportive and suggested that we would pray into the situation. The teacher had asked me if I wanted Pants to be tested, I was unsure, I didn't want my child to be labeled, but on the other hand wanted him to get the support if he had a behavioral disorder. I myself have dyslexia and poor concentration so thought maybe he just takes after me.

I left it and slowly month by month I noticed him become more interested in reading, and even wanting to sit and draw! By the time our next parents evening his behavior
had improved and there was no mention of ADHD, but her comments were Pants talks to the teachers as if they are his friends and has no boundaries with staff. Pants moved to year 1 and they split his class up and since then he has gone from strength to strength. His year 1 teacher got behind him and encouraged the things he enjoyed. She praised the things he was good at and for once he enjoyed going to school.

Then another year later I turn up to parents evening no idea what they are going to say. Pants doesn't mention much when coming home from school and I have not had any calls from the teachers regarding behavior. I was so surprised to find out Pants is above average in all his subjects and is a star pupil in the class. They said he is bright and a joy to teach one of there favorites. I was taken a back I mentioned his year R parents evening and they said they couldn't see any behavioral problems at all. God has worked wonders on Pants I am so proud of what he has achieved so far.

I love Pants, he may not have the cuteness factor now he is growing up but there is something in him that shines. Something that makes him special and unique I hope we can channel this right as he grows up. He is so funny and makes us laugh with his funny antics he makes me a happy mum (most of the time) He is also a very patient big brother putting up with being attacked by an excited little sister on a regular basis! Well Done Pants!

Reasons to Be cheerfull: Week 38

Life is good at the moment ok I am 5 days overdue but I am happy (most of the time). Our week had been a little busy and I have been trying to take my mind of the fact I the baby still isn't here! Our reasons this week are as follows:

1) Pants had an amazing parents evening, and they said he was above average in all areas but does rush to finish first. I was very happy as he doesn't mention school alot at home. He also got star pupil of the day for the first time also all in all a good week for Pants.

2) We had my father In laws 70th Birthday party at the weekend, which was nice. My husband is the youngest of 6 and all have at least 2 children so it can be busy but the kids enjoyed playing with there cousins and we enjoyed catching up with all the family. My father in law said a lovely speech about how they never expected the family to be so large and how proud they were of everyone.

3) Ami continues to learn new words this week saying ov you, or maybe that's what I want to hear. She has been a bit of a mumuy's girl lately maybe she can sense a change. She has been giving me lots of cuddles and kisses which is nice as she can be such an active baby. She has been enjoying the toddler groups we have been attending this week, especially the ones that involves music and dancing she can be so funny.

4) We are looking forward to having a baby at any time least I know its only nine more days maximum! Everyone is excited need to sort a few things out still but its nothing that is important! Well just an overnight bag for the two kiddies when they go to my sisters for the night when we have the baby! I also cant wait to shoft these pregnancy hormones I feel all over the place sometimes.

So hoping this time next week I can say I have had the baby, we will see!

Reasons to be Cheerful at Mummy from the Heart

Monday 11 November 2013

Ordinary moments - Daddy and Ami Love

The love between a Dad and a daughter can be so special. I remember when we found out we were having a girl my husband was so happy. He wanted a girl so much, a little princess he can spoil. Ami loves her daddy alot and cries every morning when he goes to work and when he gets back from work she waits by the door when she can hear him coming up the path. She gives him a huge hug and its been the same since she could crawl to the door. I write this as this morning Ami wakes up and my husband brings her into bed with him and was giving her a cuddle and she fell asleep on him. It was so cute and something Ami never ever does my husband was so chuffed I thought I just had to share it. It was just so lovely. A simple moment one that could be easily forgotten as they grow up and you forget what they were like as a baby.

It makes my heart melt to see them together, they have such a lovely bond it will be interesting to see how this changes with new baby or will it flourish more. Its funny my son is the same would much rather be with my husband playing football or playing a game than me. I am not offended I actually like it, it takes some pressure off me after I have been with the kids all day.

Ive linked this to some awesome linkys that are going on so check out Ordinary moments over at Mummy and Daddy and Me and magic moments At the Olivers Madhouse.

Waiting waiting waiting for a baby to arrive!

So I thought I was ok with the pregnancy going beyond my due date but now its all I think about. I remember the other two pregnancies feeling exactly the same. Suddenly everytime you see someone they ask you not had it yet or when you going to pop can secretly drive me mad! My mum said to enjoy the time before the baby but it can be hard to relax when every pain you get you think will turn into established labour.

I suppose there is no hurry to have the baby but I just so excited to see what he looks like, will he have dark hair like his brother and sister did when they were born, what will he weigh I just cant wait. although this week I have not been overly uncomfortable I still have a tiny bump (although my husband disagrees and calls me sizematronicle) it measures just under 34cm when should be about 40cm.

Both Pants and Ami were a week late, both born on a Saturday and both weighed within 50 grams of each other so maybe this baby will follow suit, he is was due last Saturday so maybe we have a few more days left. I dont feel ready for this baby but like everything I tend to do in life where I fell out of depth I know that I am always going to pull through. Maybe I should make the most as my mum says, go to the park/ beach with Pants and Ami, do things we may find a little tricky soon.

Also I know Im going to get an awkward call from my mum suggesting that me and my husband have sex in order to bring on the baby. No thanks don't want to hear it from my mum cheers. Any tips you have that have brought on your labours let me know?

Friday 8 November 2013

Airwrap Mesh Baby Cot Bumper

The other day I had an experience I never want to repeat. I put Ami down for a nap and went to sort some washing out and a few minutes later I hear Ami cry. This wasn't any cry, not a cry that she cant sleep but a cry as if she was in pain. My heart thudded and I ran into her room, the look of sheer terror was on her face and tears running down her cheaks, she had got her leg caught in the bars. I rushed over and wedged her leg up out of the bars and gave her a huge cuddle. 

I had a little moment of panic what if her leg doesn't come out, what will I do how can I help my baby. We sat down on the sofa whilst I comforted her and she cried in confusion and tiredness. thankfully she wasn't hurt. So when we got offered to review the Airwrap Mesh Bumper I jumped at the chance, I never want to experience that again. Ami is a typical toddler and doesn't stay still when asleep. I often go in the bed and find her the opposite end of the cot or lying width ways in the cot. 

We received the bumper in no time at all, and I put it on the cot straight away. The great thing its completely safe, the material is breathable and unlike traditional bumper it folds down when stepped on so cant be used to climb out of the cot. A relief to hear when you have a toddler who loves to climb. 

I love that it came in white, its very neutral and can have a calming effect when settling for sleep. I think it looks cosy the soft sides can distract Ami from the environment around her. The soft material is a bonus when it comes to babies bashing the sides of the cots when sleeping and waking up. I like that the material isn't to thick too so has conflicted any space in the cot. 

I recommend this to any parent who is looking to purchase a bumper, I have read that traditional bumpers can be unsafe and can be a contributing factor to SIDS. This bumper is different its breathable and safe to use beyond 6 months. It can help stop getting limbs trapped which is an issue when babies start to move. The Airwrap bumper isn't too expensive and Retails at £24.99 over at not a huge price for peace of mind when they are sleeping. Also check out Babydino on facebook and twitter

Disclaimer: We received this Bumper for a review, all thoughts and opinions are my own. 

Theraline Pregnancy Pillow Review

When I previously heard about an pregnancy pillow I thought it was yet another pregnancy thing on the market, but after using it for a while I am converted. We got sent the pillow from Theraline and I was amazed at the size and how light it was.  I am the type of sleeper that moves around alot in the night so at first the pillow got in the way and I ended up throwing it of the bed in frustration one night as couldn't get comfortable. As my pregnancy has continued I have found it harder to get comfortable at night and waking feeling so breathless it was keeping me up for hours. I also have suffered with a bad back and wake in the night as in to much pain to move. Been a little annoying so I decided to try the pillow again.

This time I used it in a different way wrapping it around my back and then between my legs, suddenly it was like someone had lifted alot of weight of my back. The pain I usually had when in bed was relieved by the pillow. I was so amazed and gutted I hadn't used it properly before and had missed out on some more good nights sleep before new baby comes. I have also used it for in the evenings and sitting on the couch. Its been such a relief I have never experienced back pain in pregnancy and glad I have something that has helped a little.

We also recently have been on holiday that involved a ten hour drive and I took the pillow for the journey. I wrapped it around my self and managed to sleep the journey. which could have been near impossible had I had a normal pillow. Also we were sleeping on a sofa bed whilst there it was great to have the pillow with me to nest into and take some of the stress of pregnancy of my back.

I look forward to using the pillow when the baby is born to help aid breast feeding, I found often at night when Ami was born propped against the wall feeding her, it was uncomfortable and not very good for my back. My son also tried to steal it for his bed I found him a couple of nights cuddled up to the pillow very sweet.

I definitely recommend this pillow for any pregnant woman, It had most definitely improved my sleep and helped me to get comfortable. Its reasonable priced and can be used even when not pregnant. Find out more on the Theraline website, twitter or facebook

We were sent this pillow to review, all thoughts and opinions are my own. 

Thursday 7 November 2013

39 weeks pregnant plus a few days!

Ok so its getting scarily close now, I am going to have a baby within the next two weeks. To say I am ready is a huge understatement but I will be ready when the time comes!

I am currently 39 weeks pregnant I don't think I look it but definitely feel it sometimes. I still am suffering with a bad back that gets worse at odd times. I often wake in the night and cant turn as my back is hurting so much. In Denmark I was sleeping on a sofa bed which was more comfortable than my bed and since coming back Saturday I realised how unfriendly to pregnancy my bed is. I wake up with bad breathlessness and generally feeling uncomfortable after a nights sleep.

But I am excited, I am excited about having a baby that doesn't move and I can leave in one place and know he wont move, although with that properly cant leave him as he will get trodden on by his older sister! I wont see the midwife until next week when 40 weeks so hopefully wont see them till after baby is born. I have been disappointed with the care I have received from this pregnancy. I have had 4 different community midwifes and my worst pregnancy but I suppose because its my 3rd they expect me to know it all.

I finally all ready in regards to stuff nappies and cotton wall are all ready, outfits all washed and waiting for my little man to wear them and everything else will just fit into place I expect. We have an Icandy Pear double pushchair that I have been using with just Ami in, not sure how much I am looking forward to it getting any bigger with another baby attached! My mum says it will be a good workout regarding the weight and will help me shed weight post baby (thanks mum!!)

Here is the Bump 39 weeks

The most annoying thing about this stage of pregnancy every pain I think I am going into labour no fun lol! its all about waiting!

The only thing I havent got is a sling that I find comfortable, so if you have any suggestions of some that do not kill your shoulders let me know.

Reason to be Cheerful Week 37

Its that time of week to share the things that make you happy the little and the big blessings that happen in life. If you have not taken part before find out more over at Mummy from the Heart blog where Michelle started this linky well over three years ago to write the things she has been blessed about so why not find out more and take part your self if you haven't already.

1) We traveled and arrived safely home from Denmark, after a week on mission with children and being heavily pregnant I was glad to be home. We saw some great things and had a good time encouraging young people in Denmark. The kids loved it and were really good for there dad on the plane home! I managed to have a day to myself whilst waiting for them to arrive home (I had traveled back the day before by car as to far gone to fly) I got my nails done and went out for lunch was lovely. 

2) Due date is finally upon us, we will have a baby very soon! I have felt nothing so far, no twinges, no pushing down so I expect he is taking after his Dad and being late! Everything is all ready for him and I am looking forward to a baby that doesnt wreck everything and is into everything. 

3) Pants is back to school and has started with a good week, he started an after school pottery club in which he is really enjoying. He even has been saying the teacher said he has been listening well, I shall find out the truth of this next week at parents evening. 

4) We booked a holiday yesterday to France for next summer very exciting, we have never been abroad for a holiday as a family. Also many of Matts brother and sisters are going including his mum and dad so should be good fun.

Reasons to be Cheerful at Mummy from the Heart

Monday 4 November 2013

Two Children under 2

When I found out I was having another baby I wasn't sure what to think. This baby wasn't planned but not unwanted. I did feel a little anxious of what future will hold and what effect this could possibly have on my career. I felt the same before I had Ami but after it all just fits like they do and you just get on with life, it doesn't change just gets busier, you have less time to get your self ready and spend more time getting kids ready.

Some people have commented on how hard its going to be with two small babies, not really what I want to hear before he arrives. My  mum being the most critical she had me and my sister 14 months apart so has done similar age gaps. I have also heard good things too such as it was hard at first but as they got older they are now closer and its great. I am not sure what to think to be honest, yes I am alot scared by the prospect of two little ones but on the other hand looking forward to the challenge.

I am sadly one of these people that if someone says you cant do that its all I want to do! I am very determined when I put my mind to things so hoping I can use this attitude when this new baby comes! Although I think this pregnancy has gone so quick that suddenly I am here at the end about to go into sleepless nights but strangely not thinking much about it. I think its because I am looking after Ami and watching her progress and learn new things. I see her now at 15 months and all those sleepless nights from a year ago are forgotten so I am sure it wont be long before normality resumes (I hope).

Two children under 18 months must have benefits and I plan to keep positive and take one day at a time! If he is as chilled out as Ami was we have nothing to worry about! I not worried life may become more busier but its about to become more interesting,

Have you had children with close age gaps?

What would be good advice or tips?

Ami your 15 months

 Ami your 15 months 
you are certainly growing up so much
you are turning more into a toddler each day
you amaze us and make us laugh so much

You love to read and look at pictures
you have a favorite Farm book and love to look at the cats
 you love to feel the page for different textures and take delight in turning flaps of pages
you love to also pull all your books out (even when not reading them) 

You love to explore and go on adventures 
you have started to not venture to far in places your not certain of
you went on your first mission trip to Denmark 
Enjoying travelling and loved being around lots of people

 you love to be part of what people are doing 
especially Pants and love to mimic what he does 
he is incredibly patient with you even when you bop him on the head
he is one of your favourite people and he makes you laugh the most

you have continued to learn new words 
although you do still scream when you want something 
you can now try to copy words people say to you 
some new words are, Josiah, Kelly, cat, granddad, tree and many more

 you love to swim and play in water 
you love to pour things into cups and play little games 
you love to get water everywhere 
and go crazy if you hear anyone in the bath or mention the word bath

you understand simple commands such as where is your hair or take this to Pants 
you love to feed your self and take great delight when that piece of food makes its way onto the fork.  

you love to dance and often do some mad moves
including looking like your running really fast on the spot
you make us laugh and we love nothing more than dancing
you love to climb everything especially stairs

We love you loads Ami bear
this was our last month of you being our littlest baby 
not that much will change but suddenly you will seem so much bigger
We cant wait to see you as a big sister we know you will be great (if not too over helpful) 

Sunday 3 November 2013

Denmark Trip Part 2

So we made it, we survived a mission trip to Denmark and didn't have a baby whilst abroad. Huge relief but really glad we went, really glad we took the risk but ultimately happy to be home. If you missed the first part catch up to it here.

This is one of my favorite places

I love Denmark people are generally happy and helpful, the pace of life is slower and the staff especially at the school we were working with were very laid back. Both myself and my husband got involved teaching different lessons from English to Citizenship. I also taught a history lesson in which I ended up doing a history of music quiz wasn't as bad as I thought (bearing in mind im very shy). 

Some antics at the assembly 
We also got to be involved in some afternoons running some creative projects for the students that didnt want to take part in the sport. My husband and Pants went of to run sports such as English sports day, football and play ground games. Whereas me and Ami helped to make sweets, bake cakes and cookies and make heart baskets. Ami even got involved in the making of some biscuits (this involved her licking the mixture of a whisk but she loved it all the same!) 

Making heart boxes 

We also went swimming again at the awesome pool, and got the bouncy castle out. Pants had a great week he had plenty of time to play or ask to play on a laptop like his friends were. Ami loved to walk the corridors of the school going up and down the steps exploring and having loads of people talk to her. She even by the end of the week began to sit down for longer than five mins. Nice break for me!

Ami helping make cookies!

They also slept well most the time, we had one awful night where we lost Ami's soft bedtime cat and poor Peter (find out more about Peter here) was maliciously thrown on a high speaker and poor Ami kept waking with out a teddy to cuddle! Must remember to take plenty of soft toys everywhere we go now!! 

Playing football at the gym! 

I was very nervous about leaving, I wasn't looking forward to travelling home especially in a van it didnt seem the most comfortable of ideas to me. Also leaving my family in Denmark as they were flying back the next day. It must have been pregnancy hormones or something similar but I got really tearful when leaving and sad I was going to miss the kids first time on a plane, but a nice memory for my husband. The journey home was fine I managed to sleep alot and play on Pants DS. I then got a day to myself whilst waiting for them to come home. That was lovely got my nails done, went out for lunch and lazed around just caring for myself! 

Dad give me the ball!!

My husband said that on the plane Pants was a little bit scared at times and shut the blind so he didnt have to look out the window, and luckily for him Ami fell straight asleep as the plane took of. All in all we had a great time I doubted alot at first why we went but Im glad we took the risk. We saw some great things happen and got to encourage some teenagers so was good. 

My little family on the plane

Here is some more photos of what we were up to! Excuse the mobile photos even though we took the DSLR it never came out of the bag! 

Ami on the swing

playing yet another game of football!

Huge game of pairs 

nothing beats a hug with Peter!

Pants enjoying the plane ride!

Peter arrived back in the UK safely