Monday 30 June 2014

My Kitchen Story

Our kitchen is very busy and often messy. It doesn't matter how often it is cleaned two minutes later something gets spilt on the floor, one of the babies mash something on the cupboard and before you know it your back cleaning the kitchen. We only have a small kitchen but I dream of a house where I can have a large open kitchen with enough room for a table and I can watch the kids do there homework whilst I cook dinner, one day soon hopefully. I love to look in home magazines and really can not wait to make somewhere my own. My little kitchen does get used all the time though and I can't complain has lots of memories but sadly as our family gets larger so does the need for more space.

My children love to cook and help mummy in the kitchen. Especially Ami who loves to get a little brush and a bowl and scrub everything she can see. With all the helping and cooking means washing up is huge and although they love to lick the bowl it doesn't actually mean its clean. We were sent some Fairy dishwasher tablets to try, which were great in getting some caked on grease of most pans and dishes. Helpful in saving time with a wire brush using that special elbow grease your mum told you about. I love cooking and my husband says I love to make a man, not a pot or pan is left untouched when I am in my zone, I have never really been the wash up as you go type so its nice to get it clean with one little tablet rather than a long time stood at the sink washing up everything I have used.

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Me and Mine - June

I love my little family and I love this time of year. 
Nothing more makes me happy than nipping to the beach after school
and getting home for dinner time. 
Sand covering the carpet, 
kids falling asleep with smiles from the adventures had. 

This months Me and Mine photo was taken on a stone beach in Kingsdown,
We were camping on a weekend away. 
One of our friends took the photo not knowing how to use the camera 
said he took loads but there was only one but I like it all the same. 
It sure is hard work to get everyone to look the right way!

It was hard to get everyone together with my husband busy doing stuff 
and Pants off playing somewhere, but I am glad we managed to get a picture. 
Six months down the line of taking monthly family photos and I am so glad I joined in. 
It has been great seeing the development of my little family as they are changing in a blink of an eye. Not every photo is perfect but that doesn't matter this is us being us our little family. 

dear beautiful

Saturday 28 June 2014

Camping with a children - Checklist

Camping with a family can a fun way of having a holiday with alot of fun and the potential for it not to be so expensive. We have been camping a few times with a baby, toddler and child we believe if you are prepared you will be fine. We are camping this coming weekend and the weather forecast does not look good lots of rain. Although there is nothing more refreshing than hearing the sound of the rain against the tent when you are nice and warm inside.

Early mornings

One thing you need to be prepared for when camping with small children EVERYONE WAKES EARLY. Last time we went camping with our toddler she was up at 4:40am as it was so light outside! My tip is to keep them up till its dark to try and get them to sleep longer in the morning. Bring some toys to keep them entertained in the tent so you can have a bit longer in bed.

Be prepared for noise 

Being on a campsite there can be a range of people you may know and some you don't. We have had nights where young people have been drinking and end up running round the site. Not great when you can't sleep as it is. There is also noise from other peoples children/ snoring so maybe invest in some ear plugs.


Make sure you stay safe, take sun cream being outside for long periods a little sun can burn so be prepared. Warn older children about talking to strangers and discuss a boundary for them to play in. We camp by the woods and my son loves to build dens it can take ages to find him which can be a bit scary at times but it is great fun for him. Some campsites have fires which can still be hot in the morning and if you have toddlers sometimes you need eyes in the back of your head.

Enjoy the time together

With the mix of early starts, forever muddy feet and endless changes of clothes it can be alot of fun. I love to sit round a campfire and enjoy being under the stars not having much planned. Spending lots of time out doors is a great way to wear the kids out and make plenty of fun memories. 

What you need

  • Tent - need this if its going to rain
  • Sleeping bags, blankets, travel cot
  • Blow up mattress - much more comfortable than the floor! 
  • Food and little stove
  • baby food and milk, bottles, milton, bowls, spoons
  • Clothes, Plenty of pairs as will get mucky knees
  • Nappies oh year must not forget these bad boys!
  • Toys for kids and water gun - for extra sleep in the morning in the tent
  • Toiletries
  • pushchair/ sling for transport 
  • Sun cream and hats, you never know what the weather will do this weekend
  • Children must not leave them at home
  • Safety stuff, calpol, Plasters Sun cream

Friday 27 June 2014

World Cup Pizza Party

Nothing is more exciting stressful than watching England play football, I bit all my nails the first two games and felt gutted that we didn't Qualify for the next round. Even more gutted as we had planned a pizza party for the 3rd game so sadly the football wasn't as gripping as we may have wanted. There is two things my husbands adores football and pizza so when I told him Domino's had got in touch about us hosting a pizza party to try the new Carnivale he begged me to do it.  

 We had planned a party and lots of people said they would come but were not interested when the game didn't mean much, but that didn't bother us more pizza for us. My sister came round with her husband and two boys and rather than watch the football the boys and Ami played lego. My husband gave Dominoes a call and had great delight making a mammoth order.

Pizzas We ordered

- 1 x Large Rio 
- 1 x Large Fiesta 
- 1 x Large Chicken Supreme

Extras ordered

- 1 x Nachos 
- 2 x Fajita Wedges
- 14 Chicken Strippers
- Coleslaw
- Lots of dips 
- Ben and Jerrys Phish Food
- 2 x Chocolate Dough Balls
- 3 x Dominoes Cookies (These didnt turn up)
- 3 x Bottles of fizzy drinks

The food came and everyone couldn't wait to get stuck in especially the boys. They were so excited and even were willing to try the new pizzas Rio and Fiesta. Both these being very tasty and slices were flying around everywhere (not literally). Everyone getting stuck into the many dips and overflowing food.

The nachos and wedges were a welcome addition to the pizzas, and My husband and brother in law took great delight in challenging each other who could eat the most of Dominoes hot sauce. Then the boys tried the sauce and were jumping up and down due to how hot it was.

Little bear enjoying the Football

Loving the Pizza

Wondering where it all went wrong for England
Teaching the footballers how its done
To busy eating to watch the match

So after a lovely pizza we had the chocolate dough balls and ice cream. That for me was the best bit can not resist something sweet. My husband was disjointed the cookies didn't come but there was so much we didn't realise to much after. We had a lovely time even if we did have to endure England's poor performance it was made good by company and pizza. Why not try some of domino's new flavour pizza's before they are gone defiantly recommend them especially as there is still plenty of matches to be played, and watched if you have a football obsessed husband.

Disclaimer: We were offered some Dominoes vouchers and sent some party bits for this post.

Wednesday 25 June 2014

G is for Greying

When I met my husband he had a bit of grey coverage in his hair. Someone even asked me if he dyed his hair. I always liked it and he always said he was a silver fox. Marriage and 3 kids has caused that speckled hair to become the complete reverse. He now has 80% grey coverage, and looks rather handsome for it. Even his beard is going grey but it does look good against his olive skin. He always says "Grey hair is a crown of glory, gained by living a righteous life". Although playing football he gets a lot of banter about him being old especially when he grows a beard. I love him all the same my silver fox.

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Monday 23 June 2014

Britmums Live 2014

SO I did it, spent a whole two days carrying a baby round in a sling feeling such an idiot that I didn't have a pushchair, also meeting lots of people and learning some things with the hope of it improving the way I do some things. Thankfully I traveled up with some bloggers who lived by me Bex from The Mummy adventure and Sally from Faded seaside mama, I do not know if I would have made to or in the venue without them.

Overwhelming to say the the least, never felt such nerves for walking into a room, kind of like the first day at work. The hardest things seeing lots of friendship groups and not wanting to invade these, but so wanting to be part of it all. I mainly just followed people around and for that I am so glad I had Little bear with me who I could hide behind. Its funny I am so shy sometimes to the point of being scared to call someone on the phone! I know I a blooming nurse, but out of work where I dont have to be assertive I am a bit more quiet. I find it hard to approach people I know let alone people I do not know. I think I did alright spoke to alot of people and didnt make too much of a fool of myself (one hopes).#

As nerve wracking as it was I found my self wondering and missing a few sessions that I wanted to go to but oh well there is always next year. The few I did go to I learnt alot from learning about shutter speed and how to take a great photo to trying to wrack my brain around Google plus. I love to write/ ramble and generally find a outlet for the crazy in my head so to try and thats why I started this blog. To write about my family, our lives and our adventures, I dont want to loose that. I am dyslexic and really find this helps me write more clearly (sometimes I can be a bit all over the place) but thats me and reading my blog is buying into us If I dont get a huge following then I am me. See look I rambled there.

Learning about photography
One great thing was the community of bloggers that mainly support each other, and thanks to all those who helped me home Friday, you know who you are a real blessing. Little bear loved it and all the free food he got too! Will last us a while for sure. He was such a good baby and it was lovely to spend time just me and him, that never happens. My eldest son and daughter were looked after by my mum as my husband had work and they were really good and she enjoyed it and hopefully have them again soon. My son was chuffed with his new football and Maths book.

Argh Whats this google plus malarky

So here we are my first blogging conference over and I survived it with out hiding in the toilets, well expect the times Little bear had exploded out of his nappy. I made it home with all the goodies and woke with such painful legs and shoulders, why does London have so many stairs!! I enjoyed it and thanks to everyone who greeted me and made me feel not so like the little fish in a big pond. Excuse the crud photos I didnt take many my phone was playing up!!

I carried all this home on the train and tubes with a baby in a sling!

Me and you - June

Some days are lovely, some days are a battle but most days I feel so darn blessed that I married such an awesome person. Every month I seem to write a little poem, slushy love story but that's only because I appreciate everything he does for us. I do not tell him enough and I am quick to point out his faults, but I am trying to do less. Trying to point out the positives and less the negatives.In a day an age where marriage is not something of great importance I strive to try harder. I see old couples been together decades and I want that. I love to see the little looks, the old jokes and the feeling of complete adoration for the one you love. Also the stories of the couples that when one passes the other does of a broken heart. So another month down the line here we are me and my man, being silly just the two of us.

This one he kept on pulling my top down for a laugh? Such a joker

Just after this photo a man fell out a truck before us, he was fine it was hilarious!

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dear beautiful

Wednesday 18 June 2014

Little Bear you are 7 months

My baby boy you are now 7 months.
I want to hit pause to make sure I do not miss a moment of time.
This time so special, so full of new things 
new adventures, I do not want to miss a thing.

You have learnt to lunge forward from sitting,
you are trying desperately to crawl but getting nowhere
you end up lying on your front and full of frustration that you are not going anywhere.
You even learnt to roll over at long last. 
You have been confidantly sitting for a while so it was only a matter of 
time before you started to break free and try and move.
You love to stand and always laugh the whole time you are on your feet.

You love to be outside enjoying pulling grass or eating what ever is on the floor.
You also love seeing people, people often comment how happy you are when we are out.
You dont enjoy the beach, the sand is too much temptation and then you get cross when you cant eat it! Mummy is working on that.  

You adore your siblings, even Ami who spends most her time trying to pull you over. Trying to help you walk (bit scary) and also help you roll over.
You love her because she gives you her food. Especially a chip the other day which you snatched out of her hand and ate it so so quick (on daddys watch).
Pants also loves hanging out with you, mainly protecting you from Ami or watching you when mummy is busy. 

You eat really well and really love your food. you still have 4 bottles a day and sometimes drink them sometimes not. Your favorite food is pasta like your sister. You eat the same dinners as us and demolish them along with anything else given you. You wont eat baby food purees but love anything fruity. One time Ami had a mini picnic I came in the room you had made your way to where she was an ate all her lunch!

You hit a massive milestone this month and you fiannly slept from 7:30- 6 huzzah it is nicer not having to get up in the night. You have the most infectious laugh and love being thrown about. 

You are an amazing little lad and we all love you lots x

F is for Friendship

It has always been a love hate relationship with these two, being cousins and with being 8 months apart they have spent the last 8 years chasing, hitting, arguing and playing together. They love to spend time together and constantly argue. Me and my sister have been waiting for a time where the arguing isn't so much and they just get on, as they are getting older they are getting a bit more chilled out. They will be in the same school again from September with Pants moving to junior school so they will see a lot more of each other then and hopefully the craziness when they haven't seen each other will subside (one hopes). 

Monday 16 June 2014

I am only blooming going to Britmums live arnt I!

Last year after seeing all the buzz about Britmums Live I thought I am not missing out next year, so with that I brought my ticket early so I didn't miss out. So for those also going this is my intro post so you are pre warned can know a bit about me before hand. I am bringing my baby along who told me he is excited too! I didn't get round to sorting a sponsor but I don't live too far from London and staying at friends so not too bad a little treat for me!  Still sorting trains, cards and all that jazz out (hoping Britmums can help me be more organised). So here is a bit more about little old me.

I shall be wearing this dress too and the baby!
NAME: Hi  i am Sara. 

BLOG: The mummy madness 

TWITTER: @mummy_madness1

HEIGHT: 5Ft 4 although the boots machine said 5Ft 6 maybe I had messy hair? 

HAIR COLOUR: Boring brown or mousey brown my mother would say!

EYES: Brown also 

BRITMUMS: This is my first blogging conference event (bit scared) also bringing Little bear along too.

WHAT I AM LOOKING FORWARD TO: Meeting other bloggers, trying not to be star struck by bloggers I love and learning some bits to help me blog.

WHAT I AM NOT: I am so shy, I am ok behind a screen but face to face I go silly. I think I am the funniest person where other people find me more awkward! 

WHAT I AM WEARING: I shall be wearing the dress as sported in the picture above, I shall also be wearing a kanga wrap with Little bear in! 

So there we are a little bit about me if you see me please say hi, I will try not to hide in the toilets with my baby!

Sunday 15 June 2014

Ordinary Moments - Daddy, Daddy cool

My poor husband 5 years ago was enjoying his last few months as a single man, little did he know he would meet little old me and get laden with lots of children. Little did he know he would be changing nappies to his hearts content and forever cleaning the tv of toddler hand prints. He didn't think he would be driving a car with alot of boot space rather than driving a sporty GT type. He has made it, he may have 50% more grey hair than 5 years ago but he is the best dad to our children.

He still tries to maintain his old ways and holds tightly to it, but more and more I see him become dad! A dad with bad jokes, dodgy dance moves (although I think they were there before hand) and lot of other traits that are slowly creeping in. His parenting style is one that is based on love and full off encouragement (also taking the mick alot) has caused my eldest to bloom into the little lad he is today, we were so blessed when he came into our lives.

He also has been coming up with many new ways to make parenting easier, most include trying to stay in bed as long as he can. First one is to put something special on loop via youtube then attach it out of reach above the cot. Another is rocking the baby in bouncer with foot whilst he is still in bed and lastly encouraging babies to hold own bottles so he can have two hands for fifa. He is funny the kids all adore him and so do I.

So there we are Daddy who is still cool, Daddy who still loves dancing, still listens to dance music, still plays football, still cleans the car on the reg, who now has kids music in the car. He is still cool, still a role model for Pants and the others. We love him lots.

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Fathers Day 2014

My husband does an amazing job with our children, even if he does give them sweets first thing, or teach Ami to say things like"son of a beach hut" I don't mind because he is awesome. So here is my blog taken over by the kids with some special words for daddy. 

My daddy plays football 
on the road to glory of daddy footballers
If My daddy had to pick two jobs 
he would pick footballer and filming
He is very handsome.
He lets me stay up for a little longer than mummy.
My daddy eats all my chocolate.
My daddy likes to be superman 
but I call him superdad. 

Pants - Age 7 

I love daddy and football
daddy football
ice lolly daddy 

Ami - age 22 months 

Da da da da da

Little Bear - Aged 6 months

My Sunday photo 15/06/2014

Friday 13 June 2014

Days at the seaside

Now my son is older he would much rather go to the park to play football rather than go to the beach. Much to my disappointment but there are a rare few times when I have managed to get him to the beach and avoid the boring old park (and believe me it is boring when you spend 5+ hours there a week!!). We live very close to the beach and the although with alot of moaning he does enjoy it. 

My toddler Ami also enjoys it, although the sea was a little cold she enjoyed building sand castles and then breaking them. Its funny to see how different she is to her brother at a similar age, I can see her decorating the castles with shells where her brother had to be restrained from other peoples sand masterpieces. Pants enjoyed swimming the tide was right out so he had to go way too far out to get to his waist, and still push the boundaries and go deeper. He had swimming lessons but I wouldn't call him a strong swimmer. So I had to stand on the edge of the water shouting him to come closer good fun, gave me a sore throat. 

On return from the sea he found a abandoned starfish in which he insisted of torturing saving. He held it to get a bucket ( the sea was alot closer) then keep it in the bucket to show his friend. The tide was so far out he didn't want to return it (he did eventually after a stern word from me). Little Bear also enjoyed a bit of the beach being only 6 months the sand is too much temptation. He was so cross he couldn't eat the sand he fell asleep covered in sand and very cross. I took that time to try and play bat and ball with a 22 month old, she wasn't to bad she has really got hand eye coordination. 

It was a lovely late afternoon at the beach, one I hope to repeat alot this summer. We walked home bare foot taking in as much as we can. Pants playing on the bank trying to stay out longer, Ami trying her hardest to get out the pushchair and little bear crying because he was covered in sand/ hungry/ teething or generally whatever these babies cry about. Then we get home sand is everywhere but the kids are all tired and happy, good end to the day if you ask me.

Wednesday 11 June 2014

E is for Emotion - Alphabet photo challenge

These photos where taken over a really short period, my dearest little son does have a range of different emotions, one moment he is happy, the next frustrated, the next happy again. It can be so funny to watch. He is taking everything in from his older siblings, copying the noises they make and just wanting to be like them.

He makes me feel emotional too, every new milestone fills me with joy and pride. Even though he is my third it still doesn't change, that happiness I feel from seeing him do something new is as rife as it was with my first, I now just hope it doesn't come round so fast as it does!

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Siblings - June

Somebody told me at the park that I was lucky to have three children. 
I do feel rather blessed at times.
Then other times when we are rushing and sorting all the clothes
it can seem like its a bit crazy.
I love my little lot and they make me feel so chuffed to be there mum.

My photos this month are taken at my local beach,
it was Little Bears first time in the water.
As you can see he wasn't keen at all. 
dear beautiful
He isnt keen on the beach either, will have to keep on persevering.
I love the warm evenings meaning we can go straight from school and head home at tea time. 
Its what I did as a child and have some great memories from it. 
I love where we live in the summer so much to do and explore. 

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