Monday 30 November 2015

Meeting Father Christmas

This year is such a special year for my children, with the little ones growing up and the eldest hanging onto believing into Father Christmas everything feels so special. My daughter is overjoyed thinking about Christmas every day she asks if that's the day. She can't wait to start her Advent calander and is loving learning about the nativity and baby Jesus as she calls it. 

Yesterday we were at a village Christmas fair, it was rather busy with rides and stalls but there was one thing we couldn't get Ami away from and that was seeing Father Christmas. When she spotted him in his makeshift grotto that was it we were waiting however long. Even Son son was excited. As we moved along the queue we had to hold Ami up over the gate so she could catch a glimpse of Father Christmas. 

Asti didn't want to see Father Christmas he is far too cool now days. He knew it was his old infant school governor but still went along for the crack of it for his siblings. He did enjoy the snow machine that went off every now and then. 

We asked Son Son if he wanted to see Father Christmas but he said no but when we got near he did come out the pushchair as we got nearer. Ami on the other hand was so excited she jabbed an elf in the tummy for some reason. It was finally our turn and just Ami and Son son went in, Ami asked for a baby and then she said  "my brother Son Son wants a car and can you get some minecraft toys for Asti please" which I thought was very sweet. 

Son Son was so pleased he got a present he would not let go of it till we got home and he opened it, even on some of the rides he wouldn't let go. It was a lovely moment well worth braving the strong winds and high volume crowds. It's such a special time as a child I remember it so much from my own childhood, I really do love Christmas. 

Saturday 28 November 2015

Portable North Pole Review

We have been fans of the Portable north pole for a few years now,  well except two years ago when we made our son very upset by saying that he was on the naughty list. We hoped that it would help to buck up his behaviour we were not prepared for a melt down.

If you haven't heard of the PNP its a website/ app that offers you the chance to get either a video or a phone call with father Christmas. I have always found them to be the best quality around and all my children have loved them. The app is free and gives you two free videos to choose from.

The best thing about PNP is the fact that they are customised to your child. Photos can be added and the right pronunciation of your child's name too, which is help. when you start you get a series of questions to get you started. The questions are ones like your child's age and gender. Then more detailed questions about your child.

I have to admit that the video that was created was rather fab, the father Christmas in the video is top class, the story in the video is first class too. The other option to try out the video call is something you can do to encourage your child before Christmas or even use it s a threat if needed. The children loved hearing Father Christmas say there name. Made it extra special.

There is two free videos you can create with the website/ app and a ton of other packages to download starting form £5.99 for a unlimited call bundle to £9.99 which gives you unlimited video and call access.

I also did an adult video for the husband who the kids were more impressed with, they found it funny when Father Christmas committed on Daddys beard.

All in all a top Christmas App to download, really adds to the fun of it all. My only issue was my eldest finding the app and saying oh I see where you did the videos then, doh. He is very sceptical about Father Chrstimas this year.

Wednesday 25 November 2015

Day Trip to Disneyland Paris - June 2015

Ok I realised that its been nearly six months since we went to Disneyland and I didn't even write about it. What was I thinking? Well I think because I wrote so many holiday posts I held it of until I was in a writing loll, kind of what I am in now. Wondering what to write about next as we don't do much other than work/ nursery/ soft plays areas, life sure does get fun in the winter... I think its because I am an outdoors person, also because I do not drive and live in the middle of nowhere transport wise its hard to get anywhere. Anyway less of me drifting of to a random story, we actually went to Disneyland.

It all happened whilst we were on Our Eurocamp holiday back in June (hangs head in shame in forgetting  to write about it). It was the reason we chose to stay at the resort as it was only an hour away which would make it perfect for a quick day trip. We have been to Disneyland twice before for just a day but not as a family of five. We wondered how the little ones would be would they enjoy it? would it be stressful? Is it a waste of money? All these questions went through our minds and we went for it any way.

We surprised the children saying we were going to a French Castle to explore, Ami was over the moon and couldn't wait whereas Asti was feigning being ill. Asking to go back to the holiday resort. As we got nearer that illness disappeared and he was suddenly back to normal. Ami's face was a picture of pure excitement as she started to notice the familiar Disney signs all around.

 We had the single pushchair which worked well meaning we could keep Son son in one place and Ami and Asti were good at walking with us. Although this did have its downfall during the fireworks when Ami fell asleep on my shoulders. My eldest wanted to go on the buzz light year ride first and with baby swap ( if you haven't heard of it before it's where you can get a ticket then redeem it to go on again with the other parent, one of the best things about Disneyland with a baby). They loved the buzz ride we went on it a total of 4 times. Wet hen split up where my husband got the best deal with Asti whilst I tackled some of the smaller rides such as Its a small world like 6000 times, they sure did love that ride.

We also went and watched a Disney Junior show, which all three children loved especially as things fell from the ceiling and bubbles, it gave us a got 20 mins to sit down and recharge for a bit. Once again we split and Asti and Daddy went on some of the more scary rides, whilst I did nappy and toilet runs. Mainly our excuse to look round the shops (Which there are so many). It was then time for the parade which is one of the best bits about Disneyland. We found a good place and by then it was rather Sunny and warm. 

The parade was awesome and all the children sat and watched in amazement, which is surprising for two toddlers and a hyperactive child. Ami was so excited to see the Princess's and there was a massive roar for Elsa on her ice float. Asti received a lot of high fives which he loved. It was great fun and we had the theme tune of the parade stuck in our heads for the rest of the day.

We then pottered round a few more rides, went back to its a small world again just so Daddy and Asti could endure it again. Ami loved the tea cups although her face doesn't show it. We didn't see many characters walking around unlike the last few times and when we did they had a mass of people around them. We didn't realise that a lot of places close early and we only brought enough food for lunch, thankfully we found a place that was just closing and had a quick dinner, as expected it was going to be expensive as everything in Disneyland is. We also missed the time for the sing along Frozen songs much to Asti's delight.

It was slowly getting dark and we decided to hold on for the fireworks at 11pm. Poor Ami had spent the day walking around the park was actually still going. We went back to the buzz ride and looked round the shops again, Ami got an Frozen toy and Asti got other bits for his friends. We stopped of for hot chocolate and by this time Son Son was fast asleep in the pushchair.

Looking back now we should have taken Ami's princess dress as all the girls were wearing them, I didn't think maybe because the last two times I had been had been in the winter so everyone was wearing there coats. Ami did ask for a dress but they were extortionate prices and were mean parents. Son Son on the other hand had tried to pinch a few teddies the little monkey and had become attached to a lots so hugging bear which we let him have. 

By the time the fireworks started everyone was shattered but we all looked forward to the fireworks. We found a good place then it got full up sadly Asti could not see much so Daddy had to hold him up.  I had Ami on my shoulders and Son Son was asleep. I have to say they were some of the best fireworks I have ever seen. The way they went with the light show and music was something so spectacular. Halfway through I felt Ami become very heavy and she had fallen asleep so then I had to carry her. We left the park around 12pm after a long walk back to the car, we should have got one of those Disney buggies but we didn't think at the time. 

It was the most fabulous day, a rather expensive day that took most of our holiday budget but was totally worth it to see the children's faces. Maybe one time we will go to Disneyland for longer than a day but not sure our bank balances would recover. The children were such superstars all day and it defiantly made the trip. Was a highlight of our holiday and the kids were exhausted the next day. Ami still got up at 6am the next day though. 

Saturday 21 November 2015

We are still here

Where have we been?

Sorry little readers I will be back shortly just haven't have the time or energy to write things down at the moment.

I will be back soon with more days out and bad grammar.

I have found my self bored in the evenings and realised its because I haven't spent the evening glued to my laptop. The plan is  to be back on the ball for November but just enjoying a little peace and time to sort where my head is at. Not in a bad way but more of a recapturing those lost dreams that have been put underfoot for the time being.

I miss writing though this little post has made me see that, I love writing. I blog because of that. I blame being at universoity for what felt like a long time and always spending my evenings writing essays. This little blog is nearly three years old, surely I haven't run out of things to say yet?

Anyway I digress much love to you my faithful blog followers.

Heres a photo of us in case you have forgotten us x

Tuesday 17 November 2015

Son Son is Two

Our little Son Son is two. 
Two. My little baby is sure growing up.
We have made two years as a family of five. 
Two years of people always reminding us that we have our hands full (Thanks for the reminder always helpful to hear....). 

You are such a joy, you really are.
The most cuddly and clingy out of the three. 
You have your fathers nature and seem to be very chilled yet know how to have fun. 
You love to dance and basically any game that involves a ball or a car. 
Over the year you showed amazing accuracy with kicking and throwing a ball, we got many balls/ toys/ dummies to the bead.
You love to follow Ami around and want everything she has. 

You make us laugh now that you are starting to talk. 
Each days more words come and its very cute. 
You can form three words together. Mainly "Daddy at work".
You have a lot of energy and like to run everywhere.
You are very clumsy at times, you fall over a lot, and come home from nursery with injury slips every  time we pick you up.
You are about to move to the toddler room at nursery which we are sad to see you go up. 
You love nursery and the staff love you there. 
You really are such a joy to be around. 

Happy Birthday Son Son.
You really light up our lives.
We love you so much 

See below some pictures of the last year below. 

Wednesday 11 November 2015

Bizzy Bitz review

A few weeks back the little ones received a massive box of Bizzy Bitz to try out. I was intrigued I had never heard of it before and was looking for something creative for the children to play with. Bizzy Bitz is a plastic construction toy that can be made into most things. For ages 4 to 8 well I say 8 plus as I enjoyed it just as much as the little ones.


We got sent the 350 piece box which contained a number of different leaflets on different things we could made. Ami wanted to make a car and of we set finding the little pieces to make it. I wondered if they may be too small for it but Ami loved it. Son Son on the other hand was more interested in the box than the actual stuff inside. Ami did find it hard to place together at first but when she knew how she was of making her own creations whilst insisting I make the car.

After a few attempts and restarting I finally made the car with assistance ( pictured below). This then open a massive can of words as they both wanted a car but thankfully there was enough for me to make another one to stop the arguing over who got to play with the cars. Ami carried on playing for a long time after which is very rare as she often looses interest after a little while. By the time she had finished pieces were over the place and a few prized pieces on the mantel piece for Daddy to see when he got home. 

I was also "Forced" to make a plane which took me rather long and a few attempts but I did enjoy it. The toddlers love planes and were in awe of my building skills. Ok they weren't that impressed but did play with the plane for a long time. The great thing is that you can build anything that you want. The 350 piece set comes with so many different shapes the possibilities are endless. You could make anything with a bit of creative thinking. Ami also made a birthday cake too, she makes them all the time.

The box also comes with five yes five different leaflets to choose from some which have the same things in but a bit of choice. I found them hard to follow at times but got there in the end, my elder son built a handbag from the booklets with no difficulties so must be an adult thing.

This set retails for about £38 which may be a little pricey for some but is well worth it. For something that when my nine year old son thought looked babyish he actually enjoyed doing, I secretly did too. I cans see it lasting a long time too (if the bits don't get lost). You can get other sets too all available on the website. It also comes in the handy plastic tub which is super helpful so if doesn't get lost.

A great investment for a present for a child, hours of play and a chance for them to be creative and learn though play.

Tuesday 10 November 2015

Leo Messi Foot bubbles Review

My nine year old loves football and Barcelona so he was literally over the moon when a package 

came through the post with his favourite football player on. I had to grab the camera quick as he 

frantically tried to get the socks out to inspect what it was. 

The pack includes a pair of socks, bubble blower, solution tray and bubble solution. The socks come in some different colours: purple, green, orange and red. It is suitable for ages 6 upwards but my little ones had a go with the bubble too.
It works by putting the bubble mixture into the little football that and blowing bubbles with the blower. It took a while to for him to understand how to get the bubbles of the end without them popping. The idea is then to preform tricks with the bubble. 

He managed to kick it without popping very few times and did get frustrated. I thin because he is used to using a normal ball it took him a while to adjust to a bubble. He also had the issue of the toddlers wanting to pop the bubbles as soon as they saw them. He did give up with the product after a few minutes when the mixture run out. You can buy more on the website if you needed some as the formula is specially formulated. 
His favourite part was the socks, he has wanted to wear them most days other than that he was not really that fussed with it. It would make a great gift for someone who loves football and wants to improve their skills. Perfect for a stocking filler or present for a child, not really our cup of tea but could see some children loving this.  

 Check out the website for more details and tricks.

Monday 9 November 2015

Life in the Fast lane - Autumn

Sorry guys I have neglected this little blog lately. I have been ill and not had the heart to sit down and write anything at the end of the day. I am a lot better now but have been busy busy busy with work and life and just so so tired. I think I had glandular fever but had trouble getting to the doctors so I gave up trying. I think its the nurse in me that refuses help when ill. 

Life has gone so quick lately can not believe were nearly at Christmas and were not ready. Here is some pictures of some Autumn adventures we have been on. Late nights at the park, soggy walks in the country and foggy walks at the seaside. 

The toddlers have been loving Autumn this year, kicking the leaves and forever forcing me to stash leaves in my bags and pockets. My eldest has had enough of me harping on about the different colour leaves. I really have loved the different colours this year its like I have never noticed it before. I never understood all the fuss but this year it was if my eyes were opened. I noticed all the beauty around us, it has been a wonderful Autumn.

We had a lovely few days at the In laws in Norfolk, they live in the middle of nowhere and we literally did nothing for a few days. It was good to not have plans sit around drinking hot tea whilst the children play. They loved it just as much as my husband had been away it was the first time we had been all together for a long time.

Below is a picture from our really long dog walk. My husband fell down a ditch and we got a bit lost. Thankfully the dog knew the way home and we got in the warm again. The kids were covered in mud but happy.

 Hopefully will get back on the blogging ball, Ive been wondering where I am wanting to go with this little blog. I am unsure I love writing but fail to find the time to do a good job a lot of the time. Maybe this blog will not be as regular as before and more of a diary of my little family who knows. My last photo is me and Ami walking home the other day it was so foggy and strange. She loved it though it did take us along time but nice to spend some time as us girls. She kept on singing "Best Friends forever" Very sweet.

SO that is us for the time being lots of adventures outside before it gets too cold.

Life Unexpected