Sunday 31 August 2014

Me and Mine - August

This month has seen our first family holiday and alot of mission/ volunteering work a tiring busy month and the kids have had a blast. Next month will be alot slower and calmer and we can get into a routine again somehow! This me and mine post this month has been taken and written in France on wifi that has taken hours to upload the picture let alone edit them at all. I have got there in the end!

I added the above photo as it was an outtake from our usual prop camera somewhere and hope one of the photos turns out all right. We are home on Monday, life will get back intp school runs and me back to work. So for now enjoying the rest of our holiday as busy as it has been. Stopping Ami from running into a pool, Pants learning to ride a bike and Little bear cutting teeth I have loved it all .

My sunday photo - 31-08-2014

Thursday 28 August 2014

Going back to work

The count down is on. I will be back to work in a few weeks ok four weeks to be exact. Am I a bit scared... YES! Well not scared more like a someone who works in a responsible job then has 2 years off then goes back to the expectation that I know what I am doing kind of scared. A few months ago I was happy to give it all up and become a stay at home mum but as I get nearer to going back I am getting a bit happier.

The babies who will be going to nursery for a bit the rest with dad so I know they will be ok. It does make me a bit sad to see Little Bear going to nursery he will be 10 months and will look far too small. he is such a mummy's boy (a major mummy's boy cries and crawls after me everytime I leave the room or a foot away from him). Ami I know she will be fine she is so head strong she will have them round her finger in no time. Also my eldest I haven't a clue whats going to happen with him after school clubs and all that jazz I suppose.

So now its time to get my head in gear, try and force two years of baby mambo jambo out of this brain and become that professional lady thats hiding well in my brain. The one who gets a lunch break and has a wee in peace, oh the joys of being a working mum.

I am looking forward to finding me again in the new working roll, will be an adventure so many positives and so many negatives hopefully will find the right balance in it all.

If you have any tips for going back to work please share!

Wednesday 27 August 2014

P is for Peter Penguin. - Alphabet photo challenge

Sadly as my son gets older his need for Peter has somewhat diminished. That little penguin that he took everywhere often ends up in Ami's cot. It makes me aware that my eldest Pants has grown up far too quickly. Its not cool to take a stuffed penguin to football, or on holiday. Poor Peter he has traveled well going to Denmark, France and even the Olympics. It makes me feel a little sad and make me cling on to the little ones hoping they do not get old far too quickly.

So here he is the penguin we all love.

Peter Penguin

Monday 25 August 2014

Trutex Uniform Review

If you are anything like me you leave everything to the last minute especially school uniform. Nothing beats a big queue in clarks for shoes and searching for the last pair of aged 7 trousers. So thankfully we were sent this school uniform from Trutex to review. My son is 7 and loves football so if anyone was to put it through its paces it was going to be him. He had the uniform on 3 minutes and was off playing football in the mud, which I coaxed him out to get some pictures of the uniform. 

The first thing I noticed was how thick the trousers were, often most trousers especially boys seem to be paper thin and not made to last the playground games. Also these seem lovely for the extra warmth when winter comes upon us again. Also the quality of the jumper seems alot better than his branded school ones which in recent years have shurnk a few months down the line. We went for bottle green as his infant and junior school are the same colour meaning it can last the transition when as he moves. I think the uniform looks smart too (as well as a 7 year old can look). 

What Pants had to say about the uniform "I like it doesn't have the school label, so I wont loose it. The Jumper makes me look chubby" He also said it was comfortable and looked forward to wearing it. Not sure where he got the chubby bit from the monkey. I remembered we had Trutex uniform growing up as my mum could pass it down between me and my sisters and it would last well. 

Trutex have produced a ‘Back to school guide’ for parent.  You can pick these up from your local Trutex retailer they have lots of advice and information from leading experts such as the Nspcc, Beat Bullying, The Children’s Food Trust and many more.

The poloshirts and sweatshirts are available in other colours other than those I choose and you You can find your nearest stockist of Trutex School Uniform here You can also find more of the Trutex school uniform range available too.  

Saturday 23 August 2014

My Sunday photo - 24- 07-2014

Me and You - August

This month had been extremely busy, both our birthdays and one of the children not as well as being involved in mission and community events we have been like passing ships. I really have missed my hubby and looking forward to our family holiday next week, our first time in over a month we can just relax and do nothing. It sounds bliss.

This months photos are from my birthday. We had gone to a restaurant and were treated really poorly so we went of to trusted ASK. I had a voucher so all was well. We had a great time together reminiscing about time before all the kids and my husband being embarrassing as always. It was alot of fun, excuse the poor quality photo, my phone broke and I have not got round to fixing the screen! doh!

The other photos some man photo bombed it was very fuuny. 

dear beautiful

Friday 22 August 2014

Long Car Journeys - Help needed

On Monday we are going on holiday to France all fun but the travel was not thought out! I like to travel through the night less hastle for babies and long journeys making them cross and bored, but we are traveling all day! boo! So Any tips/ help/ advice will be greatly received. Here is a few of my ideas but I hate long car journeys!

so our usual Games with Pants;
-Spot the colour of the car win a point (Pants getting a bit old and also a big cheater
-I spy (although not really a time waster)
- Sleeping lions (this is what i plan to play if the kids let me!)
-Rap battle, usually one me and my husband do he puts on an instrumental and we have a rap battle, its very funny and makes time go quicker
-how much road kill can we see (maybe a bit drastic!)

But then we have also Little bear who is 9 months may also hopefully sleep most the way. He will be fine its the 2 year old I o not hold much hope for. She hates little car journeys so I really hope it will go well. here is some of the things for Ami and Sonny.
-Food food and more food (can never have enough)
-lots of juice and drinks for Ami and everyone else
-Colouring and sticking (Ami loves that may keep her quiet for a little bit)
-Frozen/ peppa pig on loop if we can borrow a portable dvd player
-Little toys and games

So please think of us on Monday as we travel with all the kids, my poor husband is desperate for the break it should be fun.

If you have any fun games you play in the car let me know! we can try them out!

Wednesday 20 August 2014

O is for Orange Beauty - Alphabet Photo Challenge

I am a sucker for a sunset picture, I think they are ever so beautiful. The photo may not be in focus but I loved the colours in the photo. This sums up a perfect summers evening sitting on the beach, the weather still warm and enjoying the lovely view.

Monday 18 August 2014

Latch Bottle Review

Deciding how to feed your newborn is always somewhat of a debate, the choice to breastfeed or bottle feed is completely down to the parents, so for us we decided to start of breastfeeding. The benefits of breast feeding is what kept me going for a few months. When Little bear was four months the bottle battle began, I needed some space and decided to introduce a bottle so my husband could help, we also were at wits end as Little bear was up every few hours sometimes for a few hours and wanted to try and get him to sleep for a few longer, or give me the chance to sleep for a few hours with out having to feed a baby all night. 

So when it came to introducing little bear to a bottle it was tough work, more so than my first two children. He would cry when he saw the bottle and we tried bottle after bottle, teat after teat nothing worked. I used to get so stressed and he would just scream. We would have to give it a break then try again. He would drink a little then give up and want to be breastfeed. It was a stressful time with me finding it hard and not really getting much choice in the matter, thankfully after a few weeks he finally got the hang of bottles and mummy finally got a little bit more sleep. If only I had known about Latch bottles as I think they would have defiantly helped us transition to bottles.

When we were asked to review Latch bottles I was interested, I hope that this Review can find the right parent who like me searched the internet for solutions on how to get my baby to take a bottle.  It was a tough time but we got through it and actually I felt so more happier that I had a bit more freedom. I could go out in the evenings again or even for a morning. It seemed long at the time but in fact it was a short time. 

The bottle has many exciting features some that will help your baby transition to bottle feeding they are: 

Natural Latch
The teat Gently flexes and stretches like an actual breast. When you breast feed your baby achieves a proper feed by the nipple reaching their soft palette. The type of teat in the Latch bottles can make it stretch like an actual breast which can help the baby latch easily. 

Natural feeding
The teat mimics a breast by gently pumping, which can be comforting for some babies. When a baby is breastfeeding the baby controls the flow of the milk by applying pressure to the base of the nipple. The Latch teat mimics this as the baby can release more milk as they push against the base. 

Natural movement
The teat moves and rotates for a natural feel. Whilst feeding the teat flexes and moves as the baby moves their head. This can allows the baby to maintain their latch which reduces the risk of colic. 

The bottle seems too good to be true right, well to add to all that the anti colic valve is at the bottom decreasing the risk of colic. As the valve is at the bottom there is no air travelling through the bottle. Which I found fascinating, the first few times Little bear had the bottle I wondered how it worked often he would drink the milk too fast the the teat would collapse but he soon got the hang of it. I have been very impressed with the bottles and so has Little bear he no longer will take his old bottles and loves the comfort of the bottle.

The larger bottle only goes up to 8 ounces of milk which for some hungry babies may be a problem but not for my baby he doesn't hardly ever finish a bottle. We love the bottles and have told every new parent I know, as a parent who had such problems trying to get my baby to take a bottle I would recommend these to anybody.

You can find out more on the Latch Website and find out where you can purchase your very own bottles, If you have any questions ping me an email I would love to help.

Sunday 17 August 2014

Little Bear you are nine months

Wow my little man your nine months
You really are our ray of sunshine.
This month has been a massive month of firsts.
You are learning so much everyday I can not believe it.

After just learning to crawl you mastered the art of pulling yourself up,
and you do this on everything you can. 
You have even let go and learnt to stand all by your self,
once you even took a step or two. 
You try desperately to be like your older siblings one day baby one day. 

You have become extra clingy and now follow me crying if I leave the room.
Even if you are happy playing you are not satisfied until mummy is next to you.
You even started to cry at strangers and when someone else picked you up.

You love bread and cry when you see someone with food.
You like to eat most things but only have a little appetite.
you would happily graze all day and often do on Ami's leftovers.
You also sleep well and you are up at 6:30am most mornings.
You also wake and stand up smiling at your mum and dad. 

You love being outside and around people. 
Outside you are so happy, you will crawl and explore much more than when we are at home.
You also love your siblings, 
you try to be involved with what Ami is doing even though it makes her mad,
and have also learnt to fight back. 

Little Bear you are so cute, 
please slow down on the growing up front.
We love you lots.

My Sunday photo - 17/08/2014

Saturday 16 August 2014

Nine months in Nine months out - Little Bears Birth Story

Nine months has flown by so I thought it would be the right time to share how my little baby boy came into the world. My first two children were both born at 41 weeks on a Saturday so when I knew my little boy was due on a Saturday I knew to wait another week like the first two. Even though there was a good chance that I would be late there is always that little chance that maybe he may come on time, I was suffering such back ache that I was looking forward to having my little baby in my arms.

Then the Saturday came round and nothing, with my 2nd pregnancy I was in slow labour having little pains and wondering when it was all going to start but with this one nothing. I started to get a few niggles but nothing to write home about. By this stage I was so upset as I kind of wanted them all to be born on a Saturday all 41 weeks, also I had not gone past this point so was unsure on what would happen, I hadn't had a sweep and was booked for one in the week and really did not want it. 

That evening I was down so my friend invited me over to watch some cheesy tv and take my mind of me not having a baby, and some little pains were coming but nothing consistent. I went home and it all stopped, so after a little cry I went to bed. Before I knew it I was wide awake and this was the labour pains I could remember. I woke my husband up and said we need to get to the hospital. This was 1:30pm and my sister was on standby with the older two so I called her and my mum. I always love that part going to hospital I do not know why, some ladies love a home birth but me I love the clinical side, I love pulling into the car park just the two and coming out as a three. We call up the local MLU (Midwife led unit) and thankfully they are quiet and have a room with a pool so of we set to meet our little boy.

By this time the pains are coming quick and fast, we park on the outskirts to save on parking. A little walk but just making sure the labour is going steady. A 5 min walk must have taken 15 mins and me trying to go as quick as I could. We get into the hospital and my mum had been waiting ages, we head to the MLU and get greeted into our birthing room. The midwife asks a questions how the labours going etc, and checks everything is ok and then I go the option of a water birth. I was looking forward to it as I always wanted to try it, I loved baths during pregnancy so what better way to labour. They ran the bath and but this time I was in need of pain relief the midwife brought me some gas and air and in the pool I went. 

The time now was 2:45am and to me it seemed like hours, whilst I was floating around the pool trying to get comfortable. What surprised me the most I had no examinations so had no clue how far I was, how long I had left. I remembered being in labour alot less with Ami and was worried why nothing was progressing as quick. I found the pool a bit stressful, I couldn't find a way of being able to breath whilst enduring a contraction. My legs were all over the place and I was panicking. My mum and hubby were there but I couldn't concentrate.

The clock hit 3:10am and I felt the familiar feeling of pushing, It was so painful more so than Ami. She just slid out I heard the midwife gasp and hit the button on the wall. This frightened me and I asked if he was back to back, I was so worried but knew I had to get this baby out no matter what. My waters still hadn't broken and with one extremely painful push Little bear was born, he had the cord around his neck twice and had passed meconium stools as he was panicking too. When we was born I was so happy, it was a hard labour but worth it, to see that small baby boy we had made. His perfect finger and toes, his beautiful face and big eyes. He opened his mouth and cried so loud he was not pleased at all. I passed him to my hubby who had the biggest smile ever, he really was so sweet and I got out the rather disgusting waters to push out the placenta. The midwife was shocked how long the cord was, she said she had never seen one so long. 

It was a beautiful end, every little pain is worth it to get to hold that little baby. Nothing prepares you for the love you get from seeing your child for the first time. So special and I hope to never forget that time. He was born 41 weeks and 1 day, one more than his brother and sister but its crazy they are all within 24 hours of each other. Little bear weighed 7lb and 14 oz, Pants was 7lb 15 and Ami 8lb all rather 3 rather similar. We had to stay in hospital for 8 hours which was so strange. What do you do with just a little baby, We tried to enjoy a bit of quiet but actually couldn't wait to get home. 

Here below is some photos of after Little bear was born, warning some are a bit gross but lovely all the same. Also my hubby had a mustache as it was Movemember time!

Friday 15 August 2014

The Great water fight 2014

Every year Minnis bay gets taken over by lots of children with water pistols whilst they wait for a fire engine to come. This is a part of scripture union Holiday club they host a water fight. This years event I have never seen so many people there was at least 1000 people there to enjoy the fun. 

The kids just run round screaming and shooting each other with water pistols as they try and contain the excitement that the fire engine brings. Sadly my eldest would rather play football and I had to force him to get a little wet. My toddler Ami hated it and cried every time someone shot her with a water pistol.

When the fire engines came there was a massive roar and kids ran towards the firemen as they got there hoses out. Really I have never seen such excited firemen, I really think this is one of there highlights, when else do you get to shoot lots of kids with a hose. My sister went over with her super soaker and tried to get the fireman but she got soaked in the process. 

Its such good fun and the firemen came and went three times to fill up and stayed longer to keep on soaking the children. We got really wet but thankfully was a warm day so it didnt really matter we dried in no time. Hopefully Ami will enjoy it more in a few years time.

Ami not impressed about the water fight

Wednesday 13 August 2014

N is for night time strolls

Ok early evening/ nighttime what ever you may call it, it was past the kids bedtimes so it deffo was nighttime in my books. It was a lovely warm evening and something we love to do, walk along the beach after having a cheeky ice cream. I hope that lovely warm weather comes back, we love the beach. 

I also love this photo not sure why, just shows me and my children as us. Mummy and her little babies. 

Sunday 10 August 2014

Siblings - August

One thing I love about summer is days spent playing at the beach. Even though we live a stones throw away we still do not go as much as I would like. Also it has taken my youngest a few trips to like the sand. One day we popped to the beach on a warm afternoon and the kids (well me) made a castle. Pants made the bridges, Ami got the shells and Little bear ate alot of sand. It was a lovely time at the beach, it may have been short but the kids loved it, I loved it. Making memories and loving the seaside what could be more fun.

Ami was over the moon, its not very often that Pants is away from a ball game and wanting to play with her she loved it more for that reason. 

Join in with the Siblings Portrait challenge or click the badge below to see some more lovely pictures too. 

dear beautiful

Silent Sunday - 10-08-2014

Friday 8 August 2014

Crisis in Iraq - Saddened by news

Usually I write about positive things, I love to write about my family and the adventures that we get up to but tonight something has struck a chord and left me felling broken hearted and sad. I try to avoid issues on the world I do not want to get involved in a debate I just want to make a change. I for one avoid watching the news it makes me feel down but I have been captured by the recent goings on in Iraq.

Tears roll down my cheeks as I read about families being murdered for being Christians, children beheaded and stuck on poles. Families forced to flee to avoid being killed for what they believe in. It is so so wrong! People even forced to say God is not real then get killed, people in desperation, people in need. People living in terror and it saddens me alot! Alot to write about it on my little family blog. Not because I am a Christian but because I am a human and nobody deserves to be killed for this. Nobody. Its not just Christians other religions too being killed, its tragic.

What can we do?

This has left me thinking, Iam stuck in a warm house no immediate threat, got access to alot of good things and often partial to a moan about rubbish. I need to do something, I can not sit back, I can not let evil win (and it wont EVER ). We have our own problems but they are small in compassion really sometimes. My worry about moving and going back to work is nothing compared to the fear and tragedy going on in Iraq. So here is a few things that you can do.

Its hard to think how we can help, I would love to fly out there and help but what can I do? Go up to a man with a gun and say do not kill my friends in Christ thanks. No that would end up bad I bet, but donating to charity's working on the ground spreading aid to those fleeing there homes.

Putting on the pressure to the Government by signing petitions is one way of helping, here is one for the UK. I am not sure how successful these things are but I can not sit round when news brings me to tears. I just can't.

Keep it on Social Media and raising the profile about it. That is how I found out about what is going on share stories petitions etc, we want to see this ended (Well I do at least)

The last you may not have a faith, weather you do or not I believe this is inhumane. So if you do Pray, pray that the violence stops and that some peace comes. I do believe that prayer can change things, it has done in my own life.

So lets not sit by and let this stuff happen, let us be the change.

Funny Toddler Chat - 24 months

Ami is at a delightful age and is such a hoot to be with, here is some of the conversations that we have had over the last month.

Mummy: Its your birthday soon how old are you going to be? 
Ami: Nearly two
Mummy: Ami what do you want for your birthday
Ami: Chicken burger
Mummy: Anything Else?
Ami: Chicken Nuggets

Daddy: Who do you love?
Ami: Ami
Daddy: No who do you love?
Ami: Arnel (Arsenal) football kit

This conversation happens at least 20 times everyday
 Ami: Wheres daddy gone?
Mummy: Daddy is working
Ami: Daddy working, Wheres Addy gone?
Mummy: Addy is at school
Ami: Wheres Mummy gone?
Mummy: I am here
Ami: Mummy there, mummy gone now

A lady came to speak to Ami whilst she was in the puchchair unaware she is a girl and not a boy.
Lady: Oh havent you lovely curly hair
Ami: Ami got nails
Lady: Oh nail varnish very boy power
Ami: Lady got nails
 I did not mention she was a girl people tend to get rather embarrassed. 

Ami: Wheres Doggy gone?
Mummy: I do not know, where do you think?
Ami: Dog has gone beach and sleeping.
Mummy: Whats noise does a dog make then?
Ami: Growl woof

Ami: I dont like grandads car?
Grandad: Why not Ami
Ami: I like daddys car
Grandad: We will see Daddy soon
Ami: I dont like it when Grandad talks
Grandad: Oh dear
Ami: Naughty Grandad

 And to finish a few little things she has said alot over the last month

Ami: Whats that noise?
She will repeat it till you give her what she thinks is the correct answer

Ami: Dont like that one
She says this about everything!

She is such a joy

Thursday 7 August 2014

Raincoats and Wellyboots

An essential item any busy toddler needs is a raincoat and some welly boots, nothing is more exciting than jumping in a muddy puddle or playing on the beach. Never more are these items more important than in the summer, one minute its glorious sunshine the next a heavy rain pour. I can not seem to get it right at the moment either. We were privileged to be asked by House of Fraser to pick some items of clothes for the wetter weather.

 If you havent checked out House of Frasers clothes online you are missing out and with a fab range for boys and girls why not take a look. I decided to go for more nutral colours I am a bit in love with blue as you can see from the wellyboots and raincoat that we decided on. I loved the little hunter wellies and House of Friaser have a massive selection of a verity of colours it took me ages to choose, I went for Navy as it goes with anything.

The jacket is Polan O. Pyret which I ordered at age 2-4 and has plenty of growing space. Ami has only just turned 2 and even though she is large for her age I can see this lasting quite a while. Which is such a good thing I would rather pay more money for an item that is good quality and that will last. It has a detachable hood a fleece lining inside. It is very lightweight and fits nicely under a pushchair or in a rucksack. Will be a perfect addition to her new nursery attire (maybe not I like it too much for it to get ruined at nursery).  The jacket also consists of visible reflectors on both the front and back for extra safety. The coat retails at £35 which I feel is reasonable for the quality and finish of the coat.

 The Wellyboots I just need to get a matching pair, when they first came she refused to wear them. She is not a lover of shoes and often is found flinging shoes into hedges and anywhere I can not find them, but for the first time ever I caught her putting these on. I love the style of them they are so cute on chubby little toddler legs. They are made to such a high standard and finish and have an comfy orthopedic last to provide extra strength. Lots of people commented on her boots and have loved the style of them. They retail at £28 which I thought was rather well price for such a well known brand of wellies.

We have been blessed with such glorious sunshine lately its always sad to see it go. Although Ami is looking forward to heading out in the rain in her new rain gear and splashing in the puddles.

Disclaimer: We were sent the wellyboots and raincoat for the purpose of the review all pictures and writing is my own.

Wednesday 6 August 2014

M is for Mission ~ Alphabet Photo Challenge

Nothing is more exciting and satisfying than helping out on mission and even as a family of five we love being a part of our community. We want to give generously to our local area so in return host an ten day event. This event that we volunteer at its called Lark in the park and sees thousands of people come through the gates and enjoy lots of free actives, from toddler clubs to evening entertainment. We are currently in the middle of Lark  in the Park Sidcup and head home to start Ramsgate one, life is busy and my kids have constant dirty feet but we are having a lot of fun. Below is some of the fun we get up too.