Wednesday 13 March 2013

The Gallery - letter C! Camping

i love Camping! as a child we never went on holidays living so close to the beach so i was delighted when i first joined my church (five years ago) that they do an annual camping trip! where the whole church go to Kingsdown camping ground in Deal! the church takes marques and its alot of fun, fires, friendship,  fellowsipand learning! Also sleeping in tents and having foxes steal your food if your not careful  Last year i was 35 weeks pregnant so was complicated (but had some decent sleep found the airbed more comfortable when pregnant)

There is also a awesome kids program where they play wide games and have a lot of fun! Pants loves being outdoors So basically he goes of on his own, we find him climbing trees making fires basically everything boys do! the weekend is finished with baptisms in the sea! I love it!

Pants playing football!!

Rough waves at the baptisms!

Camp fire

my husband Camera at the ready!

i love going its such a laugh!

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  1. Wow - never seen baptisms quite like that! Great photos!

    1. Thanks I love taking photo's only a small percentage come out alright!

  2. Don't think I would like to be baptised in the sea. Hate putting my head under water, so glad it was down the conventional way, in church when I was a baby! Looks as though everybody is having a great time!

  3. yes i dont like the sea too much now its far to cold ha! yes its good fun :) x