Tuesday 12 March 2013

Superscimper Sara! Heart craft

A finished heart
So its back on our screens.... Superscimpers! i love it! i love to save money where ever i can so its defo a must watch if your keeping your purse strings tight! it also has many tips for household cleaning (not my area) craft (thats more like it) and ideas for frugal cooking (huzzah)! Mrs money penny gives plently of good advice too! :)

on a recent series there was an idea for a hanging decoration! it was a heart and i loved it looked very smart! it was dead easy to make! just needed an old book and fortunately i have a few books lying around unread and un loved a stapler and some string! i used them at christmas to hang cards and because i liked them so much they have stayed up now hosting cards we are given and wedding invites!
my organised paper (not)

all make all you need is to cut the pages from the book into three sizes:
-2cm wide 10 cm long
-2cm wide 12 cm long
-2cm wide 14 cm long

you grab to bits of paper of each size arranging the two smallest in the middle and the bigger sizes on the outside! grab a bit of string and staple it, then grab the other size and staple that together and there you are simple heart design!
easy to make!

Thanks superscrimpers!

finished  hearts!
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