Friday 15 March 2013

Red nose Day

.. Every time i watch i shed many tears! I cry over peoples situations families living with nothing life being cruel and i cry at the injustice of our world! rich people living next to poor people! some people seem not to care. I know how blessed i am the resources i have and how we live our lives! it shocks me to see how people live there life and have complete compassion for them! i remember someone mentioning something on Facebook about why do programs like comic relief show the videos of people in devastating situations! i was so angry don't know why! I just realised how selfish some people are and how they don't care for other people!

Every minute in Africa a child dies of malaria! its preventable! But a little goes a long way, a little could be the difference between life and death! comic relief over 25 years has helped so much 40 million children going to school and 1.8 billion people access to clean water in Africa and that's just the small amount of what it has done! wowzas!
I do love Comic relief its such a good cause and is also funny! Pants schools theme this year was pants! So i made Pants a Pants top! They also did gangham style dance in assembly! so come on donate lets change poverty! so come on dont watch and please give!

heres the tshirt i made for pants at school today!

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  1. Love the t-shirt - it's hilarious! Good for you!

    Am now following your blog :))

    1. Thanks for the follow! he didnt want to wear it lol! x