Saturday, 17 December 2016

Baby Born Sunny and Baby Review

My Daughter absolutly loves anything to do with babies at the moment. She has also picked out baby names for future children too (Mrs Goody and Max in case you were interested). SO I just knew she would love the Sunny and baby horses from Baby born. You may like us have a little girl or boy who has last minute decided what they want for christmas this is defiantly a perfect choice. 

Sadly the doll that is include in some photos is not included but the Mummy and Baby are part of the set. I used Ami's original Baby born to aid play. The set comes with an interactive hose (mum Sunny)  who when you press the ears dependant of which one either Moves or calls for her baby. Ami was so overjoyed when she sat her baby on the horse to her it was the best thing ever. 

My favuoute part which I can not believe I just found out is that if you put the two horses together they kiss. Its too cute and I just called my husband away from his work to have a look (he didn't share the same enthusiasm). The baby has a magnet on the side which means it can walk along side its mum. 

Ami was pleased that the horse can walk, ITs not the fastest of walks but its still moves. Ami had great fun playing stables and creating lots of little games. The horse seat is perfect for Baby born dolls and the baby wasn't wobbly in it which I feared it might. 

All in All we were pleased with Sunny and her baby. The retail price is around £50 which is in keeping with most branded baby toys. It makes a change to the usual baby toy such as a pram and other items and gets little ones use imagation a little bit more. Both my little girl who is 4 and my little boy who is 3 loved playing with them, Find out more on the baby born website here.

Saturday, 10 December 2016

Cadson - Hetty Cleaning Trolley Review

My little girl Ami follows me around all the time when she is home from school. She wants to be involved in everything I am doing from cooking to cleaning. Thankfully we were sent the Hetty cleaning trolly and she has been in her element. She was over joyed that she could copy mummy and help tidying up. She is a very special 4 year old she likes her room to be tidy and clean and will always tidy up after her. If you saw her bedroom compared to her brothers its like a different house. 

The Trolley has been made so it looks true to life and Ami felt like she was part of the cleaning crew. I need one to be honest that I can stick all my bits in. We received the package wrapped in christmas paper and the kids were overjoyed. I was told to open it right away and put it together. Thankfully even under the pressure of 2 small children it was easy to put together. There is no need for batteries and charging it was straight away played with. To be honest its a relief sometimes screens are often played with too much it does not bring as much joy as a toy you can use your imagination with. 

Ami already has a Henry hoover so it fitted in well with the collection, Ami was pleased pink although so was son son who plays with it when Ami is at school, The trolley is aimed at children aged 2-6 which I thought was good as my two are in that bracket and they both loved it. I also found that the mop that you can add a floor wipe and ami had great time cleaning the kitchen floor. Well one part only she said they rest looked ok and it actually worked i was impressed. 

The Hetty Cleaning trolley retails at £14.99 and is available at most toy retailers including Toys R Us. Check out the Cadson website for more information check out the website here. Defiantly a toy for christmas for any child. The cool thing is it does not require any batteries and gets the kids playing. 

P.S: The Hetty Cleaning trolley comes with stickers but the little ones were in such a hurry to play I didn't put them on. 

Monday, 7 November 2016

Shimmer and Shine Pony Tail & Wish Come True Gift Set Review

I dont know if your child is like mine and absolutely loves Shimmer and Shine. My little Girl Ami loves it actually me and my husband too were always singing the catchy songs to be honest. So I can tell you she was so thrilled to review some of the new Shimmer and Shine toys. 

I dont know if you have seen shimmer and shine but it is based on two twins Shimer and lShine and there friend Leah. They are Genies in training and they often make some mistakes or as they call them Booms. The program does show children its ok to make mistakes and trying your hardest the next time.

Wish Come True Gift Set 

The wish come true set is the perfect item to any Genie in training. It comes with lots of little accessories that make role play more imaginative. We were a tad disapointed with the wish bottle that is supplied as the chain wouldn't fit together so we had to tie it at the back to make it stay. The little monkey purse opens up and you can fit the accessories in. Ami liked the wristbands like Shimmer and Shine in the show. Although I do wonder if they would fit an older girl as they were tight on Ami and she is 4.

The Shimmer Pony Tail

I think for Ami this was the most exciting part putting on the wig. We tried a few times and finnaly got it to stay on ( We do need more practice). The Shimmer wig attaches to a bun and is quite heavy but come with a grip inside. Ami was pleased to have pink straight hair and to look like shimmer too. Ami loves to dress up so this was most defiantly up her street.

All in all Ami was thrilled with her new toys and whats better they don't break the bank the pony tail retails at £9.99 and the wish come true set at £14.99. A perfect gift for any shimmer and shine fan. The only down side was Son Son wanted to try the wig but with short hair it wasn't a option thankfully he was just as pleased to play with the purse as Ami was. 

Friday, 21 October 2016

Schieich Large Farm Review

There is one thing my children love to do is play little role play games with animals. Son Son loves any little animal and always has done. They were ever so delighted when we were asked to review the Schieich Farm set. I knew there would be hours of play with the different farm animals and farm setting.

There is one thing I underestimated was the size of the farm, little did I know that the already large box would contain all the bits to make a massive farm. I had two small children at my heels desperate to get me to build it (for some reason I thought it was all together). Thankfully I love a building project and got set constructing the farm. 

It took me a good hour to set the farm up and to find the right bits and often make a mistake and start all over. I didn't realise there would be so many different areas for the farm. Although it was easy to put taught some of the parts I feared might break but thankfully everything fixed together. 

Now the farm was all built there was no need to worry about finding all the animals the set came with  a range of farmyard animals including cows, pig, farmer and other farm accessories. One thing Son Son loved was that the doors all open and arnt fixed shut, he has a favourite game of playing peekaboo so that was perfect for him to do so. The roof can come off to optimise play and give a smaller child more access to the farm. 

One of our favioute peeves was the little brush for the cows especially for Ami who loves playing mums and babies and this was perfect for her to brush the little baby cow. The farmer included has moveable arms and can hold some of the items in his hands. The farmer is slightly less robust than the larger Schieich animals but still fun to play with. 

I love the little details that are part of the farm building such as the little flower baskets and the textured sizes. We have quite a few Schieich animals which sometimes on their own can be limiting to what you can do with them. The farm provides the perfect environment for learning through play. One thing the kids loved was the little winch crane thats housed inside of the farm. Its able to move across the length of the farm and can be wound up to lift things up just like you would see in a real farm. 

The farm retails at £99.99 which you might think is a tad pricey but it is well worth the pennies. Not only do you get a massive farm but also a few animals to play with too. Also the Schileich brand are well know for the quality of their products so you know its going to last. I know its going to be a well played with toy they already have had such fun making up stories and playing little games. All in all its been an overall success in our house. 

Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Autumn Beach Trips

One thing I love about living by the seaside is the fact we can pop down to the beach any day. Our nearest one to us is one I grew up as a child so am always very fond of it. 

One thing me and my sisters would love is when the wind blows and the waves splash over the top of the wind. I was trying to show my little ones the waves and everytime they seemed to stop it was very funny. Every now and again a massive wave would spray the side and splash all over the side. When they did notice it they found it hilarious. 

Ami and Son Son both loved jumping in the water as it was starting to gather in puddles. Sometimes it's the simple things my children love. I can spend a small fourtune and buy craft stuff till it's coming out my ears and they hardly do it. Where as bringing them here to the seaside brings such joy. I am always so grateful to live here.

I love this photo of my little Ami she looks so happy. Must have just caught it at the right time. 

Sunday, 9 October 2016

Getting Ready for Starting School - Ami

So the time has finally come and my middle child Ami has started school. She starts full days soon and I am somewhat a bit sad about it. She is only four but seriously she does look super cute in her school uniform. She has taken to going to school really well and I think it helps that she has good friends in her class. She is ever so proud to go to school and every morning is the first dressed whilst we call her older brother about 600 tines to get dressed.

We recently were sent £50 from Ocean Finance  to help us with getting ready for back to school or as in our case starting school. I know have two children in uniform and boy isn't that pricey so I was very grateful for it. With the money we got some essentials for starting school and some other bits for practicing writing at home or chilling out after a busy day. See below what we got.

School Shoes

They are important for school obviously I was looking forward to taking Ami to buy a pair. Little did I know that it would be so stressful, I thought we could walk into clarks and be out 10 minutes later. Ami has always had wide feet and a high instep sadly Clarkes did not cater for this and as a result her feet her to wide for all the dainty shoes in there. Seriously why dont more girls shoes be made more robust, its funny all the boys shoes have toe guards but not the girls.  We found a pair of shoes that finally fitted after two days of shoe shopping. They have lights they weren't too pricy and they fit, she loves them and wants to wear them all the time.

School Lunch Box

Who doesnt need a unicorn Lunchbox. Seriously I want this for me its so cute although she will get free school dinners as part of the government scheme its good that if she wants a change one day we have one free. The lunch box comes with a strap so is easy for her to carry around.
seriously look its amazing its from Sainsbury's if you want one for work.. Ahem I mean your child for school.

Cool Stationary 

Although its only reception that Ami has started in there is always the need to help her practice her writing at home. Sadly I was pulled into Smiggle and if you haven't been there come with money I was forced to buy all sorts of random bits. We got a little colourful pad and colourful markers to go with it. She also chose a cupcake smelling pencil, a lolly rubber and glow in the dark puzzle. She is over the moon and comes home everyday to her little pad which she locks away from her brothers and writes her name.

So here we are our little round up of goodies from us. Life has changed a lot over the last few weeks and home is somewhat more quieter since. I am so glad she has settled well and is loving every minute although its only early days yet. I am looking forward to many firsts this year and being a blubbering mess at assembly's and school trips.

Disclaimer: Thus is a collaborative post we were gifted £50 from Ocean Finance to buy items for this post. 

Friday, 30 September 2016

IDO3d Vertical Design Studio Review

We recently got offered the chance to review the Ido3D vertical Design studio and I knew my son would be desperate to try it. He has seen it on the tv and always goes "Some of that stuff looks sick". The idea of drawing in the air is rather cool and personally I couldn't wait to try it out myself. 

We were sent the Vertical design Studio set which retails on £24.99 and comes with 4 pens, a vertical light, two moulds and templates to design up to 20 different things. Obviously you dont have to follow the templates but they are there if your child need some guidance. The template sheet can help you make a helicopter, dinosaur and a bike.

It took Asti a little while to get to grips with the product but after a while he was practicing building towers. We then tried to make a dinosaur with that you follow the lines on the template. After a few attempts we realised we were not putting the gel think enough on the lines. 

 Asti aged Ten worked on making the dinosaur but gave up midway and was making towers. I took over and tried to make the tower a few times I make a mistake but it was easy to wipe of when you go wrong. We didn't make the exact dinosaur in the end but was fun filling out the lines. 

For Asti he gave up interest which was a shame because it is quite fun. If your child loves craft then I am sure they would love this. The fact that you can draw 3D objects is quite fun you need to have a steady hand and a lot of patience so is much more suitable for an older child. My Ami who is 4 was desperate to have a go and she loved it too. She make al ot of shapes and even tried to write her name. 

The set we reviewed is available for £24.99 and the IDO3D Pens are available on Amazon and several other retailers. Find out more here. While you’re checking out those retailers, be sure to take a look around the entire website. You’ll find 3D art tutorials, fun craft ideas, and information about some of the world’s greatest artists.

You can also connect with IDO3D on FacebookTwitterPinterestYouTube, and Instagram.