Monday, 14 May 2018

Ravensburger What If? No. 16 The Wedding 1,000 pc Puzzle Review

There's one thing I have to admit to not doing in my adult life and that's a 1000 piece puzzle. Don't get me wrong it's not because I have been too snooty or anything just has never crossed my mind. When I was contacted to review a 1000 piece puzzle I originally thought it was a royal wedding edition. I had misread the email and just put wedding and royal and Prince Harry was the first thing to come to mind. Also if you want to celebrate the Royal wedding why not with a wedding puzzle. The puzzle was actually What If? No. 16 The Wedding edition.

Having been a complete puzzle beginner (except kids ones I can knock those out the park) a 1000 piece seemed huge. Then I discovered this was a special puzzle the picture on the box was completely different to the one on the puzzle. The idea being behind it is that the picture on the box is the ideal wedding for the bride and inside is the Grooms idea of a perfect wedding.

To start off with it was something me and my eldest would do in the evenings. In fact, he would come off screens early to help. I googled how long a 1000 piece puzzle took and it said 5-6 hours, whereas I can say it took us well over 20. That's because we didn't have the picture on the box obviously. I actually sadly really enjoyed putting the puzzle together. It gave such small satisfaction when we found the right parts than as we put more and more together seeing the picture in full.

My eldest son has ADHD so the puzzle actually had a calming effect and I actually saw him yawn which is something he never seems to do. It really helped him relax and calm down from a busy day at school. For me, I found my self-completing parts throughout the day, then getting lost in time and being late for things.

This puzzle is great fun, believe it or not, we got such triumph getting the correct pieces and completing the characters. We started it easy finding all the same colours and then the faces and before we knew it it was nearly done. The puzzle used fun and mystery making it more enjoyable. The Puzzle is available on most shopping websites and to find out more click this link.

Tuesday, 1 May 2018

Gazillion Crazy Wand Review.

There is one thing in our house that never gets old or boring for any age and that is bubbles. With the weather warming up ( well I say that we had storm weather that blew all the fences and broke all the beach huts thus week) Its supposed to be warming up anyway. We were sent some of Gazillions new Crazy Bubble wands to try. We have used Gazillion a few times and always found their bubble mixture to be the best by far so I was keen to see how these ones would be.

These are the perfect pocket money toys and even for days out. With all the extra bank holidays too they would be a great addition to any picnic. They retail at £3.99 so are an absolute bargain. Each set comes with two wands with a funny mouth on an 8oz bottle of bubble mixture and a dipping pot. We used to get the dippy wands but my kids are forever spilling the contents before they have had the chance to blow any bubbles. The little tray was a nice addition to help not spill so much bubble mixture.

There are 6 crazy styles (sold in packs of two), these photo-booth style wands are great for any occasion. For only £3.99 you receive two wands, a dipping tray and an 8oz bottle of Gazillion premium solution. The Bubble mix was good being non-toxic and non-staining.

The funny and usual designs made blowing bubbles even more fun. Some were really easy to use the lips and bunny teeth versions. Some weren't as easy to blow bubbles from which was a tad disappointing. The kids enjoyed making funny faces out of them all the same. 

Such a great gift also great for encouraging kids to get outside and into the garden. You can buy refills of Gazzilion solution which lasts much longer than other supermarket bubble mixture too. 
A deffo must but for this summer that doesn't cost an arm and a leg. 

Sunday, 15 April 2018

BABY Born Bath Time Rain Fun shower Review

My two little ones love babies, I actually think love is an understatement. They play from dusk till dawn mums and dads.  We’ve been sent some fantastic Baby Born products as part of their Baby Born bath time campaign Thankfully this is the BABY born Rain Fun Shower Doll Set. It’s part of the new bathtime range which also includes the BABY Born Funny Toilet and the Interactive Bathtub with foam. We have lots of babies but needed a baby Born doll to try (see the BABY Born little brother in review in a few days). Ami and Sonny are 3 and 5 so the shower is the perfect gift for any child at this age. For Ami she was over the moon she loves showers so for her to be able to shower her baby was really important. 

To be a little honest it was a little tricky almost a bit flimsy when putting together. It was quite easy to put together, but a tad little fiddly. All the pieces fit in quite easily but didn't quite stay in place. Thankfully Ami came along and helped with the peer pressure with getting me to hurry up. The Shower comes with a little towel and towel rail which we all thought was very cute. 

The shower is easy to use, it comes with a doll holder that allows different sizes of babies to use. It's easy to use and works by turning the switch. There is a large drawer underneath that stores all the water. The shower door didn't always close so Ami and Son Son had great fun getting wet whilst using it. Their poor babies have all had a shower recently with the novelty of the new shower. 

My If you have a child who loves playing with their dolls like my two little ones then this is a must for them. I just wish I could be a child again, I used to love playing with my dolls but there was never anything quite this cool around 20 years ago. I would highly recommend this product and for the price, it sells at I think it is brilliant value. The shower can be bought for £29.99 from most toy shops or you can order it online. 

Check out the blog tomorrow to see how we got on with the BABY born interactive little brother. It was like Christmas for my little two with the babies. I am not sure who likes babies more and now what else is on the list. Ami has her eyes on the Baby born toilet and with her birthday coming up its top of her list.

Thursday, 29 March 2018

Gel-a-Peel Slime Jar Decorating - Easy Slime Recipe

I don't know if your kids are obsessed with Slime but mine are at the moment. One thing we have never done is try to make it I for one thought it was maybe a little bit too hard for me. We were sent a kit from Gel a Peel to make some slime jars. So with that, I googled easy slime recipe and found one that actually worked using only two ingredients so read on to find out how we have done it.

If you are a regular reader of our blog you will have seen us try out the Gel a Peel products a few times for different projects.  One thing Gel a Peel is good to create a different texture and gives a good effect and finish.

We tried a new Gold pack which I can tell you there was a few fights about who got to use the gold pen. If you have not heard of Gel a Peel its a lot of fun. It comes in different coloured tubes and you can use it to make jewellery or as we done slime Jars. The wonderful thing is when it dries it becomes like a rubbery texture. Each set comes with different shaped nozzles that attach on the Gel a Peel tubes to create different shales and textures. The set comes with moulds that you can use to stick on your designs or make into creations themselves.

 The Sets that we were using comes with 16 different templates which can be moulded into different shapes. It's very easy to use and my children love using the mould. It's very easy to use and comes with a squeegee to scrape away excess gel. It's best to do the moulds the day before as they take some time to dry. 

Easy two ingredient Slime Recipe

The great thing about this slime recipe is that all the stuff is available in your home. 
All you will need for this recipe is - 

- PVA Glue - 2 Tablespoons

- Washing Detergent  - 2 Table Spoons

- Food colouring or glitter for decoration (optional)

This is it believe it or not. It was super easy to make actually I was surprised especially as I had heard horror stories from other people. All you do is mix both together until it creates a gooey consistency. We added glitter and colouring too to make it more exciting. It worked well as slime and ticked the boxes in the right places for them. 

They then filled the jars they made and won't let us throw them away. 

Check out Gel a Peel Available in most Toy retailers. The set we use retails at around £19.99 

Thursday, 22 March 2018

Giant Gruffalo Floor Puzzle by Ravensburger

Son Son loves a puzzle recently, hes always asking to do puzzles at home and at nursery. So thankfully we were sent anther puzzle for his collection A giant Gruffalo floor puzzle for him to try out. As soon as it was out of its packaging he was away putting pieces together desperate to complete it. 

The puzzle is aimed at children aged 3 plus and has 24 pieces. Son Son had no trouble putting it together and required little help from me. The pieces are sturdy and strong so able to out up with sometimes the forceful placement of puzzle pieces by Son Son. The shapes are also all odd shaped, making it a bit different to the normal suqare puzzles. 

The puzzle is in the shape of the gruffalo and has lots of fun coulours round the edges along with sentances from the story around the edge. Son Son loved to spot the animals in the puzzle along with the colours. 

The pieces fit nicely in the box too making it easy to store away. They are also large meaning thety wont get mixed up with other jigsaws so much. 

The puzzle is aimed at children 3 plus and retails at £9.99 which I think is a bargain. Son Son did the puzzle with ease so we look forward to trying more puzzles aimed at 4 plus too. Find out more informatoin from Ravensburger and on the Gruffalo floor puzzle here

Peppa Pig Pick up and Play Set Review

My children at 4 and 5 still love Peppa Pig. We have been watching Peppa Pig for a number of years and it still doesn't get old. Recently we were sent the new Peppa Pig Pick up and Playsets, a toy perfect for long journeys in the car or keeping everything together in one set so it doesn't get lost. The set comes in the shape of Peppas face. We were sent the seaside set to try but also available in the playground set too.

The Peppa pick up and play set is the perfect toy for small children. It doesn't come with small parts so there's no fear they will put the toys in their mouth. The toy can help bring imagination to life and it also comes with a sound box that can be removed. My daughter liked to use the sound box as a phone. The sound box has different pictures on that plays a sound relating to the beach theme.

The Set comes with A Peppa pig figure that has a base on her feet making it easier for her to stand. Printed on the back is lots of characters from Peppa big and the beach and sea. Included in the set is a sun lounger and a sandcastle to aid play. The set is also big enough to store other characters you may have.

We liked how practical the set was and the fact that everything can be stored in one place. I have left mine in the car as the kids always get bored when we have to go on a longer journey.

The toy is aimed at children aged 18 months and older. My little ones at 4 and 5 did enjoy playing with it too. Each set is £14.99 each and available from Smyths Toys, Argos and Character Online

Monday, 12 March 2018

A little teaser Update

Its been a while since I have blogged properly. It's not until I sit at a laptop I realise how much I miss typing away. I spent the evening reading old posts of when the little ones were babies and literally so glad I wrote it all down. it seems like such a lifetime ago now. Like they say time flies when you're having fun. 

a lot has changed since I wrote my last update which I won't fill you in now but leave you hanging. I have been blogging for 5 years and have missed my blog birthday!! I started blogging 5 years ago almost as a release and something to keep my brain going with a baby. Also, I had finished university 6 months before and quite frankly used typing away. I know that sounds sad but I was at uni for 5 years it becomes my habit to type away. thankfully the subjects were much more interesting writing about my children rather than the maslows hierarchy of needs!!!

Looking back to my first posts I am glad my crammer has improved I no longer end the sentence with an exclamation point! I use spell checker sometimes and even might read back my writing. I am dyslexic so sometimes theres no point as I see no mistakes but hey it's handy to try. 

I will write more over the next few days and give a full update on each of the children. Its been some time and it was always something I really enjoyed doing. Are blogs still popular? I haven't read one for a while. Has everyone moved to vlogging and other areas. My blog was always for me anyway it was never something to make a living on. Sadly my life is not that interesting. I don't have the time not because I am so busy mainly because I am lazy. I would rather sit and watch scrubs or casualty I'm just too cool. I don't have a fancy home and no fashion sense. MY food is boring I seriously eat  a ham sandwich every day!! Ive got no clue on SEO and can just about put a picture on my post. SO this blog is me. Just me the girl who loves typing and is often random. 

So here we are if your reading this and don't see me post for another few weeks give me a virtual kick up the bum. 

Anyway peace out. 

Sara xx