Thursday, 16 June 2016

Educational Play the Schleich Way

My little ones love playing with animal toys, its something I have always loved myself and tried to encourage. I often have placed animals in our messy play tray and it has provided alot of time for the little ones to enjoy making up little stories and generally getting really messy. We have a small selection of Schleich toys and they are always the ones I love to look at the toy shop (ok I am a little sad). They are such fantastic quality though and worth the investment they are indestructible too.  

We have been looking at the new Schleich Brochure which is by far more than a catalogue of the toys but a guide into getting the most through play with these toys. The best thing its free and you can download it here right now and check it out ( Link in the Side Bar). 

It covers a whole range of things including the perfect play balance, it helps to encourage play and communication skills. Also for the parents like me who I have to admit can find it hard to come up with things to do with the children comes with helpful hints to get the best out of the Schleich products. 

In the Brouchure it explains about the benefits of helping you child to play freely. It contained facts about the importance of active, social, creative and free types of play. 

It is packed with plenty of fun game ideas too, the one I love the best is the setting up the scenes for the children. I do find this hard to come up with new stuff for them to do. Another important thing it had was a section about siblings. As I have two children with a very small age gap they often have to play together. Which can be hard as one loves sitting down the other loved running around, it can be hard to find something to suite both of them. 

They love the Schleich toys I often find a few in my bag and perfect for them to play on the move. I have often been known to whip out a killer whale during a dinner out somewhere but the kids enjoy playing with them. Schleich products have been going for 80 years I think that means they are defiantly worth the quality.

You can find out more about Schleich toys on their website, along with a handy Store Locator to find your nearest stockist

Disclaimer: We were sent a few of the animals pictured about for return for writing about the brochure.

Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Yvolution Balance Bike Review


There is one thing I love more than toys is encouraging my children to play outside. They love to be in the fresh air and so do I. We recently got asked to review the Yvolution balance bike which I couldn't say No too. Balance bike if you are not aware are bikes with no pedals, they provide a way of learning to ride a bike with out stabilisers. Its all about helping your child learn to balance on two wheels. Ami  and Son Son were over joyed as you can see from the photos, they love bikes. Ami was a little disappointed it didn't have pedals. They are both rather speedy it can be hard to keep up at times. Now that Summer is here the kids want to be outside all the time, I am often found chasing after two toddlers on balance bikes. 

The Bike is very easy to put to gather and comes with minimal parts, I did it all my self with the assistance of Ami. It required no extra tools than those provided in the box. You can adjust the bike so it can grow with your child. Its very easy to adjust the seat to get the right height.  The bike is very sturdy and good quality. 

Son Son is 2 and a half and it is perfect as a first bike, when he first started using it he was standing on tip toes but now he is bigger he zooms along, the other day I had to chase him along the road he was so fast. Its perfect because the seat is adjustable it grows with him so its well worth the investment for the long run. 

Its a very study bike and is just perfect for Ami and even Son Son, I like the size of the wheels too. We have another balance bike which looks tiny in comparison and the wheels on that are half the size. Ami has developed a good skill of balancing and has improved on a bigger bike more suitable for her size. She asks to take it everywhere and always wants to show the bike of to all the neighbours. I think because her older brothers bike is green she loves it even more.  Whereas Son Son is in love with it more and thankfully they have one each so they can race each other on there bikes. 

Not Suitable for Mums!

 The best thing about balance bikes is no sorting oily chains out. They just sit on the bike and Pedal with there feet. Its great because they can steer the bike giving much need cofidence for when riding with two wheels.  We have really loved the bike. I was more than impressed with everything, from the gripped handles to the wide wheels.

Such a great Product deffo one to think about for Christmas. 
Ages 3+ (max weight 25kgs) Available in green 
For Stockist Information Check out  RRP £59.99

Me and mine - May

Here is our me and mine Photo for May it's a phone photo I took the other day on the way to a festival. We have been very slack at our family photo and I haven't even touched a DSLR for weeks. Will deffo get back on that next month. Our family photos have been something we have done for the last 2 and a half years it seems very strange to not have posed in front of a tri pod. Sometimes life is just too busy, the times your together you are so busy cherishing that time the thought of taking a photo is the last thing on your mind. We took last months me
And mine photo too and I never even posted it. Doh. 

It doesn't help that my husband has been using the cameras meaning I have not had one at home to use. I remember when he got his new camera he said I could use the old one but somehow the use two cameras is important for filming. Anyway less of me rambling we have just spent the weekend camping and were about to go on holiday Saturday. We will have to be more intentional next month!!

This month Daddy is loving 
- Filming the main events at a music festival.
- Camping with the family however mad and early it can be. 
- Arsenal coming above Spurs in football. 
- The warmer weather and getting outside in the conservatory. 

Mummy is loving -
- Camping with the family not the 5 am starts, we did so much walking but so much fun. 
- Sunny days and getting on the beach, although not the days when I have been in work and it's sunny.
- Having weekends off and going to fun places.
- Preparing for our holiday I am beyond excited.
- Watching my husband on the camera for a big Music Festival was deffinatly a proud mement. 

Asti is loving -
- Camping and the freedom of roaming around playing football all weekend.
- Having a mobile phone he used all the credit up in just a few days the wally. 
- Half term and having time not at school.
- New Tom Gates book he has taken it everywhere. 

Ami is loving -
- Camping at Big Church Day out and staying up really late. She really did have the best time.
- seeing Guvna b and apparently Justin Beiber too. 
- Getting school uniform and seeing her new school. 
- Seeing her friends and going round to there houses. 

Son Son is loving - 
- Talking a lot more and making us laugh with new sayings especially "Drink biscuit Dummy Muzzy now". 
- obviously Big Church and sleeping in a spiderman bed. 
- Riding his bike he is actually rather fast now.

So that is that for this month, maybe we will pop down to the beach later and add a few more photos. I really love the photos that we take. Although it's 50 MPH winds out there I can hear it rattling the house. So wait and see. 

Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Son Son your 2 and a Half

Thought it was about time I did an update on little baby Son Son. I say baby he is very much not a baby any more. As each day passes he gets more and more grown up. Both my self and my husband are always saying how cute he is. I last did an update 6 months ago and so much has changed, he still remains full of energy but is so more independent. I thought I would separate into categories so I can skim read in a few years time, or you can if you have a similar aged child. Not in a competition way but you know its nice to see how children develop and all that. Especially if you have been following this blog since Son Son was born.  Its kind of like a report now the sub titles have made it easier to write about and maybe not as random... Ok its me its going to be random.


Son Son remains a good sleeper, he loves going to bed. Out if the three he is the guaranteed one who will go to bed. A few times lately he has called out for Mummy and Daddy but is nowhere near as demanding as his older sister. All he needs is his Dummy, muzzy and some milk (still in a bottle, yes I know he shouldn't have one but hey why break the good routine). He likes a little prayer and a kiss where you say "I love you" then he says " I love you more" and that goes one for a while. We don't hear a peep, well we hearing him snoring downstairs but he generally does not wake up till his sister wakes him without fail usually at 6:30am. He rarely naps in the day only in the car now, he does flag about 6pm if he doesn't.


Son Son remains a good eater usually grazing though the day. He asks for a drink and a biscuit usually every 30 minutes. He refuses water but happily drinks it at nursery so I am told. He is a great eater and often demolishes his dinner, if we eat out he helps Ami out too. He isn't a big fan of ice lollies and ice creams but always wants them. Like his parents he has a sweet tooth and loves cake, carrot cake being his favourite. He does with that like fruit too, he won't touch a smoothie especially a home made one. His favourite dinner is anything with mash and vegetables.


Son Son loves football or any ball related thing. His Granddad brought him a small football goal and some little footballs and he has been in his element. He generally plays with most things and is often forced to play the role of Dad in his big sisters games. He loves paying in the garden especially with any mud/ sand / water. he likes to mix things to make soups and pretend to eat. He generally plays what ever Ami is playing. It will be interesting to see what it will be like in September when Ami starts school and what he will be like on his own at home. He loves watching Blaze and Bing and constantly asks for the tv on if its off.


He is generally sweet and cute but has developed the typical 2 year old tantrum stage. Basically if you have annoyed he will blow a raspberry and say "Your a poopey". The delights of older siblings to learn things from. He is very stubborn and takes a

lot of talking round if he doesn't want to do something. He is very cuddly and loves to snuggle with his parents. He likes to be told he is doing something well and when you praise him he gives the biggest smile. He gets away with most things because he is the youngest.


Son Son has come on alot over the last few months, he generally tackles most words now and gets ever so cross if you don't understand him. He loves to talk if you can prise the dummy out of his mouth. The nursery thought he may need speech and language but I personally thought it was Ami talking for him. If you ask poor Son Son a question she answers it before he gets a chance. He is amazing us each day with new words. Also the ability to remember things and tell us stories. like the other day I came home from work and he told me " Micheal come and drop hoover at home". I heard the story from him before my husband explained it, he was like how did you know that. His best friends are Preacha and Milly at the moment if asked.


Being the youngest isn't always fun for poor Son Son. He is often classed as too young by Ami who is only 15 months older and therefore is a super grown up. She tells him off alot but he is ever so pleased if she lets him play. Whereas its the opposite with Asti who loves Son Son and is always encouraging him. Son Son loves it when Asti plays football with him in the garden. Son loves his siblings he is always going on about them asking where they are. He calls them Lion and Mallie.

So here rounds up my little report, I can not believe my youngest child is 2 and a half seriously where is the time going. Its nice though I feel like I am drifting far away from babies and life is getting manageable (sometimes). I am not going to lie having three children is overwhelming at time but its also alot of fun too.

We love you Son Son you are one awesome boy.

Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Wicked Wednesday - Lost children

When you loose your baby to find they have hidden themselves in a locker. I did the thing any normal parent does and took a photo, a man saw me do it and gave me the most filthy look ever. I thought it was quite smart of him to get in the locker all by himself. 

Saturday, 14 May 2016

Huzzah its the Weekend

I do love the weekend, its something thats drilled into us from when we are Young. You will enjoy the weekend! You should. As a single parent weekends were long, Sundays used to last for ever I was always grateful for Monday. Now they don't seem long enough. Most weekends I work one of the days which makes it go by superf ast but those rare weekends I have off are pure bliss.

You may be reading this and thinking how random is this post, then you must have just met me. Hi for those who do not know me I am Sara, Mum to three children, married to the most funny man and work as a nurse. Life can be rather busy and I have been trying to take it slower. Nothing yet has worked, I still on the search so if you find something then let me know please.

I felt inspired to write this morning, I woke up feeling different. You know those morning when you can do anything. Its 8am and I've done the washing up thats been hanging around for the last few days. I don't know if you have a similar battle with your partner but its an endurance test who can stand the washing up the longest. Usually my husband caves he is a bit of a neat freak, but no this morning I was on that washing up quicker than a fly on well you get my drift.

I feel like a new season is coming which may sound a but funny, I have felt it for a while. Life can be rather the same sometimes. Weeks roll into each other and before you know it the weekend and the week starts all over again. There is nothing wrong with our life as it is, I am certainly not complaining we are extremely blessed.

Really I do not know where I am going with this post, I felt like I needed to type. Get what ever is on my mind out there. Ive been plagued with countless headaches all week which have been getting me a little bit down. Ive woken up with a clear head it feels weird but nice. I actually woke before the kids this morning. I planned to go downstairs and do a bit of reading but before I knew it Ami was up and in her bothers room waking him up. I have been the good wife and let my husband have the Saturday morning lie in. So that leads me to here quickly typing as the children eat there cereal.

Heres to the weekend and my random post. Im working tomorrow which is not great but its Sunday pay so thats a bonus. Maybe I should get up early more often I seem to be more focused. Anyway sorry for my ramble post. Sometimes its good to type and write.

Have a great weekend folks.

Thursday, 12 May 2016

Random old update from me

Here's a little update for me sorry again been rather quite. Here's a picture of a local sunset it's glorious isn't it

Nothing much has changed in the last few weeks, with isn't any busier and life is very much the same. But all off a sudden I was forgetting who I was once more. The dark colder days making me feel trapped. That old depression trying to force its way back in. It must be a winter thing I never feel as bad in the summer. It's hard to get out you have to pack a small amount for every eventuality.

Now the sun has started to shine and we can leave with out our coats on I feel somewhat some relief. The kids can go outside and I get a little bit more peace. We can explore anywhere and when I finally pass that sodding driving test then go anywhere. I cut down on blogging too I used sit at the screen with nothing to say. Half written posts and lack of ideas. I used to love blogging I still do but I don't have the effort like I used to. I flit in and out and that suites me fine at the moment. 

I love reading back on my old posts it often shows how far my writing has come. I have got bad dyslexia and dyspraxia so often my sentences don't make sense to anyone but me. One day I might take it up full time again but for now I am happy. I'm not blogging for stats I'm blogging for me. It's taken three years to get like that. Years of disappointment and feeling discouraged by the amount of effort I have put in.  Sad really but that's what we get ourselves trapped into.

That's my random post for the week lol I am ever so random in in conversations I'm 10 times worse. Now I need to get myself out of bed as my hubby is moaning again to the kids (mums still in bed go wake her up).