Monday 29 April 2013

Becoming a big brother!

When we found out we were having Ami a huge surprise but i couldn't keep it a secret from Pants! bit of a mistake 35 weeks is a long time to wait, a long time to keep on being asked are you looking forward to being a big brother! he was disappointed that we were having a girl but pleased all the same! But finally the time came and Ami arrived! Pants was excited but did not expect Ami to do nothing! babies are very boring but we made the most of the time whilst she was small playing the ps3 as poor pants was in the school holidays, but least to say yes we have completed lego batman 2! great achievement for our summer holidays!

We expected Pants to be a bit jealous of the attention she got or people always asking about Ami but he was such a superstar! he never complained (well sometimes if i asked him to get me nappies etc) but he even wanted to change nappies! As Ami has gotten bigger he is by far one of her favorite people he used to be the only one she would laugh at! now she just follows him around trying to play with what he is playing with! much to Pants annoyance he just picks he up and sits her elsewhere! you can see how much he loves having a sister someone to play with some days! It is lovely to see him play with his sister he is such a good big brother!

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Thursday 25 April 2013

My week so Far. We love the sunshine!

Sorry have been very quiet as of late my sister borrowed my laptop and couldn't get blogger to work on my phone (what a wally)!  anyway we have had a very good week, not done alot but enjoyed Mr sunshine! 

Monday we saw my sister and her two boys they had been to wrestle mania so was full of stories about wrestling Pants loved to hear! i heard all about the fights then we often had to stop all the boys from acting the moves out on each other! 

Tuesday me and Ami had a picnic before getting Pants then we went to the beach that's at the end of our road! it was Amis first experience of Sand she loved it and was very curious, she liked the texture in her hands! Pants took of to the sea were he attempted to swim in the nice chilly April water but it didn't stop him! he came back soaking but happy! Ami even made it to a paddle it was nice i had briefly forgotten about warmer weather! 

Wednesday was more chilled the sun was out briefly me and Ami went for another picnic but the weather turned cloudy so we headed home, i got changed into less summery clothes for the school run didn't want to be cold but then was boiling had to take tights of in school toilets lol! We also saw my mum who has recently  started a new job and said because we hadn't seen us lately shed take us to tesco and Mac Donald's (very random but that is my mum, shes always like it)! Also had our first cafe Church had a guest speaker called Carl Willis he was really good! was really refreshing night!

Thursday (today) we help out at the toddler group held at our church! i sit in the baby area with my good friend Leanne were not much use but i suppose were there! then my husband took me out for lunch we went and sat on a prom were he tested out some kit he had made for his camera! some kind of slide thing to do with getting a steady shot (must listen more) ! Then me Pants and Ami went to the beach! Pants wanted to go crabbing but we didnt find any crabs must be too cold still! Ami was a pain today on the beach she kept on eating the sand and being a pickle about it so put her in the pushchair, she kicked of big time but i remember pants as a baby eating sand then we were up A & E because he was so poorly! Chucked the kids in the bath and of out i was again (two nights in a row) been doing a course about Prophesy at a local church, been interesting! 

So what sounded like a quiet week in my head now looks busy! loving the warmer weather sad its going back to normal tomorrow! we have a spring ball tomorrow at our church very interesting not sure what to expect but it will be good fun i bet!

Me and my bubba bear

Reasons to be cheerfull - week 8

Its that time of the week were i look back and see what we are gratfull for the last week! havent done much but sure have a few reasons to be cheerful!

1- We managed to get on the beach! Sand in our toes Pants has been swimming, Ami playing with sand! i loved it!

2- Its been lovely putting washing on the line!

3- Ami has been following me everywhere and has discovered new areas of our house!

4- We have some new neighbiours Pants has loved this as its 3 boys it does mean he wants to play outside all the time!

5- Today the weather forcast is 20 degrees lovely enjoying it while it lasts

6- My husbands football match was cancelled (what a shame..)

7- been applying for nursing jobs scary but exciting feel so out of practice on maternity leave!

8- Its been a good week very chilled weve had lots of picnics on the prom!  its such a lovely area we live in i love living by the seaside (in the summer)!

Reasons to be Cheerful at Mummy from the Heart

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Wednesday 24 April 2013

The Gallery - Expressions

To try and save some money we attempted to take Amis passport photos at home! ok we didnt end up saving much and she was only small so it was more difficult to keep he up with out getting our hands in the shot! we went the the third picture i suppose will be funny when she is about 4 with this passport picture! she was pulling some funny baby faces!


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Monday 22 April 2013

magic moments- History museum

 My Magic moment today is a day out i had with Pants! Pants was about four and i has some time of work and he wasnt at nursery so i decided lets get on the train and go to London! It was April time and my husband was away at spring harvest so we just went! We decided to go to the national History museum as Pants wanted to see the dinosaurs!

So of we go we live very close to the train station so after a hour and a half on the train entertaining a hyperactive four year old we reach London! My dream as a teenager was to work in London (how sad) only because i read loads of romance novels and apparently thats where you fnd the love of your life! how funny! Anyway we started of gong into some kind of butterfly house! where they kept on landing on us Pants was trying to catch them so we quickly left before getting told of! As you can see from the photo below he wasnt to sure of the butterflies!
Pants was really excited to see the Dinosaurs after an hour and a half queuing to get in the museum we now had to Que to see the dinosaurs  Pants didnt mind he had be very well behaved beforehand so another half an hour later we finally get in there! And to Pants disappointment they were all dead! I dont know what he was expecting! maybe he thought dinosaurs still existed was very funny!

 After this we looked round the animals and by this time he had had enough of looking so we got some tea and cake! It was a lovely day and unexpected adventure! We havent done it in a while so maybe sometime soon we can get on the train somewhere! we have Ami too but she is no bother to take along!

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Blackout blind!

As much as i love getting up at 6 (i dont i hate it) I think its unnecessary especially when im not at work! anyway with this to stop little Ami getting up at 6 to the bright light! im going to atempt to make a blackout blind! i dont know where to start! do i but fabric and make it like a curtain! or just buy one!  the thing is we have a huge window in her room so to buy one would be expensive and as were not going to be living here for much longer (hopefully) then its not worth it!

Ive also seen the portable blackout blinds but again they are to small what to do! I seen the velcro ones too what to do!

If you have any tips please let me know!

Thanks x

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Thursday 18 April 2013

Reasons to be cheerfull. week 7

Here are my reasons to be cheerfull for the week!

1) we are all so happy my husband is home after being away for three weeks!

2) Ami has started to crawl, pull herself up, learn to clap. learn peekaboo and even cut her first teeth! all in a week!

3) Pants is back at school and the weather has been nice after school to go to the park

4) Its Friday tomorrow this week has gone so quick bearing in mind i haven't actually done much

5) The sun has been shinning we haven't made it on the beach but have had a walk along the prom!

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Wednesday 17 April 2013

I am ME!

At the moment im just a Mum! days roll into another, I cant remember working me or days with out a baby! ive forgotten walks by myself and even date nights have been a bit of the past lately! but in the mist of this season of my life im not just a Mum i am so much more!

I am .. A wife, A mum , A friend, A nurse, A sister, A daughter, A royal Priest, A child of god, A youth worker (not so much these days), I am what i am!

I am sometimes.. Hilarious, supportive, compassionate, caring, loving, motivating, kind, patient, annoying, a good listener, a crap listener, the only one who finds me funny, thoughtful, selfish, selfless, generous, giving, forgetful!

I like.. Sleeping, spending time with friends, going out for dinner, hanging out with my husband, time on my own, change, mission work, being busy, being part of church community, trashy american tv shows such as How i met your mother and scrubs, also any hospital program the sadder the better (by sad i mean bring me to tears!), fiction books, red wine, pasta, chocolate biscuits, sun sets at Minnis bay, Lark in the park, travelling, summer, being at the beach, sitting outside a pub on a warm evening, that my husband makes me laugh so much, having fun, working

I dislike.. getting up early, being wound up, rudeness, poverty, not knowing what im doing, not doing anything, things being the same, fish, cold weather, snow, being angry, making packed lunches, having to make big decisions, that i cry at everything, that i go mad when my husband goes away, washing, housework , wasting my day, looking young people always think im 15,

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I am me
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The Gallery - Youth

Oh dear what a subject! Ive gone for my youth as i suppose everyone else will too It makes me cringe but its a good laugh to look back! As a teenager i loved drama and loved being center of attention  i was actually talking to my husband yesterday who couldn't believe me when i told him about me at school! ive added two photos as most other photos just make me think "Sara what were you doing". I was a huge rebel growing up and feel very sorry for my parents to what a pain i was! oh dear! (my husband would say im still a pain!!)

This was me in the purple some kind of play in class! Oh dear how embarrassing

This was another me on the stage in some play! oh dear!


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Monday 15 April 2013

When 3 became 4

When its your second pregnancy everything is familiar you think you forgot what its like to have a huge bump but soon everything comes back and your comparing the size compared to the last time. So when it came to the end i expected labour to come the same as it did before in fact i expected it to be alot earlier! but there i was a week overdue the same as i was with Pants still pregnant!

My husband had some men's breakfast he went of to so i thought nothing of it! I then realised when he had gone I had started to get pains across my stomach and back. Here we go i thought Ive plenty of time it took 24 hours with Pants so i watch some TV get Pants sorted to go to my sisters bit somehow things were going a bit quicker! suddenly it was becoming unmanageable. So i called my husband who was fixing some TV and told him he better hurry to take me to our local hospital! I heard from people he was with that he wasn't in any rush and wanted to finish the job he started and that they had to push him out the door! So after dropping pants of we get to the hospital and there is some kind of fete on in the maternity car park! so we park on the roads outside the hospital bonus as didn't have to pay for parking!

So i walk down the ally stopping a few times and we finally reach labour ward! memory's come back and i had also done a maternity placement in that ward so i knew how things worked and where things were! it was a shame as the midwifery led unit was not open as i would have fancied a water birth but maybe next time lol! The time was 11:30am and the midwife checked me over and said i was 3-4cm i thought great got hours to go yet! so i plod along with gas and air time flying by! my husband doing a good job of stroking my hair! I don't remember the midwife coming in alot i remember her putting a monitor on as she said the babies heart rate had dropped! then she came in again to say she was going on her break! so a new midwife came in she did a check and found out i was fully dilated and could push anytime she just needed to break my waters! i was in so much shock the time was only 1:30pm. so she breaks my waters and out pops Ami with little effort! i was so pleased and surprised! It was a completely different feeling from my first i didn't have that sense of responsibility as i did with Pants! i was in love! my husband did such a good job and he was over the moon! He was asking when we could leave thinking we could go straight away! we then got moved to the ward where my sister had brought Pants! we had got him an Arsenal kit he was excited and put it on straight away! he was unsure of this little baby who is now his sister! he held her for a little bit then was ready to go! My husband asked if we could go and they said we cold when they had done the paperwork! it was 5:30pm and we left the hospital now a family of 4 after a round trip of 6 hours life changed yet again!

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Thursday 11 April 2013

Days out with friends!

There is nothing more fun than spending the day out! Today we hung out with my good friend and her three children! We always end up going to Broadstairs but the kids love getting together and its nice to get out of the house and do some fun stuff! although what I expected to be a reasonably cheap day out the pounds mounted up! but we had a good day! 

We started of going to a soft play area in Broadstairs it was really busy and noisy but the older ones enjoyed   playing and running around! Pants even getting into a few play fights (oh dear)! Then we went to get ice cream from morelli's which is the best ice cream parlour ever (its so good Dermot O'leary had it at his wedding!!

Then for a walk along the beach (this is the only free part to the day hurray!!) nice to be on the beach even if we were wearing our coats! looking forward to not wearing a coat, one can dream! 
Then we went to the arcades they won loads of tickets and ended up with some tatty prizes but they were all happy! It was a good day! Deffo made the day go quicker and great to hang out with my friend and her children! 

All five on the beach! Pants playing it cool! 
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