Monday 4 March 2013

minecraft mum! the joys of modern motherhood

I’ve become a minecraft mum! not only do i have to endure hours of listening to boring minecraft videos I’ve sometimes found myself actually playing it on pants iPod when he’s in bed! I don’t get the game you build houses, although i hear a lot about full armour oh dear…. Even sheep and also there’s tons YouTube videos of songs people have made up about minecraft even a Harlem shake one!

It’s sad because pants who is six is better at computer stuff than me! And I’ve got my European computer driving licence... (Ok i failed it 4 times but i got there in the end) this was a mandatory course for any student nurse to take (yes because Ram is important to patient care)! It was all about ram whatever that is! I must keep up to date with it! In order to watch and help and make sure he is safe playing these games!

another thing when he goes on my laptop now he’s older he can read whereas before i could leave it on cebeebies and he would stay on that site but now he wonders to sites like Tesco, asda and even eBay where he bided £250 for an arsenal kit! Oh dear! But the funny thing is i never taught him how to use a laptop i assume he had learnt it at school! Will have to put parent safety on not sure how too lol!

What are your thoughts about modern technology and children?


  1. I have a house full of minecraft fans here too! Children know so much about computers but it is the future so its a good thing they can all navigate the modern technology!

  2. My girls are really into Minecraft at the moment-the music drives me mad. You'll have one on the xbox and the other on the ipad so I get it in stereo .I've even had to endure gaghamn style the minecraft version 'hey sexy pigggggahhhhyyy' argghh! (popping over from Britmums)

    1. Yes im sorry to say ive heard that far to many times also! Pants loves usher song dj got some love or something like that! I know the minecraft version by heart