Wednesday 27 March 2013

The Gallery - Walks - Southwold peir

Every year at Christmas time all of my husbands family head up to Norfolk to see his mum and dad! Matt is the youngest of 6 and all the six have 2/3 children it gets busy! One of the things we do is go for a walk along Southwold Peir! every year its always cold and rainy! they have an arcades and a vintage machine arcades,  also dont forget the hot chocolate (it is awesome has malteasers and flakes very unhealthy but very good). Nice to be by the sea side its where i feel most at home!

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  1. I love the star jumps picture! Looks so much fun. And who can resist a hot chocolate?

    1. yes it was so cold, i had the excuse of feeding baby (just to get of the cold beach)

  2. fantastic photos love the jumping one!

  3. Great photos, I feel most at home by the sea too.