Thursday 28 February 2013

being a mum

Some days i just love being a mum, i love everything about it! School runs also! but other days i could easily hop on a plane go somewhere hot! some days it can be a relief just to go to work! although i haven't been to work for 8months as on maternity leave! am actually looking forward to going back! i was chatting to some mum friends of mine and they were saying that they liked work as they get an hour break and no changing nappies or looking after someone! i thought lucky them i go to work do exactly what i do at home but on a adult scale! the highlights of being a nurse!

Anyway I do love my children very much they cause me much delight! they are both so different and funny! Pants is very outgoing, very noisy, cheeky but defiantly not boring! very clever not sure where he got that from! its sad when a 6 year old has to show you how to do things on a ipod! and Ami just as sweet shes just starting to develop a personality she already seems very chilled out very much like her dad!

my day goes like this wake up to either husbands alarm/ Ami crying/ pants shoving ipod in my face asking me to download him a game! i then get Ami feed her whilst trying to get my husband to wake up so i don't have to quickly make the packed lunches  or the forcing pants to get dressed bribeing him with nuttella on toast as a reward for getting dressed! by this time Ami is bored of staying in bed! wants to explore elsewhere so of we go into our lounge! i then pick up the carnage from pants! and my husband takes pants to school! most days something is forgotten book bag/lunch box/ scooter!
this is all before 9am

what joy but then i wouldnt change it! ive been a mum since i was a teenager its all ive known i never had those care free years of being an adult, spending all day in bed! not having to sort childcare out if i want to do anything on my own!  that's the dream! one day when the kids are adults i shall have my time then! i plan to do alot of missionary work maybe we will take the kids with us! i dont know what the future holds but i do know god has some awesome plans for us! so if were still blogging i hope you enjoy the ride!

I would Love to hear from you please leave a comment!

Wednesday 27 February 2013

were going to Disney!

not long till we leave! 27 hours exactly!

although do wish i was more organised as have everything to do tommorow! turn money into euros and pack a bag for Amelie, food for the journey and all that fun!

we did this last year a day trip to Disney  we collected the vouchers from the sun newspaper and it cost £25 for day tickets and the ferry! just have to pay tolls, parking, petrol but thats not a huge amount extra ..... oh wait it is! but its worth it for the crack of being up for 24 hours! traveling 4 hours there and back!

This year is alot different last year just had a 5 year old, now have the extra joy of a 7 month old baby (who had chicken pox) but that adds to the fun! so to make things a little easier have brought some pre made formula so only have to take bottles! but Disneyland is very baby friendly they even let you do a baby swap where you take it in turns to go on a ride rather than queuing up again! 

So best get my bum in gear and sort stuff out to take! 

need to become more organised! but not sure that will happen  anytime soon! 

Tuesday 26 February 2013

Busy busy tuesday! oh and chicken pox

i dread every Tuesday, well not so much the day but the swimming lessons in the evening! it always seems such a struggle just to get there! today we had a busy day on top just enjoying a bit of peace! watching super size vs super skinny on channel 4 (if you haven't seen it, its where an obese person swaps food with someone who is underweight!) very interesting it is! 

today we had a lady round from our local sure start center to register Ami on the system! then we went to a friends house who hosts a little baby club! from this to the first school run in ages, then to the park then the forty mins walk to our local swimming pool for Pants swimming lessons! argh then we were early had to wait for ages! but Pants did good today and was listening to the teacher always good to watch! although ive noticed he likes to stand behind the teacher so she crashes into her with her bum! what a cheeky boy! 

And to top it off today we found some spots on Ami that look alot like chicken pox! explains why she was so ill last week! oh well the fun never stops!

Does anyone have any remedies for Chicken pox?

Monday 25 February 2013

the long walk

So today decided to take a walk to our local surestart center where the health visitors do a baby clinic! My friend Jess and her boy Noah joined us! As we both purchased new strollers we thought wed test them out rather than drive! Jess has purchased the cosatto swift lite super stroller and me with my mothercare lolly pop stroller! 

 Aston school had a teachers training day so he had yet another day off! He was on his scooter! We got to the clinic at 3:04 four mins late! They had packed up and gone! After a 45 min walk which we only thought was 20 min walk in the cold we headed for the local coffee shop! Quick tea, cappuccino and biscuits we headed to the train station our intentions to get the train which we were 30 seconds to late for! Not a good day! So we had to walk even further home! It was so cold Aston had left his gloves in the cafe! he was so cold he was crying most the way home! but we got home eventually wasted day but hey all in all it was exercise! lol

Also started monday club! just cracked HTML thingys and tabs! take that to the husband (the computer whizz of the two of us!) 

Roll on the summer!
us in the cafe! 

Sunday 24 February 2013

“Silent Sunday”

Silent Sunday

Amelie is six months!

So its been six months since Amelie arrived and became a mum of two, its funny after your fisrt baby life changes so much! i was young when i had Aston so i had to grow up very quickly! but with Amelie life has just got busier! we said before she was born that we would try and live life the same as before and just because we had two children didn't mean we would have to stay at home and not get involved with anything! along came Amelie a week late! the midwife had been round the day before but said she couldnt do a sweep as had to be 7 days late! i was devastated i had had enough of being pregnant and as the weather was the only hot days of the year i was desperate not to be huge anymore. we were away orrinagnally serving at a community event in Sidcup called lark in the park!

Amelie when she was born

so the saturday morning came and my husband had gone to a meeting when i felt the first few pains of labour come on! i had a bath and they were getting stronger so called the husband who was fixing a tv and was in no hurry the contractions were to much to bear so he came quick and we droped Aston of at my sisters! At the hospital there was a fair on so no parking we had to park on the outer road which was good as saved on the car park! so we got there at 11:30 got checked over and the midwife said i was 4cm dilated! so then they gave me the gas and air and the rest gets blurry i tried loads of positions but sitting lying back was most comfortable  i remember trying to stand but the pain was awful i think i was ready to push earlier looking back! our midwife popped in said she was going on her break so another midwife came in and check me over. by this time i was looking at myself but trying to get control. the midwife said i was fully dilated and could push! i was so surprised as Aston labor was really long! the midwife broke my waters and at 1:30pm out Amelie came with one push! i was still in shock and happy! we were home 4 hours later people didn't believe we were in and out of hospital within 6 hours! 

So six months and Amelie is such a cute girl, shes chilled out like her dad and very happy! 
Astons been such a good big brother even helping some nappy changes! although Aston had a wasted summer with Amelie being born, we did complete Lego batman 2 i could use the play station controller whilst Amelie feed! its amazing to be a mum of two! my husband cant wait for the next one! 

Saturday 23 February 2013

Womens Speed Coffee

Today we held a women collective speed coffee morning! the idea is similar to speed dating but rather than look for a lover you were looking for a friend! one of the more important things involved was cake! i got there early and there was so much cake! we have some talented bakers in our church community  although my baking was not required maybe my husband had told them about my previous failures in the baking department! these have involved burnt cake, hard biscuits you name it! i keep on blaming the oven!

we had about 30 women attend which was awesome! plenty of tea and cake! conversations were had! i also ate two yes two slices of chocolate cake! was nice to have a break from the kids and sit and talk with out fussing over Aston and Amelie! i am sure my husband enjoyed not having me over his shoulder whilst playing with the kids! he did  say he stood on Amelie s hand but that's not too bad!

Anyway back to women collective, the tables looked awesome my friend who got married last year had loads of country chic accessories left from her wedding so we decorated the tables with these! all in all was a successful morning hopefully some new friendships made or even new support networks for some women! our next event is community action in our local area! exciting!  Womens collective ministry is new to our church after my friend Chelser saw a missing gap and prayed into it and heard whispers from god! a year later in November 2012 we were having our first ever womens collective weekend away! its amazing to have a group dedicated to empowering and supporting the women of our church community!

Friday 22 February 2013

We finally got a Stroller

So I went ahead and brought a stroller I have been looking for ages but was not sure what I wanted. One thing I did know I didn't want to spend alot of money! Mama and papas had a huge range of strollers and looking at the reviews of them they weren't what i expected for the price! so i looked on where I brought Amis Pram, shes currently in the Obaby ZeZu in purple. we love this pram but it can be bulky and not everyone has an estate to cart it round! Im extremly accident prone as it is so have crashed into plenty door frames etc.

kiddicare had a few but nothing I really fancied! So i looked on mothercare where they had a stroller with £10 off the Mothercare Nanu Stroller - Lollipop Blush. I looked on Voucher code to see if i could get a further discount, and to my surprise there was a another £10 of if you spend £50 if you download the iphone app, so all in all got £20 of the original price! i do love a bargain me! with the £20 i brought a pink cosytoes! 

It came this morning easy to put together! don't usually go for pink but the husband loves pink! or anything girly for Ami he loves! We have used it a few times and have found that Ami has not liked it, maybe she enjoys parent facing Im not sure, we also found that she ends up slouched down in the pushchair. Also the cosytoes is more hastle than its worth so we havent used it! We carry on to use the pushchair as its alot lighter and handy to use when out and about. Pants enjoyed playing with the box he got in it and i stood him up he was stuck in there was very funny my husband then picked the box up and attempted to put it outside! 

I love to save money where possible these children come with a huge price tag! 

Thursday 21 February 2013

Womens collective table question fun!

Tonight I spent my night cutting out questions for a womens collective event this coming Saturday. Yesterday I sat through one born every minute and tried to come up with ice breaker questions! Were doing a speed coffee morning where people can meet new friends and get to know new people in the church etc! Sounds very WI although not sure womens collective (wc) is better!
Anyway forty questions they are rather random such as... Who was your favourite teacher? what was the toy you allways wanted? What is your happiest moment? Those type of questions! So rather than type them out and print them out in a business card way I made them in long strips (I saw the idea on a wedding table and thought it was intresting) the tables are named after cottages not my idea but I made the names up. Although they look rather more like pub names! Took a long Time cutting and punching stars and laminating but enjoyed it all the same!

Today as-well Amelie started to bum shuffling not sure this is good! Im happy her just sitting not getting into mischief! Aston only has a limited time to keep lego our before Amelie eats it!

Wednesday 20 February 2013

Half term fun!

After a week of two poorly children decided had to go out ive seen a years worth of Garfield and Scooby doo to last a life time! So to start the day woke up later than usual for a mum with a six month old, we were meeting friends at 9 but,Amelie didn't wake up till 10 lovely as that sounds she was up all night coughing. But hey what can you do!

So of out we went bit later than arranged and we went to Hornby visitor center  Good fun if you have children Aston played with trains and cars. Then Aston got to make and paint a plane which for a hyper six year old was to hard so poor mummy had to make the plane with Amelie on my lap! She was grabbing all the small pieces and glue but we got there minus a few Parts ! More of a dad and kid thing! Aston and his friends enjoyed it and it stopped him playing his iPod and watching tv for a while! Was a bargain at £2.50 including the make and paint plane! So after we decided to go into Margate to visit the cupcake cafe where they were doing cake decorating! After a lovely tea and cheese tostie we ventured in! Aston managed to eat plenty of marshmallows rather than put them on his cake! Saved the mess at home and was good fun! Not bad for £1! Only half way through half term going to euro Disney next week hurray!

Welcome to the mad life of me!

Welcome to my blog!! i am  busy mum of two adorable (sometimes) children! Aston who is six and Amelie who is six months. life is very busy and is flying by way too fast so i decided to start a blog in order to record moments in our life and make new friends!

Enjoy being crafty (not in the cheeky sense but sometimesmaybe) and baking! Both of these I am not very good at but hey there’s no harmin trying!  I also have a passion to savemoney on everything I buy and have had some amazing savings! I'm married to aamazing man who makes me laugh very much his name is Matt and hes a freelancevideo producer so life is always fun!

Also a big thing about me i'm a Christian and live a life forthe King Jesus!

 So Enjoy and welcome to the mad house!!!

im new to this blogging so any help advice etc will be well appreciated! 

Much Love

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