Friday 8 March 2013

Ranty Fridays its all moan moan moan

im not usually one to moan actually (im sure my husband would disagree) anyway my rant is about bloody housework

guress what i hate it!

i hate hoovering 3 times a day

i hate that no matter how much i clean the windows they always have finger prints on

i dont like that the house is tidy then pants comes home and then its a mess!

my bigest moan is my husband comes home from work then says whats happened to this pig sty!

i would much rather play with my children than waste hours cleaning and then it getting messy!

oh well it has to be done maybe the love of housework comes with age!


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  1. A love of house work does not come with age. Well I am 43 and I still dont love it. We have four loos and I hate cleaning them. And Hoovering and all the rest of it.

    If we could afford a cleaning lady is the first thing I would be hiring.

  2. I'm so glad I'm not alone! I hardly ever do housework but my husband is so dirty and Amy is so untidy, I never see the point. When my mum comes to visit I do get carried away, but I'm not domesticated one little bit!

    CJ x

    1. Yes im not tidy but my husband is very tidy to the point of ocd!

  3. Oh don't! It drives me nuts, the constant piles of not just laundry or dish and cup after another but just STUFF papers, homework then just STUFF i hate housework i really do! Have added you to my reader :)