Thursday 31 July 2014

Me and Mine - July

These Summer months for us get ever so busy.
With different events and missionary work we look forward to time spent together.
After a rather rushed pudding of pancakes and ice lollies at a local cafe,
we headed down to the beach to get a few snaps.

The Sunset was glorious that evening and made the perfect back drop.
Its times like this I cherish, 
I may have been a bit stressed but as soon as my feet hit that sand I was fine.
 My hubby put the camera on a ledge and we snapped away.

My eldest son then went of to play volleyball whilst we kept the little ones entertained.
So blessed to live in a beautiful area and by the sea.
Life is so good, made even better when the sun is out. 

This one was my personal fave I just love it alot!

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dear beautiful

Wednesday 30 July 2014

L is for lazing

All this warm weather lately has been lush (another L, see what I did there). We have thoroughly enjoyed being able to play in paddling pools and spending lots of time outside. So here is Ami and here two little friends enjoying a bit of lazing in the pool. Well to be honest they were so excited one of them took their nappy of and then they all followed suit.

Monday 28 July 2014

You know your a parent when....

  1. You stand Rocking, even if your not holding a baby? Whats with that!
  2. You enjoy having a wee in peace. 
  3. Counting down the time till dinner time as its close to bedtime.
  4. You find yourself buying your child lego and insisting you build it.
  5. You Spend the evening watching loom band videos online to be able to teach your child in the morning
  6. You cut your toddlers food into funky shapes to find they only throw it on the floor.
  7. You get a liking to luke warm tea. 
  8. Then you only get to drink half that cup anyway!
  9. You manage to break free from the children to find they have stuck a sticker/ stickers on you without you noticing.
  10. 7:00am is a big lie-in
  11. You buy a sweet treat and keep it hidden from the kids as they will devour it in no time at all (my husband hides Krave in the airing cupboard) 
  12. When you find the tap running in the bathroom and wonder how much has been wasted.
  13. Looking for the tv controller for hours to find it hidden in a shoe.
  14. You secretly hoover up lego/ small toys
  15. Your searching in the dark for a dummy trying not to wake the baby even more
Have you any traits you have acquired since becoming a parent? 

Saturday 26 July 2014

Sandy Toes - We love the beach

We as a family love the beach, nothing makes me feel more happy than a walk along the seafront and sand in my toes. Thankfully my children follow suit (or startung too). As a child me and my sisters were forced down the beach everyday during the summer, some nights my dad would finish work and join us with chip shop chips. Those days have such fond memories and thats what I want for my children. 

We live a stones throw away from the beach in the summer its glorious. on boiling hot days its a welcomed relief. Although the other week I was too hot at the beach for the first time ever. I think pushing the double pushchair from the school run done me in! The beach where we live does get too busy either which makes it perfect for the kids to explore and not get to close or too noisy to the people around us.

Although we had to leave the beach due a heavy downpour of rain. It came from nowhere and it was funny to see the beach clear in no time at all. It was nice to see Sonny enjoy the beach rather than cry all the time we are there.

Pants had a great time some kids on the beach taught him how to play cricket, which I thought was rather nice, I could here them calling out his name and encouraging him. Thats the behavior I like to see and if I saw the parents I would have commented on what lovely children they had. I think I have been at the park where the kids come and wont let anyone else join in there games!

Alot of our summer will be about our sandy toes and thats what we love. I love hoovering all the sand up because it means they have had a good time. Lets hope this lovely weather sticks around and we can have many more adventures on the beach. 

Friday 25 July 2014

How to Build a Sandcastle when you are a toddler

There is nothing more fun than building a sandcastle especially when you are a toddler. She builds them and crushes them over and over again.

Step 1: Try and fill the bucket trying not to miss. 

Step 2: Be aware this may take some times as you may miss the bucket (alot) 

Step 3: Pat the top and make sure any extra sand is knocked off. The next bit requires alot of attention to not get the sand all down yourself so do it quick as possible. 

Step 4: Pat the top and pull it off, oh dear it didnt work.

Step 5: If the sand castle didnt work just ram the bucket into the sand!

Step 6: Watch out for crawling babies who like to steal buckets.

Step 7: Never leave sandcastles unattended in case that baby gets hold of it. 

Step 8: When you finally build a castle celebrate by crushing it. 

So this is the fun we have been up to lately, although we did build a princess castle and she got shells to decorate but was to heavy handed and crushed them anyway. 

Wednesday 23 July 2014

Always a beauty in my eyes

8 years ago I looked longingly at dresses knowing I was having a boy it all seemed a long way away. I put down the items of clothing and headed for the plain boys clothes (they have improved in recent years). So when I found out a few years later I was having a girl I could not wait for all the dresses and all things cute, but I did hold back. Seeing things in the shops and holding back also trying more neutral clothes that can be passed down.

The other day we were in a shop and Ami got hold of a white straw hat and fell in love with the hat. It is impossible to keep any sort of hat on her so I brought it as she loved it. I then saw a floral dress and thought why not she would look adorable. I placed her in the dress and she put on the hat and she looked the cutest, walking along the prom she seemed so pleased with her new hat. 

She is growing up so fast and such a delight, people say she will be a handful but I think she is just great. She has the best sense of humour and sure does know what she wants and wont stop till she gets it.  Some times its these little things in life that really make you happy, seeing my little girl with a straw hat on the beach for me was one of the cutest things. People commented and she loved having conversations with people.

Sadly on the way home from school it flew of the pushchair and sadly after retracing our footsteps the hat had gone! I am a little sad will have to get another one as she loved it so much.

K is for Kicking - Alphabet Photo

In our house my husband and son are huge football fans, it would only be natural that Ami would follow suit and with initials AFC she kind of is forced to. Ami is nearly 2 and already has excellent ball control and can tackle her big brother. I was surprised how well she was playing, Pants was pleased as he finally had someone to play with. Her is some shots of her kicking the ball in her cute toddler way.

Monday 21 July 2014

Penwizard - Ben and Holly's Personalised Birthday book Review

If your child is anything like mine they actually need very little. My daughter is happy playing with her brothers toys that can keep her entertained for hours. So with her 2nd birthday coming up we have been stuck on what to get her. She does not need much although she does want ice cream she told me. When I was offered the chance to review the Ben and Holly book from Penwizard I thought what a great idea and a gift that can be kept and remembered for years to come.

The website was easy to use and the little character in the book can be personalised to look by your child, you can choose the colour hair and skin. Even your child's date of birth is included in the story. Which is a nice touch for your child when you read the book. You can also add a personalised message in the front cover. We went for Happy 2nd Birthday as the book does not have an option to put the age of the child. The book has 24 full colour glossy pages and your child's name throughout the book. 

I loved the little touches in the book, really makes it more special to see and more personal. I can see the book being pulled out every birthday (and everyday between). The story is all about how Ben and Holly make a card for Ami, it is very sweet and one she will love. Thankfully my daughter loves books so this was an ideal present for her, and any child who loves Ben and Holly's Little Kingdom. The only disappointment we had that it didn't include her age, but then it can be re wrapped for the next year too. She got the book a little early and has enjoyed pointing herself out and smiling when ever her name is read out.

You can purchase the book from the Penwizard website where it retails at a reasonable £14.99 for the softback option, which I think is very reasonable for a personalised gift. The best thing is that it came in no time at all, there was me thinking that it being personalised would take ages.

Sunday 20 July 2014

Working mum or Stay at home mum

Some days I just think I can not wait to go back to work. Ami has been screaming/ Little bear has been hanging of my leg and Pants has done nothing but moan, and there is a small part of me that says I can not wait to go back.

Those days are very few and I look forward to going back.

I never thought I would want to be a stay at home mum I went to work 1 month after having my first working in the evening for a few hours one night a week, and I loved it. It was my bit of freedom in the week.  

More recently I as it gets nearer to going back I just do not want to. I want to stay at home with my babies and not worry about the stress of childcare, Little bear being so young and the financial cost of it. I wouldn't mind but its a job I can't leave and just go back. If I left now I would have to go back to uni to get my registration back. I am stuck in a hard place. A place where I want whats best for my kids and the career that I worked so hard to get.

My idea is to see how it goes for the first few months and then if its not going well then maybe hand in the towel. I haven't failed, I gave it a try and it did not work out. I know if I did not pursue it then I would regret it in the future maybe. Or maybe I will miss the time with my little ones.

So for now the babies are in nursery for a day and a half, I work to put them in nursery but hopefully they will get some benefit of being round other children (one hopes)

Have you had a issue like this? What did you do? I am so confused and so torn any comments would be greatly appreciated.

Me and You - July

When I was younger I told my mum I wanted to marry and Italian so he could cook me spaghetti Bolognese. Funny that when I met my husband he told me that was his best dish, sadly I am still yet to try it!

I love the time we spend together, 
 how hard it is to achieve this I cherish every minute with my husband.
We laugh, we have fun, we just act like its me and him. 
Its great and we don't do it enough.

dear beautiful

Thursday 17 July 2014

Little Bear is 8 months

Little Bear is 8 Months
Its very scary how quick time goes by, 
I nearly cant remember that little newborn baby from only a few months ago.  
This has been an exciting month for Little Bear who is growing up so fast. 

This month you have learnt to crawl back wards.
Which has caused you to be so frustrated. 
You have been so cross but after a few weeks you finally learnt to go forwards.
Everyday you go a little bit faster. 
It is so cute you look to small to be crawling.

You have also learnt to pull your self up on anything you can.
Nothing brings you more joy than the satisfaction of standing.
You laugh your head of and you are so proud 
you are like your siblings.

You have been sleeping well lately and even managed a hour and a half nap the other day.
I was amazed you have never slept that long in the day. 
You wake every morning at 6 but some mornings go back to sleep. 
You love a muzzy when you fall asleep.

You have learnt to wave and hit things to make a noise.
You can even clap and love it even more when mummy does it for you. 
You love to be thrown around by your daddy and have the best laugh.
Everything Ami has you want especially food.
If you see someone eating you want it. 

You eat well and like more foods that are not fruity.
You like to help your self and love yogurts. 
We even caught you eating a slice of pizza you pinched of a plate at a party,
you managed to eat half of it which is impressive as you have no teeth. 

Another month down the lane. 
Two more months before starting nursery. 
This makes me very sad.

We love you lots little Bear   

Wednesday 16 July 2014

The stripy pair - days out on the beach

Ami absolutely loves Pants so much, she is over the moon when he wants to play with her rather than football. Ever since she was small she has loved her brother so much, he was the only one who could make her laugh and that bond continues to grow. 

Having a six year age gap hasn't stopped Ami, she just thinks she is a 7 year old boy. Recently she was trying to go down the skateboard ramps on a scooter trying to be like her brother. It can be very cute but he can find it very annoying, especially when he is trying to do something and she is right behind him trying to do it also. 

The other week my husband was away and bored of being at home we just got up and went for a walk. We usually end up at the beach much to Pants dislike. We played football, Ami chased a lady round the beach who was collecting shells and Little bear was asleep in the pushchair. Was nice to spend time with them without holding a baby. 

Although she did want to do everything he wanted too, including filling in the hole he just built, we had alot of fun. Hopefully when they are older they will have so many memories of the beach like I did as a child. Spending warm evenings by the sea, swimming in the sea when it was raining and getting told of by the coast guard when the water is too rough. Good memories and thats what we try to create. 

The best thing about the beach is that it is free as long as you avoid ice cream stands. There is so much to do and alot of open space, that's why I love going down there all the time. So here is to many more adventures coming and lots of sand on the carpet from mucky feet. I love it and I love summer. 

J is for Jester - Alphabet photo challenge

Dont get me wrong I do love being married but I married the ultimate joker. Not only does he constantly try and be funny with made up jokes, but he also pulls the most silly pranks. Walking down the road with him he tries to push me into upcoming people, he beeps and waves at people passing by, he pretends to be foreign in restaurants or says its my birthday and gets me a balloon.

Thankfully I can be someone who loves a good laugh, but not all the time. He was glad he married me because I find his jokes very funny and often the only one laughing. Its like being married to a big kid sometimes and I have to tell him to be serious. I do love it though as much as I moan, I like that when we go out together we laugh alot and have a good time. Even if I am completely embarrassed at the process.

The kids find him funny so that's always a win. More than just the one laugh!

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Monday 14 July 2014

The end of a era - goodbye infant school

It only seems like yesterday that my son Pants put on his huge jumper and shinny shoes and walked through those school gates as I silently sobbed at this new stage in his life, and waited all day for 3 o clock to collect him and find out how it all went. It was weird  not being there not having input and leave alot of his daily life to the influence of other children and teachers. So here we are three years later as he has his last few days at his first school.

Those tears are welling up, leavers assembly approaches and I know i will defiantly cry, there hasn't been an assembly I haven't sobbed at.

 I cry because I am so so proud of my son. 

I proud of where he is at his little life. I know I have tried my best and encouraged him in the best I can muster. 

When he was in reception there was alot of talk about him having behavior problems, meetings with the SEN at the school were stressful, I didn't want that label on my son at such a young age. I knew it was not true. He just wanted to be outside playing, getting mucky, the last thing he thought about was letter formations and learning to read. They enrolled him on a forest school program and he flourished, he made fires, dens and learnt about nature and it was his favorite day of the week. 

See I knew he could do it because when he reached year 1 a year older, a year to kind of know what is expected, now a big brother he excelled. With the help of his new teacher who saw the potential in him she released the bright child that was in there. He was excited about reading and writing, even sitting down and wanting to do things was such a big change. For that I was so pleased. 

Here he is today loving to learn excelling at Maths like his mum at school, making teachers smile with his questions and distractions. He leaves his first school with a love off football and still that love of being outside. He is the big fish at his little school about to be trust into key stage 2 and bigger children.

Him winning at Spots day 

I know he will do so well in life, he has that confidence about him, he has always had it. My mum says he shines he is a special boy. One I love alot and do not tell enough. 

I am in tears as I wrote this post, I just can not believe he is leaving his infant school. Time is rushing by and before I know it he will be at secondary school. Its scary but these children grow up. I just wish time would slow down.

Sunday 13 July 2014

Black and White photography project #1

When I saw people sharing posts about black and white images I just had to join in I love a good Black and white photo. This photo is one of my favorite pictures, you may have seen it in colour here on the blog but I think it looks so more striking in black and white. I love how she is reaching in and he is touching her face.

 So beautiful and so natural. 

My little babies.