Friday 29 March 2013

Bit of a sado when he goes!

Today I'm upset nothing too bad, my husband leaves today for three weeks to work at this Christan even called spring harvest! boo! I will really miss him its not fun on the holidays without him! I'm sure we will do lots of fun things without him! we will survive i will miss that extra pair of hands and someone other than the kids to talk to! We will see him next week as we join him for a week but its not the same! least there is no school runs to do hee hee!

Will have to plan to do some things in the holidays if the weather improves, then maybe craft Pants has got to the age (at long last) where he can sit to do some craft so maybe i can persuade him to come of ps3/ipod to do something like that! Every year my husband does spring harvest so I'm used to it! i usually write him letters every day but i forgot and the time came round so quick! how is it Easter already this year if flying by! maybe will have to send an email each day! oh well! When ever he goes away i watch videos of him on you tube (there is a few short films hes made with him self in these)! my mum always says too absence makes the heart grow fonder.

Although we did go out for breakfast so both the boys are happy!

Roll on warmer weather miss the sunshine too :)

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  1. I know how you feel hun but it looks like you have plently planned, just keep busy the time will fly and he will be back in no that event is awesome! i have been before. great read will share on my twitter! x

    1. Ha thanks im the same when ever he goes i enjoy the peace but miss the company lol! Thanks x