Tuesday 30 June 2015

Me and Mine June

I love June its one of my favourite months, I think because its when the weather starts to get warmer and it is also so light. I am also sad because its over literally where has that month gone? We have had yet another busy month. We have been on holiday to France and Camping, we've had a D&V bug  and both me and my husband both been crazy busy at work. Its been a good month though and roll on another fave month July. We also went to Disneyland which was so much fun. See I said we had been busy! 

This month Daddy is loving: 
Going on holiday with the family. 
Enjoying the Sun and being outside. 
Lots of work.
Enjoyed working on a chat show.
Clearing the conservatory and using it to work in. 

This month Mummy is loving - 
All the fun we had on Holiday and going to Disneyland
Spending lots of time on the beach
Daddy being at home and not working away. 
Enjoyed camping well cheating staying in a cabin. 

This month Asti is loving- 
Holidays and surprise trips to Disney 
Learning how to use a diablo and learn proper tricks.
Bike rides and crabbing.
Minecraft games and swimming.

This month Ami is loving- 
Obviously seeing the Princess castle at Disneyland and waving at all the princesses. 
Going to the beach a lot. 
Going to the bakery before nursery (bad habit)
Having Daddy home. 
Loving swimming and bowling on holiday.

This month Son Son is loving - 
Being able to talk a bit more. 
Following and cuddling Ami.
Freedom to walk a bit more and not cooped up in the pushchair. 
Its a small world ride at Disneyland was Son Son's fave.
Becoming cofident in the water.

Like I said a very busy month, but it was such fun. Heres to another busy yet hopefully sunshine filled month.

Saturday 27 June 2015

How can I break bad habits in children - nail biting

Well it's embarrassing to say I bite my nails, it's been a bad habit since I was a child. My own mother tried to get me to stop with such sayings as "people who bite there nails are weak" or "you will bite your fingers off" yeah good one mum those motivational talks really helped.

So with that I now have 2 children that bite there nails! Argh 2! My eldest Asti's nails are bitten so low with him we have tried so much. That nail biting stuff that tastes yuck but it still didn't stop. I kind of forgot about it as it wasn't a massive thing. Until yesterday I noticed my 2 year old chomping her nails! Argh 2 didn't know that is possible!

Even worse I caughter her trying to bite her toe nails! Surely that is even worse right? Oh dear what am I going to do? I have never been able to not bite my nails, I have tried most things. I do not want my children to face the same problems. See I told you my mother said I would be weak. I am a fidget you see, I spent my whole uni life ripping paper to keep my focus. I  have to have something in my hands otherwise I am lost that is why I bite my nails.

SO how am I going to break the habit? Its awful seeing your 8 and 2 year old biting there nails. Especilly as they do not always have the cleanest hands. maybe its a good thing for the old immune system. If you have any tips then please HELP.

The fate of our nails depend on it.

(ok this is not the most interesting post of the day bur hey ho thats being a parent, its not all coffee and cake its this too, sorry about that) 

Son Son You are 19 months

This post is a Little late (10 days) but 19 months WOW.
We are now closer to two than one which is a little scary. 
You have become such a happy little boy and can be such a joy.

You have had a busy month, you have been on holiday been to a festival and camping. 
Both which you loved. 
It took a week but by the end you loved the water. 
You have even started to tolerate baths. 
You loved to go down the flumes and screamed more when we got to the end.

You finally started talking,
you say most little words and it is mostly us that knows what you mean.
The other day when you noticed Daddy was gone you said "Matt Gone" it was hilarious.
When we ask you to say something you get cross and try to hit us! 

You love the freedom of walking and kick of when put back in the pushchair.
You still wander in the road and haven't quite the confidence of the pavement as your sister did at a similar age. 

You love your siblings and follow Ami round everywhere.
You love to take her down and always try to cuddle her.
You also like to play with Asti and like to chase him around.
Being the youngest is hard for you as your siblings get cross when you wreck their games.
You are learning play too you love cars and trains is very sweet to watch. 

You love to dance and to make music. 
If we say dance Son Son you love it and clap yourself at the end. 
You even sand Let it go well you sang "GOOO" in the tune, 
that was good enough for me. 

You still sleep well and often wake when Ami does.
So if Ami has a lie in so do you, but sadly she hardly ever does. 
You still love a long nap in the day even at nursery the other day you slept for 2 hours. 
You love to go to bed and like to take Ami her drink then you toddle of to your cot. 
We arnt moving you into a bed anytime soon its far to cute coming and getting you out of bed every morning. You are our baby and I am not ready for a bed for you for at least another year at least. 

You are very cheeky, 
sometimes you hit people on purpose and find it funny. 
We tell you off and you laugh at us. 
We arnt sure why, you still love throwing things!
If its in your hand we know you will aim and chuck it.
You can deffo stick up for your self but not quite yet won against Ami yet. 

You eat well and finally this month ate some grapes at nursery. 
I am hoping the other children eating fruit will broaden your horizon from bananas and raisins.
You still love food and love and food that has a lot of sauce. 
The complete opposite to Ami. 

Son Son you are a delight and we love you lots. 

Friday 26 June 2015

Britmums 2015 - The highs and Lows

After a rash decision this year decided to go to the Britmums live conference, which if you do not know it is a massive conference where lots of parenting bloggers come together and there is a lot of food and wine too. I came with mixed feelings I was so nervous last year after my first event and after taking Son Son last year I thought I may have more time to listen to things with out trying to entertain a baby too.

Good bye Hubby and kids!

I arrived late on the Friday after a mix up with the hubby meaning I had to meet him from work with the toddlers. Thankfully they do enjoy going on the trains and we killed a bit of time shopping! I say shopping we went into the Lego shop and the Disney store and we were stuck in there forever! Finally handed over the chunks and was child free. Arriving late was pants as its horrid when you walk into something and everyone has already met. I walked around looking for someone I may recognise and just milled around the brands for a bit. I then spotted Bex from The mummy Adventure and she let me tag along like last year. Thankfully she introduced me to many people which was handy.

I Looked into who sessions to attend before I came and planned to make the most of it, sadly I didn’t make all that I wanted and managed a lousy 3!! Which were pitching to brands, developing a youtube channel and Travel blogging. All three I would like help with so the notes I shall hopefully patient practice. What this space. 

The best thing about Britmums was the time away from the children. I never get time to myself so it was such luxury. I decided last min to stay in London and saw on the Facebook Lisa from Newmum online looking for someone to share with. SO off we stayed at the Easy hotel London. It was a rather dodgy hotel but was a right laugh. Lisa is a britmums Pro and gave me lots of tips on blogging and other things. Was nice to go out for a meal to wagamamas too and eat with out toddlers wanting to steal my food. 

Those twirlywoos where everywhere!!!!

The brand hub did not seem as good as last year. There was a poor man with a sad face in front of books I felt so sorry for him. Then some more too that could be relevant. I came home with 5 beakers the kids were delighted. Also got another Latch water bottle, they are by far the BEST leak proof bottle we own. So to now have two means no more fighting over one drink when out and about. 

Baby Finn enjoying the session's

I was sorry to leave early on the Saturday and miss the keynote there was a few I wold have liked to have heard. Sadly I had other plans which were camping and as I had already missed the Friday night camping I didn’t want to miss the Saturday night too. Its a shame they arnt at a different time as they are the people that inspire us more, more than waterproof pants (sorry Carol).

As I sat on the train on the way home eating the contents of the goodie bag I realised what a mad 24 hours. explaining to people meeting the twirley woos with free wine and posh food was a laugh. Will I go next year I am unsure, as much as I loved feeling free of children I also found it so hard. I am dyspraxic and lack people skills sometimes.

My biggest low was being to shy!!! Why oh WHY I am a nurse. At work I have verbal Diarrhoea but there I was too scared. which is a shame would have liked to say hi to a few more people. I aso didn’t want to appear rude or like I was rushing. I spoke to more people on the Friday but I think that was due to the glass of wine beforehand! 

I also will take many more photos next year, 5 was appalling for a bigger right? 

SO thank you Britmums 2015 for introducing me to those chocolate brownies that were to die for and posh food. 

Monday 22 June 2015

Professor Scrubbingtons Hamper Giveaway

You may have noticed on my blog a few weeks ago about Professor Scrubbingtons Emporium of clean Review. They really have some lovely products that smell devine. Well the lovely people at Professor Scrubbingtons are offering one of my lovely readers a whole Hamper off goodies!

You have the chance to win this fabulous box full of goodies with the retail price of £24.99 what are you waiting for you will not be disappointed if you win. 

This is perfect for any child who like mine hates washing. It also smells so good even if you don't have children you won't be disappointed!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Sunday 21 June 2015

Happy Fathers Day

I know for some people this can be a hard day, you may have lost a parent or never really had one in the first time. I know as a single parent I always stuggled on Fathers day. It wasn't till I met my husband now I realised how much honour is given where it is due.

So here is some things from the kids that I have heard them say recently, because I could sing his praises all day long. I may not always tell him how much I appreciate him taking good care of the kids when I work long days, that I know I don't have to think about them and just focus on work is such a relief. That I see how much you love your children and how much is returned and I am overwhelmed with happiness. As I said before getting lost in my confusing train of thought here is some things from the little monkeys.

Son Son is a boy of little words but the other morning when he come in our bedroom he noticed that Daddy is wasn't there so he said "Matt gone" which to him is the first time stringing two words together (yes he also refuses to say daddy if you ask him too he will try to give you a quick hit.

Ami well my hubs is her favourite by far and always is. She said "Daddy is my favourite, well also Noah" Or she will say how much she loves him and that he is the best. Funny thing my husband always wanted a girl, someone who could be his princess and who would love him a lot back. There is always a fight between Ami and Son Son when Daddy gets home from work over who gets to cuddle him first, they want all off him to themselves it is very funny to see.

We were so blessed when Asti met Matt  and kind of broke the ice between us and started what was to come. Matt has been the best Step Dad to Asti, especially when Asti's Dad is often not on the scene only every now and then. Asti had to say " Thanks for teaching me football and always making me laugh with your crazy dancing". His dancing is hilarious he made up this crazy squirrel dance but sadly would not let me film it.

He does amazing and shows all three children the same love, there are no favourites and all three know that they are loved. They know that they are loved no matter what they do, they are loved when they make a mess, they are loved when they have a tantrum in the street, they are so loved.

So Happy Fathers Day all you Dads, Grandad's, stepdads and all those who are like Dads, you do amazing jobs in your own special ways!

My sunday photo

Monday 15 June 2015

Our Eurocamp Adventure Part 2 - Diary of what we got up too

I have written a day to day Diary of what we got up to whilst we were on our holiday. Was amazing to be away in the sunshine, I miss it already and looking to book a holiday next year with Eurocamp. We did really spend nearly every day at the pool and have a BBQ but we also did so much more. If you missed part 1 take a read here. 

Day 1 - We arrived at Eurocamp Les crux des view pont. Kids are excited and shattered time to explore and see whats to do. Hubby is excited as he finds a bar to watch the FA cup final. We first have a takeaway pizza at the reports takeaway resultant. The Pizza was delicious and I am not as much of an pizza lover as my hubby. Ami and Son Son were bored of football so we went and found a play park and they had fun whilst Asti stayed and watched football. Arsenal won the football by a whooping 4 nil against the Villa. We then lost Asti and spent a good ten minutes looking for him to find he had made a new friend who had paid for him to go to laser quasar. We could not be angry at him for that is actually rather tickled us but we did warn him to tell us where he was going. 

Day 2 - After being protested at by Ami for days we were finally going swimming. Ami rushed everyone one not wanting to waste any time. We got changed and before we knew it Ami was in the water. Son Son was a bit more reserved it took him a good hour to warm up. There are two indoors pools a deeper one with a little lazy river, and another toddler pool with little water slides for them to play on. Along side this there is lots of water park fun activities for children. A big water slide and a flume that kept Asti entertained most the time we were there. There is also an our side pool which we didn’t venture in I did not have the guts. The weather rained most the day so we were stuck indoors most of the time. 

We also went for a walk to look at the beach, in the rain as you do because you wouldn’t be Brittish if you didn’t. Asti had a massive game of football in the heavy rain whilst me and the hubbby and toddlers decided to have a hot chocolate ( and free wifi) which ended up badly to toddlers did not want to sit down whilst mummy and daddy sit on there phones and off they went exploring destroying everything in there path. So daddy took them outside and they played on the beach, whilst I got to finish the hot chocolate in peace. Hurray!

Day 3 - We ventured of into a local supermarket ( I secretly loved this) I love to look at the different food. Find the cheaper booze (jokes) cheap crisp and cakes more like. We nearly managed a whole shop with out the toddle beasts playing up so quickly we went out quick before we got told off in French. We did manage to buy some Rum Wine and a bit of food so all successful. I tried to buy more play mobil for my own love let alone Ami, who does love Play mobil too. She had none of it though wanted everything else so she missed out. Asti and Ami made a puppet theatre where they made up funny shows for each other. 

We then went back swimming. The Sun was breaking through the clouds and there was some moments it felt like we were actually on holiday rather than at home. When the sun was out it was glorious, we spent a long afternoon at the pool. with only a few injuries such as all three now have grazed knees. We then had a BBQ on our gas barbie how posh is that and a great touch too. Nothing worse than being starving and having to wait for this charcoals to turn white. I put the toddlers to bed and Asti and my hubby went out to play football. The days seem to go by it quick and before we know it it 10pm and we have to tell Asti to go to bed.  

Day 4 - Today we had a chilled out day, after a rough night with the toddlers  up most of the night we didn’t make the morning clubs (again). We took a walk to the beach and the little park. It turned out to be a lot nicer than we thought and we wondered why we didn’t bring any swimming stuff, Ami went in the water. We also played volleyball and built a castle. Asti was pleased to play some football. The outside beach we reached the bottom of the makeshift bank. Which Asti found most amusing as he said it looked like polystierine 

We then you guessed it went back to the swimming pools. The windows were right open meaning that you didn’t get engulfed by chlorine like we did on our first swim, or maybe were just used to it. We has lots of races down the flumes and it was interesting to see how much confidence Son Son has gained in just a short few days swimming ( we should really take them more often). We had a late dinner and early bedtime all the mids were shattered including the parents. 

It has been lovely to sit out in the the evening sun, sweep all the dropped food to one side and watch little birds come and eat them. We named the birds, mohawk, christmas robin and peter, because most things/ animals are called Peter in our house. 

Day 5 - We woke the kids up really early and told them we were going to visit a castle. Ami was very excited she said that she would have to buy a princess t shirt and a crown. Asti pretended to be ill because he didn’t want to go, little did they know the castle we were visiting was the one at Disneyland Paris. As we got nearer and they realised where we were, well Asti did the other two just joined shouting Disneyland DisneyLand. They couldn’t wait to get out the car quick enough and before ewe knew it we were walking on the travelator into Disneyland. They were still shouting Disneyland Disneyland. Ami said that she couldn’t wait to see Elsa and Anna, this turned out to be something she said all day. 

We decided to go on the Buzz ride first it being a firm favourite in the psst, and having Son Son we managed to get baby swap meaning I queued up with Ami and Asti whilst Matt went off with Son Son. The queues were only small and the longest we had to queue all day was maximum 30 mins. When it was time to swap the man let all of us on so the 5 of us went on the buzz ride altogether. Me and the hubby split up so that he could take Asti on bigger rides whist me and the toddlers went to to Fantasyland to tackle the scary rides there such as Its a small World. Dont get me wrong they loved it but I started to get a little freaked out by all the dolls. 

We had a lovely days on the rides and trying to fit as much in as we could in one day. The grades were a lot of fun as was the fire work show. Think I will write a serperate post as I could go on for a long time about our day at Disney. Its only a 75 minute drive from the report meaning we got back about 1:15am to find the site was locked and we had to wake three children to walk back to the villa we were staying in. Was a expensive day out but I hope it has made many happy memories for all the children. 

Day 6 - It wss another Sunny Day and we spent the morning chilling after out busy day at Disneyland. After a light lunch we headed down to the pool. We ended up spending 4 hours there they had most of the roof open and lots of people sitting outside it was glorious. Ami fell asleep on Daddy so he was stuck for a while. Me and Asti spent time racing down the flumes, the loser had to jump in the outside pool. We then headed home and had a lovely BBQ. Trying to use up the food we have brought was a massive feast.

My husband wasn’t feeling too well so I took the oppourtunity to go out with Asti. We went bowling then to the disco. He really enjoyed having one parent and I really enjoyed hanging out with my biggest boy. It was 11pm when we got home time really did fly.

Day 7 - Today the forecast was 33 degrees! So we got up early and went to the beach before it got too hot. Everyone went swimming in the man made beach. The boys headed deeper whilst me and Ami made sand castles. We popped home for the hottest time of the day big mistake everywhere was sweltering, the little fan had no relief. We had another BBQ and a few ice lollys before we went back to the pool. I was glad it was rather cool and a welcome relief on a hot day. 

It was a funny feeling it was our last full day and everyone knew that. We made the most of playing in the pool, even going to the outside pool. It was a sad walk back knowing we wouldn’t be swimming again. We got back to our villa to find new neighbours who what 4 year old twins. My children were over joyed, and spent a good hour playing outside with them before the clouds pulled in and there was a massive thunder storm. We waited for it to clear and the heavy refreshing rain to stop before heading out to go family bowling. Ami and Sonny loved it and Asti won again for the second night in a row. We had a quick drink before heading home. Me and my hubby sat there reflecting on our holiday, it had been a wonderful week. 

Day 8 - Time to go home, BOO. We all woke up late and we quickly got the kids ready and started to pack up to go home. Ami couldn’t wait to see her new friends and as soon as she sa them she bolted out the villa. We loved that community feeling  and its really nice to meet new people (well I say that I was inside and waved from inside my hubby spent time talking to them). It took us a good time to pack up and we headed to the beach to grab a quick ice cream before the short jornuey to catch the ferry. 

We left at 1pm and we reached England at 5pm, really not that far if you put it like that! We even saw two other families who were at Eurocamp on the ferry too. Made the travel not so unbearable on such a sunny day to know it was only 5 hour trip home. That was including the Ferry too. 

Such a wonderful week, there was still so much we didn't do on the holiday. If you missed our first part to the Eurocamp Adventure have a read here. We have one more post coming up over the next couple of days all about our trip, even a little video too. 

Check out part 3 here where we show what we got u to with a little video.