Friday 8 March 2013

flash back Friday! June 2012 beach times

Pants on the beach!
one thing i love about summer is going down the beach! we are very fortunate that its a two min walk! i grew up at a different beach along the same coast and i loved it! we would spend every day in the summer holidays going down to the beach! i just love the sea air, sand even seaweed!

Pants doing the cooking!
anyway the lovely weather this week has reminded me how much i miss it and how close it is! hurray! anyway this was our first ever family bbq on the beach!.... ok its not on the beach but behind the life guard hut! Pants had recently been to forest school so he was saying this is what he had been doing cooking! lol

Matt and Pants

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  1. i like his nickname!! would be interested to hear the story behind it :)
    i am lucky that I live close to the beach too - although not quite as close as you do . your childhood sounds amazing to be able to spend so much time down at the beach. no wonder you have to live close to it now as a Mum.
    Pants looks like a cheeky and energetic young man :)
    thanks for linking up xx

    1. thanks! we were forced by my mother to go to the beach ;)! Pants nickname came from asti then pasti then pasti pant to pants, he even thought up until recently it was his surname! he defiantly is cheeky but good fun!

  2. Wow you live 2 mins from the beach? That's amazing! We live an hour away so we always have to plan a trip!

    1. ha its lovely in the summer but in the winter there is always a chilly sea breeze but i do love the seaside!