Thursday 14 March 2013

flashback Friday- The science of shaving!

The first time i saw my husband I remember seeing him behind a camera! this is a regular annoyance thing in our home! at every moment theres a video camera in your face (im very camera shy so always freeze infront of it) I thought i would share a short film my husband made not long after we got married! This is him in the film he is forever making me laugh! it is called The Science of Shaving it is just one of many short films! He has always aspired to be a film director and is still on that journey to become one. he is always telling me were going to be living in LA one day! we are looking forward to his breakthrough so watch out (and it is true he is really this hairy)!

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  1. goodness he has got a lot of dark hair hasnt he ?? lol
    i like the way the film starts with the end - bit like the film Memento!!
    well i admire your husbands ambitions and as he says, this time next year you could be in LA
    thanks for linking up x

  2. ha! That's brilliant. And so clever!
    I hate watching men shave so did wince but it was well worth it :-)
    Thank you for linking up x

    1. Thanks for watching! This is the kind of stuff that happens when I go out!