Sunday 31 January 2016

Me and Mine January 2016

So here we are for yet another year of family photos, this will be our third year of taking photos and we now have a massive collection of pictures of us five. When I started this back in December 2013 it was our first family photo and before that we had maybe the odd one. I did have plans to take photos in different locations (mainly the beach). This month we were rather poor and have just taken a last minute photo picture (notice the cables and nappies not been put away). I suppose it shows normal family life to some degree.

This month Daddy is loving
- Going swimming with the kids.
- Tooth swelling going down.
- New trainers.
- Dreaming for the year.

Mummy is loving
- Lie ins, I always love them how ever rare they are.
- Sundays off with the family.
- Sunny Days and no rain.
- Starting to not feel like a fool when Vlogging. 

Asti is loving:
- Playing video games (as per usual).
- New Heely trainers (for a about five mins).
- Inflatables at the local swimming pool.
- Writing stories. 

Ami is loving:
- Playing with her friends. 
- Playing mums and dads with anyone who will play.
- Helping mummy and daddy with housework.
- loving going swimming. 
- wearing Mummys make up!!!

Son Son is loving:
- Starting to talk much more. 
- Being a super hero with his muzzy.
- Extra cuddles with Mummy and Daddy. 
- Telling everyone he is a big boy.
- Playing with his friends at nursery. 

So that is us for the month, can not believe were already a month through the year its going by so quickly. Somebody said to me at work yesterday "you really love your kids don't you". Of course this person has no children and was said in an positive way but it really made me smile. It can be hard work when you are slogging away for 13 hours and not seeing the kids for days but makes the work go quick thinking of them. Next month we will be outdoors somewhere for the next one. Not sure where or weather we remember so lets wait and see aye.

Saturday 30 January 2016

Saturday Snapshot - Sunset Beauty

This week I thought I would share an old photo, basically I updated my mac and having issues uploading/ finding photos. I say I updated my husband did to be helpful little did he know I had ignored it for months!! So little by little they appear and then go sometimes Macs can be confusing.

This photo I took last year of Ami looking out to the sea its such a blessing to live round here, such wonderful skies at times. I need to be more proactive at taking the big camera out and not rely on my phone camera.

Thursday 28 January 2016

MY Vlogging so Far.. Costa and Housework

So here is my latest video for yesterday, its very shaky I am getting used to carrying a DSLR around with me and not finding it embarrassing. Also I have noticed I do talk about housework a bit too I am a little bit sad. I am really loving making these I think after many years watching my husband make proper videos its always been something that I wanted to try. It has taken well over a year to not feel like a right prat infront of the camera but I am getting there slowly.

Also you may see a different side that does not come across in my writing well the fact that I am well and truly bonkers.

This video my husband tries to shoot me with a nerf gun, anything for a bit of screen time that man!!

Wednesday 27 January 2016

Funny Toddler Chat - January

My little toddlers are so funny at the moment the little conversations that they have are enough to make you just want to grab them and squeeze them. Here is a few of the conversations that I have managed to remember.

Mummy: Son Son are you a boy or a girl?
Son Son: A girl
Mummy: Your not a girl 
Son Son: Me a big girl 
Mummy: Nooo
Son Son: No me a big boy

This is an conversation we still have every night, at least 5 times
Ami: Mum where are we going today? 
Mum: Well its bedtime now so bed.
Ami: No where are we going today?
Mum: You mean tomorrow 
Ami: Yes 
Mum: To the park maybe.
Five minutes later
Ami: What are we doing today!

I found Son Son with my hat on, he was wearing his superhero jumper at the time and asked me to out his muzzy in his jumper.
Son Son: Me super man
Mummy: Son son
Son Son: No Superman

Daddy: Who is your best friend Son Son
Son Son: Pryia 
Daddy: really?
Son Son: No Gaggy (Daddy)
Agon (Asti)
Meli (Ami)

A typical day with Ami.
Ami: Can you play nursery with me
Mummy: yes sure
Ami: Ok I be the nursery teacher you be the mum
Mummy: Ok 
Ami: you drop the babies of and Son Son be the dad. 
Son Son: Me Gaggy 
Mummy: Ok ami just dropping of my babies see you later
Ami ( via fake phone call) Its time to collect them now
Son Son: me help
Ami: Right now I am the mum, son son the Dad and your the grandma mum.
Mummy: Ok Ami.
Ami: Right heres the babies I have to go to a wedding see you later.
Mummy: The babies need a sleep
Ami: I am back from the wedding the babies don't need a sleep, I'm off to another party. 

And so that game goes on,  a little insight into when I am an grandma and the kids dumping the grandkids for me to look after. 

To any stranger 
Son Son: Gaggy at work, on laptop
Agon at school
Ami: Yes my Daddy is at work he works in London. 
Asti is at school at the moment too. 
Mummy: Right time to go now kids

Mummy: Right its time to go out.
Ami: But me and Son Son don't want to go out
Mummy: Yeah but we have to do the school run
Ami: Yeah but we don't want to go
Mummy: Sadly Ami we have to get Asti, we will see Auntie Kelly
Son Son: Me see Kelly
Ami: I get my shoes on. 
Son Son: Wellies 
Mummy: Son Son I can't find them you get your shoes 
Son Son: No wellies
(10 minute search later) 
Mummy: Come back kids quick we need to hurry
Ami: Can I take my bike
Son Son: me me
Mummy: not today 
Ami: Can I take my scooter
Mummy: Not today Ami we are in a hurry.
Ami: please take my bike. 
Mummy: Okay
This then results in Son son having  a meltdown because he has to go into the pushchair then Ami giving up after 5 minutes of using the bike most days. 

So here we are a little insight into what Ami and Son son say. I promise I will try and remember the more funny sayings for next month so do keep an eye out as they are hilarious. 

Tuesday 26 January 2016

Our First ever Video Blog (Vlog)

So this week I thought I would try something a little different, record parts of our week. I started well with day one which I have out it all together so please have a watch. Its something I would like to go into and have been thinking about it for the last year.

Have a watch and let me know what you think. I found some of it very awkward hence the random faces!!

Monday 25 January 2016

Sharing the Joy - January

I plan to share more things that I am so happy about, not because I want to boast or shove it in peoples face but more that when I read back in a few years that I can see how blessed I am. That when I look back I can see that raising my children was the best job in the world. that when my children read they can see and remember the journeys and blessings however small that they had. So here is the first, I aim to be more weekly but you know me I am so sporadic so I will aim for monthly at the moment! 


Sometimes people hate being Ill but for me I fell ill on my work days. One day I worked 13 hours with a drippy nose then the next I only made half the day before getting sent home. I got to spend half the day in bed watching Netflix was a little bit great, The total dream. I also got the chance to pick my little ones up from nursery which is something I never get to do. They were so so pleased to see me too. 

Date night 

YES believe it or not I went out for dinner with my husband. We had a total laugh and he made me spill my drink. Its hard to get out together when your boring parents, not complaining I love evenings in with him. We sometimes sit on our laptops or watch a TV series sharing stories of what the kids have been up to. We went of to prezzo which my lot friend Frances gifted us. 

Son son Talks 

I always said to people one thing to do is to not encourage your child to talk, before you punch me and say that is totally wrong listen right, I had two children that could talk very well and believe me when my third came along it has been refreshing to not have him speak at me asking me six thousand question. Well now he is finally saying alot more it is very very cute, the other day he said "me a big boy". Still remains very much the baby how ever much he protests that he is not.


I have finally started to enjoy work, its taken its time but I love it for the time being. Nursing can be very hard work at times and where I work is always busy but I can't see me doing anything else at the moment. People have been saying what good job I have been doing lately which always helps. There is so much pressure all the time and so much responsibility but is sometimes a lot more easier than being at home with the kids. 

SO here is a small list of stuff I am grateful for, plan to do one for the kids. Watch this space or don't if you know what I am like...

Sunday 24 January 2016

Photo A Day - 18th - 24th January

Welcome to yet another week of my photos and general insight into our little lives. Funny thing is my husband said we have become creatures of habit and routine doing the same thing, eating the same things. I suppose that does come with having children sometimes. 

Monday 18th - Lego attacks

I got the Lego out which actually makes me rather happy I could play with it all day. I mean I am an adult and totally out of that phase now. The kids just love to tip it out on the floor and leave it for me to stand on! 

Tuesday 19th January 

Today was my nephews 10th birthday so I spent most the day distracting Ami from asking me 20 times when she could see him. We had a fun day playing at home, we then got called by the school to hear that Asti was ill at school. So off we went to get him and change our plans to see my nephew. Ami was ever so excited she loved her big cousins, poor Asti stayed at home in bed whilst me and the toddlers went along to the little party. 

Wednesday 20th - Home Prison

We were stuck indoors because Asti was off school, I was going slightly insane. Son Son did not cope well with the cold weather  outside so we had no choice but to be indoors, so I decided to fold the massive mountain of washing!!! I came out the other side and now the mountain is back to haunt me yet again. Sadly this was our exciting day add Frozen and a playdate from Ami's friend that was it. Waiting till my husband came home from work. Exciting times sometimes. 

Thursday 21st - Cheesy Chips

Well this photo does no justice, sadly where I work the canteen is so expensive and really crap. I wanted a jacket potato but they sold out and I didn't fancy paying £6 for a meal so went for cheap and cheerful cheesy chips, sadly they actually broke one of my teeth. Not great. I also had woken up with an stinking cold and sore throat but nothing an 13 hour shift can't shift. 

Friday 22nd - Still Ill

Started the day off at work but felt so ill and under the weather so got sent home. Was nice to spend the afternoon in bed and actually recover. Also got to pick the little ones from nursery something that I never get to do. They loved it so much was very cute to see the looks on there faces when they saw it was me. 

 Saturday 23rd - My son can make tea

Yes I know you are so Jel but my son can make tea, today was the first that was actually rather nice. I was feeling a little better so called into work to go in. Before hand had an coffee with one of my friends who I haven't caught up with for a long while. Was nice to go into costa with out having 500 napkins at the ready. Sometimes being a nurse can be incredibly funny you find yourself doing the most odd things, but really I wouldn't want to do anything else. 

Sunday 24th - Bath Time madness

So my lovely children attacked me with bath foam but that wasnt the best thing about today. We had an fab morning at church was an great serve and we all had alot of fun. My husband had turned down  free tickets to an Arsenal Chealsea match to go swimming as a family which was lovely.the kids were estatcic as they saw a frog which I have to be honest I haven't seen one for some time. We had such an fun time swimming it was only a hour long but they got all the inflateables out and floats. Son Son even learned how to tread water and not be so fearful. We lost Asti to the inflatables he was worn out afterwards.

 We came home to watch the poor result from Arsenal today, I bet ,y husband won't be watching match of the day tonight. Sundays are by far mu best days when I am not working. Its the only day of the week we are an family of five. We do things as a family and a blooming love it. Also call the midwife is on too and that is rathe good too. 

So here we are another week has flown by, I really love this post. Not the most exciting post to read if you are not us but sometimes bloggings doing what makes you happy and you know what thats all that matters. I have been blogging for three years (nearly) and I have only just realised that. Its not always about reaching targets although that is rather good feeling. I don't have the most succesful blog, I don't have the time or patience for that, but what I have is a little place to call my own. A little place full of love and adventure. A little place that when my children are teenagers I can loose my self in our stories. 

Saturday 23 January 2016

Saturday Snapshot - Braving the cold

I love taking pictures of my children they arnt always the most willing, often reducing them to tears. Seriously you would think they would be used to it by now. I took this photo last Sunday on a cold beach walk. I took a few lovey ones of Ami others shared on this blog too. This was taken on the Canon 60d, the lens I used was the sigma 17-50mm f2.8 (if that makes any sense to anyone). 

Tuesday 19 January 2016

Living Arrows - 3/52 - Beach Babe

I never tire of taking photos of Amelie. She always has the most inquisitive face, pulling an variety of expressions. Maybe because out of all our children she is the only one that will stay still enough for me to quickly snap. She is also so loud you can't miss her. I love this photo its my favourite of beach skys, they way the sky changes colour half way like some glorious ombre is by far the best you can see. It was so cold but so refreshing, makes getting home and having a cup of tea much more Worthwhile. 

This year I am being more intentional about taking photos with the big camera, my husband has trusted me with the cannon, although he has said he prefers it to his new camera. The joys of having a video producer for a husband always have the kit to hand. If I knew how to use most of it we would be some double act. One of my dreams is to do more photography I am unsure where that is going and which direction. I suppose we will see this coming year. 

Monday 18 January 2016

Winter Beach Walks

Theres one thing I can not stand on sunny days is being stuck in even worse on super Sunday. Any football widow will understand that one, football match after football match enough to pull your eyes out. So me and Ami were set to go to the park when who wants to join us little Son Son. So off we all set for a walk to the park sadly our nearest one is a good 20 minutes away. Asti refused to wear a coat or hat saying it wasn't cold at only 2 degrees. I on the other hand was freezing and secretly wanted to go home and sit under a blanket with a cup of tea. 

We didn't make it to the park in the end but stopped off at a little beach on the way, I used to come to this beach occasionally as a child. My mum would stack up the old maclarren and off we set. Son Son gave up walking not far in to our walk he was too cold and a little bit tired.

I usually work most Sunday's so the idea of just doing something as a family can be rather rare. Even Asti enjoyed it after giving much protest about going out. He recently brought some Heeleys, if you are not sure what they are they are trainers with wheels on. Sadly he hasn't got the hang and keeps on falling over. Very funny at times but not the most practical for the beach.

After a while we couldn't feel our feet and Son Son fell in a rock pool it was time to walk home. He was so cold he had had enough which there wasn't much protest too except from Ami who wanted to go back home.

Just a post about a little walk, I really wanted to share the photos. I do love taking photos but my children don't agree they all hate the camera. 

Here's some more photos from our chilly little walk. Sometimes it's the little things like that we look back on and love. The little walks but more importantly the time spent together (not watching football).

We've joined up to some linkys this week some new ones and some olds ones. 
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Sunday 17 January 2016

Photo 365 - January 11th - 17th

Monday 11th - Pre School Booster 

Poor Ami had to have her pre school booster which she took like a boss. She was so brave and didn't cry. She later went on to say "Mummy why did that nurse hurt me". She was happy to get an brave sticker and a lolly pop. Can not believe she will be starting school in September. 

January 12th - Cold Walks

Son Son not enjoying the cold weather at the moment. He cried the whole way home from school Asti on the other hand was happy to have a photo with his Mumma. 

January 13th - Nap time Tea Time

This is so rare, seriously rare. When you have two toddlers in tow its bliss taking one shopping. He fell asleep I took my chance to grab a quick tea and Percy pig biscuit. Ami went off with Daddy to work for a bit whilst I mulled round the shop. 

January 14th - Work Time Madness 

My husband text me relentlessly in the morning asking if I had taken his glasses to work. He did not realise how busy I was obviously. I had not and infact the kids had actually taken them and put them under the blind apparently. I had a massively busy day where we needed much more staff than we had. I suppose thats the joy of nursing sometimes. 

January 15th - New Cup

Ok I did not take a photo on this day I was very rubbish, sometimes when you work 13 hours in the day its hard to get inspiration. I did though use this cup all day at work. I got it as a secret santa present at work. Sadly the kids have thrown it down the stairs and broken it. Blooming kids sometimes.

January 16th - Photo Memories

Every January I have taken a  photo of these two on the bed, this was supposed to be the third instalment to the collection but I could not get them to stay still for the love of me. I may try again as the photo I got was very grainy. They seriously hate me taking photographs you would think they would be over it by now. 

January 17th - Cold Beach walks 

Heres a photo from our walk this afternoon. It was very cold and poor Son Son was not happy. Was nice to get out and not be stuck in watching the football. I love where we live right by the sea its beautiful. Nice end to our week and my last weekend off for a while. 

Saturday 16 January 2016

Saturday Snapshot - Teletubbies Bue Bye

Heres my photo for the week, well it was last week but I didn't want to get into trouble posting it before the release date and all that jazz. I liked this photo I took on the cannon was the best one I took for the review by far. Well in my own opinion that is. I love that it is perfectly blurry (one day I will learn the official term for the blurriness). 

I haven't taken many photos this week been a bit rubbish and busy. Those kind of weeks are not great for getting anything done. 

Monday 11 January 2016

The New Teletubbies Toys - Review

I know that some of you readers have been on edge waiting to see what was in the box. If you are wondering what I am talking about we received a box a couple of weeks back that we were not allowed to share the contents of the box, until now. So here it is the new range of toys we have had the privilege of being the first ones to review and try them out.

Ami and her friend were who came round to see her at the right time as it was the big unveil of the box. They were so excited to see the box and couldnt wait to get inside (I was also excited it has taken all my will power to not open it all up!). They took it in turns to spend the carefully wrapped toys. Each colour represented a teletubby toy character. 

They were so excited to see all the toys they could not wait to get the boxes open to start playing with all the toys. The box contained: 
- Pull along Custard Train
 -Talking Po Soft toy
-Soft Laa Laa Plush
- Tinky Winky, Dipsy and Noo Noo collectable figures. 

Custard Train : RRP £29.99

This was my personal favourite along with the children's of all the teletubbies toys, not only did it make a lot of noise with flashing lights it also made some fart noises which they found hilarious. I take it that the sound is the making of the custard and not the teletubbies them selves. One of my favourite aspects of the toys is that the figures do not come off the train, which if your toy boxes are anything like mine forever getting jumbled up. The Custard train has a sting long enough for children to pull along the floor, as they do the teletibbubies spins and the custard train plays music. It is suitable for ages 18 months and is a lot of fun.

Talking Po Soft Toy: RRP £9.99

Another toy in the box was a talking Po, who was my favourite of the Teletubbies as a child. This cute little soft toy is not only cuddly but also if you squeeze Po's tummy she speaks sounds from the show. My friends little boy fell in love with Po and took her home. He was well and truly in love with the toy. The toy is super soft and has a hard face and is extremely cute. Suitable for ages 18 months and above. Available in the the Teletubbies characters.

Soft Plush Laa Laa : RRP £6.99

This Laa Laa toy Ami has fallen in love with, she has taken this little soft toy with her everywhere and even goes to bed with it too. She hasn't had any other soft toys apart from her unicorn for a long time it must be very special to her. Another super soft toy any Teletubbies fans will love adding this super soft Laa-Laa plush to their Teletubbies collection. Available with all the other characters too Tinky Winky, Dipsy, Laa-Laa and Po. (Each sold separately)

 Collectible Figures - Collection 1 : RRP £3.99 each
Lastly we received three collectible figures, we got Tinky Winky, Dipsy and Noo Noo. They loved the little characters and played with them along side the train. The little Noo Noo has little wheels so can be wheeled around. They are only £3.99 so you can build a massive collection in no time. Available in all the Teletubby characters too. 

The Teletubby toys have been an massive hit in our house. Ami did ask why do the Teletubbies have iPads on there tummies. The toys are available at many retailers and prices vary. Why not go ahead and check out the new collection at character.

Disclaimer: We were sent a selection of the new Teletubby toys from Character all thoughts and opinions are our own. 

Sunday 10 January 2016

Photo A Day 2016 1st - 10th January

SO this year I have decided to take a photo a day, ok this isn't really a challenge for me I always have my phone to hand. Some days may be more challenging when I am working nights or long days but lets see. I tried this back in 2013 but only made it to April. So here is the first offerings of the year.

January 1st

We went into London to experience the New Year Day Parade, something I had never heard off before. Was good fun and the kids loved it, although we were standing in the wring place was good to experience it. It did involve me saying to someone What is your problem? As they rammed there bag into my back as I wandered to find Ami a toilet. Do not know what she thought pushing me with her bag would achieve in a queue. Poor Ami was getting crushed under the force of the lady. They loved going on the trains and seeing all the goings on. 

January 2nd - Date Night

Yes our first Date night of the year gifted to us by our lovely Friend Frances. A very thoughtful gift and a rare chance for us to enjoy each others company. My husband has to be one of the most funniest people I know he makes me laugh when we got out all the time. 

January 3rd - Sibling love

Ami was overjoyed that Son Son had got some pants she said to him "If you wear your pants son son I will give you a sweet". It was so cute they then danced around in his new pants. He soon took them off and wanted a nappy. 

January 4th - Haircut times

Son Son got an haircut, he does look so cute with it cut but I did love the long hair. Wont take long to grow back and he loved having it cut, he was a very good boy. 

January 5th - Playdates with Mates

With the non stop rain we headed to Ami's friend house in which they enjoyed playing together. Its funny to see Ami play with her friends its so much different then at home, at home she bosses Son son around and he will do anything she wants, but friends aren't like little brothers. They enjoyed playing dress up and playing trains. 

January 6th - More playdates with Mates

This this the three off them playing snowball fight!!! Son Son helped me tidy it away. It literally went everywhere.  

January 7th - Back to Work

Back to work after 12 days of annual leave. Was very tiring but nice to be back at work and managing to get a break, eat some food in peace. I look tired not used to getting up at 5:45 its a killer.

January 8th - Husband Treats 

My lovely husband slipped these in my bag for me because he knows how much I love them (well more fruitella but I wasnt complaining). I have cut chocolate for the new year and it was everywhere it was so good having something sweet to eat when feeling shattered at work. 

January 9th - Not much inspiration

Didn't take many photos infact this was the only taker of the day. Not the best ever but my poor husband has a tooth infection and was in a lot of pain. The poor man three hospital visits endless pain killers he now looks like someone has punched him in the face.  Poor chap.

January 10th - A cheat

This photo wasnt from today sorry but the only photo was the toddlers dive bombing a soft toy monkey ( see my instagram feed for that one). I thought I would share a photo of my eldest so it doesnt look like I have missed him out. He is a cheeky chap he has brought heelys today so I expect some broken bone picture here in the next few weeks. My husband is still in a lot of pain today, I had to take the day of work to look after the kids whilst he slept after being awake all night. Me and the kids went shopping and to subway very exciting for them all. We also lost Son Sons dummy on the way home and had to put up with an hour of him crying for his dummy and for Daddy. 

So this is us for the time being, I plan to post every Sunday depending on how much I remember. I hope to remember to take other pictures not just the toddlers. Although they are rather funny and growing up so quick. 

Thanks for reading my ever so interesting week and a bit.