Tuesday 25 July 2017

Puppy Surprise Soft Toy Review

Ami and Son Son both have a tiny bit of a dog phobia they like to scream when a big dog comes near.   So when we were offered the chance to review the Puppy Surprise I thought it might make them feel a little bit more comfortable around dogs. Also they love anything cute and cuddly I knew it would be a massive win.

The Puppy Surprise is a soft toy that comes with one puppy that makes a sound and a surprise amount in the mothers tummy. Both Ami and Son Son loved the mummy dog they love playing mummy and babies so I knew it would be a hit. The mum can have between 3-5 puppies in her pouch which can be a mixture of boys and girls. We received a puppy from series 5 but they are now on series 8 which as you can see pictured are even more colourful and bright.

Our puppy had a total of 3 puppies one that made a noise and two in her pouch and I am not lying Ami and Son Son were so excited to open the package to find out if they were all boys and how many puppies were born. We had three girls in total and all were different colours with glittery ears.

With the puppies being born it brought lots of questions like "how do puppies have babies" "do all dogs have pouches with babies in? " The kind of fun questions you love to answer.

We have had alot of fun playing with the puppies watching them be born and reborn. Reminds me of my sisters old pound puppy. The puppy surprise retails at £27.99 and is available in all good toy shops and retailers.