Wednesday 27 January 2016

Funny Toddler Chat - January

My little toddlers are so funny at the moment the little conversations that they have are enough to make you just want to grab them and squeeze them. Here is a few of the conversations that I have managed to remember.

Mummy: Son Son are you a boy or a girl?
Son Son: A girl
Mummy: Your not a girl 
Son Son: Me a big girl 
Mummy: Nooo
Son Son: No me a big boy

This is an conversation we still have every night, at least 5 times
Ami: Mum where are we going today? 
Mum: Well its bedtime now so bed.
Ami: No where are we going today?
Mum: You mean tomorrow 
Ami: Yes 
Mum: To the park maybe.
Five minutes later
Ami: What are we doing today!

I found Son Son with my hat on, he was wearing his superhero jumper at the time and asked me to out his muzzy in his jumper.
Son Son: Me super man
Mummy: Son son
Son Son: No Superman

Daddy: Who is your best friend Son Son
Son Son: Pryia 
Daddy: really?
Son Son: No Gaggy (Daddy)
Agon (Asti)
Meli (Ami)

A typical day with Ami.
Ami: Can you play nursery with me
Mummy: yes sure
Ami: Ok I be the nursery teacher you be the mum
Mummy: Ok 
Ami: you drop the babies of and Son Son be the dad. 
Son Son: Me Gaggy 
Mummy: Ok ami just dropping of my babies see you later
Ami ( via fake phone call) Its time to collect them now
Son Son: me help
Ami: Right now I am the mum, son son the Dad and your the grandma mum.
Mummy: Ok Ami.
Ami: Right heres the babies I have to go to a wedding see you later.
Mummy: The babies need a sleep
Ami: I am back from the wedding the babies don't need a sleep, I'm off to another party. 

And so that game goes on,  a little insight into when I am an grandma and the kids dumping the grandkids for me to look after. 

To any stranger 
Son Son: Gaggy at work, on laptop
Agon at school
Ami: Yes my Daddy is at work he works in London. 
Asti is at school at the moment too. 
Mummy: Right time to go now kids

Mummy: Right its time to go out.
Ami: But me and Son Son don't want to go out
Mummy: Yeah but we have to do the school run
Ami: Yeah but we don't want to go
Mummy: Sadly Ami we have to get Asti, we will see Auntie Kelly
Son Son: Me see Kelly
Ami: I get my shoes on. 
Son Son: Wellies 
Mummy: Son Son I can't find them you get your shoes 
Son Son: No wellies
(10 minute search later) 
Mummy: Come back kids quick we need to hurry
Ami: Can I take my bike
Son Son: me me
Mummy: not today 
Ami: Can I take my scooter
Mummy: Not today Ami we are in a hurry.
Ami: please take my bike. 
Mummy: Okay
This then results in Son son having  a meltdown because he has to go into the pushchair then Ami giving up after 5 minutes of using the bike most days. 

So here we are a little insight into what Ami and Son son say. I promise I will try and remember the more funny sayings for next month so do keep an eye out as they are hilarious. 


  1. Aww hehe I love listening to little people conversations too. Especially when my 2 little ones are playing together and think noon es watching .. does make me chuckle sometimes bless them.

  2. Kids say the most hilarious things. I really need to start writing down some of the funny things my daughter says. I like the first conversation about being a boy or girl. When I was little I told my mom a few times I was going to grow up to be a little boy. hehehe #BestAndWorst

  3. Haha ahh bless, I love what kids come out with, my son comes out with some amazingly, hilarious stuff at times! Thanks for linking up and hope you'll stop by again #bestandworst x