Thursday 27 April 2017

Cadson Little ones Post box and Pan Pile up Review

With the weather getting nicer outside play is becoming more attractive but after a winter of the outside toys getting a beating from different weather elements the old toys were needing updating. Thankfully we were asked to review some of the Cadson Little ones range and I knew it would be a hit and a new addition to the garden.

The little ones range is aimed at toddlers aged 1-3 but even though Ami is 4 she still wanted to be involved. We were sent the Pan Pile up and a Red post box. When they came I feared AMi and Son Son might be a bit too big but did they prove me wrong. They both adored playing with both the sets.

Pan Pile Up: RRP £5

We had lots of these type of toys when the children were smaller but I never thought of getting them back out they were kind of packed away with baby items. Just goes to show you don't need expensive flashy toys children will love to play with anything. These pans are perfect they are colourful and perfect for little hands. They have been designed for children to learn though play. We used them to count how many little ones fitted into the bigger ones. Son Son loved to pile them up and then crash them down.

The pans have been a great hit in the water play tray I remember playing with similar toys when I was at school. I loved that AMi and Son son shared and were patient with each other it was lovely to see and at only £5 what a bargain.

Post box Shape Sorter RRP £ 7 

We were also sent a post box shape sorted which I defiantly thought my two were well past that but no again they proved me wrong and showed me that simple games are fun. Before I knew it Ami was a post man and Son Son was the Dad waiting for a letter.

The set came with 6 different colourful shapes that all slot into different holes at the top and one envelope shaped one. The top comes off so you can easily get the pieces back out again.

This toy is perfect for learning through play. Children can learn the shapes and colours to the pieces. Ami and Son Son worked together to place the right places. This toy is aimed at ages 1-3 which is perfect for little hands to use there motor skills and as they grow go onto more complex toys. They can learn counting and sorting with both of these sets of the toys.

All in all the Cadson Little Ones range of toys is perfect for toddlers. They arnt too expensive and colourful and cheerful addition to the toy box. Find out more on the Cadson website.

Sunday 23 April 2017

Gel-A-Peel Sparkle Bead Station Review

I don't know if you caught us a last month using the Gel-A-Peel set to make a lovely set of mothers Day cards find the link here. After that we were asked to trial something else with in the same set and we were sent the Gel-A-Peel bead station set. 

Thankfully Ami and Son Son had used Gel-A-Peel before so were ready to have a try at making some bracelet beads and because they had used it before they were ever so excited. Ami is at the age where she is in love with any colourful piece of jewellery so it was right u her street. The Gel-A-Peel works with a squishy gel that looks a lot like glitter glue but can be used to make any kind of pattern. The Gel dries and forms a rubber like substance. Which makes it perfect to be made into jewellery. 

Ami and Son Son had a good go and even though our results were not anything like that on the box they had such fun making the beads. The box contains Sparkle Bead Station with drying rack, 26 design templates, six 3D beading design rods (5 bead rods and 1 pencil rod), a ring tool, four designer tips (round and rake), plastic cording in two colours (for threading the beads onto for necklaces), 2 jump rings, 2 earring hooks and three tubes of gel in pink, blue and turquoise. Ami loved the purple and Son Son the green. 

The set contains a information sheet with inspiration to create wonderful beads although I did attempt one and didn't do the best job so I just did what Am and sonny did and just enjoyed being creative. The tubes are east to use and not to hard for smaller children to get the hang off. There is other things you can make with this set including ear rings but we stuck with the simple side with Ami and Son Son being only 3 and 4. We waiting a fee days for the designs to dry not all were successful but we had enough for one bracelet so Ami was pleased. 

Gel-a-Peel comes in lots of colours, including neon, pastel and glow-in-the-dark. It is recommended for children aged 8 and over but we tried with 4 and 3 year old and they really enjoyed it. It might be a bit expensive for a simple craft but if you want them to learn some fine motor skills and a bit of patience its perfect for them. Also when they are smaller they need a tad more help meaning you can have a good go without an excuse. 

This set retails at £24.99 and will bet available in most toy shops. 

Monday 3 April 2017

Half Shell Hero Mutant Loader Review

My little Son Son is three years old and is fascinated with any thing superhero at the moment. Lucky for him he was sent the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles new Mutant loader from the Heroes in the half shell. Is it just me when they hear "Heroes in a half shell" just want to sing it out like in the old cartoons? Just me? Anyway he was over the moon with his new toy. 

This Hero in a half shell Mutant loader is one of the wide range of TMNT toys that are available. We were sent the Mikey character Vehicle and is perfect for all HSH fan. Its more that a vehicle it has forklift and cage even a little side cart for the little Half shell hero to sit.

This HSH Vehicle is perfect for Son Son who is three. Its not to bulky and hard to play with Son Son was at ease with it exploring the cage mainly putting poor Mikey in the forklift. The recommended age for this toy is 2 and above. There is a little leaver to twist which lifts the forklift up. 

Son Son loved the Toy and we have had to take it out and about with us, he was so pleased to get a toy he can use his imagination with. He was in his element putting things in the forklift and cage.  
I love toys that encourage children to use there imagination and make little game sup with. There is a bonus that is doesn't have any sounds meaning no in the middle of the night scares (I don't know if you have had this where a random toy goes of and freaks everyone out). We have had this toy a few weeks now and Son Son has played with it ever day. 

Half Shell Heroes Mutant Loader Vehicle with Mikey costs £19.99 and can be purchased at most leading retailers. Like any character toy it is a bit more pricey but if your child is a fan you don't mind too much. Learn more about TMNT or the new range of toys over at Turtle Toys Collectors Club or at Flair PLC.