Sunday 3 January 2016

The new year is upon us - Dreams

Ok I may be a little late into the new year ( three days to be precise) it is only the 3rd of January but better late than never. You may have been dipping in and out of this random blog wondering what is going on, why doesnt she post much anymore. Sorry about that took a months break and it kind of went into a few months break. I am not going to lie I did enjoy it, was nice not being on my laptop in the evening. Reading blog posts sharing etc.

I am back now.

2016 this little blog is going to be a little different. I love capturing events in our lives I won't stop doing that but I plan to be more regular with the stuff I write so it isn't more random. Although I am the queen of Random so we will see. I want to do more videos but not sure I have the patience we will see in the year.

We had a really good year last year, what with Holidays to France and Spring Harvest. Many weeks volunteering at different events but I look forward to this year. There is something about a new year. Bringing a fresh hope and perspective in life. We hope this is the year that somebody picks up my husbands script or something happens for him career wise. We feel its been on the cusp for a few years now.

This is also the year we will get a good school report, that we don't dread school parents evenings. My eldest is very bright but doesnt always know when to be quiet often getting him into trouble. He is always the first to be caught and forever gaining attention somehow hopefully this year it will be more positive.

For the other two just year of good health, that we finally get Son Sons chest sorted out. He has a constant rasp when breathing. The doctors say there is nothing wrong but that boy can snore. Its doesnt harm him or affect his health in anyway but would be good to see it sorted.

Ami she starts school in September, which is a little scary!! Seems like only yesterday she was born. She is an August birthday so will be the youngest in the year but I do not think this will phase her one but. She is very independent and head strong. In  fact all three of my children are extremely head strong something I do not know where that came from.

Last of all there is my dreams for the year. I have been exploring (in my head) what moving would look like. Where abouts I do not know but I grew up where I live, I have  never been anywhere else. I do not know maybe I do feel a little bored at times, so maybe it is time for a change. It would be a hard decision especially when you are part of a strong community. I also plan to develop in my photography too. Oh and finally learn to drive!!

So that is it for now.

A small insight into our dreams for this year and the dreams for the kids.

Heres to 2016

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