Saturday 31 January 2015

Me and Mine - January 2015

This year we are trying hard to have more days out, more adventures and generally more fun as a family. Its hard work in the winter months getting out, today it took half an hour to get all hats, scarfs and shoes on it really was a joke. So with this we went for  a cold walk along Broadstairs beach, I love Broadstairs it reminds me of happy childhood trips on folk week. I even lived there for a short time happy memories.

So heres month 1 of our family pictures typical for us to be on the beach. Little Bear loved it he had not walked on sand before so we could not get him of the beach. Its hard for us to find the time to be together to go out but so worth it when we do. I really love the photos where we arnt looking at camera and laughing. The family seem to hate the photo being taken but I know secretly they love it!

We have had a busy month and nights in have been rare, even more rare are all of us in. It saddens me and I miss us watching films together or just miss everyone. My husband has been working away and me busy at work we are looking for ways to slow down life a bit. It seems go go go at the moment and I do not like it, I feel the time flies and each month my babies are getting older. I am forever playing catch up, the washing pile is high and homework gets missed, no different to any working family I suppose. Next month I plan to have more time together, more adventures and more fun.

So this is us this month, this last photo Pants is really creeping up, I know I am crouched but thats crazy. I have a photo of Pants as a toddler on this very spot. So heres to February and heres to the adventures.

Friday 30 January 2015

Life with out phones

Do you ever wish phones were not invented? Just me then. I stood looking on the train and a whole carriage on their phones, nobody talking it was strange, the only noise my nosy toddler chipping away lots of questions and I wondered whats happened. I am a victim of it too, I can easily get caught up on somebodies instagram feed or reading somebody's blogs and then time flies. If I am bored I reach straight for my phone, what have I missed, whats going on.

I love a good chat face to face and more and more I spend less time talking to a person and more time with a screen, My family are bad too, my daughter first thing asks to do drawing or watch Bing constantly and my eldest playing crossy road or watching youtube videos. The other day my two year old who was surrounded with toys said I am bored. I do not remember being bored as a child I got toys out and played weather it be barbies or those miniature polly pocket I played. I used my imagination and was not caught up behind a screen. I try to limit times and avoid it, then they play nicely. they play little games and be children.

I need to spend less time on mine, I really do. I need to limit my time and plan it wisely. Even loose my phone it would not be too bad. Maybe its more of a winter thing? I dont know. I sometimes feel like information overload and I got to bed and my head is running at 100mph. My son asked me what the longest word in the world and I dod not know, I nearly said lets google it but I thought not. Its funny it really is how much we think we need this stuff. I would like to move somewhere with no wifi no technology and just live. Enjoy life for life. I wonder what the future will hold, technology scares me, it really does.

I just want it to slow down and we just enjoy what we have without waiting for the next upgrade,

Wednesday 28 January 2015

How to decorate on a budget - Castle wall toddler bedroom

I have decided to start a series on interior design, I love decorating and homeware so this little series will see some tips on decorating on a budget. We live in a rented house where our contract States we can't decorate. Which for me is a massive shame so to get past is I have found a way to be creative without using something that damages the walls. Then all if a sudden it came to me washi tape. If you have not heard of washi tape it's like masking tape and comes in many lovely different colours. I have brought a few and am well and truly addicted to these little rolls, they can be used for most things.  So with this and a little Pinterest inpiration I set of to make a little castle above Ami's bed.

Castle wall picture:
Time: less than ten mins 
Cost: £2.50

First of I made sure the quality of the tape is good, as I have made something before he hat peeled off rather quickly and before I knew it the kids could not resist and it was all on he floor. After you have your tape get ready to get creative. I started with the turret of the castle and then the roof, the first time I did not realise how wonky the lines were so I had to start over.

I then made the wall smoothing over as I went to make sure it was not peeling already.  I then added some finishing touches such as so,e bunting with Ami's name on. I was pleased with the results and the best thing it took less than five mins to make. I brought a pack of ten tapes from eBay at the cost of £2.50. 

I was pleased with the results and it has brought out that boring side of the wall. I now have the washi bug so no wall will get left untouched. Even if it doesn't last long I think it looks great and I can easily change it if I needed to. Why not have a go yourself and see what you can create. 

Wicked Wednesday's - my brother tried to steal my ice cream!

I'm sorry this week sees another pic of Ami, I'm sorry she loves the fame! No I will try harder to capture the boys when they are being funny, watch this space.

Monday 26 January 2015

Broadtstairs Beach - Family Adventure #1

Well it's true so say that I just love the beach. I love the feeling of sand in my toes and the fresh air, it is just so lovely, I feel completely free and at home. Today I decided as a family we weren't going to sit in and watch dull football like we normally do but we were going to go to Broadstairs and have a ice cream, I was going to take my new action cam and we would take a few pics, sadly the camera was full for some reason bearing in mind it is new so I just ended up taking some photos. 

We had finished our little trip off with the most best ice cream parlour in the world (so good Dermot o'Leary had it at his wedding) Morellis, It really has the best ice cream yum yum. Was so nice to get out and let the kids explore. We have become like hermits recently and we had not had many adventures, so this week sees our first attempt at getting more fresh air and lots more find memories. We are a busy family and it's hard when you work shift work to find the time but I think it's so worth it when you are out.

The kids did enjoy the walk on the beach, Little Bear was unsure at first as had not walked on sand before and found it to be rather uneven. Pants and Ami were straight on the beach exploring and digging, Ami even took her shoe of and started to dig on the sand. We went round taking snaps of the kids and before we knew it we couldn't feel our feet and it was time to get of the beach before the little ones started to get whingy, this took ages as they were having such a good time.

The ice cream parlour was busy and Ami wanted a strawberry Ice cream in which she did not liked so we had to swap, me and little bear shared one and Pants went for chocolate, the hubby scoffed down a coffee ice cream and we say there for a few short mins of peace and quiet before the noisiness of three kids started again. Was a lovely little trip simple but a start to blow the cobwebs out, so look out for more adventures and if you don't see any tweet me saying "Sara you need to get out"

The beach is just as good in the colder months, there is less people around and you can get some nice pics with out any one else in the shot. I would say the queues for ice cream are less but not so much in Broadstairs. The only thing we missed from our trip was some nice fish and chips will have to do that next time!

Here is some more  pictures from our lovely day

Wednesday 21 January 2015

Shoe school drama

Shoe school drama, what is this you say? Is it some boring TV programme, no sorry it really isn't that interesting. No it's more the millions of pairs of schools I've had to buy this term. This school year I thought I would boycott Clarks as the shoes are so expensive but sadly this hasn't worked well, two pairs of shoes wrecked and me spending the same amount for a pair of Clarks shoes in the first place

This big issue is playing football at playtime, I think he does so every lunchtime meaning this last pair of shoes I brought this term are ALREADY wrecked. Argh very annoying and feels like such a waste of money to be constantly buying shoes. I ended up putting him in red trainers as did not want to fork out for a new pair as only just brought the last pair, but the school said he would be in trouble if he doesn't come in with school shoes on.

The first pair I brought to boycott Clarks were from M&S I ought good quality brand, they will stand the test of a 8 year old boy who loves football, but alas no. By October he had scuffed he front and ripped the sides. I emailed M&S who have offered them to be returned but I sot the receipt and am far to scared to get rejected in store! The second pair were a sturdy looking pair from sainsburys but 3 weeks in they have major scuff marks and the stitching is coming away! Very frustrating!

So here I am in my school shoe drama, stuck looking for a pair of Indestructible shoes for a 8 year old who plays a lot of sport. 

If you have any tips for shoe care or where I can get a decent pair please help. 

Wicked Wednesdays - Ami your purdy

Tuesday 20 January 2015

Finding the time

Finding the time,

Do you ever just think about that?

I have a lot lately, I seem to be forever chasing my tail and feeling like things are unfinished and my life is a mess. The washing is forever beating me, homework, washing up another killer, blogging and everything else. You see I am not an organised person. I am extremely scatty and last minute which leaves me feeling like I am always on the go.

My biggest bugbear is blogging, you see I love to write, I like to write about anything I just love trying and using a pen. I feel as I am dyspraxic and generally awkward it helps me to express in away I just Can't with face to face. So lately I have sat down and been so uninspired to write, mainly because I do not have a lot to write about. My life is rather dull at times and there is only so many times you can write about things. A lot of the time I get distracted by things and before I know it it's bedtime and I feel cheated as I did not get a lot done. I want to put the effort in as I enjoy it, I am hoping warmer weather may help me be inspired again.

The there is family time, we have hectic weekends with me working, football, church, football and there is always something on. All I want to do most the time is just relax with the family but we never find the time. We have nit been swimming in forever and the most we see off each other all together is dinner time some nights if the week. It's gutting and and each week I try and make it bette but I just don't find the time. 

Apmaybe I should make more of an effort in being organised if I out things in category's it may help? Sort out my times, plan things well, then I may feel less like my life is flashing by in 200 miles per hour stylie. I think I also need to not be so hard on myself, I am a busy working mum of 3, I am involved in a lot of things that take up evenings and need to come up with something that accommodates that. Blogging is my hobby, my little outlet in the world, my place to express how I am feeling, what we've been up too. So should dtop being so hard on myself if I don't post so often! 

Do you have any tips or help for me the poor busy mummy! 

When I find the time I may reply to your comment!

Bring back the Summer

I find winter very tough, with little children more so. All I want to do is go outside and thankfully the kids share this love, but sadly the logistics of this is very different. We head I everyone is in a good mood until the toddler slips in a puddle. Wet slime all down her side she is not happy, this causes a chain reaction, the baby gets cross because he is stuck in theouchair and Asti is with his pre teen attitude "I knew we should have stayed inside". I then feel stressed and try not to turn round and say ok you want tone stuck indoors all day fine, I don't i say it's good to get fresh air. When secretly inside I a hating it my fingers are so numb from the cold. We head home I feel defeated and like a bad mum.

I am a summer person I hate all this wrapping up warm. I look ill where I have had no sun, my eyes are grey from being indoors all the time, my sun glasses are lost somewhere in hey toy box. See in the summer you can spend eh day outside if the weather is right. It doesn't take three years with he millions of coats and gloves that you have spent a fortune on over the year. I really can not wait for summer. 

Since we have move we have not even ventured into the garden sadly it's always so windy and cold. The babies claw at the windows wondering what is that outside and why is there leftover fireworks in the garden and burnt out sparklers. My days off can be spent sorting things outside and playing till tea time. Eating outside and having many picnics I really can not wait. My husband moms about moving abroad I am so up for it, somewhere where it is warm all year would suit me fine.i am not a lover of windy weather and the snow it even worse. 

There is also he cycle to work, I leave so wrapped up and as I got to the end of the road I am already hating the cycle, my fingers frozen on to the handle. My face bitterly cold, trying to avoid the massive puddles and even worse the cars that soak y in the puddles. Least in the summer the mornings are light I am not arriving at work in the dark and leaving in the dark. 

I love where we live we have lots of lovely beaches which are beautiful any time of year, we really blessed. The summer lifts the haze I get into in the winter, counting the months down now, waiting, longing for summer. 

Saturday 17 January 2015

My Sunday Photo - 18/01/2015

Little Bear you are 14 Months

My little Bear you are 14 months. 
14 months of being our baby and making our little family complete.
You really are a wonderful boy and make us really happy. 

This month you have started to learn some words,
mainly Ami and Pants talk for you but you are finally finding your voice.
You put a phone to your ear and say hello, 
also say more which means you want a drink.
You do alot of communicating through pointing to things then pointing to yourself, its very cute. 

You love your food and will polish off most dinners, Ami even gives you her left overs. 
You want to feed yourself and get cross when anyone wants to help. 
You also can drink very well from a cup, I blame nursery for making you so independent. 
You sleep well you like to sleep from about 7pm till 7:30am most nights, the only exception being if you are woken up by your sister.  

You love your siblings especially Ami, 
you want nothing more than to cuddle her and pull her hair. 
Its very sweet to watch, you also hate her to be asleep and want to follow her everywhere. 
They are starting to play together which is nice, I hope their little bond gets stronger each month.

You have the best little sense of humour, you litterally puts everything on your head. 
You still love your little muzzy and when we can not find it a substitute tea towel or older brothers t shirt in the same pattern. You have been a bit poorly this month and teething so you have been so cuddly. You have loved nothing better than to sit on mummy or daddys laps which neither of us mind. You hate being on your own and cry anytime we go out of sight. 

You like to walk alot especially out of the pushchair, its a bit like walking with a little drunk man, you fall over and wander all over the place you really are a delight. 

We love you lots littke Son Son Bear x

Friday 16 January 2015

Weebledown Farm Wobbily Farm Mill and Barn Review

Do you remember weebles? We had one or two growing up they were great fun, stick them on their head and they turn round, simple toys are really the best. The Weebles are back (and not as scary looking as my childhood ones). We recently got asked to review this lovely Wobbily Farm Mill and barn and Weeble Rooster. As Soon as it came I had my two little ones fighting over it, I barely had time to take a picture of it before they were playing away with it, I had to confiscate it and bring it out later when they forgot about it.

 Its sutitble for children over 18months, Little bear who is 14 months also did enjoy playing with the barn, especially trying to put the rooster down the slide. You can get more little characters that fit onto the mill and create a little fence round, they consisit of other farmyard animals, they are Buttercup the cow, Fluffy the sheep. Dapples the horse, Patch the dog and my personal favourite called Nugget the Chicken (is that the fate of the poor chicken). You can also get 3 different weebles with vechiles and a Farmer with his tractor. The perfect collection for hours of play.

Ami who is 2 and a half enjoyed pushing Rusty the rooster on the top and churning the milk to get him to go down the slide. Also putting Rusty the Rooster on the weathervane on the top and spinning it. One of her favorite things was to put the rooster to bed, she got frustrated as she could not get him to lie down for long, I had to reassure her that it was in fact ok he was not that tired.

The great thing is that the farm has no sharp bits or any bits they could put in their mouths, the little rooster is very cute too, not very scary looking like the old Weebles. The set provides plenty of room for imagination. Little Bear found it hilarious that the Rooster would flip down the slide, and would get frustrated when he could not get him down the slide. 

The Farm Mill and Barn retails at £29.99 so would make a lovely gift for a birthday or special occacion. It is a little out of my price range for normal toys ( I think personally I am a bit tight with buying toys). It is a lovely little toy and would bring joy to lots of children worth a look into. Check out the range on the Website here and see what other weebles you can buy. I think we will aim to get the rest of the animals to continue our farm as they are very cute.

Thursday 15 January 2015

The Siblings Project - January

This year I said I would be more creative with my pictures, well I failed or maybe starting small. I love taking pictures of the three of them, all so different and full of energy. Three so beautiful, three so smart (not biased at all). So here is the first of a new year, a exciting new year that is going to be full of adventures!

The photo shoot started like this, Little Bear was cross as he usually is when he see's the big camera, Ami who is poorly was not fussed and Pants who was far too busy on his tablet to take part. My idea was to get a cosy morning shot of them but as you can see from the photos below it ended up a bit different. They ended up chasing each other round in circles and playing games. The little onsies just looked far to cute to miss.

It has been a interesting month for the three of them as Little Bear gets bigger. Him and Ami argue over things alot, espeically parents attention. I am hoping it will get better and they do become best of friends. We also have the other side Ami who thinks she is 8 like Pants. She is always being told off by Pants for messing with his lego/ match attack cards or moving somthing. She doesnt quite understand she can not take part. Pants loves Little bear who wants to just cuddle Ami all the time. Its funny thier little circle it goes round and round. Hoping for some sibling love and less arguing. Although Ami and Little bear are now starting to play and she is hitting him less we will see where it goes from here.

Monday 12 January 2015

The Girl and Her Mumma

I always wanted a girl, I am not sure why. Maybe seeing all the beautiful dresses and tights and pretty frills I knew I could not wait to have a girl one day. I remember before she was born I had all her little clothes waiting ready and, lots of floral and cute bits and it finally hit me, the reality of it all. How different will a girl be, will it mess our dynamic up. I wondered how her older brother would cope and and interested in the differences in the two.  

When she was born I was filled with joy, I looked at the little body that came so quickly and easily into the world and I was filled with love. Her dark hair and perfect little body I felt so blessed. Me and my husband shared a look and we knew our little princess was born. My husband always wanted a girl something about spoiling a girl who loves her dad lots. She was the happiest baby and so chilled was so glad she was here. The worries I had about her fitting in were nothing she just slotted in. Being that extra puzzle piece we did not know was missing. 

So I look at her now, so full of confidence and boldness I wonder what she will be like when she is older. She loves to have a laugh and loves the outdoors. We know she is going to be good at sports ever since she was a baby she has had the most perfect aim nothing like getting a toy at your head repeatedly. Now the pressure is on to raise her well, not crush her, try to encourage her the best we can. Bring out the stuff that makes her shine and protect her from bad.  I hope we do a good job as she will be awesome, she is awesome. 

I am glad I have my girl, my girl to take me away from the football mad boys. The girl who we can shop together and spend hours in coffee houses. The girl who loves craft and creating things. The girl who is not afraid to get what she wants. The girl who brings joy to those around her.

The girl and her mumma.

Thursday 8 January 2015

Help save me from Match Attax Cards

One day I have the fear that I will be enveloped by a set of match attack cards! I must have spent more than £50 this season alone on these silly cards. I find them everywhere too, they are down every sofa, in every draw and even in my work bag! We have done match attax for the last few years but it has only been this last school year where it has really exploded and my son and all his friends are into it.

As much as I love him having a hobby I just hate these silly cards as come September they will be thrown away (well the ones I havent got my hands on yet). Also he never keeps them safe meaning the babies get hold of them and before I know it I am collecting them from under the sofa and trying to sort the teams. 

Pants football manager printed these cards

There is also the issue of swaps at school, someone always makes a bad swap and someone always gets upset. Then you get a phone call from the school to say can they look in your sons bags to sort the cards and it becomes a big faff! Back in my day you did a bad move in pogs you delt with it. Ive had parents come up to me at school and say which cards do we have, Its all rather ridiculous and I will be glad when the next fad thing comes along. 

I can not complain it could be worse, ok I have to fight two toddlers off the cards and make sure they do not rip them or bend them. Also playing top trumps with 200 cards aside takes forever but at least he is intrested in something.

Tuesday 6 January 2015

Wicked Wednesdays - toy story baby sitter

Toy story is not a baby sitter for mummy and daddy when they want to have a quick nap on the sofa! 

Monday 5 January 2015

Winter beach Traditions - Southwold Trip

You may be surprised to know that I love the beach. It can be any beach I just feel very much at home at the beach. As a teenager my friends called me stig of the beach as I would run round with no shoes on with wild hair it really was a little embarassing looking back. That love has never left me it can be any beach I just feel content and free.

So when it came to our annual Southwold trip I was teasing that we do this every year but secretly loved it. Please if you know norfolk well what else can you do there? We were also happy to go as My in laws are moving this year so we may not go every Christmas. I just enjoy getting out the house when we are away. Maybe one time we may go in the summer when it isnt so cold! 

This years highlights were crashing waves, all the kids loved chasing the waves and trying not to get soaked by them. Pants was pleased he had his wellies on as he could wade through the tide. I then caught some of the kids climbing fof a large pipe over deep cold waves. After some time on the beach we then went and had some chips and a walk on the pier exploring all the little shops. I let Little Bear walk a little bit and he enjoyed the freedom of being able to walk around, although this added some presure as Ami ran one way Littke bear the other and Pants was somewhere else. 

It was a fun trip and we followed it up with a little trip to the little town, something we never have done before even after all the trips we have had. The boys went and sat in costa to use the wifi and watch football, whislt me and Ami looked around the shops. 

This was my fave part really staying at my inlaws at Chritmas is rather manic lots of family it can be hard to get some downtime just the five of us. The weather may have been chilly but we had a lovely time.