Sunday 29 September 2013

The Ordinary Moments - Family time

One thing I love is spending time with my family.
It doesn't matter what we do as long as were together. 
My husband teases us all and we laugh alot
Sometimes life can be so busy you realise
 we haven't been together for a long time.

So here we are walking along in Broadstairs
 to play in the sand and get an Ice cream
The things we love the most. 
The times we cherish the most were we do nothing special
 but our time together is not rushed but enjoyed. 
Our ordinary moment is just being together

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Silent Sunday 29-09-2013

Thursday 26 September 2013

Reasons to be cheerful week 31

Well who cant have been happy this last week, especially where we live the sun has broken free from the clouds and it hasn't been to cold. Im still trying to grasp onto any warm weather I love it so much. I have lots to be thankful as always I do like joining in with this linky as it reminds me of how blessed i am. My reasons to be cheerful this week are as follows..

1) Ami has been saying many more words which makes us all laugh so much. Her favorite being "whos that" in which she says all the time. She is really coming on with talking, Pants was the same he was such a chatterbox he never stopped talking from the age of 1! Another word was peppa but said in a funny accent it was very amusing.

2) Pants brought home the class bear yesterday in which we took on a bear hunt, it was very sweet and then we read the stories and Pants did a book review on the story. He sure is growing up too fast but also growing into such a lovely boy!

3) I have been signed off work with bad back which is good as it means I can start my maternity leave earlier. This is a nice thought of no work for a year! The back pain is a bit annoying and restricting but its not for much longer as only have 6 weeks until the baby is due! Time to think of a name as we currently are clueless!

4) Me and  my husbands wedding anniversary coming up, will be nice to get some quality time with him, we havent been out just the two of us in such a long time! He makes me laugh so much especially times when everyone else is quiet! Should be fun I do love spending time with my husband how ever annoying he sometimes can be!

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Wednesday 25 September 2013

Were going on a Barny Bear hunt!

Were Going on a Bear Hunt
Were of to find some lovely treats!

Here's a Letter from Barney Bear
Look for clues but don't be scared

Bears this way
I will Push those Bears to find those treats

Follow me Ami I know where to go
lets look for some signs high and low

Look up High what can you see
A bird, a mouse a Bee

No other animals just a Bear 
Can you see me just perching there

I like to climb 
But not too high 
I'm not to far from the Sky

A little bit higher for you to reach
Oh look over there is that the beach

An easier place to reach 
for those with little hands and feet

Don't forget me 
I'm hiding in the trees

A happy boy 
looking forward to eating some treats

Finally a tasty Snack
Look Ami its a bear and all that

Two happy children 
Two messy little bears

making a mess
oh no not cake on my dress

come on Ami lets carry on the search 
Don't worry I will push the bears this time

Bears in the sea surely not
Is that cake round my face or just snot

Come on bear its time for home
just a walk up the stairs onwards we go

I will follow you pants to see what more we can find
Don't worry I'm not that far behind

Swing that bear but not too high
I'm not sure he knows how to fly

Two happy bears 
Managing to sneak some cake 
Time for bed now before it gets to late!

: “This post is an entry for BritMums ‘Little Adventures Challenge’ in partnership with Barny, the bear-shaped snack providing a little discovery in every bite. Find out more about Barny here

Monday 23 September 2013

Pants 7th Birthday

The other day my little boy was 7, very scary 7 somehow feels much more older than 6! He was so excited and had been counting down the days for weeks. He had mentioned loads of things he wanted to do, one being center parcs,  another legoland hotel. 

He woke up early ready to open some presents before school, Ami was even more excited to see loads of balloons and presents. She got stuck into Pants presents and cards and he was very patient and let her open some of his presents. He got some lovely presents in the morning and even had a big breakfast with many different options in which he was very pleased about.

Around lunchtime I get a call from the school that Pants had been sick and needed to be collected, my thoughts were that he had pretended or made himself sick. That didn't matter still had to collect him, I wondered if it had anything to do with all the lovely presents at home and the new Disney Infinity game yet to be played with.

So then we had to wait a few hours for my family to pop round with more presents. All Pants was waiting for was a fish tank my mum was getting him but to his disapointment he had to wait for the fish. His first ever pets Frank and Archie are now resident in his bedroom! 

So after all family had gone more presents opened, cake and food consumed everyone had gone and Ami was in bed we built lego and had dominoes pizza. Pants had a lovely day and was very spoilt!

33 weeks Pregnant

All the 3's 33 weeks pregnant. Where has this pregnancy gone? This by far had been the most hardest pregnancy I have had. Ive been suffering with bad lower back pain which has been a little annoying. My community midwife offered no help saying it was to late for a physio referral and if it got worse to go to day care. I found it to be a little annoying no advice given from my midwife so after a few more weeks struggling getting up and moving I called my doctors who prescribed me some stronger pain killers, which is fun as they make me a little dozy and spaced out! Still have back ache which means days of from work.

Oh well not long to go now, We are now in that stages of sorting things out that we need for a newborn baby! Ive actually started to get a little excited seeing all his little clothes I sometimes get them out and re fold them. Boys clothes have become alot more fashionable from when I had pants. We been blessed with many donations of clothes for the baby which is so helpful.

Now also the decision on the name, we both have ideas and likes but not managed to find one we both agree on. I really liked Toby but people call my husband Carvy and he thought it would be to mean on the baby to have the nickname of Toby Carvy lol.
Me at 33 weeks

Things we have: 
  • Cot 
  • Moses Basket
  • Double pushchair
  • car seat
  • Baby Bath
  • Tons of Newborn Clothes and 0-3 months
  • a few blankets 
  • Nappies 

Things Still to get organised
  • baby bouncer
  • newborn Car seat head hugger
  • Blankets (as the ones we have are pink) 
  • Cotton wool and Wipes 
  • Muslin Square 
  • Sort Hospital Bag 
  • Mat Pads and Breast Pads (cant forget these important essentials) 
  • Cosy Pjs for post pregnancy
  • Big Nik naks (cant beat a bit of comfort post baby) 
  • Presents from the baby to older siblings
  • Need to organise who will have kids when I go into labour!
  • Im sure theres much more to do I just can get my mind round that there will be a little baby with us soon!

Friday 20 September 2013

Mice infestation oh what to do!!

So the other night I lie in bed and hear some kind of scratching. I call my husband to check its not him teasing me and it wasn't. Its just turned midnight after a long day and I am sat perched on the edge of the bed with a torch waiting for rustling so I can find out what and where the noise is coming from. I call my husband again who is now annoyed as he was trying to sort some videos out that kept on crashing (he was not amused didnt want to be disturbed from Avid or whatever it is). He comes in with a sword to swipe under hard to reach places. By now I am completely still afraid to move at all in case a tiny mouse jumps out and tries to attack me! No joy so off he goes back to do some more work. I finally look at the clock and its 2am ive been sat still for nearly two hours trying to find a mouse. I didnt see anything and waited for my husband to come to bed as was too scared on my own. Yes as sad as that sounds scared of a little mouse lol I now listen out of noises of little scurrying and creeping, unsure weather or not it was my husband or not.

In the morning I investigate to find little what could be suspicious mouse droppings in our bathroom! argh so it was a little mouse! We are now in the dilemma of how to sort the issue, do we go mouse trap option. Not really a great one with a curious 1 year old and then there is the clearing up the mess it makes, I am extremely squeamish (believe it or not bearing in mind I am a nurse!). Then there is using poison and how effective that is. Or even those glue trap things although I remember using one of those when I lived in a different house a mouse actually bit through its leg to get free.

This was a trap I made with double sided tape, Ive had no luck in fact I think my husband threw it in the bin! 

Have you had a problem with Mice how did you get rid of them thanks?

Thursday 19 September 2013

Educational toys for Pre School

Its lovely when your children grow up, you get to see them flourish into who they are meant to be. When Pants was small he had no interest in writing, drawing or anything that involved sitting still and doing something, he was always on the go and still is. Ami is alot different she enjoys sitting down for short periods for craft and puzzles. So with this we want to try and encourage toys that can also help her learn. This I believe will help for when she starts school as they do sit down for long periods so will be helpful in the long run. 

We have been checking out  Junior Scholars an online resource with many different ages ranges. I am looking to buy toys that both the children can play with and enjoy. here is a few of the toys we love and believe will encourage development in many areas. 

Here is the wooden Shape Clock, I like it not only is it attractive to children with the bright colours but can help children learn about time, clolours, numbers and shapes. This toy is not just sutible for preschool but I know my son who is currently in year 2 would enjoy playing with it too. He is currently learning to tell the time so this would benefit a wider range of ages. 

Here is another toy that we love its a wooden whale jigsaw, not only does it look nice on a shelf but also can help children with counting and learning numbers. The peices are made out of wood and are fair trade so would last longer than your usual cardboard ones.

 They do a big range of puzzles some small and some with letters on instead of animals. We like the idea of a small whale and a big whale, my daughter loves to copy her big brother so the idea of the two sitting together doing the puzzles is very sweet. 

They also have a wide range of Orchard toy Games, which create a fun learning environment. This game is called spotty dogs and helps aid numeracy skills by counting and matching numbers.  Both my children love dogs so this game would help then with counting. Ami may be a bit to little for this game but the bright colours and the use of numbers it wont be long before she will be ready to join in. 

Vtexh is another range of education toys they sell. This is the Vtech playtime bus, my son had this when he was a toddler and he played with it for hours. He loves that it had so many buttons and would copy the sounds of the letters and numbers. It has different modes that can help find shapes, numbers and letters. Its a great toy as they can play creatively and learn at the same time. With personal experience of this its a great toy that doesn't come with too many fiddly bits that get lost in the toy box. 

Here is another great toy for learning the stacking train, not only does it have bright colours that are sure to engage young learners but come in many different shapes. My daughter loves stacking things and working out where they went and my son loves timing himself to see how quickly he can sort things out. Not just learning shapes but using logic and developing those fine motor skills. Also which child doesn't like trains. 

Here is just a few exaples of the range of toys they have on Junior scholars, so why not have a look yourself and invest in some good quality learning toys. 

Reasons to be cheerful: week 30

Wowzas Ive been doing this for 30 weeks now thats crazy. Where has this year gone I can believe its speeding by time is like sand escaping through my fingers and I am desperately trying to cling on to that sand. Times are changing and I need to acept that life that is comfortable at the moment is soon going to change and we shall adjust as we always do! In that soon will come a little baby and that will bring lots of joy im sure. Our life is full of little blessings some things I even dont reconise as blessing, I forget Im loved unconditionally and thats amazing! My reasons to be cheerful are as follows..

1) My little Ami has learnt to Jump, its the most cutest thing ever. She crouches down and jumps and we all laugh and cheer, she is such a delight.

2) We had our family gathering at the weekend where 27 members of my husband met, with that a photo of all the family was taken.Very hard trying to get 13 children and 14 adults in a photo, but it was done. It was even harder trying to get a photo of all the siblings as they all messed around. My husband grew up in a big family so for him he is used to being around many people and his parents fostered too so there was always new faces. I love the idea of that maybe one day in the future. It was lovely day great for Pants and Ami to catch up with all there cousins. It was the first time in 3 years the whole family had been together!

3) Pants had his birthday he is now 7 thats crazy. He had a lovely day even if he was sent home from school after being sick. He got a fish tank and can not wait to fill it with fish! He also got alot of money so now to decide on what to get with all the money.

4) I have three weeks left of work before I go on maternity leave, It has been hard work my back is playing me up which is not very helpful bearing in mind I spend the whole day standing on my feet. I am enjoying it still though, Its a proper job and I am blessed they took me on being so pregnant and they knew I would be leaving soon .

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Tuesday 17 September 2013

Ordinary moments - Sick days

Well as it happens my son was sick at school on his birthday therefore I had to go and collect him and then he had to have the next day of. As a rule I keep it as boring as possible to try and deter more sick days. I am one of those mums who sends there child in cough or cold maybe its something with being a nurse, mummy deals with actual sick people you will go to school!! So having to keep a perfectly well child at home is a little annoying, he was upset as he missed his new after school club too.

 Some days the two of my children play nicely Ami just wants to copy Pants and he lets her join in and this was one of these days. We started the day setting up a fish tank Pants got for his birthday, then making a den out of the sofa and playing lego out of reach of a nosy/ destructive 13 month old! Its days like this I am glad to be a mum, I love watching them play especially it makes my heart melt. So this is my ordinary moment being a mum to two crazy children, two children who love each other to bits and Pants doesnt care that he has a sister who is 1 he loves taking care of her and often being told of by her as he tries to help her from danger. Its a nice time soon there will be another little person in the mix and the dynamics may change but I for now enjoy these little moments that make me happy!

We set up Pants fish tank he cant wait to get some fish now!

Giving your brother a kiss !

Not the best den but they loved it!

Playing with Lego 

Brother gets down from table she gets up to try and steal the lego!!

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Sunday 15 September 2013

Asti Pants your Seven

I cant believe it my boy is growing up
I remember when you were first born
I held you in my arms and knew I would never be on my own again
I knew I would do what I could to look after you

You are a very funny boy 
you love to try and make people laugh with made up jokes 
and take such pride when you find a joke that people actually laugh at
You make us smile in many ways

You love scooby doo, Lego and Arsenal
Its all we hear about
You love sport and are very competitive
Your football skills have come on along way you can now do a rainbow flick

This last year you have come on so much at school
you are reading so well we are so impressed
and your writing is nearly neater than mummys
you are fantastic at maths and IT

You are such a good big brother to Ami
you have been really helpful and happy to help
Ami adores you and saves her best laughs for you
well done

You love to eat out and always ask for onion rings
you are not fussy and eat anything
especially ice cream

You are very creative and love making things
we look forward to the next year
and what you will achieve
you a very special boy and make us so so proud

Well done for being you

Happy 7th Birthday!

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