Sunday 10 January 2016

Photo A Day 2016 1st - 10th January

SO this year I have decided to take a photo a day, ok this isn't really a challenge for me I always have my phone to hand. Some days may be more challenging when I am working nights or long days but lets see. I tried this back in 2013 but only made it to April. So here is the first offerings of the year.

January 1st

We went into London to experience the New Year Day Parade, something I had never heard off before. Was good fun and the kids loved it, although we were standing in the wring place was good to experience it. It did involve me saying to someone What is your problem? As they rammed there bag into my back as I wandered to find Ami a toilet. Do not know what she thought pushing me with her bag would achieve in a queue. Poor Ami was getting crushed under the force of the lady. They loved going on the trains and seeing all the goings on. 

January 2nd - Date Night

Yes our first Date night of the year gifted to us by our lovely Friend Frances. A very thoughtful gift and a rare chance for us to enjoy each others company. My husband has to be one of the most funniest people I know he makes me laugh when we got out all the time. 

January 3rd - Sibling love

Ami was overjoyed that Son Son had got some pants she said to him "If you wear your pants son son I will give you a sweet". It was so cute they then danced around in his new pants. He soon took them off and wanted a nappy. 

January 4th - Haircut times

Son Son got an haircut, he does look so cute with it cut but I did love the long hair. Wont take long to grow back and he loved having it cut, he was a very good boy. 

January 5th - Playdates with Mates

With the non stop rain we headed to Ami's friend house in which they enjoyed playing together. Its funny to see Ami play with her friends its so much different then at home, at home she bosses Son son around and he will do anything she wants, but friends aren't like little brothers. They enjoyed playing dress up and playing trains. 

January 6th - More playdates with Mates

This this the three off them playing snowball fight!!! Son Son helped me tidy it away. It literally went everywhere.  

January 7th - Back to Work

Back to work after 12 days of annual leave. Was very tiring but nice to be back at work and managing to get a break, eat some food in peace. I look tired not used to getting up at 5:45 its a killer.

January 8th - Husband Treats 

My lovely husband slipped these in my bag for me because he knows how much I love them (well more fruitella but I wasnt complaining). I have cut chocolate for the new year and it was everywhere it was so good having something sweet to eat when feeling shattered at work. 

January 9th - Not much inspiration

Didn't take many photos infact this was the only taker of the day. Not the best ever but my poor husband has a tooth infection and was in a lot of pain. The poor man three hospital visits endless pain killers he now looks like someone has punched him in the face.  Poor chap.

January 10th - A cheat

This photo wasnt from today sorry but the only photo was the toddlers dive bombing a soft toy monkey ( see my instagram feed for that one). I thought I would share a photo of my eldest so it doesnt look like I have missed him out. He is a cheeky chap he has brought heelys today so I expect some broken bone picture here in the next few weeks. My husband is still in a lot of pain today, I had to take the day of work to look after the kids whilst he slept after being awake all night. Me and the kids went shopping and to subway very exciting for them all. We also lost Son Sons dummy on the way home and had to put up with an hour of him crying for his dummy and for Daddy. 

So this is us for the time being, I plan to post every Sunday depending on how much I remember. I hope to remember to take other pictures not just the toddlers. Although they are rather funny and growing up so quick. 

Thanks for reading my ever so interesting week and a bit. 


  1. Lovely pictures! I'd never heard of the New Year's Day Parade either. The pants on head picture is hilarious. Funnily enough, my eldest has been dressed as a pirate quite a bit of the last week too! #twinklytuesday

  2. This is a lovely idea for capturing your year. And well done for getting a date night in so early in the year! #TwinklyTuesday

  3. Great start to the new year. Its so nice to capture it with pictures! Visiting form #twinklytuesday