Friday 31 January 2014

Me and Mine - January

This year we are attempting to take a photo a month of all us five!
A photo of us of us doing what we do best being together. 
So here is our first one of 2014 
Our first photo Together
on a day where there was no rain just glorious sunshine.
Little bear is hidden though it was very chilly.
So here we all our my ever growing family.

dear beautiful

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Thursday 30 January 2014

Me and You - January

I hardly ever get photos of me and my husband. 
Have tons of the kids but a handful of the two of us! 
So for a year going to attempt one photo a month just us. No kids nobody else just us, just the man I love and see us for us and not just mummy and daddy.
So this year I am going to attempt to join in the Me and you Linky over at dear Beautiful. 

This photo is so special, my husband was such a rock when I was doing my nursing training.
He would sit and read my work, support me after a rubbish shift and pick me up when I felt like jacking it all in. I really couldn't have done it without him. 
I love this man loads he really is amazing! 

Wednesday 29 January 2014

Mission impossible - Trying to take photos of my kids

I love photos and have always had a love of cameras. It all started when I was a child we were given a video camera as a child and me and my sister would take tons of videos. Some rather embarrassing and sadly I fear my sister got rid of all the evidence. One video we used tubular bells as backing music we were too cool!

It was only inevitable I would marry someone whose job would involve cameras and videos. I love the days were he has to edit things as I can use the proper camera rather than my phone. Don’t get me wrong photos from phones are great quality but nothing compared to a DSLR.

Oh dear cut of the chin!
When my first son was small I used to get disposable cameras all you had to do was point and shot but now I have a camera that’s all technical. I secretly don’t know what the buttons do my husband try’s to tell me but I can take it in. I just take photos and change settings until they look good to me.

Once that’s all sorted I then have to find one of my children to take photos of. The elder two have caught on and see the camera and run away, but little bear doesn’t mind. He is happy to smile at mummy so all mummy has to do is make sure he is in focus and take a photo in time.

Ami she is a different matter I have a time frame of 5 seconds to take a photo. And a fraction a second she will smile then rest is cross that she is still and mum has the camera out. She even broke my photo shoot! The monkey! Pants is the same he will smile once then look elsewhere the whole time!

But with all the trouble it takes I get a few good ones that I can stick on the wall and treasure forever. That special photo that captures the moment and you know it’s a keeper. I will keep on trying and hopefully get a bit better too!

Monday 27 January 2014

Oh my little baby

My ordinary moment this week Is my little Bubba
I Just love babies especially cuddles
I also know it doesn't last long before they grow up
Sometimes these moments are just so precious

I may never have this again
from doing up each popper of a baby grow
to never leaving the house with out a stain on my clothes
I just want to press pause and breath in that baby smell
cuddle my baby and let the world go by

But he will grow up
he soon wont be so dependant on his mumma
so I am treasuring every cuddle
embracing every night feed 
every little bath time splash 
and every little gummy smile

I am so blessed! 

Thursday 23 January 2014

Reasons to be Cheerful 2014 part 1

I haven't taken part in this for a while, not because I am not happy but because been so so busy with the babies I am forever a few days behind! I do love to take a look at the positives and realise how blessed I actually am!

1) Little bear has been sleeping for long stretched and last night slept from 10:30 - 7! woop Although I couldn't sleep for ages, always the way! It is great to get some sleep though makes the busy days more tolerable!

2) Pants finally lost his front tooth, suddenly he has got alot older, makes me a little sad but hes been prodding away at his teeth for over a year after his friends at school lost there front teeth!

3) Ami continues to learn to talk, often making up sentences bit the words are getting more clearer! She is also getting so so much bigger, she is so cleaver I find this age very funny but at times tiring, she is always on the go!

4) Just happy some days are overwhelming and I would rather be at work or anywhere but home, but I must make sure I get out rain or shine other wise I go a bit mad! I grateful I have to get Pants from school otherwise I may not get the chance to leave the house!

But however busy life is, I do love being at home with the babies, soon I will be back at work in 9 months so going to enjoy this time! My kids are awesome and I am so so blessed to be there mum!

Monday 20 January 2014

Living Arrows 3/52

Thought I would share this moment, its not very often Pants asks to hold little bear. Ami who wasnt feeling very well snuggled into the two boys it was so sweet! 

living arrows

Finding joy in the small things! - Becoming a mum to my Awesome boy!

When I was a teenager my dreams where that I wanted to work in London in an office, go out on Fridays and Saturdays then meet the love of my life. How different could my life be from my childhood dreams. My life was changed when I was 17, I was changed and for the better by my little baby. I never expected to become a mum so early in life, as a teenager I was a bit lost in reality and suffered with low self esteem.

I thought filling my life with things would fill this empty hole, having a boyfriend would fill it but my esteem was low who would date me, I met Pants dad when I was 15 immature and not knowing of the world. I then a year later fell pregnant. I was pleased even though it wasnt planned I thought this may fill this huge hole in my life. 

Then a few months later my life was turned upside down, suddenly I was responsible for this little life, suddenly I was a mum! It was the scariest time of my life, I never would be alone again, How will I go out with out this little boy. It was only then I decided I wanted better for me and my son, I didnt want to be on benefits like other young mums so I decided to look into getting a career. 

See you may not think its possible, but my little Pants changed my life, he gave me direction and purpose in life, he helped me strive to be a better person and get me out of the life that I was in. I am incredibly blessed to have Pants even though life wasnt how I planned it has been awesome. 

Sadly it didn't last with Pants dad and I spent a few years as a single mum so It was just me and Pants. We joined a church and were not judged for who we were and treated as if we were normal. I wasnt a teen mum but I was me, I found Jesus and was Sara who is loved. Suddenly that hard exterior started to come down, I had friends and was part of an awesome family who looked out for us two. 

Also life didn't stop there a few years later when Pants was three he played the vital part of helping me meet Matt, The love of my life and we were introduced by my awesome Son. I never knew it then when Pants was talking to a random man that he would be interested in me. Little broken me, little slowly understanding the love and grace given to me by Jesus. That such humble man would like me and love me. It was all thanks to Pants. 

Im not saying having a baby young is a great idea, no its not but god makes all things good. He turned mine and Pants life out of a rut and turned it into something special. We are now a family of 5 and if you asked me 5 years ago what my life would be like now I would tell you you are mad!  

Aston you are amazing and mummy loves you so so much! 

Saturday 18 January 2014

Little Bear you are 2 months

Little Bear you are Two months

Little bear you are growing up fast
it seemed like yesterday you joined our family 
and made us whole 

You are learning to sleep better at night
some nights you sleep for a good 8 hours 
other nights not so much

You love to see your mummy and daddy 
giving beautiful gummy smiles 
your starting to notice your brother and sister 
and sometimes smile at them too 

You are growing so much
you are nearly out of 0-3 month clothes 
looking less and less like a newborn each day

We love you so so much little bear
you are such a little blessing 
we are so head over heals for you

Friday 17 January 2014

The average day of a toddler

I often find my self amazed at toddlers, there ability to make a mess in a few seconds to the way they make you chuckle. Well I am sure my little Ami is not unlike most toddlers and is a joy to be with so here is a average day for Ami and the Mischief she gets up to..

7:45 am

Wake up hear that nobody else is up so find felt tip pens and draw over self, cot and bed sheets. Then shout until an tired parent comes and gives you some molk (milk). Notice they try and get another 5 mins so shout again until you either wake your brothers or your parents. 

8:00 am

Even more tired parent gets you out of your cot, you see this as a chance to wake your brother by climbing on to his bed. Brother gets worried as he has a loft bed and pins you down untill tired parent comes to help. 


Find that reading one book is not enough so pull all the books of the shelf, then decide the Dvd's look good on the floor. Work out how to get one out and attempt to put in on the dvd player, then do the same with 50 others until you get bored. 


After shouting Nana Nana since waking you are then put in the high chair where you then decides you do not need help and can do it all yout self. Screaming when someone tries to help and often getting more on face than in the mouth. 

9:00 am

See that you are about to get dressed run away and linger just out of mum or dads reach, backing away until they give up and your aloud to carry on in just a nappy. 


get every toy out and throw them across the room. Great fun untill it hits the little brother then told of. Stand by the fruit bowl and shout nana nana again until tired parent gives in. 

9:12 am

See that parents have tried to tidy the chaos and then decide to pull the books and dvd's out again. Tired parent stands on a bit of lego and asks "why do they have so much toys?"


Bored of getting toys in and out of the toy box its now time to run around untill you fall over and get hurt or hurt someone else. 

10:00 am 

Find shoes and demand to wear them, even though you've not been caught to get dressed yet. Scream till parent gives in then stand by the door in just a nappy and shoes. 

10:30 am 

Notice mum put washing away help by pulling it back out the draws again. Also put it in the washing machine and turn tumble drier on. 

11:00 am 

Finally get put in cot for a nap with some Molk, shout and shout till finally nod of. Tired parents try and tidy up whilst your alseep, find the tv controller and have a hot cup of tea (often found rocking trying to be quiet to not wake sleeping toddler up!)


Wake and shout, need your nappy changed so run away from mum, get the changing mat out then sit on it. Mum changes nappy in lightning speed and of you go to pull out the books.


Lunch time try to eat food but end up throwing most of it asking for what everyone else has even though its exactly the same as everyone elses. 


Finally dressed and ready to go out. Stand by the door and wait till you go outside. pull every coat of the coat stand give everyone shoes until you go out side. Get put in the pushchair and shout until you are let loose. 

3:30 pm

Arrive home ask for a nana nana then run around until you fall hurt yourself or someone else! Down a drink and pull at jump at brother till he plays with you. Notice that he was playing the play station and pull the controller

4:00 pm

Stand by fruit bowl again shouting nana nana, or worse see brother with some sweets stand next to him and if he doesn't give you any shout and hit him until he gives in. 

4:20 pm 

Notice brother isnt giving you any attention so sit on him till he plays with you.


Time to dance to any music weather its from an advert or tired parent has put it on for a bit of respite for a few mins. 

5:00 pm 

Notice that mum has gone to cook dinner, come in the kitchen to pull all pots and tupper ware out of the cupboard. Then shout at the food asking for dinner, failing getting no dinner get the pushchair and ram mum until she gives you a biscuit! 


Dinner time and you refuse to be fed again wanting to do it all your self, miss your mouth and get it down your lap, tired parent distracts you whilst trying to put spoon in your mouth. This doesn't work so leaves you to it on the hope not too much goes on the floor. 


Swot the parent who is trying to clean you up see past there ideas of getting you to help clean  and get cross until realeased from highchair. If tired parent isnt quick enough try and climb out yourself.


Time to dance with daddy now he is home from work, but get distracted and stand by the bath until a parent gives in. 


Enjoy a bath and surprise parents by getting more out the bath than in. Also pour water over parent who isnt in the bath. Then refuse to come out


Bedtime after saying nite nite to every person and teddy its time for molk again. Cuddle up to your teddy and nod of.


Tired parent sits down and has a bit of peace before it all starts again tomorrow!

Wednesday 15 January 2014

Siblings - January

So one thing I find hard is getting a nice photo of one of my children is hard enough but to add the two more is a hard task. I will be attempting later on in the month with the proper camera and not my phone but here is my first go. They are all looking the same way so that's a start, as the months go on hopefully I shall get more creative and use the DSLR when my husband forgets to take it to work!

This month Little Bear getting bigger noticing the two bigger ones sometimes smiling at them often trying to avoid Ami and her fingers that she loves to put in his mouth and eyes. Pants is still enjoying being a big brother to both the babies, he is great with them both. Ami is loving being the only girl and the boss of everyone. They are a good bunch and I am more than blessed to be their mummy! 

We have joined in the Linky Siblings a monthly photo challenge you can join in too by clicking on the image below to find out more!
dear beautiful

Tuesday 14 January 2014

Life with two babies

Life is very busy at the moment, but I am getting used to having two babies. Its not all scary it is as if he has always been with us. Now he is 8 weeks old its all getting a bit easier as he sleeps more in the night which is great. Makes the days not so tough when you have had a good stretch of sleep.

Ami has been such a superstar too although she does hit Little Bear when he has his nappy changed she generally has been so good with the arrival of Little Bear. She has been helpful too bringing a nappy and then putting them in the bin. She even says Hallow to him, and as he gets bigger I can see them blossoming into a checky duo.

Days just fly by I feel like time escapes me, I change nappies, fed a toddler, fed a baby change babies nappies, dress babies and before I know it its dinner time. Its nice too that Ami has a nap sometimes they sleep together and I get a few mins to catch up.

Washing is crazy I never get on top, the house isn't as tidy as I would like but I am enjoying time of with my babies, before I know it I will be back at work sorting childcare and wondering where the time has gone.

Saturday 11 January 2014

How to cope with Nighttime feeds (or do you ever)

Well In for one have not quite got the grasp of getting up after only being asleep for a few short hours. Everytime I look at the clock hopeful that Ive been asleep a long time but the shocking truth that its only been two hours can sometimes fill me with dread. Those nights can seem long especially when your alot of the time. I then can get stressed because the baby wont go back to sleep and soon the other children will be up. Here are some things I have found have helped when i have been up.

Catch up TV
Technology is great nowdays you can watch a range of things just from your phone. I have found watching a comedy or a documentry in the night have made the night time feds a little bit more bearable. I sometimes over the night can watch a few programs I may have missed throughout the week. Also when I am feeling a bit low after being up a few times having a bit of a laugh does help.

Social Network
Being part of an online community such as twitter has a great benefit because you are guarantied someone else is up and most properly going through the same with there child. Often receiving advice and support when your in the midst of it all and thinking of giving up breast feeding. Or even writing blog posts or checking other peoples blogs is a good use of the time too.

Mobile Games 
I have a few games on my mobile often card games or tetris. I often play these as they make me tired so I can fall asleep straight away when Little bear has stopped feeding. I play them and wait until he is fast asleep otherwise I end up falling asleep then he wakes up.

Lying down and feeding
By the early hours of the morning I am often far to tired and dont want to do any of the above so I often just lay on my side and fed Little Bear, I often wake to find we both nodded of. Although it does sometimes freak me out and I realise Little Bear is next to me when I wake up!

I hope my little list helps someone, Those nights are hard work but they dont last forever. One day they will be teenagers and you will never get them out of bed! Having a newborn can be so so tough. I recently have started a formula fed before bed as found it so so mentally hard sometimes. Its great to not have to do a feed and have a little break whilst my husband feeds the baby!

Friday 10 January 2014

Family things to do in the winter - Annual Southwold Pier trip

Every year whilst visiting my in laws at Christmas, a few members of the family take out annual trip to Southwold Pier. To be honest I am not really a lover, its always cold and windy and I live close to a beach so its not a big deal, but the family all go and it can sometimes be a bit of a laugh. The kids enjoy it at least and my mother in law gets a bit of piece whilst all the family are out. Its also inexpensive and good to get a bit of fresh air!

I have never been to Southwold in the summer, think it would be alot nicer than the winter, but it is still busy people enjoying some chips and looking round the little shops and quirky arcades on the pier. It was a lovely sunny day a little chilly but the fresh air and sea air was lovely.

We had some chips and then had a walk on the pier, Ami loved it she wanted to go in the sea, she maybe could remember the summer and going in the sea. I didnt let her near I did not trust she could stay away reminded me of when I was a child me and my sister got coats for Christmas and went in the sea wearing them on boxing day. Hardcore then wouldn't catch me anywhere near it now!!!

We then headed to a park where the kids all played I complained my feet were cold, Ami tried to steal the local youths ball, and Pants slid down the ramps at the skate park. Anything but spend anymore time in arcades I can not stand them makes me want to wash my hands constantly (yes i know i am a bit weird!!) 

Tuesday 7 January 2014

Christmas 2013

I just love Christmas! I love everything about it from the reason why we celebrate to quality time spent with the family. I'm a little sad its all over, all the preparation, all the festive days and then its packed away quicker than it came. The decorations are still down, but I am still finding members of the crib who were taken here and there by Ami. Our days are spent eating and not really doing much at all. This Christmas saw Little Bears first Christmas, and Ami being more aware of everything around her even if she doesn't know really whats going on!

We had a lovely Christmas this year, I maybe didn't do as much craft and Christmas bits as I would have liked but I put that down to having a newborn baby! somehow all my time has been taken up recently! I managed it though buying and wrapping presents in between feeding Little bear and sorting the other day out.

After numerous parties and spending time with good friends I knew it wasn't long to go! I really look forward to Christmas eve almost as much as the following morning. We head to our Church's Christmas eve service, sing carols and enjoy this time of year with our friends and family. Then we head home try and get the kids to sleep so we can put presents out and powder some wellington boots to make it look like father Christmas has walked snow into our front room from his sleigh.

Finally when Im done I head to bed try and sleep with a newborn waiting until the morning. Pants was the first up I could here him saying he has been, theres loads of presents. Ami is woken up and doesn't notice at first but then spots loads of colourful boxes. Its not long until the unwrapping starts and paper is flying everywhere. Little Bear slept through it all, too much excitement for one little baby.

The children got some lovely presents Pants got a Lego police station in which he has been after for years from my mum. Ami's favorite present was a banana and a necklace in her stocking. We had a lovely lunch with my mum and Step dad. Then headed to stay with family in Sidcup and Norfolk. Was nice to spend with each other. a lovely Christmas I am sad its all over!

Here is our Christmas in Pictures!

Monday 6 January 2014

Ami your 17 months

So Ami you need to stop growing up
you are far to independant 
your turning into more of a little girl each day

You have had another Christmas and you loved all the lights
you learned that wrapped presents have exciting things in side
you have loved staying away and being around family
and loving this time of year

you dont stop talking 
even though sometimes we dont understand what your saying
we love it and makes us laugh so much
your favorite word this month being happy bear 
(one time you were sad you said Im not a happy bear)

You have become so idependant at meal times
you refuse to let anyone fed you
but you manage to eat quite a lot
but alot still ends up on the floor

You have been sleeping well 
often giving everyone a good lie in!
on new years day you slept until 10:30 well done 

you love to play with your brothers
especially Pants who often gets a few whacks when he doesnt share with you
you boss him (and us around) 
Little bear gets lots of kisses (and the occasional bop on the head) 

Ami we love you so much
our little girl 

Friday 3 January 2014

Cantaloop Pregnancy and nursing top Review

When you are pregnant it is great to have a few items of clothes you can keep when the baby is born. If your anything like me it may take months to get back to your pre pregnancy size and be so disappointed when all your old clothes don't fit. I recently got asked to review a Tank top by Cantaloop and I wasn't to sure, I haven't worn many nursing clothes in other pregnancies so was not sure what to expect. 

When it came it was in a little tub, which I though would make a lovely baby shower gift. It made it a little special and different. I wore it straight away and got a few weeks wear before Little bear was born. I have work it alot being a lover of tank tops anyway. 

I loved that is was loose fitting so didn't cling to my post pregnancy tummy. I often wear it at night as it can be easier to fed little bear through out the night wearing looser clothes. My only issue is that sometimes the little clasp can be difficult to open when you are about to fed your baby but once I worked out how to do so it was fine. It has an integrated bra that provides comfort and extra support whilst breast feeding.

It is a versatile top used as layers in the winter or a lovely top in the summer. You can purchase one here for £28.99. It comes in black or white and its a great addition to your wardrobe. 

disclaimer: we were provided this top in order for a review, all opinions are my own. 

Wednesday 1 January 2014

2013 Round up 2014 is here..

Its finally here, Im not sure why I put finally as the last year just flew by. I still feel like I should be wearing summer dresses because that's where my mind is! Last year was a really good year for us we have seen many blessings on us as a family on been on some crazy adventures. A year of firsts for Ami and a new addition to the family has been a great thing too.We have been on many adventures seeing us being stretched beyond our capacityand feeling tired to having a blast and wondering what we are doing.

To start of the year we decided to go to Disneyland paris for a day trip! Yes a day trip that involved getting up at 1 and travelling for 5 hours including a ferry trip to Disneyland and arriving home early hours of the morning. The only problem was Ami broke out in spots with chicken pox and was so itchy and contagious! We still went dosed Ami up on piriton and found out you can baby swap meaning Pants could go on the rides two times in a row!

Spring Harvest
We as a family served at spring harvest in minehead this year, Well everyone except the kids they enjoyed being part of the team and playing with all the other children that were around. My husband was there for 3 weeks we just joined him for the middle one. It was a lot of fun and something that pushed us a little having a family with us. 

Me and the kids went on mission within our local scripture union. Which we helped out in the toddler age. We as children were taken to this as my mum wanted a few hours peace from us but I kept on going as a result found my faith there so I always enjoy helping their. They also host a massive water fight where the fire men come and spray water at all the kids its alot of fun

This is both my church and New Generations Community events where they see thousands of families come along to experience kids clubs, family nights out, craft and good fun. All put on for free for the benefit of the community. I love it It holds a good piece of my heart I met my husband their and who doesn't enjoy hanging out in marquees, letting the kids have some freedom to play and serving on a team with your friends. 

We went to Denmark to serve on a team in a school, we went to teach some lessons and host a week called Jesus week. It was hard work I was 38 weeks pregnant and found myself just chasing after Ami the whole time. She enjoyed all the attention she got from the students. We went to a really cool pool and I didnt give birth which was helpful as that eventuality could have been a little crazy. 

Ami's Firsts
My little girl went from being a baby to turning into a chatty toddler. She achieved many firsts and just grew up too fast for our liking. She learned to sit, crawl, stand, walk, run and turn into the cheeky girl she is. She is such a blessing and so funny to watch. 

Pants Football
Pants joined his first football team and has scored many goals (a few own goals to add to the list too). He has grown up loads and is such a lad. He is loving being a big brother to his sister and brother. 

Little bear joining us
In November little bear was born, completing our little family and just slotting in. After a uncomfortable pregnancy I was glad it was over. He has settled in well and now life is so busy with a 15 month age gap can be crazy at times but also alot of fun! 

Finally a Nurse
After nearly 6 years at university being part time and maternity leave I finally finished my training! years of sitting in front of a laptop wondering what I am doing is over. I got a job at our local hospital and am on maternity leave again crazy.

So that was a few highlights of last year, this year is new, this year is exciting I cant wait ti see what adventure lays ahead. We sadly lost our friend Joel last year and times we still dont believe it but look forward keep our eyes on the good, keep our eyes on Jesus.