Monday 29 February 2016

Me and Mine - Febuary 2016

So another month is over for this year and its come by as quick as the last. We have had a busy month with work and home life. My husband has been to Denmark this past week and me and the children have been enjoying the sunshine out a bit more. 

This month Daddy is loving: 
- Going to Denmark and having alot of fun.
- Getting some more work locally
- Learning how to fix washing machines ( not really) 
- Being creative and thinking of new ideas.

Mummy is loving: 
- Daddy coming home (he was only gone four days but felt forever).
- Walks in the Sunshine. 
- Some time off work
- Watching Impractical Jokers with the hubby. 
- Forgetting the diet and gone back to eating chocolate for breakfast (Doh). 

Asti is loving: 
- Playing video games 
- Finding his scooter and going down ramps on it. 
- Reading all the Diary of a Wimpy Kid books. 
- drinking tea and biscuits
- Having a fry up with Mummy 

Ami is loving:
- Bike Riding even down big ramps
- Finally being 3 and a half, its a big deal you know. 
- Seeing her friends 
- Mummy picking her up from nursery
- Playing in the garden. 

Son Son is loving:
- Thomas the Tank engine, especially his new vests. 
- Daddy coming home.
- Cuddles and kisses. 
- Ami having a poo in the bath
- Talking alot more. 
- Playing in the garden with Ami. 

I love this time of year, the nights are getting lighter. I keep on finding myself checking the time and thinking its earlier than it is then rushing to sort dinner. Time at the park after school is becoming a bit more tolerable, Son Son is the one who gets cold. The other day he was so cold he cried all the way home. Time is going too fast I know I say this every month but it just does. 

Sunday 28 February 2016

My Sunday Photo - CraZy toddler face.

When taking some photos in the garden (yes I know she is in just a t shirt it was rather warm at the time) and she was showing me some different faces. This one was her confused face and by far the best one. I think she looks like an old littaian pizzeria "so what we run outta pizza" if you know what I mean.  

Thursday 25 February 2016

Getting back into the Garden

I have always wanted a garden a proper one with grass and everything so when we moved to this house 18 months back I kind of hoped it would come naturally. Having grown up in flats and courtyards all this grass and plants is completely new to me. It is really lovely to just open the doors and just go outside to a safe place is actually wonderful. I kind of forgot all about it over the winter complaining to be too cold. 

The weather is warming (some days anyway) and we have been in the Garden. The kids were overjoyed and ran straight outside as I opened the conservatory door. Well that was more the toddlers Asti just strutted outside like cool Nine year olds do. Our garden is surprisingly warm especially on sunny days so the children were happy in just T shirts. I was in a jumper I am far too much of a wimp to not feel cold.

This year we are going to get into gardening, me and Asti are making a plan and we will learn ( hopefully). My past experience of gardening is awful I am completely hopeless but need to learn. I cut the gradd which was rather long so thats a start I suppose  There is alot of weeds and other things that I have no clue and its about time. My husband isn't too keen either. I have made a bit of a start I sorted all the broken toys that have broken and put them to one side for the tip. I have also brought a kids garden table and a broom... not getting that far at all really.

The children love to be outside and it does them good, with the weather brightening up there is no excuse not too go outside. If I can get the little ones on board even better I am sure nothing will stop them from getting involved. They love a bit of messy play and a bit of mud is perfect for that. Just need to get over the fact thats there are lots of little bugs and spiders even worse are the bees that come from nowhere. So here is to more Sunny warm days and more time in the garden.

Tuesday 23 February 2016

#SagGoneGrooveOn with Pampers Active Fit

My Son Son is by far that child that always has a saggy nappy. It looks like it needs changing even when it has just been changed. The boy can neck a bottle of drink in next to 20 seconds ( usually fruit shoot before you get bad ideas). It is actually a really impressive actually and a skill he will appreciate when he is older. Anyway more on track a soggy nappy just gets in the way of running, playing and generally any funky dance moves that Son Son wants to throw on a usual pre bedtime night. We have struggled to find a nappy that is comfortable and pracitcal for little Son Son.

We were recently sent a box from Pampers with the new range of active fit nappies and asked to be part of the #SagGoneGrooveOn campaign. The box contained a box of nappies and all we would need to carry out an experiment to find out how much the new magic pods really work.

As you can see above ( well as much as you can through a photo) that it is completely different to any other nappy. The nappy works by soaking up liquid really quick, I poured 150mls into the nappy and to dried in about 10 seconds and was almost dry to touch. I then cut the nappy open to see the magic inside. The magic pods are three long pouches that spread it across the nappy meaning all the liquid is  spread across the nappy resulting in no sag, and a nappy meaning your little one can be comfortable for longer.

We then tried it out on little Son Son who actually loved it. He was such a little star and ran and danced around without it looking saggy at all. The nappies did not restrict him in any way as you can see below. He loved the way they felt but decided to wear wellies and a hat to complete his outfit. I have used many nappies with Son Son and this is the first that hasn't made him sore when running. Defiantly a win with us.

Check out what they look like below its a super cute video (obviously being biased).

We will defiantly be buying the Pampers active fit they are just perfect for toddlers that do not stop.  They give him alot more room and are on the way to big boy pants ( thats a whole other ball game though). The magic pods are an great new invention and worth buying a pack just to try it out. Pampers yet again proving why they are the best nappy brand available.

I’m working with BritMums and Pampers testing Active Fit nappies with new no-sag technology. I have been compensated for my time. All editorial and opinions are my own. Visit today for more information.

Sunday 21 February 2016

Week of Photos 15th Feb - 21st Feb

Monday 15th - Bat spiderman

We had a chilled out day at home, with it being the first day of the half term we kept it low key. This was Son Son enjoying being a super hero rather than a princess for a change. 

Tuesday 16th - Train Journey Fun

We decided to go to Herne Bay on the train with my sister and her boys. The kids had a good time and even ended up in the arcade. Was nice to waste the day and it not be too pricey either (minus the arcades). We ended the day with a trip to costa coffee as per usual! 

Wednesday 17th Feb - Mote Parking

My husband said lets go out for the day so we did. The first time I have been to mote park and I have to say we did enjoy it. It was a little chilly in the park but great for the children to get some fresh air and my biggest child too ( see photo above). We took our swimming stuff and went to the pool at the park. Whilst we were there the fire alarm went and we were evacuated by the sid of the pool. They had to bring foil blankts to keep us warm. We ended the day in good old Maccy D's which is rather pricy with a growing family of five! Lovely day all in all. 

Thursday 18th Feb - Work Joy

I was at work all day, I shared this picture from the day before as I didn't get round to taking any photos! Doh

Friday 19th - Cat Lady

Another super busy day at work where I worked 13.5 hours with no break crazy got home super late too. Some of the perks of being a nurse I suppose. Saw this cup and it reminded me of one of my friends. 

Saturday 20th - Fun Day

We popped along to the Lark in the Park fun day event which is held by my church as part of its outreach events. Was very popular and great fun, everything was free and the kids had a whale of a time. Such a blessing to the community and to me, you can feel like you have spent a fortune in the holidays. 

Sunday 21st - Son Bear Snuggles

Nothing bets a cuddle with your baby right. I have hurt my back some how so was nice to chill out with my youngest. Chilled out day we haven't done too much. Ami broke the washing machine which is always helpful. Kids aye who'd have em. 

So another week flying by. 

Oh how we love World Book Day.

Do not get me wrong I love books and all things reading but world book day just makes me angry. Ok it was cute back when my son was in reception, he was into owl babies back then so made him a little outfit and that was that. Now five years later here we are world book day is coming up. The day where the school wants you to dress your child up yet again for the 50th time of the year already.

My son is 9 years old and to him he is very cool (this may not be true but he has a lot of confidence). He hates dressing up. I mean hates it you have to force him with a cattle prod and a promise of a pop tart for breakfast. He has been a tudor and a 60s school boy and they were hard work. You see my son adores reading, he is a right little bookworm. He will deny it to your face but spends hours at night reading, even so I have forgotten to tell him to turn the light of and come to bed late to find him reading at 11pm still. Opps.

So in preparation I thought I would get in there early, you know soften the blow get him involved. This is how it went down.

Me: Asti, Soon its world book day what you going to be?
Asti: Oh mum not again I don't want to dress up.
Me: But Asti you have to.
Asti : Oh man (he is going through a phase thinking he is American)
Me: Come on it will be fun, you like reading why not go as that Wimpy Gates Kid?
Asti: Urm Mum its Greg from Diary of a wimpy kid.
Me: Thats settled you go as him.
Asti: Oh ok then.

So as you can see he was rather excited by it all. I have started to look into the ideas and thankfully its as easy as a white top and making a face mask. Well I say easy I am not always the best at these things? Remember Asti's birthday cake last year? You know the minecraft one that was awful? Well tune in a few weeks to see how it all turns out!!!

To conclude this rather Random post!!

Schools stop forcing dressing up days on my children please. Its bad enough I have to remember reading books let alone a dressing up day, non clothes day and what else is on the schools agenda that week.

Wednesday 17 February 2016

Finding the love in blogging

Firstly I have included my snow queen photo (for no reason just to show a picture of me So it makes it that extra bit more personal) 

Sometimes I have lots to say and others not much. I find the more I think about it the harder it is to say. There was a time I would love to blog, I would write it all in a little notebook and be all excited but more and more I sit staring at the screen and wandering of to any random website staring at clothes usually for the kids. 

For a time I felt guilty that I wasn't putting much effort into my blog. Working long days and late evenings often means I don't want to be sitting on the laptop when I get home. Then I thought crap why arnt I posting every day what can I post every day. I've tried that for a season but easily lost pace. 

So I find my self where I am today and actually I am happy. I have learnt after three years that it's ok to post when I want. I've never had a massive following so it's really up to me. It's not as if i use my blog to make money it's just something I like to write down the memories of our days out. The fun moments and sometimes the crap too. It's our place on the web that my children will read one day. 

There was a time where I was more focuses on sharing and about the reach we got but it used to take up all my time. My time can be so precious, my children are growing up very quick. I don't want to miss it. I don't want to miss out. We have started dabbling into video blogging which I actually enjoy but don't always have access to the camera. 

For now I will blog as and when. My blog still may be very small compared to others. This month sees it turn 3 which is mental. We have had some great oppurtunites and blessings through it. So I will continue to stumble upon it and writing because I like to write believe it or not. Going of topic but blogging has seriously helped me with my dyslexia. If you read some of my first posts you would be amazed.

So if you are one of my regular readers we arnt going anywhere. Thanks of you are I have always been amazed when somebody says they read what I write. 

Monday 15 February 2016

My Week of photos - 8th - 14th Feb

So this week I had put the photos together as a collage as blogger was being a massive pain. 

Monday 8th - Baking

We spend a morning in making cakes and messy play. Was a lot of fun and has showed me how far I have come from being alot care free when they make things. The bottom middle shows how much fun they had. 

Tuesday 9th - Pancake day 

Obviously we had plenty of pancakes, the middle photo is the pancakes I made for the toddlers. We also went to an pancake party where the kids had far too much sugar. 

Wednesday 10th - Bath Fun

So my little ones decided to have a bath in the day in there swimming costumes. Sonny also wore his sunhat, they did love it though. 

Thursday 11th - Glorious Skies

The skies have been beautiful come early evening, really hitting hard that the evenings are getting lighter, a few times this week I have lost track of time thinking it was earlier than it was. 

Friday 12th - Haircut Times

My eldest son got his hair cut, type know the hair do where its al shaved at the side. he was rather impressed apparently 11 girls at school asked him out. 

Saturday 13th - Crazy toddlers

We took the little ones to Canterbury where they were so excited and out of control. The top middle is some of the things we got whilst there. 

Sunday 14th - Valentines Day

Top Left - I worked the late shift at work and it was so so busy. The kind of shift where you need a few more people working with you. You are doing the best you can but not getting anywhere. Came home to a lovely cooked dinner from my husband which was lovely and well needed. 

So here is another week flown by, I have been rather busy so have had no time to blog. Or the time I have had its been watching tv and generally slobbing out on the sofa. 

Tuesday 9 February 2016

Does my child have ADHD?

This is a very personal post from me so please be patient as I muddle through this post. You see I became a mum at the young age of 17 and since then I have tried to break every stigma off being a teen mum. I forced my self through university and working along side that, I missed so many important things and tried to be a better role model for my son. I wanted life to be different I wanted a different circumstance. I remember reading alot of things in the media and this was one I could never really get over:

Children of young mums are likely to have behavioural problems growing up. 

I have tried for years to ignore this, not let it take hold. My son who is now nine is not always the perfect behaved child and often far from it. You see when your a young teen mum there is a lot of judgement upon you, its hard to go to toddler groups especially with an hyperactive child. You feel peoples eyes are on you and the way you parent. Thankfully I have grown out of this and now am with two more children later a bit more relaxed with that side of it all.

Lately the term special needs has been coming up, I for one knows how this feels it was certainly my own primary school experience sitting on the "special" table because I couldn't write well or work like the other kids. It turned out I was dyslexia and dispraxic something that didn't get picked up till I was at uni. They first mentioned ADHD when my son was in reception, but then I ignored it.  Said I didn't want my child labelled and just said it was his way of adjusting to school. As the years went on he settled and seemed to be coming along well. It wasn't till the end of year 3 term where everything just seemed to be falling apart.

The school called me in for a meeting to discuss my Sons behaviour and how they suspected something, they said he was a bright child who if he carries on the way he is will fall behind. Was such a massive blow there was me in a bubble thinking he was doing ok then they drop all this on me. My son who at home isn't always an angel but is lovely turns out to be this disruptive, rude and uninterested child. See my son he is very bright he isn't a fool. It made my heart sink and the next few steps were put into place regarding assessment of hid behaviour.

Nothing much has come since then just an observation from the school. His behaviour just seems to be getting more and more odd, he can't seem to control his emotions. Sometimes now at home, its like he can't calm down always on the go,  never stimulated unless playing a video game. He can be mean to kids and unsympathetic to others. It makes me wonder where my little boy has gone? how have I let him grow up like this? I have tried everything to try and stop it. We get regular phone calls and I dread school pick ups. Its an tough time at the moment. See he is pleasant at home and it pains me. I want to shake him tell him he is making all the wrong choices, I want to tell him how much it saddens me. I want to tell him he has such an amazing future ahead. Its hard. really hard.

The school think its possibly aspergers syndrome / adhd which I am happy to accept but its taking so long to sort anything out. I want the help there that he so needs. I want to get the phone calls for good behaviour. He defiantly has it in him but he can not control it. They keep him at computer tie at lunchtime now too, like an caged animal. It makes me feel so sad, even writing this now. He hates school and we are torn.

Until then we continue as we are, praising him for the good. Pulling out the gold in him. Encouraging the best bits. Trying to not be so disheartened on the bad days and enjoying the good.

If you have any experience in this then please let me know what your experiences are?

Monday 8 February 2016

Photo A day - Monday 1st Feb - Monday 8th Feb

Another week has flown by and I can not quite believe it. Only another week until half term so thats a bit of a relief from school runs, homework and all that jazz. 

Monday 1st Feb - ILS training

In the morning I took the little ones to a local soft play area which the little ones enjoyed. they have a little indoor football pitch which suited Son Son, except the fact they only had one football! The afternoon I had my works Life support training. Which was only 4 hours but went by so quick. Realised that I need to get glasses checked as my eyes were so sore at the end. Maybe it was using my brain for something. 

Tuesday 2nd Feb - Train Adventures

Today I took the toddlers on a little adventure on the train without the pushchair. Was a little bit scary getting on the train but they both behaved themselves and it was only a short journey. 

Wednesday 3rd Feb - Free Zoo

We love pet shops give the kids something to shout and point at. They love to look at rabbits and fish so what better for them than pets at home. 

Thursday 4th Feb - Getting there 

So I have been learning to drive for 10 years! I have my test next month, my driving instructor thought it was hilarious my reverse round the corner so he took a picture. Oh dear. 

Friday 5th Feb - Small Steps

My son has never been one to sit still, he as a toddler hated craft and anything like it. For him to come home with something like this makes me feel very happy. He must have put some time and some effort and it shows he can do it. 

Saturday 6th Feb - Sticker Fun

Well what is more fun than putting stickers on your face. Every time. 

Sunday 7th Feb - After work treats

I left work late meaning I missed my bus home, it was windy and rainy so the only place open was good old Maccy D's. My friends were some youths in shorts and caps they obviously were double hard and could deal with 50 MPH winds. 

So there you are another week has past, these pictures make my weeks seem very strange sometimes. 

Saturday 6 February 2016

Peppa Pig Construction Review - Grandpa Pig

My children love building blocks, any time will do they all enjoy being creative and making something out of nothing. Even Son Son who loves to build towers and knock them down. We recently got asked if we would like to review the construction  Peppa Pig Grandpa pig boat and I knew it would be right up the two toddlers street.

Inside the box contained many blocks and pieces to make Grandpas boat including grandpa pig himself. It also had the instructions on how to make it too which were easy enough for little children to follow.

There is also a set of wheels built into the larger boat pieces meaning it can be moved along the floor easily. They had to learn how to put the bricks on the boat whilst holding it still as sometimes it would dip or move, which is rather funny to watch but Son Son didn't agree.

Once built the set came with some stickers for some of the boat which they enjoyed placing on some of the bricks and themselves. It took a good twenty minutes to make with them (that did include making it a few times after them pulling it apart in between).

My Little ones have loved the boat and have also used other similar lego Duplo that fits on the boat to make a larger boat/ home/ boat dock for Grandpa pig. A great idea to encourage your children to be more creative and learn through play. Any Peppa Pig fan will love the construction set. I know my children are itching for more especially a Peppa pig who can go on the boat. 

The boat costs £19.99 and available in most retailers. 

Diclaimer: We were sent the boatfor the purpose of the review, all writing and pictures are our own. 

Snapshot Saturday - Good old broadstairs

I've been really rubbish again and not even picked up the DSLR. Have had a crazy busy week with work and general busy life so have found myself slobbish to do much else. This is a photo I took last Saturday on my trusted phone when we were at broadstairs. Will try harder in the next week (I hope). 

Tuesday 2 February 2016

Do's and Dont's of bedtime for toddlers

Toddlers are the most strange funny creatures of this world. There ability to go from happy to psycho is somewhat impressive. I don't know how hilarious.... Borderline crazy other toddlers may be but this is based on my children (some may be exaggerated to some degree).

Do make sure you read a nice selection of stories, they say reading at bedtime is good for them. 
Don't forget to set a limit other wise you will be reading aaaallllll night. 

Do make sure there is some choice in bedtime stories
Don't forget to hide the books that are irritating or that you may have read for the last year EVERYNIGHT. Not Pip and posy again!

Do make sure they go to toilet before bed.
Don't think that they won't be at your bedside at 4am regardless needing a wee.

Do pander to the requests sometimes just to get them to go to bed, so you can look at photos of them and miss them whilet they are asleep.
Don't for the sake of all humanity turn out the hallway light. You will never hear the end of it.

Do make sure you place them back into there bed calmly if they continue to keep on getting out of bed.
Don't stand outside the bedroom playing sirens saying naughty policeman will come if you don't go to sleep, trust me it doesn't work. 

Do make sure that a you give a nice cuddle before bed. 
Do not under any circumstances forget otherwise it will be tears until dawn. "You didn't give me a big cuddle at bed time I can't sleep now ever".

Do purchase a gro clock for helping them know when to get up. 
Don't expect it to work or in my toddlers case learn how to change it themselves. She gets up when she wants to regardless of the clock. 

Do grab all special teddies way before bedtime. 
Don't forget that sodding unicorn who five minutes to bedtime I swear leaves the house because he can never be found. Leaving you with a distraught toddler. Blooming selfish unicorn.

Do check on them in the night to make sure they are warm enough.
Don't forget to use the skills you learnt with a newborn for ninja stealth mode, you will have endless questions if you wake them.

Do encourage a settling down period before bedtime to ensure a swift bedtime. 
Don't expect your husband to abide as he hypes the children with dance music and biscuits. 

Do celebrate if your child goes to bed without fuss.
Don't do what I did and watch a comedy resulting in me laughing, resulting in what I call the toddler peep. the toddler peep is where you see something out of the corner of your eyes and too your surprise its a quite toddler wide eyed just staring at you, often found at 4am.

Do praise the nights when they go to bed well.
Don't forget  lollypop in the morning is not ever a good idea, believe me sugar high at 7am is NEVER fun. 

Do remember how ever hard bedtime is you may get a little free time and spend it looking at photos/ videos of your child remembering theres at least another 24 hours till you have to do  it again....

Monday 1 February 2016

Our Week of Photographs - 25th - 31st January

Here is yet another week that has just flown by, can you believe we are now in February. I am not complaining I have never been a lover of the winter. 

Monday 25th January - Whitstable Castle

We ventured to Whistable Castle to explore the surroundings, my friend said there was a cool soft play area that we should check out. It was rather manic and the kids were all a bit feral but nice to get out of the house for a few hours. 

Tuesday 26th January - Toddler Groups

We ventured to a new toddler group which the children loved, we haven't been to one for some time since I work the days that our favourites were on. We may even go back one day lets not be hasty. Ideally I would like one that does more arts and crafts so I don't fell so guilty about not doing much at home. 

Wednesday 27th January - Frances and Rich

We saw our good friend Frances who  came round to tell us the good news that she was engaged. Very exciting she moved to Ireland a few years back so real nice to see her when she comes back for a visit ( her fiancĂ© is here too). She is a fellow nurse well now midwife so often was a good friend to chat medical stuff and actually understand what and why I was moaning about it. Really missed her when she moved too we would watch all our favourite TV programs together and chat random rubbish. 

Thursday 28th January - Coffee Violation

At work my poor coffee cup got attacked by tape, you would think I would make a fresh one rather than this one I had been drinking for hours. Busy day as per usual at work. We did a have a good laugh and I really love days like that, its a relief to come home with a smile on your face rather than be short and snappy because you have had a stress day.

Friday 29th - School Blues

Another day another phone call from the head teacher, I posted this photo just to show some moral support for my eldest who seems to be having a tough time at school. Hoping he sorts it all out soon and with the help of the school we can work something out soon. Other than that I was at work all day exciting life aye. 

Saturday 30th - Broadstairs

My hubby picked me up from work and we popped with the toddlers to Broadstairs to just go for a walk and get an Ice cream. We spent a small fortune in the arcades and I even got told of for bashing the 2p machines, silly machines spent about £5 to win Ami a silly cheap toy. She still wasn't pleased she just wanted an ice cream. We popped into Morellis and had an ice cream, the toddlers had manilla  as they call it. Was lovely actually to do something on an Saturday as my husband is usually at football. 

Sunday 31st - Swimming again

You guessed it we went swimming again to wet an wild, our local swimming pool holds an hour of swimming with inflatables the kids love it. It was a quick turn around as I was working a 3-8pm shift so went to work smelling of swimming pools. The day just went by so quick what with church then swimming then work. Good day though the kids love swimming, we don't take them as often as we can. Its the changing rooms after swimming that I hate its so grim. 

So here we are another week of exciting fun from us. rather average family I suppose. My exciting tales from work and motherhood....