Saturday 31 August 2013

Walks with my little ones

After a busy morning of rushing around trying to sort school uniform and shoes out we decided to go for a walk down by the mounds by the beach. The kids love climbing and running around, Pants has a tree in which he calls it his Batcave, I just wanted to be out in the sunshine rather than sitting  indoors! So off we went I decided to walk Ami with her dolls pram as its only at the end of our road which went ok only a few times had to rescue her from peoples gardens and  stop her going into the road. Ami has far too much independence and made her way to the beach so we had a quick play before Ami decided she didnt want to stay on the beach and wanted to explore. So of we went back to the mounds, more running more chasing after dogs. Was nice to be out side and watch the two of them play nicely and Pants even sat Ami in the Pram in an attempt to get her home quicker! We have had a lovely summer and its moments like this we enjoy the most spending time together in the sunshine! 

Thursday 29 August 2013

Pregnancy weeks 18 - 29

Im sorry i have not updated my pregnancy much lately, busyness and not much changing too much except getting bigger and more painful as each day goes on. So We found out we were having a boy which is exciting and now we are in the process of choosing a name for the little monkey. This has been hard as my husband has been wanting to carry on the initials of AFC but me not liking many A names, or others been taken by close friends! Then we were so busy over the summer and I am suddenly in the third trimester and not long at all to go!

When I was pregnant with Ami I had a strange craving that I would love the smell of bath bubbles! would sometimes even eat them! crazy or what, my midwife said it was to do with me being Anemic. Ive suddenly got these cravings back this pregnancy so much have low iron again!! Good times explains why im so tired (or is it that I am currently chasing round a 12 month old baby). 

Another thing that has been troubling me is hip pain! If I sit on the floor or a hard chair or even sleep I have been in so much pain! been getting worse as the pregnancy progresses, as I have never experienced anything like this it has been quite annoying! Anyone have any advice did you suffer with SPD in pregnancy? I think thats what it is, my last midwife appointment she said to wait and see. No help really when you in pain but its better the more I move so am trying to stay as active as possible! 

The fun continues with this extremely active baby! Another 10 weeks to go and I will be a mum of 3! scary times still have so much to sort out! Such as Cot, pushchair, clothes.... ok I dont have hardly anything!! oh dear!! Im sure it will get sorted in time!
Heres a recent Bump picture, excuse face I was pulling at my husband!! 

Win a signed copy of Mummy Fever: Mission Accomplished book

Im holding my first ever competition so Please take part and you may win a  signed  copy of Mummy Fever: Mission accomplished book by Charlotte Pearson! Charlotte wrote the book whilst pregnant with her 3rd child and running a bussiness at the same time, what a busy lady! I love books about mums hence whu I love blogging I just love being a mum so I bet its an awesome book. Anyway go take your chances at winning an great read! Check it out on amazon too if you cant wait to see if you have won.


Here is a bit more from the book to get you intrested!! 
It was the best of times, it was the worst of times ...

'Mummy Fever: Mission Accomplished' is a determinedly honest blow-by-blow account of young motherhood that will remind you why you vowed never to have a second child, and why you probably broke that vow two years later.

Discover how to open a door gracefully to a perfect stranger half-naked and covered head-to-toe in .. well, never mind, how to grow eight arms, how to fend off the hapless and intrusive advice of your rampaging mother-in-law, how to run a marathon only a few months after you have given birth, and how to deal with an inattentive husband who isn't planning on changing his life at all.

But, above all, remind yourself that young motherhood is a time of enchantment, despite the very real challenges, and a love story, at least towards the children ...

Reasons to be Cheerful: week 26

After a few weeks of being busy it has been nice to live on a slower pace before school starts again. I cant believe how quick the holidays have gone makes me sad as soon the shops will start displaying Christmas Items and the summer fun will be a memory! Our reasons to be cheerful are as follows:

1) My husband is back from Ibiza, he went out there to film a promo for 24-7 prayer and has had many a late night! His age is catching up with him he is no longer the young clubber he thought he was!! the children were so happy to see him Ami kept on saying da da for ages! he has a few days of before going back to work will be nice to have a little family time!!

2) Ive done the dreaded school shop, glad I waited till last minute as my sons feet have grown over the summer! Clarks was horrid and noisy my idea to get there early and beat everyone else didnt work!! I just cant believe my son is going into year 2 its very scary!!

3) With having weeks of freedom being able to walk around parks exploring Ami is now a proper adventurer including at the beach yesterday climbing up the stairs and leaving the beach making her way on her own! Some ladies were impressed with her walking and climbing around I just thought I cant sit still on the sand!

4) Have a few weeks of before I start work (then go on Maternity leave again) very scary but very exciting! have no idea what to do with childcare etc but im sure that will be sorted in no time!!

Reasons to be Cheerful at Mummy from the Heart

Wednesday 28 August 2013

Our summer of fun

So the summer is nearly at the end and cor have we been busy! So busy to get time to write and reflect has been a hard mission so finally catching up with it now!! As you may know we have been taking part in various summer missions and community events and have spent a few weeks hanging out in marquees. Some people said to me I was crazy to do so much but the thought of not doing anything and sitting at home does not appeal to me, I like to get stuck in, helping to serve and being community. The kids have loved it too, Pants had been 6 going on 16 feeling grown up given independence to roam around the park with out his parents and Ami has enjoyed walking looking for birds and generally not staying still.

So our summer started with a weeks mission in Minnis Bay, were they run clubs for all ages bringing the good news and providing a bit of respite for parents for the holidays ( as a child my mum took me hear to get a few hours peace I think!!) We helped out with the toddler venue, which was nice to met some mums who are local. They also host a water fight every year where the firemen come and spray the children, read about the great water fight here.

From this we then went to Sidcup to help our friends in a event called Lark in the Park, which started there 17 years ago and sees thousands of people come along. It hosts clubs in the day for all ages and evening entertainment. Best of all its free and is put on by the local churches of Sidcup. We helped out in the toddler club which one day 750 people came in the venue which had outside play area, inside soft play, role play craft all fun and at the end of each session they hold a show in which the children love. I also helped out in the adult art tent, a nice relief from following a 1 year old around. Pants loved being allowed to go in the teenage venue and play on the ps3 and football cage. A highlight was when they let him stay in the venue during the evening. We love it hanging out with family and friends and making memories together.

We then came home where I had a few days of but my husband helped to put down the marquees and put them up again this time for Lark in the Park in Ramsgate. We then were all go for another ten days. Helping out in yet another toddler venue, Ami enjoyed it very much playing with her friends and exploring. We also helped out at the evening events in which saw lots of free enterainment and fun for families. Was crazy spending 12 hours on site but good fun, although most the time I found myself looking for my children. It was great to be part of something for our local community, and hearing lots of good news day. one of the days there was a ladies day and we gave out gifts to all the ladies on site, one of the ladies was so overwhelmed by how nice people were she started crying. she said nobody had been that nice to her in a long time. The weeks finished with church in the park where our leader of our church and lark in the park said, if 100 people sign up to 5pound a month to sponsor Lark in the Park he will shave his hair of! much to his disappointment 123 people did! was very funny! We had a great summer getting stuck in to what was going on! Next year we have another addition wonder how much that will change how much we help out? knowing us not much at all!!

Pastor Mike getting his hair shaved of!!
Heres some photos of the fun we have had!
sumo fun 

Sunday 25 August 2013

Mamaway Maternity and Nursing dress review.

Being pregnant in the summer can be a bit of a pain! Those maternity jeans you brought a couple of months ago are too hot and not helping keep you cool, so when I got asked to review a maternity dress I jumped at the chance to do so. Although I was a bit apprehensive as some maternity dresses can be a bit boring and was pleasantly surprised when it came!The great thing about the dress is that it is also for nursing mothers too so its an outfit ready for post pregnancy to. I have always found that post pregnancy body hard with not fitting any old clothes but not wanting to carry on wear maternity trousers. The dress has panels that you can pull aside to help when breast feeding. 

I really liked this dress and every time I have worn it I have received nothing but complements about the dress. Even my husband said it looked great and he is a tough cookie to get a complement from. I loved the colours and it was a little different to something I would choose but when I tried it on it looked lovely. the fabric of the dress is light and airy so has been perfect for warmer weather, and the last stage of pregnancy where you never seem to get cool! 

 You can buy this dress on the Mamaway website and it retails for £39.99 which is a bit of a bargain as its not just a maternity dress! Also you can follow Mamaway on twitter  and like their facebook page to find out the latest information and offers 

Silent Sunday! 25-08-2013

Thursday 22 August 2013

Reasons to be cheerful week 24

I write this from the midst of lark in the Park busyness! Its alot of fun being on team from a community event I am shattered but enjoying hanging out in a park for 12 hours a day! Enjoying seeing the impact on families who have been struggling with things to do as a family and to find something that's free and fun is such a blessing! My reasons to be cheerful are as follows

1) Yesterday was ladies day at lark in the park, every lady on site received a little gift, one lady cried children because nobody had been so kind to her in a long time! We sure take things for granted sometimes!

2) The last few days Ami has been sleeping in till 9am which is nice but means a little rush in the morning to get ready! Hoping she continues when the event finishes!

3) Pants has enjoyed the freedom of running around getting into trouble or what ever get up to when left on there own. He loves it and its great to know he is safe (well depending on what he is doing).

4) My husband leaves us to go to Ibiza to film a video for 24/7 prayer. I am actually a little gutted as its lovely and sunny out there! I am sure he will have a great time, and so will we! I can leave the place a little untidy for a few days!

5) I was offered a job as a staff nurse at our local hospital, very exciting and scary at the same time!

Heres a photo from yesterdays fun at Lark in the Park!

Thursday 15 August 2013

Reasons to be Cheerful week 23

Im very happy this week not sure why just in a good mood I suppose, In that good stage of pregnancy where your not too big but big enough to get a seat on a train (although the last two train journeys i didnt get a seat but that was choice lol). Been nice to enjoy a couple of summer days with the children and some friends been lovely. 

1) Lark in the Park Ramsgate starts tomorrow kicking of with a movie night! Exciting times! Lark in the Park is a free event for the community offering kids clubs, family evenings out, entertainment in the holidays all given free by the church! We love it its our third missional event of the summer, Its also where i met my husband four years ago. 

2) We have had a good few days after being busy for two solid weeks was nice and wierd for life to be on a little slower pace, we have been to out side play areas, beach,  inside play areas and Broadstairs folk week! 
3) We have realised how much Pants has grown up lately and his behavior has been so good its such a lovely change to me telling him of every two mins! Hes has really benefitted being a brother and loves playing with his little sister!

4) Ami carrys on being a monkey thinking she can do things her big brother does including going head first down a slide and grazing all her face! She makes us laugh so much she got a baby for her birthday so now we find her feeding the baby and dragging it around by its foot! poor baby number 3 to come!! 

5) Roll on the next 10 days busy but so much fun!! 

Sunday 11 August 2013

How to make a Birthday Chalkboard

Its such a special time celebrating a baby's first birthday! What better way to remember than to make a sign to remind you of all the things they do and like. I had seen some on pinterest and was desperate to have a go! It took about two hours to complete and I am Happy with how it came out! Maybe next time would take it out side to a lovely tree or country side in the background! 

To Make all you need is:

  • large Chalkboard/ Card (I actually used Black Foam)
  • Coloured Chalks ( I got mine from Early Learning Centre, they ended up being a bit too bulky) 
  • Pencil For outline 
  • Good Rubber
  • Plenty of Patience 

To start of Make sure you are sure what you want to put on the board, I looked at many different designs and decided on one that I liked and used a similar format. I wrote a list of stuff that Ami liked and made sure I knew her weights.  I made sure that the pencil was sharp so I could draw out the layout before I got involved with the chalks. Then when I was happy with the design I got the chalks out, I am extremely clumsy and knew because it was made of foam I didn't have a lot of room for error so had to be neat! I would recommend spraying with hairspray when finished to keep the design as it is.  The hardest part was getting Amelie to sit next to the sign when it was finished!! she enjoyed whacking it but did not want to sit or stand still when there was too much excitement around! Great picture to treasure were not sure what to do with the sign maybe turn it around she can use it as a chalkboard!! 

Ami's Birthday Fun

We as a family tend to not do much for our birthdays, were happy being together and not too fussed about the faff in organising something! Although for Amis birthday I had thought about doing lots of things but most didn't materialise and with us being so busy we decided on a little tea party in the afternoon as we had church in the morning and we were leaving to go to Sidcup late afternoon so didnt have much time! I had got some decorations from Ebay and insisted on making a chalkboard with all her favorite things on as I had seen some in Pinterest and thought it was a great idea! I made some picture bunting and got loads of balloons! I also baked a cake and decorated it I was very impressed when it was done (very stressed making!). When Ami woke she loved the balloons and wanted to play with them for ages no interest in the presents, Pants enjoyed opening them for her! Ami had a lovely day and it turned out she had tonsillitis so was poorly but still happy!  

Here is some photos of the day!

Silent Sunday

Thursday 8 August 2013

Cow and Gate Fruit pouches

One thing my little girl loves is pouches, She loves the independence of being able to feed herself with out any help (we like it as it creates little mess!). Recently we got sent some pouches from Cow and Gate to try they didn't last too long as Ami loved them so much had to remember to take a photo as they were gone in no time! We are often a busy family always on the move so something that fits in your bag and can be given with out to much fuss is perfect for us!

The pouches are great as they are 100% fruit and added vitamin c and they are one of your child's fruit and veg portion for the day! They also don't have any nasties or anything artificial which is always great to know when you give food to your child! They come in 6 different flavors which include: apple, apple and pear, apple strawberry and banana, apple and banana and a fruity mix! The Strawberry, Apple and Banana flavor was Ami's favorite

The pouches are suitable from 4-6 months so perfect for if you were to start weaning as they have a resealable top and can be put in the fridge if your baby doesn't eat it all! These little pouches are available in most major supermarkets and retail for around 79p which in my opinion is great value! If you want to find out more check out the Cow and Gate website or even like their facebook page for more info.

Disclaimer: We were sent the pouches for free in return for a review of the product, all thoughts and opinions are my own!

Reason be cheerful - Week 22

I often find that I am amazed by the little things that happen in life that can make me so joyful. Doing something with my son that puts a smile on his face or being generous to someone can really change your day! My reasons to be cheerful are as follows...

1) my little girl turned one this week! how scary fast did that go! in three months time we will be adding another member to our family then im sure time will go even quicker then!

2) We have finished our first mission event and now at our second! Which is a community event based in Sidcup called lark in the park! The kids are having a good time Pants has been enjoying going to bed really late some nights, playing football and play station! Last night they let him stay in the teenage area at the age of 6 this was a big deal for him!! Ami is enjoying wondering around with the added bonus of finding something to eat of the floor! My children are easily pleased!

3) Ami had tonsilitis on her birthday but she was so well i doubted taking her to the out of area doctors, especially when she was laughing and playing in the waiting room, but one look in her throat she had bad tonsils, she is a lot better now!

4) We have two more days here before we head home and get ready for our own Lark in the Park in Ramsgate! Im actually sad to be leaving but will be nice to have a little family time before the next event starts!

5) Always the weather its been lovely for such a long time I love it!! I dont mind the odd rain shower when its followed by sunshine!

Wednesday 7 August 2013

The Gallery - Play

When your second baby comes along it can be had to judge how the older sibling will react to having someone taking all of mummy and daddy's attention.  At first Pants didn't really take much notice but now Ami is that bit older all she wants to do is hang out with her big brother! She follows him round grabs a play station controller to join in with him! We were surprised to see a kind sensitive side to Pants who enjoys looking out for and playing with his noisy little sister!  They play so nice will be interesting to see how another baby will change dynamics but that's something we don't have to think about for another 3months!

Review: Born Free Trainer Cup

The transition from bottle to trainer cup can be hard for some babies, Ami is one baby who likes to drink and now she is one it is not practice for her to be using a bottle all the time. We were sent some born free trainer cups to try out. We have been using them for the last month and Ami has really got on with them, and as the weather has been hot its important to keep hydrated! At first Ami found it hard to get any water out but after we removed the anti colic vent she got on fine.

The great thing about these trainer cups is that they are BPA-free and have an anti colic vent to so you know you are getting the best for your child, My first child had colic and there was little on the market for colic so its great to see more products available as i remember being stuck for what to do with my crying baby! The sprout on the cup is quite hard which Ami loves to chew on so creates a little relief for her teething gums.

Ami has got on really well with the handles, she likes to carry the cup around with her and they are also handy to attach to a bag strap or pushchair for easy access. The handles can be used on all born free bottles so can make a lovely transistion from a bottle to a cup. Also all the parts are easy to clean unlike many other trainer cups. 

Ami has really enjoyed using these cups and we would really recommend them not only a drink but a teether too! You can find these on Amazon or check out Baby Born website for more products they have available.

Saturday 3 August 2013

My little bear your one!

My little bear your one
This last year has gone so so fast
It has been such a blessing you light up our days 
Thanks for being my special little princess

 Its been an exciting month you finally mastered the walk and now dont stop
you walk and hold hands 
your so determined you know what you want 
you have even started to run 

 You love to play with your brother and follow him everywhere
you love to go to the beach and swim and play in the sand
you have learnt to climb the sofa and take great joy in doing so

you love to dance especially at church
you have just done your first mission and loved being around people
you love to explore your such an adventurer 
you make us smile so so much 

We love you so so much Ami bear please slow down growing up your so independent love you Amelie bear Happy First Birthday
love Mummy Daddy and Aston