Sunday 31 January 2016

Me and Mine January 2016

So here we are for yet another year of family photos, this will be our third year of taking photos and we now have a massive collection of pictures of us five. When I started this back in December 2013 it was our first family photo and before that we had maybe the odd one. I did have plans to take photos in different locations (mainly the beach). This month we were rather poor and have just taken a last minute photo picture (notice the cables and nappies not been put away). I suppose it shows normal family life to some degree.

This month Daddy is loving
- Going swimming with the kids.
- Tooth swelling going down.
- New trainers.
- Dreaming for the year.

Mummy is loving
- Lie ins, I always love them how ever rare they are.
- Sundays off with the family.
- Sunny Days and no rain.
- Starting to not feel like a fool when Vlogging. 

Asti is loving:
- Playing video games (as per usual).
- New Heely trainers (for a about five mins).
- Inflatables at the local swimming pool.
- Writing stories. 

Ami is loving:
- Playing with her friends. 
- Playing mums and dads with anyone who will play.
- Helping mummy and daddy with housework.
- loving going swimming. 
- wearing Mummys make up!!!

Son Son is loving:
- Starting to talk much more. 
- Being a super hero with his muzzy.
- Extra cuddles with Mummy and Daddy. 
- Telling everyone he is a big boy.
- Playing with his friends at nursery. 

So that is us for the month, can not believe were already a month through the year its going by so quickly. Somebody said to me at work yesterday "you really love your kids don't you". Of course this person has no children and was said in an positive way but it really made me smile. It can be hard work when you are slogging away for 13 hours and not seeing the kids for days but makes the work go quick thinking of them. Next month we will be outdoors somewhere for the next one. Not sure where or weather we remember so lets wait and see aye.


  1. I kind of think that cosy indoor family photos just scream January, the only reason ours are outdoors ones is because that was basically the one time that we went out somewhere all month. January is for hibernating and I think your photos reflect that, you all look so cosy and comfy cuddled together on the sofa. x

  2. I love your funny face photo, everyone looks like they are having lots of fun! I think the best thing about January is snuggling up indoors and relaxing, you all look warm, cosy and happy. xx

  3. Oh these are perfect January photos - cosy and snuggly! And I do love the picture with the funny faces - they're the ones you'll look back on and treasure!

  4. I think lots of people have cosy Januarys! I love your 'normal' family homely photo, it is lovely to see family fun!