Monday 11 January 2016

The New Teletubbies Toys - Review

I know that some of you readers have been on edge waiting to see what was in the box. If you are wondering what I am talking about we received a box a couple of weeks back that we were not allowed to share the contents of the box, until now. So here it is the new range of toys we have had the privilege of being the first ones to review and try them out.

Ami and her friend were who came round to see her at the right time as it was the big unveil of the box. They were so excited to see the box and couldnt wait to get inside (I was also excited it has taken all my will power to not open it all up!). They took it in turns to spend the carefully wrapped toys. Each colour represented a teletubby toy character. 

They were so excited to see all the toys they could not wait to get the boxes open to start playing with all the toys. The box contained: 
- Pull along Custard Train
 -Talking Po Soft toy
-Soft Laa Laa Plush
- Tinky Winky, Dipsy and Noo Noo collectable figures. 

Custard Train : RRP £29.99

This was my personal favourite along with the children's of all the teletubbies toys, not only did it make a lot of noise with flashing lights it also made some fart noises which they found hilarious. I take it that the sound is the making of the custard and not the teletubbies them selves. One of my favourite aspects of the toys is that the figures do not come off the train, which if your toy boxes are anything like mine forever getting jumbled up. The Custard train has a sting long enough for children to pull along the floor, as they do the teletibbubies spins and the custard train plays music. It is suitable for ages 18 months and is a lot of fun.

Talking Po Soft Toy: RRP £9.99

Another toy in the box was a talking Po, who was my favourite of the Teletubbies as a child. This cute little soft toy is not only cuddly but also if you squeeze Po's tummy she speaks sounds from the show. My friends little boy fell in love with Po and took her home. He was well and truly in love with the toy. The toy is super soft and has a hard face and is extremely cute. Suitable for ages 18 months and above. Available in the the Teletubbies characters.

Soft Plush Laa Laa : RRP £6.99

This Laa Laa toy Ami has fallen in love with, she has taken this little soft toy with her everywhere and even goes to bed with it too. She hasn't had any other soft toys apart from her unicorn for a long time it must be very special to her. Another super soft toy any Teletubbies fans will love adding this super soft Laa-Laa plush to their Teletubbies collection. Available with all the other characters too Tinky Winky, Dipsy, Laa-Laa and Po. (Each sold separately)

 Collectible Figures - Collection 1 : RRP £3.99 each
Lastly we received three collectible figures, we got Tinky Winky, Dipsy and Noo Noo. They loved the little characters and played with them along side the train. The little Noo Noo has little wheels so can be wheeled around. They are only £3.99 so you can build a massive collection in no time. Available in all the Teletubby characters too. 

The Teletubby toys have been an massive hit in our house. Ami did ask why do the Teletubbies have iPads on there tummies. The toys are available at many retailers and prices vary. Why not go ahead and check out the new collection at character.

Disclaimer: We were sent a selection of the new Teletubby toys from Character all thoughts and opinions are our own. 


  1. My son had Teletubbies when he was little. He used to love Po. He's now 19! Great toys and a good price too.

  2. The train looks's starting to look very similar to In the Night Garden now! #TriedTested x

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