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Welcome to the Madness, I am Sara and I am married to Matt we have three little monkeys Asti, Ami and Little bear aka Son Son. We love nothing more than spending time together (some more than others), we love mission, we love adventure, we love the beach and We love life.

This is Asti he is 8 and loves football and minecraft. He loves nothing better than catching up on youtube videos and playing football at the park. He keeps us entertained and is always talking even in his sleep. He is growing up too fast he will always be my little boy however old he is. 

Ami is 2 and is a checky toddler, she makes us laugh so much with her chats and is such a joy to be around. She can run fast and we always have to keep an eye on her as she can climb and escape from everywhere. She is a little comedian and will make the hardest person smile.

Son Son is  one, a very alert and happy little chappy.  Loves nothing more than  laughing and smiling at his family. He loves his food and messing with the elder twos toys. He has recently started walking and there is no stopping him now!

Matt my husband makes me laugh and is always moaning about my housework. he is a big football fan, a major Arsenal fan and since being married i have learnt alot about the players managers etc! Matt is a video producer and a script writer, he is always keeping us entertained with his short films!

Lastly there is little me, I spent my week juggling being a mum and juggling work, I love taking photos, going on dates with the hubby and hot tea.  We as a family are involved with church and love being community. We love to go on adventures and days out, most of all we love to live life to the full enjoying everything!

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  1. I have just nominated you for s Super Sweet Award

  2. Great looking family! Stopping by from the Weekend Blog Hop! Followed on twitter, and google+

    Forever Fitting In

  3. Awww lovely photos and nice to meet you and your family! #pocolo

  4. Beach photo looks Beautiful, Great Weather.

    Rachel Craig