Thursday 30 April 2015

Me and Mine - April

Another busy month has flown by.
We have been away 
and come back.
Spent lots of sunny days outside 
and others indoors. 
We are really loving not lugging coats round its been bliss.

This month Daddy loving:

Going away to Macedonia.
Arsenal getting to the FA final.
 Hanging out with the kids,
Experiencing new cultures and food.

Finishing Jobs.

Mummy is loving:

Sunny days. 
Playing in the Garden.
Daddy coming home.

Days of with the family. 

Asti is loving:

New Austin and Ally
Bike Rides Exploring
Adventures in the Van
Going to Spring Harvest and having alot of freedom.

Ami is loving:

Playing in the garden.
Seeing her little toddler friends.
Drawing and making things.
Train journeys.
Going on Holiday with Noah

Son Son is loving:

Dancing and running around.
Cuddles and kisses.
Playing with the messy play table.
Swimming he only went once and now likes the bath again, Hurray!

So this is us for this month.
Spring is busy for us me and my husband are like passing ships seeing each other briefly
sharing pictures of the kids and funny tales from the day.
Life is busy but it is fun and full of adventures.
My family are Growing and changing so much lately.
I love Life I sure am Blessed.

Tuesday 28 April 2015

Cloudbabies My first buba blue Review

If your little ones love cebeebies they will love this cute cloudbabies soft sensory toy. If you have not heard of it, its a pre school program where the characters who are all babies learn about colours and the world around them. My two toddlers watch cloudbabies so when this cute teddy came through the post it was world war three. Who would open it, who got to hold it first. It's sad to say the 1 year old son son can throw a hefty punch and he won the toy.

The toy is aimed at 18 month plus and has some parts that provide some sensory stimulation. Buba Blue has a little bell and jingles when you shake it. I know this as they wouldn't stop shaking it singing jingle bells (kids it's April). It also has a little Velcro jacket that you can undo and there is a little mirror, Son son tools great joy in seeing himself in it and kissing himself in it. 

Ami who is 2 and a half loved the ideas of getting the cloudbabies dressed. She was practicing how to get him dressed by tying the little scarf and doing up the jacket. Every time son son would undo it she would tell him off "son son stop It he will get cold". They like to play looking after the cloud baby and whooshing it around. The toy is very soft and son son has taken to having it in his cot with him.

My only negative is for the cost you do not get a lot. It costs £19.99 I know for character toys you pay more and it is a decent size. You can get buba pink also with the other ones to be added later in the year. A great toy for any cloudbabies fan.

Monday 27 April 2015

Just Some Old Steps...

As a child I loved to be outside, we were so blessed to live a stones throw from the beach and a lot of grassy area. Me and my sisters would play in the Dip (a man made Sunken area just in case you wonder what I am going on about). There was this brick staircase that we would play wall ball or what ever the game was at the time. I used to think it used to be a train station and tried to break through the brick wall to find out.

So when my children started playing there the other day I was remember all the fun I had had on these stairs. Ive sat there plenty of times all in different situations. As a youth group leader, summer mission, a new mother, a young child and plenty more times. It dawned these stairs are important to me, some old breaking set of stairs. These stairs that hold so so many memories, so many dreams and so much fun. I always will love Minnis Bay there is no place for me like it. For me its just reminds me of a happy childhood. 

I took some photos of my little ones on the stairs, my eldest was to busy playing football to join in. I love the photos I took, they have alot of memory in the backgrounds. Me living out the fun I had through my own children. So here is some of the photos that I have taken of these old steps. 

Sunday 26 April 2015

A Mothers Love - My Son will Always Be my Sunshine

There is something that bugs me a child with no manners and a child with no respect. Well push comes to shove I will admit hat sometimes I have a child like that, I have a child that forever likes to challenge and push boundaries. I have a child that has to be asked to say sorry and a child who does not like to admit they are wrong.

There's always a bugbear we have, its quick to pin point some behaviour of another child but very hard to see it in your own child, because to you sometimes that said child could do no wrong and for someone to say that makes you go into hyper protective mode and feel cross. 

My eldest is 8 and a half and has always pushed boundaries, we have had endless phone calls, banning from matches and general misbehaviour. Some I'm not so proud of I have tried my best. He has always been a character, he is lively and full of personality. He does not do well being forced to do something he doesn't want to do (like school lol). He fights for his way and is often labelled for that. Labelled as a trouble maker. I've seen it first hand especially at football. three boys could be misbehaving and poor Asti gets he blame time and time again. He once said to me there is no point being good as they blame me for everything any way. 

This makes me sad makes me feel like I've failed somewhere in parenting.  Deep down I know it's not me, he hurts a lot from a dad that doesn't bother and although we try our best to be the perfect family it plays a part in his life. My husband came on the scene when Asti was three and was instantly that role he never really experienced. He has had to deal with new siblings and getting a lot less attention.  I try to protect and stick up. I try to teach the right way and try to get him to stick his head down because he has a lot of potential. He just needs to focus it in the right way. 

It's hard work and me and my husband are trying to invest more time with him. We don't want him to grow up not respecting other people. That is not who he is, not my Asti I see at home that is kind and helpful. He isn't all the time and often is quick to answer back but then what child isn't I was the worse for it as a child. We are trying to do more as a family and not falling back into letting him play video games as it keeps him quiet. Trying to not crush him for the things he is good at and generally trying to be the best parents we can.

So there a post I needed to get of my chest, my son is awesome and we are trying our best. He may wind people up but I wish they would look past it all and see that bright boy there. He is only 8 years old. Remember don't put other people's kids down because mums are a massive force to reckon with.

My Sunday photo - 26th April

Wednesday 22 April 2015

Son Son your 17 Months

Wow you are 17 months old. 
Each month you are changing.
Each month you are becoming more independent.

This month we finally got your hair cut and suddenly you looked so much older.
You really enjoyed having your hair brushed.
Now people don't call you a girl 
(Except when we run out of spares and you had to wear pink leggings the other day)

You do not say too many words but communicate through noises and pointing. 
You say yeah a lot and mine,
We have heard you say more but these words yo use the most.
You have to fight to get yourself heard over two noisy siblings.
Another favourite word is ball. 
You have such amazing kick for a little toddler. 
Also can throw a ball very accurately you never miss our heads or knocking things over when you want to. 

You love to wind your sister and brother up by sneaking behind them and bashing them on the head. 
You then run away and hope they chase you. 
You love to have whatever they have and shout when you don't get your own way.
You follow Ami everywhere and sometimes look a bit lost without her.
You like to bring things for Ami and cuddle her but she always isnt too keen.

You love cuddles and always want to sit on mummy and daddy lap when at home.
When your outside you want to explore and usually found going the opposite direction to everyone else. You love to have a muzzy and take it everywhere with you.
You love slide and always go down on your front not matter how many times we try to help you.
You love to play outside and especially playing with water and sand. 
You like to pour water on the floor and jump on it.

You love Dancing especially with Daddy.
You love playing chase,
and after dinner you go rather hyper and run in circles for ages.
 You still love animals and squeal with delight if you see any.
We are yet to take you to a zoo I know you would love it.

You won't eat much fruit at home but you do at nursery.
You eat most foods but spaghetti is your favourite.
You love breakfast and will sometimes polish of a few bowls of cereal.
You always want ice cream although you don't actually like it. 

You still Sleep well.
Often sleeping a good 12 hours and a good 2 hour nap. 
You get woken up by your noisy sister.
You get cross if she wakes you up too early. 
You snore so loud we can hear you downstairs over the TV.

Another month has flown by you are such a lovely boy.
We love you lots Son Son Bear

Wicked Wednesday - Selfie fail

Monday 20 April 2015

Glo Tots and the Balloon Time Adventures

We recently got gifted a balloon time Helium Tank to use for a special occasion. They can be picked up in Tesco's and Asda for £25 and can make up to 30 balloons. They also come with ribbon too which is helpful (but don't do what I did and cut it far too long so you run out quick!

After some thought I decided to use it with our little toddler group at my church. I was going to take it along to spring harvest but my husband started banging on about latex allergies so I left it with my original idea. Also my little toddlers would love it too, so after telling the people who run the group that they will have a some colourful balloons to use in a session they decided to do the last supper. The last supper you say I never remember those in the last supper lol.

I filled them up that morning. such fun that was two toddlers fighting over the balloons and me cutting the ribbon too long and them all getting tangled was hilarious.... Then trying to fit all of them in the car even more hilarious. I managed it with no escapes and casualties, also avoiding all the kids who followed me thinking I was some kind of piped piper of balloons, after some impressive dodging skills I was in the safety of the glo tots room with small children looking through the windows in awe of colourful balloons. 

The Glo Tots team had done a wonderful job of setting the room up with a table for the last supper, and a tomb with empty bandages. I set the balloons up and took some pictures got the briefing and wondered what I would take picture of. When the children came in they sat down to the table and broke bread and had some wine (not real wine just Red Grape juice). They they then went to the tomb and looked at the bandages, then make biscuit tombs. You may be thinking where are the balloons going to come in. well hold your horses here's one of the fun bits. 

All the children got to choose a balloon and decide who they wanted to pray for, with that the names were written on the balloons. Most of the toddlers choose to write Mummy on the balloons clearly they think we need alot of prayer! Then the fun part for them to take them outside and realise the balloons to heavens. They loved it and let the balloons go with no tears and alot of joy. They then went inside and got to have another balloon and a bit of a dance.

All in all they absolutely loved it and who doesn't love the balloons. The instructions said to blow the balloons up 1-2 hours before the event but I did so and they has shrunk lots and some did not make the end of the session, a little disappointing but next time would blow them up last minute so they would last longer. A fun Glo tots session and there was enough balloons left over for them all to take one home at then end too. 

“I'm working with BritMums and Balloon Time as part of the “Celebration Club”, highlighting inventive and fun ways of using balloons. I was provided with a Balloon Time helium kit and have been compensated for my time. All editorial and opinions are my own. Visit for more information and party inspiration.”

Sunday 19 April 2015

Messy play for beginners - part 3 dreaded painting

With my first child I was always scared of painting more got on the floor and walls than on the paper and because of that I have avoided it until more recently. I decided to face my fear and do some painting at home. I got all the paint ready and the approns out and was ready to go. My eldest was far too cool to join in so it was just me and the toddlers. 

Ami loved it she is used to doing painting at nursery and was very neat washing the brush between each use and keeping it all on the paper. She painted a fish and many similar shapes and painted 10 pictures. She stuck to mainly red and pink and experimented with mixing the colours.

Son son enjoyed using th rush and his fingers to completely cover the picture, himself and the high chair too. He used what ever he could get on the paper and ever painted it with water. He enjoyed eating the paint too, obviously not something we encourage. He had green hands for the rest of the day as he refused to let me give them a good clean the little monkey. 

They both enjoyed the painting and it was a success. There wasn't too much to clear up or really set up. They made minimal mess and because we painted in the kitchen it was easily cleaned up if it went on the floor. I think next time we use paints we will experiment with using stamps and using other textures to create patterns. 

An easy messy play activity and they painted for about 20 minutes before getting bored. Good fun alol round and mummy didn't find it too stressful eithe

My Sunday photo - 19/04/2015

Thursday 16 April 2015

Minehead beach adventures

This time of year really makes me happy, that days are warming up and the nights getting lighter.  With at means we finally dust if the summer gear and find all the buckets and spades that are knocking round the garden. 

Recently on our holiday we decided to go to the beach in minehead for few hours, it was beautifully warm and I thought it would be lovely for a spring day. It took me a while to pursuance Asti to come along and not Play football all day. I went to the little shop and brought yet more buckets and spades and badminton set for Asti. I packed a drink and off we set, my hubby was busy so it was just me and the three little monkeys.

We get to the beach after me pushing the heavy double and off the run all three in different directions, Asti wanting to climb the rocks, Ami  wanting to dig and son son wanting to go anywhere but where we were. The sun was blazing and I felt a bit bad as had no sun cream had to not sit too near other parents who were lathering it on there kids. I didn't plan to be outside too much so the sun police will let me go (hopefully).

The first half hour I felt like I was just calling the kids getting them to come back, stop throwing sand and trying to break other children's sand castle. Then they calmed down and started to play together burying Asti and digging holes. Me and Asti played badminton or what Ami calls it bativ and also a bit if volleyball. It was so much fun and such a warm day, It's hard to find things that entertain all ghee but the beach always is a lot of fun and free. Just means have to clean son sons face of sand where he gets it all round his chops. It dawned on me it was my first time on my own on the beach with the three of them walking and exploring. This spring summer is going to be fun along with challenging. Loving the sunshine hope it sticks around till October now! 

We finished our time on the beach at emptied the shoes of sand. We found sand for days after but I do not mind it reminds me of our good adventures. 

Here's some more pictures of our beach time, I do love the beach.