Monday 25 January 2016

Sharing the Joy - January

I plan to share more things that I am so happy about, not because I want to boast or shove it in peoples face but more that when I read back in a few years that I can see how blessed I am. That when I look back I can see that raising my children was the best job in the world. that when my children read they can see and remember the journeys and blessings however small that they had. So here is the first, I aim to be more weekly but you know me I am so sporadic so I will aim for monthly at the moment! 


Sometimes people hate being Ill but for me I fell ill on my work days. One day I worked 13 hours with a drippy nose then the next I only made half the day before getting sent home. I got to spend half the day in bed watching Netflix was a little bit great, The total dream. I also got the chance to pick my little ones up from nursery which is something I never get to do. They were so so pleased to see me too. 

Date night 

YES believe it or not I went out for dinner with my husband. We had a total laugh and he made me spill my drink. Its hard to get out together when your boring parents, not complaining I love evenings in with him. We sometimes sit on our laptops or watch a TV series sharing stories of what the kids have been up to. We went of to prezzo which my lot friend Frances gifted us. 

Son son Talks 

I always said to people one thing to do is to not encourage your child to talk, before you punch me and say that is totally wrong listen right, I had two children that could talk very well and believe me when my third came along it has been refreshing to not have him speak at me asking me six thousand question. Well now he is finally saying alot more it is very very cute, the other day he said "me a big boy". Still remains very much the baby how ever much he protests that he is not.


I have finally started to enjoy work, its taken its time but I love it for the time being. Nursing can be very hard work at times and where I work is always busy but I can't see me doing anything else at the moment. People have been saying what good job I have been doing lately which always helps. There is so much pressure all the time and so much responsibility but is sometimes a lot more easier than being at home with the kids. 

SO here is a small list of stuff I am grateful for, plan to do one for the kids. Watch this space or don't if you know what I am like...


  1. Nothing worse than being ill, just no time for it! Date night's though, I'm all in favour of those! #Sharethejoy

  2. Hope you're feeling better now and have the opportunity for another date night soon :)

  3. Oh no sorry you were poorly but sounds like you made the most of the down time ☺ Love that you're recording your positives and sharing he gratitude - thanks so much for linking up this positive post at #sharethejoy and hope to see you again soon x (Michelle from The Joy Chaser and The Essex Barn)