Saturday 28 February 2015

Me and Mine February

I love taking our me and mine photo each month, I am always so pleased with the outcome. This month I was thinking all month where we could have our photo taken and time was running out. Both me and my husband have been busy with work and finding a time for the 5 of us was becoming a fine task. So last night my husband was running late and we were locked out so we went to our local green and waited. Poor Little Bear was having none of it he was so cold, if you look closely his little fingers were red. We got there in the last few glimpses of light. 

Daddy is loving:

- his new lens with a bit of zoom "I didn't need to use the prime lens at all"
- playing football
- Spending longer in bed
- lots of work this month

Mummy is loving:

- Sunny warm days
- days of with the family
- nights in with the hubby

Pants is loving:

-YouTube Minecraft videos (very boring they are)
- playing lego batman with mummy 
- football and wrecking lots of shoes
- having his bedroom back 

Ami is loving:

- soft play arieals (areas)
- all about the base song! 
- frozen bear shop (build a bear)
- playing outside without a coat
- drawing on every piece of paper including Daddy's work

Little bear is loving:

- Nursery and all his little friends
- Following Ami around and cuddling her at any chance
- playing out in the garden in the mud
- cuddles with mummy and daddy

My little family are growing, each day the little ones are changing. Pants seems like a teenager, we have a rhythm of life and its good. I look forward to reducing my hours at work and being home more. I hate missing out on things so hopefully this will help me be less scatty. My husband has alot of work on lately which is good but also means we see less of him, were not too fond of that. 

I love our photos this month and not too bad for a last minute shot, we've done the shelters before but they are good place to contain us all. My favourite one is this last one Ami is copying Pants its so sweet, I did not notice it at the time. So here is us this month, we have a photo with all five of us looking at the camera and we got outside to take the photos. I love my little family they sure are awesome. 

Friday 27 February 2015

Reasons to be Cheerful #1

This is one area of my life that maybe I have let go a little, I have forgotten to look to the little blessings in my life that make it what it is. Its been a while I have become so busy with work and life I need to reflect and look at how great my life actually is so here is my list for this week.

1- Work have finally reduced my hours from 30 hours to 22, it wont happen straight away but the idea that it will sometime soon it music to my ears. I am constantly on catch up and going from one thing to the next so will be nice to have more time at home.

2- The warmer days. I am a big lover of the sunshine and now its getting a little warmer and lighter in the evenings. we sat out in the garden and it was so warm and fresh, we have lots of daffodils and other little flowers starting to bud. I look forward to many days out in the garden.

3- I have a week of annual leave next week, even though it was allocated it is still payed time off so who is complaining! I have no plans and the babies are in nursery one of those days so lets see what I get up to.

4- We are currently planning our family holiday, it will be lovely planning some family time away, I really can not wait.

So this is my list for now, small and brief. I am Thankful for the small things in my life. The small people are rather awesome too.

Tuesday 24 February 2015

Pampers sleep session - Sleep tips for babies and toddlers #babysleep

One thing I have learnt about being a mum of a baby is finding a nappy brand you can trust, and with pampers I know you are guaranteed a baby's good night sleep. We recently got asked to take part in a discussion on skype all about helping babies love to learn to sleep. I got to chat about the new pampers sensitive nappies and also talk to sleep expert Jo Tantum about issues that I have with my babies and sleeping. If you are a follower of his blog you may know that we have had a toddler who has been getting up at 5am, it's been hard work lately and we have been exhausted. We also got sent a pack of the new pampers baby dry nappies to try before our session.

Sleep Expert!

The new nappies although look not to different to the old ones but they feel alot smoother and we didn't have as many leaks with the new nappies, so less outfit changes in the middle of the night. I got shown on the skype chat about how the nappies absorb fluid straight away unlike other nappies where the liquids sty next to the babies skin and take a little longer to absorb into the nappy. They contain a double dry zone which means in the night they do not need to be changed and woken up. 

We often use pampers at night as they are the only nappy we have found that both babies are not so uncomfortable in the morning. Other nappies we have found my daughter waking and standing and the nappy being so sodden she would often develop such bad nappy rash it was awful, but since using these at night it has got considerably alot better.

Back in the olden days when we first started Pampers with Little Bear

 Our toddler Ami who is 2 and a half has recently waking up super early and not going back to sleep. Me and my husband are at wicks end wondering how to get her to sleep in until a decent time. We have had a strict routine and nothing has changed. So we asked sleep expert Jo Tantum about how we can get her to sleep in to a decent time.  

  -    Don’t let anything happen before 7am, if your LO wakes, let them chatter away to themselves, if they cry you can go in to soothe her by making ssshhhing sounds but don’t pick her up or talk to her.
-          Using a gro clock, sticking a reward chart next to the bed is great to use in conjunction with the clock so that if she is quiet until 7am she gets a sticker and stickers add up to a little treat at the end of the week
-          A lucky dip of toys is another strategy so you buy lots of little 10p/20p toys or just use ones you already have but they aren’t really aware of, wrap them up and put them in a box that she can help decorate. If you mix them in with lots of shredded paper she can reach in and pick a toy  if she stays quiet until 7am (until the Gro clock comes on)
-          A magic lamp is also a good tactic such as a character lamp like Peppa Pig that has a timer that you can set to 7am and you explain to her that the light will come on when ‘Peppa wakes up’ and that’s when she can get up as well. And if she does that for three mornings, then Peppa will give her a call (a friend or relative of yours) and say how proud of her they are for sleeping until morning).
-          Blackout blinds are also really helpful to ensure she doesn’t wake up during a light sleep cycle.

We have been trying these for the few weeks and actually have had a improvement. Most days we have had a 6:20 wake up which is a lot better than 5am but we are getting there. We are learning to be more consistent and not doing anything before the sun comes up on the gro clock. We have had a few nights where she has got up past 7am and it's been lovely. 

Here is some more sleep tips for babies at night. I have used most of these with ll three and they are tried and tested.
What getting me to sleep!!!

Try to set a scene that is appropriate for bedtime such as ensuring that lights are switched off or dimmed and that the room is neither too cold nor too hot. Creating a tranquil environment will help baby understand when it is time for sleep. 

Routine is key
Routine will help your little one to know when it is night-time. By doing the same things before bedtime such as giving your baby a bath, cuddle, lullaby, and fresh nappy, she will begin to associate these activities with sleep. 

Keep to a schedule
As with establishing a sleep routine, the daily cycle is also important. By having ‘active times’ and ‘quiet times’ your baby will become familiar with when it is time to play and when it time for sleep.

Distinguish between night and day
Ensure that your baby’s environment is different between night and day so that your little one recognises that light means it is time for play and that dark is time for sleep. Also try to be quieter and less interesting when it is night time so your little one understands that it is not playtime. 

All babies will wake in the night but they will need to learn how to self-soothe. If you hear your baby stirring try to refrain from going in straight away to settle her. Instead, pause a moment and give her a chance to send herself back to sleep. Eventually she will be able to nod off without your help. 

Sleep changes and development are linked
Your baby will move considerably in the night so ensuring that she remains comfortable is essential. It is advisable to use a nappy with superior leakage protection such as Pampers Baby-Dry with Double Dry-Zones which absorb moisture and lock it helping to provide your baby with up to 12 hours of Golden Sleep.

Your baby will have growth spurts. During these times, she will likely want to feed more, day and night so try to be aware of when your little one is going through one of these phases. Similarly, teething may cause your little one some discomfort and thus disrupt her sleep. Teething rings can help ease the pain and distract baby. You can also try rubbing the gums with infant teething gels which contain a mild anesthetic. 

Be realistic

Stay positive and trust your instincts. Keeping a diary of your baby’s sleep patterns may also help you understand when and why she wakens and remember that every baby is different so what may work for another baby may not work for your little one. 

My husband enjoyed his Skype it was interesting  for him to be enthusiastic about establishing change in the kids, it's usually the other way round. It has worked as we have both been in the ball. So why not pick up a pack of pampers and see if it changes your babies bedtimes? 

Check out on twitter and all social media sites for the campagne #babysleep where you can find out more tips on getting your little ones to sleep.

Monday 23 February 2015

Becoming a Teen Mum

This is not a topic I speak about alot, maybe a part of me is embarrassed or worried what people may think, but I am getting to the stage of life where I actually not too fussed what people think. So here is my little story of how my life got twisted up side down... hang on I am not Fresh Prince, No I was just a normal teen who really had no clue.

They say that teen mothers is a trends in families, my mum was nearly 30 when she had me so I did not copy too much. As a teenager I had such low self esteem, I thought I was ugly and fat and that I would die alone. These were far from it and after a boyfriend who told me these I was a full time low. I met my eldest Sons dad when I was 15 and we dated for a few months. Then one month I realised I had missed my period and little did I know who much that would change the course of my life.

Back in the days of camera flip phones and no instagram

 I had no clue what a baby would entail or what I would need. I kept it quiet as long as I could and then had to tell my mum and dad. At the ripe old age of 16 sitting down with my parents was a hard thing to do but I carried on, my family in true style ignored it for awhile until I was massive. My mum brought me lots of maternity clothes and off I went getting bigger and bigger. I also had awful fluid retention and was massive (this is why there is no pictures of me when Pants was born I seriously was the size of a house). In this time I lost most my friends they were busy with life and I was stuck with Family and partner at the time. I went along to pre natal groups but alot of the Mums did not talk to me. I was too young and they just ignored me. I remember it being hard sometimes people often so judgmental and I always felt like I had to justify my self all the time.

Baby Pants

The time came to have my little baby and after waiting 7 days overdue and 24 hours in labour I had Pants. The labour I can not remember any off it but knew it was long. I did not feel love straight away I suddenly felt a huge overwhelming sense of pressure. I felt as if I would never be on my own again. The responsibility hit me very hard and all of a sudden I was scared. Scared I would muck it up, scared I would never have freedom again. I was 17 no college qualification just a waitress. It was then I knew I could not do nothing in my life I needed to get a career show my son to be a better person His Dad sadly never grew up and for that reason we split and then I was on my own. I had my family and my mum was a massive help, the first few nights she sat up with me with a colicy baby who did not sleep and brought things for me when I needed it. She was really amazing.

A teenage me and my Pants

I lived with my mum for a few years whilst I got on my feet, I went back to being a waitress a month after Pants being born a few hours a night just to get a little cash, I did not claim anything except child benefit and relied on my mum. I had no clue and probs would have wasted the money anyway but least I earned the milk and nappy money and that some how justified my decision. I then started university at 18 studying for 6 years to become a nurse. Meeting my husband on the way and having two more children. I would not have had it better if I tried.

Its funny really looking back, for years I suffered this judgement feelings. Even now people look at me with the babies and think I am a teenager in trouble. For years I would always bring into the conversation I was a nurse and married because did not want people to think bad of me, but now I think so what. You know if I did not have a baby at 17 I would not have my life now. I am blessed beyond belief and have done so much more than I ever imagined. My Son saved my life from heading nowhere and helped me find myself. I then joined a church where for the fiist time since becoming a mother people accepted me for me and there the empty feeling was filled in. My hard layers where brought down and I learned to accept love and to not care if people judge me. I am loved and thats so so amazing. So if you may think some body is young you never know what life has in store, having a baby brought me determination that I did not have before. I love being a mum I know no different really.

Sunday 22 February 2015

Ten Reasons To Love Mothers

I love it when you talk to someone who doesn't have kids, there view on kids is rather jolly and rose tinted glasses rubbish. They have no understanding of the pressure kids put on you. I sometimes in coffee shops look at couples of friends lounging away wasting hours in coffee shops and am wondering what it would be like, whilst I pull out every single snack to contain all the kids so I have enough time to drink a hot drink. So here is a list on reasons to love mums ( a little bit more).


Depending on what age your child is as soon as they are born, poor mums loose the ability to sleep for about 18 years plus. To start of there is the getting up every few hours to feed a little baby, you then as the child gets bigger get woken up with requests like I need a wee or my toe hurts. You may if your lucky have some good sleep except waking up the odd night to forgotten homework or washed PE kit for the morning. Then you may have a teenager I am not there but I can only imagine (from my own youth) of waiting up till the yoof get in, oh I can not wait!!!! So if you see a mum with large bags give her a break. Dont give her matchsticks just give caffine!


Us mums try so blooming hard to get the kids to eat healthy. We really do but there are the days where you find us in Mac Donalds Big Mac in hand finishing up all the left overs of the kids happy meals, we do not mean too but there is something about left overs. I grew up always finishing a plate I can not leave food! Fruit with toddlers is cut up into shapes to get them to eat it, they do not and continue to throw it on the floor, fruit is put in the school lunch box to come back bruised and unloved. Same with dinners too it doesnt matter what it is it ends up on the floor anyway. So stop 
moaning what were eating and help with that dust pan and brush, thank you dear.


Have you ever heard the phrase "oh I spent the whole day doing washing you would be amazed how much washing 1 person has". (Well I have not either I made it up but you get my point hopefully). I can tell that lady I wash and wash and wash and still am forever washing. I have a mound of clothes in the hall waiting to be put away a mountain to be washed it NEVER STOPS. So to be helpful fold it all thanks, you wont moan then.


Oh your house is so tidy I am not jel at all, is not a thought I have I often think how long would it take my three to trash your home. Jokes I do not really.... I tidy all day long then just before my someone comes round it all comes out again (is my excuse). Its a game to pull the toy box out as soon as its put back isnt it. Just do not look to closely or touch anything it could be sticky. I try hard but am easily defeated, time and time again! So put up with toys and junk its all good in the hood and all that. 


I am a dab hand with a syringe I have you know, can draw up a accurate dose of calpol in no time at all. I can steri strip and stick plaster over most cuts, cold flannel to the head. I now with three kids feel like I am good with the skills I have learnt. Keeping kids cool with a fever and tricks to help stop itching I am full of advice to un wanting mothers who do not like to hear it. I am a mini pharmacist look in my medicine cupboard I can dose you up (for coughs nothing illegal OK). I do have the advantage of being a nurse meaning my children will never get a day off school! So do not mug me off I may be able to help you one day with my skillz.


DO NOT GET IN THE WAY OF A MUM IN A NEXT SALE, it will end badly. You see we want the best for our children and wearing good quality clothes and feel like you are saving money sends mothers like me feral. Going to a next sale in the morning to get some jeans and coming out with some clothes you wrestled of someone is a task in its self. I myself have been to the next sale but sadly never had to fight someone I am far too scared, I wait for the next sale assistant to bring clothes out and pounce on those!


Days at home with a small child can be fun, but some days you long for a more intellectual conversation. Talks about why Daddy is at work or why does the postman put letters through the letterbox are riveting but they sure can be funny. By tea time of being at home weird things get funny like a toddler having a tantrum or a random smile, kids have the ability to make you happy no matter what they do. EXCEPT drawing on the walls that never makes mummy laugh, never.


See us mums do have secret powers, we know when kids are up to no good and when to grab a quick nap on the sofa. The last one maybe not so much so. Our kids not always best behaved at times do get caught out and our special alarm system (aka the child is too quiet) goes off and they get caught. We being the equivalent of the caped crusaders feel like we saved the world for another day. 


This is something you learn very quickly the ability to tell your child off for something you are proud of really. You have to sneak out the room before laughing and the child not learning. Its hard but can be used in all situations. Especially when in the night they  wake and you pretend to sleep and when your husband asks did you hear the babies in the night you say oh I must have slept through that (never happened here, we both never pretend long enough before one of us gives in). It also works well for pretending your interested in a conversation ( of course Ive never done that!) 


We love our children no matter what, and one thing no mother like is criticism of her child. To the mum her child is the best in the class, cutest and cleaverist. We wont have it any other way. When they are not its ok because we love them lots and think they are anyway. The love that would make us do anything to help our children. The love that causes our children to be embarrassed at the school gates as apparently they are too old for a kiss good bye! So do not mention anything bad if you do not want a black eye (just a warning). 

So here are some reasons to love Mums, they are awesome (I am a Mum I am biased).

Sunday photo 22-02-2015

Thursday 19 February 2015

Little Bear you are 15 months

Little bear you are 15 months time is surely passing by.
You seem very much our baby but it's strange 
as this was the age Ami became a big sister to you.
You are growing up fast though and understanding lots too.

You have finally overcome your fear of water and enjoy bath times. 
You even love it when Ami pours a cup of water over your head.
Bundling anybody who is on the floor is your favorite game also hitting people and anything too. 
You are starting to understand a lot more also and starting to have little routines that you like to follow, like getting biscuits for you and Ami.

You say a few words and your favourite one being bir bee. Every time you see a bird you sequel and jump up and down in excitement.
You also love to say poo poo and point to your nappy so proud that you can understand.
Daddy is often called mum mum which I find hilarious. 
You babble a lot when you dont have your dummy in.

You have lots of teeth having cut all your molars recently and did not kick up much fuss at all.
Your face is changing and even the way you walk is so different.
gone is your little unsteady waddle you now run at full pelt everywhere.
You are really good on your feet and love the freedom of being out of the pushchair. 

You eat really well and love crunchy nut cereal. 
You use a spoon and fork with ease and you even eat soup (at nursery I do not have the guts at home)
You love cuddles with mummy and daddy and give the best open mouth sloppy kisses. 
You sleep with your muzzy and would take it everywhere if you could. 
If we cant find a muzzy you are happy with one of Pants striped tops.

So Happy 15 months Little Bear
You are going into such a fun lad. 
Even though time is flying by I am really enjoying you being a toddler
trying to cherish every moment, take lots of pictures 
and snuggle that little chubby body of yours.

Tuesday 17 February 2015

Help my Boy is addicted to Minecraft Videos

Hi My Name is Pants I am 8 and I am addicted to Stampy longnose viseos.
My poor mother is going crazy!
I spend far to long on these videos and have no interest in anything else 
please can you help me?  

Oh my days who has taken my child and replaced him with a robot? Seriously all he wants to do is watch youtube videos!! It takes alot for him to do anything else, even faced with unbuilt lego he shunned it (broke my heart a little bit). It makes me really upset I hate these videos and try to restrict time spent but has taken to hiding with my ipad or tablet and watching these videos. 

Really what is the point, he doesn't even play much minecraft so what is the point of watching the videos/ They are dull and making him rather lazy, he gets a hour on school days to spend on screen time and yet he aways pushes it and cries. He has never cried over something so small. Its so easy to let him sit and watch he is quiet but its not a fun childhood at all, and not something I want to encourage. He is happy to do stuff when pushed very hard its sad to see. He also is crazy hyper when off it as it isn't burning much electricity making him like a spring, shouting and running around.

I fear for the toddlers already a lover of the ipad, already so advanced with technology and it is a bit scary. I want my children to find their fun outside, or playing with toys/ We turned tvs and tablets off all after noon yesterday and they played so nicely. It was lovely to see, the house was quiet with the occasional argument but better than a stroppy 8 year old because his youtube video has buffered or one of the babies have stolen his tablet. 

So if you have any advice please help, I am sick of stampy Longnose and all the others. They give me a head ache with all there boring chat!

Sunday 15 February 2015

Siblings - Feb 2015

You see my kids hate having their photos together, I do not know what there issue is maybe its the fact that there is 3 or just they just want to play or in this months photos cry in Little Bears case. I tried to get out to get some nice pictures of the three of them together but Pants wanted to play football and Ami was happy to play in the park, this left Little Bear who cried the whole time unhappy to be out in the cold I think!

This month we have seen a little bond growing between Ami and Little Bear, they have been playing more and although there playing involves knocking each other over they have been having a laugh. Little Bear has started to say a few words and it has been lovely seeing Ami encourage him to talk, deffo a highlight when she understood what he was saying and she was so pleased. She still loves Pants and as you can see from the photos below how happy she was for him to play with her on the big swing. My three little children. all so different, all so determined, all so lovely.

So here is our sibling Photos for this months.

MY Sunday photo - 15/02/2015

Saturday 14 February 2015

Sometimes Love is a funny thing, Its this love that makes me strive, that makes me want to do the best for my family. Love Is the simple thing the glue that holds us together. My husband is a very special man, I do not tell him enough! He makes me laugh when I am in the foulest moods and is forever getting alongside me and helping me make the best choices.

I hate being a apart from him but I also enjoy it, as I love seeing him after a period of time apart. I watch videos of him online (there is a few) and wait patiently for that call. I then wait for him to come home and like an excited school girl, my heart pounds and every sound of a car pulling up outside I leap up to check the window (often hiding in case he see's me being silly).

See he is a funny man, he makes me smile alot. Sometimes he can cause me to laugh so much I have had to leave the room in order to contain myself (This was at church, he did it on purpose)! I love this man, I am so grateful and blessed that I met him! Even more so that he was interested in me.

I am so blessed, he puts up with me after a long day. A long day full of stress and pressure and does not complain listening to my rants. Tells me when he thinks I am doing the wrong thing. Makes me a tea when I am stressed then lets me lie in. He has really impressed me these few months he is the best father to the kids I ever could imagine. It was a gift from God the day I met him, it really was.

Our First Photo together 

Friday 13 February 2015

Death where is your sting?

The other day I was just thinking how crazy my life is sometimes, I rush and rush and forget a lot of things and It got me thinking how precious life really is, at work we have had a few people who have passed away which has wrecked me. People no older than my parents and it wrecks me. I wonder when I will be able to handle this kind of situation, how can I face a family grieving when I can't hold my self together. It shows I am human people say, that I care. That's the problem I do care, I care that someone passed away surrounded by noise and yet there family were racing in to say there final goodbyes. 

Although how terrible sad death may be I realise how precious life is, how precious time spent with loved ones is. Those early morning wake ups how ever frustrating they are it's only a short time. I sat playing with my daughter and that was so lovely that I forgot about dinner. We didn't mind she had a massive smile and hopefully made some memories. I am learning slowly to try and leave things at work, that however hard a day at work may be I have a beautiful family at home. A supportive husband who makes me tea and listens to me and often takes the brunt of that day. I am blessed so blessed. 

I say this as we head to my husbands Grandads funeral today, we struggled to find a baby sitter as my mother is off to another funeral and unable to have the children. Friends offered but the funeral was a long way away and too long to expect people to look after them.  I was so sad not to be that supportive figure for my husband, standing by his side as he did when my Nanna passed away. That long drive I couldn't bare it him driving on his own, off to say good bye as his grandad is celebrated for going hom with Jesus. So I am going to sit in the car with the babies, sit from a far I just couldn't let him be alone. 

So enjoy life, don't worry about late bedtimes and evenings spent having fun. As life is short and it's those adventures we cherish. Those times with loved ones, I plan to make the most of life, I hope I don't disappoint. Make memories and enjoy the good times. 

Wednesday 11 February 2015

Peppa Pig Grandpa Pigs Holiday Boat Review

My children have all been a fan of Peppa Pig, even my 8 year old loved Peppa Pig once and some toys from when he was a toddler have lasted and still get played with today. We have recently been reviewing Grandpa Pigs Holiday Boat in which was a major storm. There has been plenty of fights over who has Peppa or George but I am not complaining they have been enjoying playing with toys and sometimes not stopped for ages.

The figures include Peppa Pig, George and Grandpa but has led to lots of questions like where is Grandma Pig from Ami. They have a little Stand on the bottom which helps them fit in the boat and stay fixed in the boat when in the water. We learned this when Grandpa pig kept on falling in the water and with a little bit more pressure fits in well. The figures are wearing all their swimwear making them easily found in the bath/ toy box.

I love that the the boat it on its own, no little parts that only end up lost. Its a simple toy to spark a toddlers imagination. Grandpa Pig has made it to nursery and to school most bath times sadly we she never adds anywhere else in the bath time adventures. The boat floats really well and I was surprised that it did. She has loved playing with the boat and getting to play with Peppa Pig in the bath and Little Bear also has had a little look in too. I love a toy that is versatile and can help encourage imaginative play.

This Boat retails at £19.99 which I think is reasonable and most Peppa Pig toys are around that price. I am looking forward to adding to the new Holiday collection and have had my eye on a few of the other Peppa Pig toys (yes maybe 8 years of Peppa I still love it).

Check out more about the Peppa Pig Holiday Boat on the Character website, Grandpas Boat is available in most toy shops and online retailers. Perfect Toy for all Peppa Pig fans.

Wicked Wednesday - I hate swings

I hate swings 

(he was crying because he wanted to play football with his Dad) 

I really think he was just cold, not football, not football! 

Tuesday 10 February 2015

Minnis Bay at Dusk in the Winter - Family Adventure #2

It is true to say Minnis Bay is one of my favourite places in this huge world (ok I really haven't traveled far) but I just love being their. Maybe because I grew up here and have many fond memories, I do not know I just love it. I remember when we moved literally up the road I went down with a disposable camera and took a photo of the sun set every night (yes 11 year old sado I know!). So any opportunity to get down their and experience a sunset I am game.

We had had a lazy afternoon with 4 out of the 5 of us having a massive nap and I decided we needed to get out. So after ignoring the grunts we got our coats and wellies on and off we went, football in tow. It was about 4:30pm by the time we had got their and there was a beautiful glow from the evening sunshine, I was glad I had brought my camera and took some pictures of the kids with the beautiful background. Minnis bay really does have the most awesome sky, especially in the summer when the sun sets just over the sea.

The boys went of to play football and I took the toddlers into the play area, where Little Bear spent the whole time trying to get to Daddy and play football. So after taking him there he decided it was too cold and requested he got held whilst Daddy played football with Pants. I took Ami to see the sea and the beautiful sunset. Sadly she has not got my love for a Minnis Bay sunset (yet) and wanted to go back to the park. So of I went toddler in one hand cannon in the other destined to get some beautiful pictures too keep.

We all ended up in the play park after a wonderful sunset, always reminds me of walking the dogs with my dad. Pants challenged me to see how high I could swing him on one of those large swing things. Then Ami joined in and Little Bear for a quick swing. Its these little memories I hope they cherish, the time where we decide to head somewhere as a family rather than do the same old thing, stick on a film and wait for dinner. Its nice to have a bit of change and nice to get out and experience fresh air and the beach. Just a trip to the park you may do that all the time, we have been a bit rubbish over winter so for the kids it was a treat.

Here is some more pictures of out little trip.